Part 42

Posted by Barbanne on October 30, 2002 at 16:15:00:



I was dead yet again and in being so was of course in total Barbanne fantasy land.
This time though I was actually dressed. Dressed and sprawled out on the carpet and surrounded by my killers.
The photo set was titled "How to get rid of a fresh corpse." and I would have killed (tee hee) to play the part of the corpse. Didn't have to though as when I tentatively suggested myself for the part Alex agreed without much fuss at all.
I was a creepy little babe who was screwing all of my friends' boyfriends and husbands and had started in on stealing from their credit cards as well. My dear friends, Sherilee, Nadine, Frankie and Roxie were right royally pissed and one day when they had gotten together for lattes the discussion turned to that little bitch (creep, shit, slutty slag, etc) Barbanne. That was when they agreed to kill me. Get rid of the little shit for good. Who was going to do it? They tossed that around some and finally agreed that it had to be all four acting together.
So far so good.
Sherilee phoned me and invited me for a coffee and chat morning with all four girls to be present.
I said I'd love that.
I showed up and we all greeted each other with hugs and air kissing and then I drank a cup of coffee and ate two petit fours and then they all jumped me and wrestled me to the floor. My specs went flying as I tried to defend myself against this sudden and unprovoked attack.
They got me down on my back and spread me out as though crucified to the floor.
I was alternately screaming blue murder and whimpering and pleading.
Frankie sat on my legs and Nadine and Roxie sat on an arm each and Sherilee held a cushion over me face.
Held it and held it.
I moomphed and floomphed and bucked and twisted like crazy but those four girls were determined. I kept struggling and writhing but they just kept sitting and pushing that cushion down harder and harder.
"Give it up you hateful little harlot," Sherilee spat through gritted teeth.
I thrashed and moomphed and they sat and pushed.
"Be still bitch!!!!!!!!!"
I gurgled and sighed and jerked and convulsed and seized and paroxysmed and sucked nothing but cushion fibres and my eyeballs bulged and my face blackened and my lungs collapsed and then with an almighty shudder I sucked in nothing for the last time and then died.
"Is she dead?" said Frankie.
Sherilee lifted the cushion and looked at my bluish lips, snotty drool, gaping mouth and wide open staring eyes.
"Yep. For a while there I thought she'd never stop struggling."
"Rotten little creep she deserved it," said Nadine.
"Yeah she was sure one hell of a bitch," said Roxie.
"Well she's a dead bitch now," said Sherilee.
My body made loud burping and gurgling noises.
"What are we going to do with her?" asked Frankie.
"Gotta dump her somewhere no-one will find her," Roxie offered.
"We could chop her up," said Nadine.
"Ergh YUCK!!" said Frankie.
I passed wind noisily.
There I lay.
From the inside out I was wearing fire engine red bra and bikini panties, panty hose, a short black skirt, a mauve silk shirt worn hanging out to give me that layered look and a sleeveless black jerkin embroidered in red. On my feet were wedge heeled slides and I was adorned with several rings including two on my toes, ear rings and a gold pendant necklace and multiple bangles on both wrists.
OK so fashion wise I was something of a mess but I always am.
My hair was gathered into a ponytail and held in place with a mauve scrunchie that matched my shirt and my face was made up to kill with a brushing of powder and lippy, eyeshadow and mascara to burn.
Even the signal red lipstick I wore couldn't hide my cyanotic lips.
"I suppose we had better strip her off, try and hide her identity as much as possible." The speaker was Sherilee.
"Slice off her fingertips and bash in her teeth with a hammer," said Roxie
"Please Roxie it's Barbanne we're talking about and although she had beome a little shit there was a time when she was a good friend to us all."
"I read where the mob guys do stuff like slicing fingertips and smashing teeth to hide the victim's identity."
"Well we're not going to. We'll just get her naked and dump her where no-one will find her not for a longtime anyway."
"I read where if you bury her shallow the bacteria and worms and stuff will eat her up in no time and it's way better than burying her deep."
"Thanks Roxie, you're a mine of information."
Turning to the others Sherilee said, "OK girls let's all pitch in and get Barb naked. Nadine you bring a plastic bin bag to put her stuff in and Roxie you get some paper towels to clean off all her make up and stuff, we gotta make her look bland."
Nadine brought a big green plastic bag from the kitchen and Roxie had a handful of paper kitchen towels. She started scrubbing at my face removing all of my lipstick and eye make up and stuff while Sherilee slid off my shoes and pulled down my skirt. Frankie and Nadine unclipped my jewellery and while Sherilee was pulling down my panty hose, Frankie was wrestling me out of my jerkin and shirt.
Into the bag went my shoes, my skirt, my panty hose and my rings, ear rings, necklace and bangles.
My body rolled to and fro under the combined assault of the girls, arms flopping and legs bending and twisting and head rolling back and forth and back again.
My shirt and jerkin and the soiled paper towels and my scrunchie joined the rest in the green bag.
Sherilee rolled me onto one side and my arm flopped kerthump onto the carpet while she popped my bra and worked it off. Frankie was tugging my panties down and off of my hips and then over knees and ankles and off. She had to hoist my bum up to work the tight panties out from under my buttocks.
"Oh damn, she's leaking widdle," said Frankie.
(I wasn't actually, just make believe.)
"Least she hasn't pooped herself," said Nadine. (as if I'd ever do that even if I was really and truly dead, I'm much too polite to even think about it.)
Roxie was dumping stuff into the bag and I lay half rolled on my side, stripped and cleaned naked. My eyeballs gazed at the carpet and my mouth slobbered open, tongue hanging way out. Roxie got fresh paper towels and scrubbed across my face and dabbed at the piddle stain.
"OK ladies," said Sherilee, "let's get our friend up on the kitchen table."
The kitchen table was our stainless steel do everything table with a laminated plastic board laid over it to make it look kitchen like.
"Spread another garbage bag there," said Sherilee, "in case poor Barbanne hasn't finished leaking or maybe decides to empty her bowels."
(Never, never, never!)
Roxie spread out a second big green plastic bag and Frankie and Sherilee got me rolled over onto my back and then with one taking the shoulders under the armpits and the other getting a grip under the knees they lifted me and carried me limp and dangling and laid me out with my bum carefully positioned over the plastic bag.
"OK stage one done, now what do we do with her?" asked Sherilee, leaning one hand on my thigh and peering down at me.
Stone cold dead I lay on my back on the makeshift kitchen table looking like a pole axed steer, (er heifer I mean) my eyes bugged like marbles and my tongue drooling out of the side of my mouth like a fat pink slug.
"Right ladies!" said Sherilee, "before we do anything else lets make real sure our little friend here hasn't gotten anything hidden on her that might give us away."
"She doesn't have any tattoos," said Nadine.
"I'm thinking more stuff that's not apparent," said Sherilee, "now Nadine, you get those plastic disposable gloves from the kitchen cupboard, yes that drawer there and put one on and Frankie and Roxie you help me roll her on to her tummy."
Frankie and Roxie got on either side of me and Sherilee took control of my head and they turned me completely over and laid me down on my front. I was right in character playing dead and flopped in their grasp limp as anything.
"Now girls," Sherilee told Frankie and Roxie, "I want you to each take a leg and bend it at the knee and bring it up under her like that. Yep that's right so that her bum comes right up in the air, yes that's perfect. Now Nadine, got that glove on?"
"OK dear well now you make sure she hasn't got anything lurking in her cavities that might give us away."
"You mean in her bum?????"
"And pussy."
"Come on girl."
Gingerly Nadine inserted her gloved finger into my ass hole.
"Yick," she said whipping it out.
"Nothing there?" asked Sherilee.
"And now?..........,by the way you better change your glove."
Nadine snapped that glove off and dumped it in the bag with everything else and donning another one she tenderly slid it into my upthrust and spread pussy opening. She looked like yuck this is dreadful but that girl knew a thing or two about clitorises and it was all I could do not to start humping my hips as she found it and carressed it, stimulating my immediate arousal.
"Anything?" asked Sherilee.
"Only her fun gear."
"OK lets get her on her back again."
Nadine popped her finger out much to my relief as I was on the verge of disgracing myself and snapped that glove off and dumped it while Frankie, Roxie and Sherilee straightened my legs and rolled me back into the face and tits up position.
"Yicky yick," said Sherilee, "she's freaking me out staring at me like that."
She used her thumbs to slide my eyelids down over my wildly rolled back eyes and then taking my tongue in between her forefinger and thumb she opened my mouth and pushed the drooling pink slug back behind my teeth before closing my mouth.
She looked at the others.
"OK, like I said before what are we going to do with her?"
"Dump her."
"Very good but where and how."
Roxie spoke up.
"We oughta do it after dark but in the meanwhile we have to do something with Barbanne or she'll start to stink."
"My cousin has a meat works," said Frankie, "if we take her there we can stash her in one of the cold rooms until night time and he has incinerators where we can burn the bag with all of her stuff in."
Sherilee nodded, "Sounds good to me."
"Can I have her ear rings?" piped up Roxie.
"No way. We keep nothing, burn the lot to crispies."
"Lets get her into the car then."
All four girls took either an arm or a leg and, one to each corner, carried me out to the garage.
Here we had to go "on location." I had parked my big old wagon in the back of the warehoue and they carried me to that and opened the back lift up door and laid me out in the back and threw a travel rug over me.
Next scene we were all at the meat works and my garbage bag of stuff went into the incinerator (coloured filters and cellophane paper) and I was laid out on a stainless steel table in the boning room (our ss table restored to itself) and my hands were tied behind me and my legs were tied securely with a leather strap which acted as a sort of ankle stirrup and I was hung by my heels from a securely bolted bracket in the old warehouse upper floor timbers. A cold blue filter was used and Dave photographed me from all angles hanging upside down in amongst all of the sides of beef, just another slab of meat (actually you have to sort of imagine the other carcasses) and "draining" in the cold room while the girls who had killed me waited for an opportune time to dispose of me.
This hanging from my heels gave me such a violent rush of blood to the head that I went very red in the face and started to develop a sinusey headache and became kind of dizzy and when (in the story line) the time was up and they cut me down again, still tied hand and foot I was so wonky I fell flat on my face and had to be helped up.
After I had sat there with my head back for a while we did it again.
So, to return to the story.
The girls came back for me, having stashed their dead victim in the cold storage of the meat works, only to find that rigor mortis had set in and I was as stiff as a plank. They worked together, all four of them, to get me down from where I had been hung and I was like frozen in place by the rigor. Now that required me holding myself rigid while they handled me and that I can tell you is really hard. Still I managed with a little help to look like a nude female surf board while they got me unhooked and laid me on the floor. They untied my hands and unstrapped my ankles but my arms remained behind my back and quite unmoveable while they worked on me as I was your classic "stiff."
"We can't do anything with her while she's like a ramrod," said Sherilee.
"Stiff as Hercules on viagra," said Nadine feeling me and poking at my rigid tits.
"It's good to get a hard man," quipped Roxie.
"So what can we do with her?" asked Frankie.
"Stash her somewhere until she loosens up," said Sherilee.
"How long will that take," said Roxie.
"About twelve hours I think."
"So where will we put her?"
"I suppose we could take her back to my place," offered Sherilee.
"Surely she'll pong by then," Nadine sniffed at me.
They all got down on hands and knees and sniffed up and down my body.
"Doesn't smell too bad."
"Bit pewy down here," said Frankie who was sniffing at my pussy.
"OK," said Sherilee, "let's get her back into the car and back to my place."
Wrapped loosely in the travel rug again and stiff as stiff I was carried by all four girls out of the meat works and put into the back of the wagon and driven back to where I had been killed in the first place. They carried me into Sherilee's place (as set up in the studio) and unwrapped me and manhandled my rigidly rigored body over to the corner of the bedroom and propped me in the corner.
Twelve more hours passed and by then I was drooping against the wall in a sort of slump.
Back came the girls.
"Looks like Barbanne's a bit more manageable," said Roxie.
"As if that little bitch was ever manageable," muttered Sherilee.
"Bring her over to the bed."
Nadine grasped one arm, Roxie the other, Frankie and Sherilee took a leg each and they carried me over to the bed and flopped me on my back.
"Maybe if we massaged her she'll get more manageable."
"Good idea."
"Let's do it!"
All four set to work massaging my still stiffish body, their hands rubbing across my neck and breasts and tummy and legs. Frankie worked away at my upper thighs (inside) and groin and then started playing with my twat.
"This is kind of fun," muttered Frankie.
"Sickos aren't we?" said Nadine.
"Sort of lesbian necrophiles," that was Roxie.
"Who's going to be first then?" asked Sherilee.
They all looked at each other, somewhat abashed but with lust behind their eyes.
"OK, if you can't decide then it's going to be me," said Sherilee." With that she started stripping off right down to nude and then she slid on top of my corpse and started to rub herself along me, her stubbly quim grinding against my leg. The other girls watched fascinated and clothes started to drop away and hands went into the front of panties and they started to get flushed and their eyes glowed hot and when Sherilee jerked and cried out, Nadine touched her shoulder and Sherilee slid away to be replaced by her. Then Frankie and finally Roxie got the left overs. Each girl in turn got off using me as a vehicle. It took a lot of convincing to get Alex to accept this but we had argued artistic truth and stuff like that and I must tell you that for me this was heavenly. I mean four sisters getting up close and personal. I can't tell you how those girls smelt and felt. Hot, musky, sweating, slippery, fantastic. And all I had to do was lie there and play dead!!
Which I love!
Well the murderesses had now used their victim for sex. By this time the corpse was nice and pliable again and they were still left with the problem of disposal. They stood around the bed looking down at me.
"Do you think Barbanne enjoyed that as much as us?"
"We ought to give her something to enjoy too."
"Yeah she obliged us wonderfully."
"How about this?"
Nadine had produced a vibrator from one of the drawers. She flicked the switch and it hummed smoothly.
"Hey Barbanne you little shit, wanna have some fun," with that Nadine slid the pulsating vibrator into my pussy and they all watched fascinated as it shuddered my "dead" mons.
Alex had accepted this part of the plot reluctantly and that's an understatement.
When that was over they still had a dead babe to get rid of.
"I know," said Sherilee, "we'll wrap her in plastic. You know like green garbage bags."
"Garbage bags are very appropriate."
Two big green bags appeared and one was pulled down over my head and the other was pulled up my legs until I was entombed in green plastic. I had air holes punched out of the bags where they didn't show. Then packing tape was wrapped around my neck and to bind the two bags together at my waist and around my knees and ankles until I looked like a green wrapped mummy.
"Now what?" asked Frankie.
"Get her out of here," said Sherilee.
Back on the floor of the wagon. My garbage bag shroud was so tight that there was no mistaking that this was a babe's body. Big bum stretching the shiny green plastic and tits poking against it like two small hills.
Sherilee was driving.
"There's a row of dumpsters, what say we pop her in there?"
"Nah, someone will find her or a dog will sniff her out."
"What about the harbour then, we could deep six her at the end of the pier?"
"Nah she'll wash ashore."
"A shark might guts her."
"No self respecting shark would eat this creep."
"Put her on the train tracks and let the Overlander mince her up."
"Someone would stick the bits together."
"Well where????"
"I know."
Jordan was the manager of the Super Sauna Centre. Five girls, already changed to nude stopped to pay for an hour and collect towels.
"You're not supposed to skip around naked girls. Good thing there's no blokes here at the moment. Now wrap those towels around you."
"No problem Missus."
"What's wrong with your mate there? she looks right out of it."
"Big night."
They disappeared into the cubicles.
Jordan shook her head. "Some girls," she thought.
Later she looked up to see four of the girls going out. "Hmm," she thought, "I must have missed the other one."
It was time to close up. Jordan rang the bell and then started to check the saunas. No-one. She hadn't thought so, the last customer left an hour ago. Funny the light was on in the very last room. She opened the door.
"Closing time."
Struth there was a stink in here, probably the drains. She'd have to talk to the maintenance guy tomorrow.
"Oh gawd," she thought, "Hey honey we're closing." "Damn girls, look at that," she thought.
The young woman (me!) was butt naked and face down on the slatted bench with her ass in the air and her pussy squeezed in there and displayed like some randy monkey. Really she didn't need this sort of customer.
SLAP! she whacked the girl's bum and shouted, "C'mon its time to go." Struth it stank in here.
"Come on girl! we're closed!!!"
Jordan grabbed her shoulder and rolled her over................