Part 40

Posted by Barbanne on October 28, 2002 at 21:37:33:



Its hard to hide a Glock nine millimetre (replica) when you're nude!
I carried the big dull grey gun tucked up behind my back and clutched in my small fingers as best as was possible.
I walked into frame and as Frankie rose with a cheery "Hiya!" I shot her between the eyes. I shoot them all between the eyes. Frankie's baby blues rolled upward and inward as though she were attempting to study the stick on bullet hole that had blossomed just above the bridge of her nose and then she scrabbled at air and then went over backwards kerplonk like a felled tree and landed on the flat of her back like a splayed starfish. A nude female splayed starfish.
Frankie was a new girl at Playdead who had only joined up two days ago.
I had been sitting minding the front desk and working on this very photo set when someone said, "Hiya!"
I looked up and there stood a girl whom, just for a moment, I thought was the dirtiest person I had ever seen. Then I realised it was her tan. Some peoples' tans look like Hollywood and some glow with health, but Frankie's tan (her name was Frances but she always greeted everyone with "Hiya, call me Frankie") looked like she was just plain dirty. It was peeling here and there too and that certainly didn't help. Frankie was about one seventy five centimetres tall which put her maybe seven or eight centimetres above me and she had a good body, good genes I reckon because she certainly didn't do much to look after herself and yet she still had a great ass and good legs and a flat tummy and when she got naked for some trial shots I reckoned she was pretty sexy or would have been if she kept out of the sun. She obviously did not, not even bits of her. Nope Frankie was a nude sunbather and that dirty tan covered everything including her pussy lips. The wild thing about Frankie was that despite her swarthy skin and long brown hair she had watery blue eyes that would have looked more at home on some pallid blonde.
And her tits!
Frankies tits were big and bold and cantilevered from her chest with gravity defying insousiance, that's perkiness to you.
So there we were. Me with my big Glock and Frankie sprawled out with a (pretend) hole in her head and those tits still defying gravity although they were tilting apart.
Our back studio had been dressed up to become the Sunningdale Nudist Colony and the set was "They died without their boots or anything else on," subtitled "The nudist colony killings."
I was the killer and nearly all of the other girls were the victims to be and we were all absolutely noooooodoh. Not even earrings.
I'd popped Frankie first because as it was her first set we didn't want her getting nervous waiting around.
After some coaching from me Frankie had done real good and was lying there with her legs spread and her pussy glistening pinkly and her mouth open and her tongue drooling sideways and those blue eyes rolled back and inward. She had more pubic hair than anyone I knew, a dense mat that started at the bottom of her tummy and curled onto her thighs. Our girls don't wax or shave much but none of the rest of us had pubes to anywhere near match Frankie.
I moved on.
Nadine appeared and I capped her between the eyes and she went down and out.
Corinne came around the corner and saw Frankie and Nadine and said, "Oooooooh," and I shot her through the temple and she crumpled gracefully to the floor.
Jas and Jordan were tanning together and I tapped Jas on the shoulder and she looked up like, "Yeah what is it?" and I plugged her brains and then leaning over her still twitching corpse I shot Jordan in the right temple and she and Jas writhed and entwined and died.
Kathy popped out of our makeshift sauna (the one in the old ablutions we had used before) to see what was going down and got popped in the bridge of the nose and grew a fake bullet hole to match all of the others and found that what was going down was her. Sherilee called out from the sauna to ask Kathy what all the racket was and I appeared and she cringed and covered up and that was sort of pointless because I drilled her forehead too.
Dave and Alex were directing the action and capturing it on film and now I went back to where Frankie was stretched out and putting my gun down I got hold of Nadine's ankles and hauled her over and dumped her on Frankie. I dragged Corinne by an arm and a leg and dumped her on the other two. Jas I got hold of around under her breasts and carted her off heels trailing and Jordan I pulled along by one leg puffing because she was no lightweight until I could pile her on top of the others, legs still straddled and pussy displayed. I dragged Sherilee from the sauna using her hair and an arm and Kathy I grasped under her armpits and lugged her across, face down and pussy smearing in the wetness of the sauna floor. When I had all seven girls piled together I stood looking down with a superior sneer on my face and that's when Sibyl said, "Hey bitch!"
I looked up and there she was, dressed!
As a cop.
And with a cop's thirty eight.
I dived for my Glock.
She went Kapow with her piece and I sprouted a fake bullet hole just under my hairline and the shot threw me violently backward and I landed sprawled on top of the pile, arms and legs flung outward, pussy on show and dead as butchered meat.
I like showing my pussy as if you'd never guessed, and I like it in others. Thats why I con all the rest of the girls into doing it too.
Alex circled the mound of slaughtered pulchritude.
"OK girls, eyes rolled back ........"
"Gives me a headache," said Nadine.
"...or closed, alright Nadine, and mouths open and give us plenty of tongue."
"And spread your legs," I muttered.
Alex sighed.
"Not necessarily," he said.
"Me too," said Corinne.
"What Corinne?" an exasperated Alex asked.
"I get a headache when I try to roll my eyes way back."
"Well then you close your eyes please Corinne. Can you hang your tongue out?"
"Oh yeah."
"Well do that. Alright girls lets have those tongues lolling and as many of you as can without getting headaches roll your eyes and everyone limp right out. OK now just go limp, dangle and try to play dead for us."
I felt the girls relax under me even as I was letting go of any small tensions and mentally flopping to look like one truly shot to death.
Alex ducked around the mounded females talking all the time to Dave.
"From here Dave, low angle so that we capture everyone together and show the curves of hips and breasts and the line of legs and arms. Get everyone in so that the customers can see that our girls really do stack up well. No giggling girls. Now move in on Barb and Sherilee, see if you can pick up Frankie as well. You OK down there under all that Frankie, don't answer dear just let us know if it gets uncomfortable."
He chatted on and on and Dave's shutter clacked and the spots flashed again and again. I lay on top of the girls I had "killed", limped right out and revelling yet again in the tactile feel of my sisters' skins and the aroma of perfume and sweaty BO and hours old hair shampoo that rose like a miasma from our little group. Maybe I should have said heap.
Oh gawd but I love playing dead and with other girls is really the absolute very best.
"Sibyl could you come in here now," said Dave.
I heard Sibyl's heels tapping on the floor and then they stopped.
"Yes there thanks Sibyl. Now look down at the others with a look of sad sympathy mixed with disgust can you do that? Yes that's not bad, but what you are feeling is compassion for the girls annihilated by Barb tempered by distaste for the murderer herself whom you have just shot dead. Hey that's perfect. Great Sibyl, now walk around them while Dave follows you and now bend over and peer at them. Try to keep that expression going. Great!"
"Frankie," I heard Sibyl say, "you really should try a depilatory cream or something, maybe a good waxing sister."
"I'm a natural babe," said Frankie.
"No talking please girls," said Alex, "dead bodies don't chatter so all stay very still and Sibyl come around here now."
Oh but I was having the time of my life, erps should I have said death. I felt like the fairy on the christmas tree perched here on top of the others, bent over backward and totally nude and gazing at the ceiling with my best sightless eyed look and with my arms spread out and my legs parted and my genitalia, my very femaleness on show. You know why I like to pose with my legs apart? Well, as I've told you time and again I totally delight in being submissive, that for me is the big, big turn on about playing dead and what can be more evidential of showing submission than to expose myself, my most intimate opening, to the stare of others and to the unblinking eye of the camera. Its a powerful feeling I can tell you. For me this is as arousing as it gets, this is the ultimate mind orgasm.
The photography session went on for another ten minutes and finally Dave and Alex talked over what they had done and then Alex said, "OK girls that'll do for today you can unwind yourselves now and go and get tidied up."
I slid down and off of the girl pile and turning, helped the others up as they came to their feet. I collected the stick on bullet holes and returned them to their box. They would do very well at some future time when we decided to gun down a few more models.
I was last into the showers and had to wait and did so, taking a naughty and vicarious pleasure in watching those naked bodies bathe and dress. I love Alex and I fight against it but my barely latent, weakly suppressed lesbianism still beats strongly in my psyche.
Eventually we were all dressed and chatting and Alex was making up the session payments. All of these girls were chronically cash strapped and needed paying regularly. I sought out Frankie and asked her what she thought about working for Playdead.
"Loved it Barbanne."
"Call me Barb Frankie. So you would come again?"
"Oh sure, I don't mind doing something like this again, especially if Alex keeps paying me."
"That's excellent Frankie, I will be working on some new sets for the next few days and I can give you something with a more prominent part if you like."
"I'd like that a lot Barb."
"Got any favourites?"
"Well when I was little I used to play cowboys with my brothers, I've always fancied being a six shooting babe."
"Around here you get to be a six shot babe Frankie," I laughed," hey you've just picked a fav of the Playdead customers. I don't know exactly what it is with guys and fantasies about babes going down in a hail of hot lead but its just about our most popular theme. We've done shoot 'em outs lots of times and they're always winners, matter of fact I did one recently, ended up shot dead and draped nude over a horse."
"Sounds excellent. I'd have enjoyed being the one who shot you Barb."
"Hmmmmnnnn," I thought, out loud I said, "That was a girl called Laurise done me in that time Frankie. She's gone now, went and got married."
"Oh..........., hey Barb can I ask you something?"
"Sure Frankie."
"Well, erm, I have a lot of lower body hair as you may have noticed and I don't really want to shave like some of the other girls but do you think it sort of ruins me as a model? Its natural you know, its just some of us girls have more than others."
"You mean your runaway pubes Frankie? Well I guess you could trim them a bit but hell no, if you want to be the furry puss lady we've just got to make sure you look right in whatever we do."
"And another thing Barb."
"Yeah Frankie."
"I've got a girlfriend Roxie and she needs money and well I told her about Playdead and she'd like to do some stuff for you too. You know, like modelling. Do you want any more models Barb?"
"Always interested in new models Frankie. Bring her along and we'll look her over. Does she mind getting nude and will she play dead?"
"No, she's willing to give it a go, although I think she'd prefer to keep her panties on."
"OK bring her along."

Frankie turned up the next day with Roxie in tow.
I was minding the front desk and working up scripts and looked up to see the two of them standing there.
"Hey," I said, "sorry Frankie no kids."
"I'm eighteen," said Roxie, "here see I've got a driver's licence and it says here eighteen."
I looked at the proferred card. It was her alright and her date of birth made her eighteen, nearly nineteen but she looked about fourteen. There couldn't have been a bigger difference between the two of them. Where Frankie had that patchy tan Roxie was as white as though she had never seen the sun. She was about my height and slim with no bust much to talk of and shoulder length straight titian hair and brown eyes that turned up slightly making her look like a pussy cat. She had a pert upturned nose and bee stung lips and a pronounced over bite, well to put it plainly she had buck teeth. The whole effect was to make her look innocent, vulnerable and child like. I realised she would be a very popular model.
"Has Frankie told you what we do?"
"Photos where us girls get dead??"
"More adult fantasies where we get to play at being dead or unconscious and handled some by the other girls and sort of perpetual victims. It turns some guys on."
"I think I can do that, just let me try."
"What about stripping naked?"
She blushed crimson. "I'm prepared to try."
"Come up and meet Alex and then we'll give you some test shots."
We went upstairs and Alex sort of hit the roof again thinking I was bringing him a school girl. We went through the age thing and Roxie, her real name was Roxanne, showed him proof of her age. He was still iffy but I told him we'd carry a disclaimer on Roxie's sets showing some proof that she was old enough to work here. Roxie was on the verge of tears as we argued and said in her own defence, "Just 'cause I look like a kid shouldn't stop me getting a chance."
That did it and softie Alex gave in and I took Roxie downstairs again for some trial shots.
Going very red she stripped naked and I photographed her in several poses and then got her to do some "being dead" poses and asked her to stick out her tongue and roll her eyes and all of that stuff and she was surprisingly good at it. I was also rather astonished to find that her pussy was shaved as clean as a whistle and she certainly didn't look like a kid down there. She did have small tits though.
As I showed the girls out I said, "Maybe we can do a couple of sets with you two so that you can get the feel for it working together before you do something with the others."
I'd like that." said Roxie.
"How about it Frankie, maybe that shootout set?"
"Yeah great!"
"OK I'll see you when, Wednesday?"
"Wednesday's good for us."
"OK, come early about nine."
"See ya then."
"See you girls, goodbye Roxie."
"See ya."
I went back to my desk and wrote furiously. Dave would love it, Dave loves shootouts.