Part 41

Posted by Barbanne on October 30, 2002 at 16:12:44:



Frankie and Roxie were pushing and shoving each other in their respective chests.
They were arguing over a shared boyfriend and Frankie was accusing Roxie of being a tramp and using her charms to steal him away. It was a pretty dangerous situation because they were both tooled up.
They had agreed to play it nude and their "costumes" comprised boots and hats and gun belts and shooters. Frankie wore black and Roxie wore white, but don't go assuming anything from that. I had talked Roxie into undressing fully and had shaved Frankie's errant pubes so that she now had a thick vee at her lower tummy and groin, a proper beaver pelt that looked pretty darned sexy and sort of pointed at her sex.
Push, shove, push.
Dave was photographing and I was directing. Alex had agreed to let me do this one to make the girls feel more comfortable until they got more fully into the swing of things.
I had written some truly awful dialogue.
"Hey he's ma man," said Frankie assuming a dreadful wild west accent.
"That's not whut he tells me," said Roxie equally badly accented.
"Ya slut!"
"Whut d'you say?"
"Ah said you're nuthin' but a man wantin' slut."
"Them's fightin' words sister."
"Wanna try your luck slut."
"Stop callin' me slut all the time."
"Whut's that you say trollop."
"Ah said stop callin' me names."
"Ya mean like slut."
"There ya go again."
"Waaaall then sister let's see ya draw down."
"You pushin' it babe."
"No ah'm pullin' it, pullin' it out. Slap leather slut."
"Don't needle me babe."
"Draw bitch."
"Ya done asked for it."
With that both girls pulled out their guns and they boomed out.
Roxie missed.
Frankie's bullet hit Roxie in the tummy and she went down sporting a stick on bullet hole and no blood and her pistol went sailing away to thump in the dirt. Actually the studio floor.
Roxie fell to her knees clutching her tummy.
"Ya rotten thing, ya shot me!"
"That's the idee slut."
"I wish you wouldn't say that." And with that Roxie groaned and fell face down and lost her hat and then Frankie strolled over and used the toe of her boot to roll Roxie onto her back.
Roxie groaned piteously and clutched her tummy.
"Told ya not to mess with ma man slut. Reckons as how ah'll finish you now."
Frankie cocked her pistol and pointed it at Roxie's chest.
"No, no, no, puhleeeeez," whimpered Roxie.
Roxie jerked and a fake bullet hole appeared between her breasts and her legs scissored violently and her arms flopped on the ground and she screamed "Uggghhh." and then she was dead. Laid out on her back cold and dead. Well not cold yet but going south fast. Frankie stooped over her rival's corpse and undid her gun belt and tossed it away. Getting Roxie under the armpits she hauled her up and then dragged her off, her boot heels furrowing the dirt. (sort of) She came to a corral fence we had erected and lifting Roxie dumped her face down over it, arms and hair hanging one side, legs trailing the other and her ass and pussy in the air and on show.
"Thiss ah here," she announced to the world, "is the slut whut took mah man and this is the fate she deserved."
She took her lipstick and wrote SL on one cheek of Roxie's butt and UT on the other.
Dave got it all in close up detail.
Frankie turned to me and grinned.
"Hey Dave, Barb, give me a sec I just thought of something super."
With that she darted stark naked out into our reception area where we have a vase with some flowers which we change fresh every day and plucked a long stemmed daisy from the bunch and came trotting back. Thanks goodness there was no-one waiting out there. We don't get a lot of visitors and if we did who knows what sort of reputation we'd get if naked girls flipped in and out while you were waiting.
"What's going on?" grumbled Roxie.
"Thought of something girlfriend, just relax your poop chute for a sec."
"Eh???", said Roxie.
I stood there gobsmacked.
With that Frankie slipped up behind Roxie who was still lying "done in" over our prop fence and neatly inserted the stem of the flower into her friend's anus.
"Ooooow," squealed Roxie and her buttocks twitched and contracted gripping the flower stem hard.
"There Dave get that," said Frankie.
Dave obliged.
Roxie mumbled some words I wouldn't have thought one so young would know.
It did look funny, Roxie shot dead and draped over the fence with SLUT written on her ass and a nice white daisy emerging therefrom.
I had to smile. Given Roxie was doing her first set and Frankie her second these two girls had gotten right into it and it was actually Frankie's idea to write "slut" in lippy on Roxie's ass (as well as the daisy trick) and Roxie in turn was showing everything, and I mean everything, (I was standing behind her when Frankie draped her over the fence) with complete enthusiasm.
When he had shot the scene from every angle he could think of I borrowed the camera from Dave and lying on my back got in under Roxie and got some fascinating shots looking up worm's eye view at her where she was flaked out over the railing. Then feeling for her (I have modelled myself you know) I helped her up and poor Roxie had a red mark on her tummy from the fence rail and could hardly stand from being bent over for so long. As she plucked the daisy out of her bum she looked at Frankie and said, "Just you wait mate yours is coming."
While the two girls were there and in, or should I say out of, costume we did a second "She took mah man," type set, this time the two girls in boots hats and gunbelts but without shooters exchanged pleasantries you know like, "Slut!!!," "Bitch!!!," "Whore,!!!" "Man stealing trollop," "Baggage!!," "Harlot!!!," "Hussy!!!," "Mantrapping Jezebel!!," "Nympho slattern!!!,"Tart!!," "Troll!!!!," "Wanton tramp!!!!," before beating into each other. Now I am a lousy fighter and can hardly throw a punch but these two gals could barely make a fist and any blow they threw was a round armed slap so Dave had to try for different camera angles and I had to coach them after almost every attempt before we got what looked like a bash 'em up type cat fight, but I guess it wasn't that bad, well not hopeless any way. Talk about a couple of girlies!! Finally Roxie flattened Frankie with a sort of slap that we turned into an uppercut by my holding and guiding Roxie's fist into shot. Down went Frankie out colder than an eskimo's something. (won't use that word c**t) and Roxie dragged her over to the fence and tipped her over it backwards so that she was hooked under her knees over the top rail and hanging down, tits under her chin. Before I had time to realise what she was doing Roxie stuck two fingers in Frankie's pussy lips and spreading them inserted the daisy stem into her love canal. (hope she washed it or at least wiped it first)
"Ooooooh," squeaked Frankie and Dave couldn't wait to photograph the laid out lady with the floral decorated pussy.

Frankie and Roxie, struth those two were something else when they got together, they came to me with an idea for a set with them and one of the blokes where, for a switch, they'd do the killing and the man would be the victim. Not a bad idea and one that we liked to do now and again for variety and for our female customers and any gay men we might have looking in, but as they filled me in on what they had in mind I realised that this was one I'd have to keep low key and not let Alex get too involved with for now.
I rang Larry and Rom and sounded them out on being "it." Larry was not going to be available for a while and so when Rom said it sounded good to him I was relieved and delighted. I organised all three to come in on the following Tuesday and Dave agreed to do the filming.
Frankie and Roxie played a couple of thieving prossie tarts who take a bloke (Rom) home to their flat for a good time (pay as you fuck sex) and soon enough they are stripped to their g-strings and Rom is nude and then they play Frankie rides your face while Roxie sucks you off only sadly Frankie sits down a little too hard and Rom suffocates with his nose buried in her bush. Oooops, they find themselves with a nude man lying dead on their bed.
Not to be wasted they first empty his wallet of all cash and cards and then lying either side of their victim they proceed to give him a double act hand job in the hopes of "raising" the dead.
Sure enough Rom obliges and his cock assumes amazing proportions as both girls rub him up with a hand each while using their bared breasts to caress Rom further up and well, I have to tell you I have never seen a guy have an orgasm like it! Rom was having hell's own trouble pretending to be dead and finally his cock which had become erect like Trajan's column spurted cum for fully half a minute as those villainesses stroked him to fulfilment.
As the girls were finishing up, posing triumphantly above the corpse of their victim and Dave was shooting this from every angle I got to thinking of another set where a bloke could be our victim and Rom sure had the body for what I was thinking but I'd have to ask for his permission because what I had in mind was fairly rude and sort of porno and it would also require a dead babe but Roxie was perfect for what I had in my dirty little mind.
Hmmmnn, if only I could convince Rom.