Part 43

Posted by Barbanne on November 10, 2002 at 21:38:45:



Alex??" I rolled towards him across the bed and rubbed his back.
"Hmmmmmmmmmmnnn," he sounded just a little annoyed. He has lived with me long enough to distrust my little seemingly innocent approaches.
"Alex, do you think my bum is too big?"
"No Barb, its a lovely bum."
"But biggish and maybe a bit saggy?"
"Barb...........," frustration is showing through.
"I know you don't say anything but I know you must be really disappointed that my boobs are so small."
"Any more than I can fit in my mouth is a waste."
I giggled and snuggled against him.
"Do you think I am pretty?"
"Yes my love I think you're beautiful."
"You're just saying that, I'm sort of plain aren't I?"
"No Barb you're very pretty."
We snuggled some and he sighed like he'd like to get a bit more sleep.
"Do you like my legs?"
He sighed a sort of frustrated sigh.
"I think they're a bit too short although my ankles are nice and slim."
"They're perfectly servicable legs Barb and they are very shapely."
"Do you really think so?"
"OK, OK, don't get snotty. I know you are good to me and I know I am not always good to you and I worry that I'm not beautiful enough for you."
"I wouldn't have asked you to model in the first place if I didn't think you were attractive, very attractive."
"Ah yes but the other girls are really pretty aren't they?"
"They're OK."
Frankie's pretty and Roxie's gorgeous and she looks like a waif and Sherilee's pretty, I'd like to look like Sherilee and Corinne's lovely.............."
"They're pretty girls but you are my pretty girl Barb."
"Yes really."
"Yes darling," sighed.
"Do you love me?"
"Yes Barb very much."
"Good because I LOVE you."
I slid my hand around his waist and into his shorts.
"And I love him too...........ooooh and he loves me."
I stroked his erection.
"I suppose this means my sleep is over?" said Alex. Then he turned and grabbed my bum and pulled me toward him and grabbed my tits and buried his face in them and snorted and I started giggling and whooping and well.............................

Frankie, Jordan, Corinne and me were the chefs.
Nude chefs with little frilly aprons.
Roxie was our kitchen hand. Roxie was just nude, no apron for Roxie.
Larry was our meal. Larry was our meat for the day. Larry was also nude and was bound hand and foot and had to be prepared for the oven.
I had to kill the meat and for that purpose I had a nasty looking, knobbly ended, aluminium meat mallet in my hand.
I stood in front of Larry and swung the meat mallet backwards in a big arc aiming for maximum downward whack velocity.
Ooops hit something behind me.
Down came my arm and WHAM! I clobbered Larry right between the eyes. He went down like a pole axed steer.
"Yeah Frankie?"
"Er.........., Barb behind you."
I turned away from the body of Larry and there, sporting a large (and lethal) bruise over her right eye, was Roxie, stretched out and splayed on her back with her eyes crossed and rolled back and her tongue poking out of the left side of her mouth.
"Is she.............?" said Jordan.
"Stone cold dead," announced Corinne who was beside her feeling for a non existant pulse.
"Did I do that?" I asked.
"Sure did Barb, bit of a miss swing."
I had wanted to use Rom for this preparing of our thanksgiving day dinner set but he had not been available and so I had had to call in good old Larry. We don't have thanksgiving day but we had decided to do the set to cater (get it?) for our American customers. Actually Larry, despite being a world class prick, had a body to die for and would look great oiled up for cooking and we had tossed in Roxie for gender variety. Hence my miss swing.
So, Larry and Roxie, both nude, him bound, lay stretched out on the floor, conked by my meat mallet and slaughtered in preparation for the pot. Frankie, Jordan, Corinne and me, the four chefs, got on each corner of Larry and lifted him up onto the stainless steel table, our preparation bench, and while Jordan untied his hands and feet, the other three of us lifted Roxie's limp form up and onto the table beside him. She wouldn't fit side by side so we turned her around and found that laid together head by toe they fit at a squeeze.
Me and Corinne worked on Roxie while Jordan and Frankie prepared Larry.
First we washed down our carcasses, using water and cloths. Then we oiled them up sharing a large squeeze bottle of olive oil amongst us. Corinne was rubbing oil onto Roxie's chest, carressing her upthrust nipples and I was oiling her shaved mons and inner thighs and Roxie was doing her best to stay "dead" but her little whimpers burst out now and then. Jordan had ahold of Larry's cock and was oiling him up which looked from where I was across the table like a hand job and Larry was monstrously erect and clearly enjoying it. Frankie was working on his pecs and crooning away and having herself some fun.
I peeled a green banana quite a firm one and whispered, "You're going to enjoy this Roxie," and then, having coated it liberally with oil, I slid it into her pussy and moved it back and forth. A sly grin crept onto her face.
We had made a baking dish of a wire frame and aluminium foil and we got Larry and Roxie into this, both face down with Roxie wearing her banana and we decorated them with sprigs of parsley and assorted veggies and into the oven they went. Out they came browned up by a warming filter and we four chefs posed with our double roasted "turkeys".
A fun set.

"Yes Alex."
We were seated at opposite corners of the office doing stuff on computers.
"My darling you have to do a little blood in some of these sets."
"Never, blood is sooooooooo unsexy."
"Darling, if people get shot or stabbed they bleed."
"Not mine don't."
He sighed.
"They get little stick on bullet holes," I said.
"Just a trickle of blood? Maybe a red centre in the bullet holes?"
"Yuckity yick."
"A tiny snake of blood trickling out of one nostril?"
"Hmmmmmmmmnnnn, if I agree what do I get?"
"What do you mean, what do you get?"
"In return."
"You'll get a good hiding if you don't watch out."
"Promises, promises."
"Barbanne," his getting annoyed voice, "what did you mean by that question."
"If I agree to bleed and let the other girls bleed what is the trade off?"
"Tell me what you are thinking you devious little woman."
"Maybe real live sex when I'm dead."
"Sort of."
"It's not........................"
"I know, I know........, its not pornography."
"What then?"
"What it is is its a sexual fantasy. I just want a little more sex................., In return for blood."
"What???? what did you say?" I was flabbergasted. Dumbfounded.
"I said OK."
"Great." I punched the air.
"As long as you do it and as long as its with me."
"Wouldn't have it any other way."
Huge grin.

It had become very hot again.
Sherilee, Corinne, Frankie, Kathy and I had gotten together to talk over ideas for sets and to try on costumes, some of which we already had and others which we had brought along. We were also talking about make up and how we could show blood in such a way to make it a sexy fashion accessory and were trying out our death stares on each other to a lot of giggling merriment.
Having stripped down to bikini panties and thongs I was in no hurry to get dressed back into the heat and the others were similarly undressed in a varied assortment of underpants and bras. When Alex pushed the door open we all squealed, "Girls only, no men allowed," which considering he had seen all of us stark naked on many occasions was sort of silly but there you go, a girl has to have some limits doesn't she?
I cupped my hands under my fun bags and pushed them up totally unimpressed with the little mounds of flesh I produced.
"Do you guys think my breasts would excite anyone?"
"They're sort of smallish Barb."
"Size challenged eh Barb?"
"Bloody flat," I muttered surveying them.
"You could get implants."
"Fortunately," I said, looking over my shoulder, "my ass is big enough for two."
"Girls have big asses Barb. The blokes love it," said Kathy.
"Hmmnn," I said and then, looking down, "my tummy's getting round too."
"Shit Barb, you are your fairly standard, big bummed, flat chested, sort of slender broad."
"Thanks Sherilee for that vote of confidence. Now I'll rush off and have a hissy fit and a weepy on the bed for the rest of the day."
They all laughed.
"Truly though," I said, "my bum is really big isn't it?"
"Shit Barb!!!!!!!!!!"

I went to work on Alex.
My ideas involved the Glock nine millimetre, a couple of stick on bullet hole craters and some blood and my spread pussy and a big cock.