Part 38

Posted by Barbanne on October 10, 2002 at 15:51:42:



I slid into wakefulness and rolled over onto Alex's lovely naked body.
It was still very warm as the flat hadn't had time to cool off, but thankfully the dreadful crushing heat was gone.
He stirred and mumbled, "Hello."
"Mmmnnnnnnn," I said and rolled my panties down off of my bum and tugged them towards my knees. My fingers found Alex's manliness and I stroked it and was rewarded by a stiffening and a climbing erection.
"Barb, what are you doing?"
"Raping you," I giggled and rolled myself on top of him, holding his cock and letting my breasts squish against his chest and feeling his whiskers against my cheeks and I kicked my panties off although they stubbornly stayed hooked around one ankle and I raised my hips and settled my slit over Alex, guiding his erection inside my heat and wetness. I started to move, slowly, rhythmically, my ass rising and falling in ever increasing frequency until I was riding him hard. He lay there looking into my eyes as I pumped myself on top of him, my hands on his shoulders and my breasts bobbling in front of his nose. I used one hand to squeeze my left breasts and point it's upright nipple at him.
"Like anything you see?"
"Well, yes I suppose."
I could have whacked him for making a joke at this time but I was too busy. Sweat was dribbling down my front and sploshing onto him. He grabbed my bum and started jerking his hips in rhythm with mine.
God he was big and he was filling me up. I wanted more and shouted, "Harder, harder, shove it in me darling, oh yes, harder harder."
He went even harder than I had hoped.
"Oh Alex, oh Alex," I screamed, "I love you, oh how I love you. Give me babies, make a baby with me!"
We were going at it like feral cats and then I heard a high keening sound like the whistling of wind amongst trees and realised it was a woman in the throes of ecstasy, her lungs expelling air in a wild whoop of joy.
It was me.
And then he tightened inside me and my pussy responded gripping him and then he came in a series of juddering, stabbing, jerks, firing his semen deep inside my vagina, up into my cervix and uterus, filling my love tunnel.
I collapsed on top of him.
Dripping wet, covered in sweaty slipperiness.
He exhaled mightily and started to slide out from under me. I wrapped my arms around him and said, "No, please no, leave him inside me. You're not allowed to take him out."
We lay wrapped together like that, his penis sowly retracting but still inside me. I could feel his wetness in me and imagined those little sperm swimming into my waiting embrace.
"Barb," he whispered in my ear, "that was a nice way to wake up, but darling I thought you couldn't conceive?"
I sighed and murmured, "A girl can hope."
Actually I was doing more than hoping, I had talked my problem over with Sibyl and she had given me some stuff to take and a douche to use which she said were proven fertility treatments from the books of witchcraft and I had religiously used these for days and would go on using them until I got what I wanted.

After doing up some breakfast which we woofed down together, I opened up the Playdead studio and got it ready for the Gladiator set. We would be using the space out the back and it was set up to look a bit like an arena from previous stuff we had done. There was a big anonymous blue backdrop, sort of a cyclorama and against that, only the action would be seen on film. Dave and Alex were doing the shooting and direction and I, as well as having written the plot outline, was going to be one of the performers today. The others trickled in from nine onwards. Corinne was first and then Jordan and finally Rom.
Rom was a well built guy about a hundred and eighty centimetres, maybe a tad under and he had dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He had interesting blue grey eyes and I reckon he thought they gave him a sort of Clint Eastwood steely eyed look because he gazed at all of us as though he were the flint eyed man of action type but I reckoned he was all show. He was deep chested and had a nice ass, you know yummy buns, and really nicely muscled legs, neat calves and elegant feet and he looked to be well hung. All in all a good gladiator type.
All four of us were playing gladiator types and we had to get naked and oiled up and then we would be wearing a sort of thick belt with a flap like a leather loincloth and for weapons we carried our plastic swords, the thick bladed Roman Empire type. Anyway we got changed and I don't know if I have told you this, but our change room was for boys and girls together, unisex you know and nobody much cared about stripping off in a room full of bare bodies although Larry occasionally made gross and tasteless comments. But that was Larry. Anyway we got stripped and oiled up. I did most of the oiling and Jordan did me and I noticed when I was rubbing baby oil onto Rom that he was pleased to see me.
"Now Rom," I said, "its all a fantasy and we don't get excited or anything." I said it low so that only he and I heard it and he said, "Its a fantasy alright Barbanne and I love my fantasies."
I laughed at that and Jordan and Corinne looked over intrigued.
"Rom," I said, "Alex is a stickler for professionalism and so you'd best just treat this as a job, boring I know but................"
He made a sort of strangly sound.
We went out into the studio and Dave and Alex were ready and so we got going.
First up were Rom and Corinne and I hadn't realised what a gorgeous mature body she had until I saw her oiled up and properly lit by the studio lights. She had lovely joints and junctions and smooth, well toned bits in between.
Rom and Corinne went at it and faked a good fight with lots of realistic action scenes and eventually Rom wore her down and beat her sword away and ran her through. Corinne died gracefully, sinking down onto the floor and twitching a couple of times before ending up stretched out on her back looking suitably dead. Rom tore off her leather belt as his victory trophy.
Next was me and Jordan and we must have looked like the big and small of it. Jordan was way bigger than me and after we had traded blows and thrusts, which must have looked rather one sided because she looked from the start like she could take me at any time, she battered my sword away and grabbed me up in a big oily bear hug. I swiped ineffectually at her with round arm swishes and she just squeezed and squeezed crushing me against her, our tummies slithering and our breasts sliding slipperily across each other and my legs kicking and my fists smacking helplessly and then squasho! she hugged me in a huge crusher and something busted and I slumped backward, tits pointing up and head hanging back and hair trailing and arms and legs dangling. She tossed my corpse over Corinne's and ripped my belt off and held it aloft in triumph.
I lay spread out over Corinne, arms and legs outflung and being dead and we all know how I love that.
Jordan and Rom now battled in a mighty struggle and they slashed and clashed all over our studio while me and Corinne lay naked and oily and defeated in an exclusive body pile of two. The fight was intense and Jordan gave as good as she got but finally Rom's maleness prevailed and he crowded in on Jordan and finished her with a vicious thrust through the navel. She collapsed to her knees and thumped face down onto the floor twitching in her death throes, ass quivering.
Rom stood triumphant, exultant over we three girls, two dead, one dying.
Behind his back Jordan made a supreme effort rising off of the floor to fling her bloodied blade at him before flopping down prostrate onto the floor in death.
Rom quivered, plucking at the sword and wrenching it from his body and then his eyes rolled up and he toppled onto Corinne and me, his face in between my legs and his torso along my left leg. I could feel his beard tickling my inner groin and his nose felt like it was inside my outer pussy and he was breathing heavily.
No he wasn't!..........., he was sniffing me!
Then I realised his loin cloth had come away and his cock was along my foot and it was erected and jammed in between his tummy and my upper arch and it was stiff as a board and growing and starting to jerk and I said "Fantasy Rom, its only a fantasy," but I couldn't say it loud enough for him to hear without ruining the impression that I was dead. Dave was shooting the final "dead flesh pile" pics that defined the set and I didn't want to ruin that and then I realised that Rom's ass was jerking a bit and his cock was as hard as an iron bar and then he shot his load, ejaculating cum all over my foot.
We all stayed in character as dead gladiator and gladiatoresses and I hoped that neither Dave nor especially Alex had seen this bit of non professionalism.
Then it was over and we got up to go and get showered and changed and I managed to smear the ejaculate as I sat up, enough that no-one would notice.
In the showers I said "Hey Rom that was NOT professional."
"Sorry Barbanne, sorry, but god I think you're sexy."
"Well, OK, but sexy or not we are here to play pretend at being killed and it is not on to start having sex on the set.
(Hey Barb, I thought, you're a great one to talk.)
"I'm sorry girl really sorry but I have to tell you that when I applied here it was partly because I've been a fan of Playdead dot com for a while and I guess after having gotten excited over your photo sets for ages being here and actually in a set with you was just too much."
"Well Rom I'm sort of flattered and I know that people get excited over my pictures, but if you're going to work here you are going to have to forget that you like me and just start thinking of me as meat."
"Meat, meat, dead meat, Oh god that's sexy."
"Now Rom."
"What's up guys?" asked Jordan.
"Rom and I were just discussing the approach to be taken when modelling here."
"Oh yeah, Rom has trouble hiding his lusts. When we were fighting I could see he was getting a hard on and it was from looking at you Barbanne."
"Yeah well.................."
"I mean I wouldn't mind if he had been getting stiff from fighting such a gorgeously voluptuous babe as me, but no, he's spending all his time getting hot looking at a skinny broad like you."
"Maybe it was Corinne turned him on," I ventured.
"What's this about me turning someone on?" said Corinne.
"Honey you turn us all on," I said, "you're just a slick looking dame."
She laughed and I realised she was a very pretty woman.
"OK you lot," shouted Alex from outside, "what's going on in there? Barbanne I have something for you to do."
"Coming," I sang out. Alex has always been sort of iffy about the changing arrangements and the easy freedom about nudity that we girls and the guys have had.
We emerged and Alex said goodbye to the others and then he took me upstairs to where Dave was ready to run the shots. Alex and Dave had developed a very good working arrangement and seemed to think along similar lines and had become really comfortable with each other. I wondered if they talked about me and maybe compared me and my performance with each other. Struth I'm paranoid at times.
I sat and watched myself being crushed to death by Jordan.
"How was that guy Rom Barb?" asked Alex.
"Oh good, he certainly looked the part."
"He got off on you, shot his load on your foot, I suppose you're aware of that?"
"Ermmmmm yeah," I blushed crimson.
"You can see it here," said Dave, pointing at the screen.
"Mmmmmmmmm," I just blushed and blushed.
"I won't have it! just won't have it. This is a professional production company doing fantasy photo sets and I'm not turning it into a brothel."
"He just got over excited. I reckon he'll be alright in future."
"That's if there is a future for him here."
"I sort of told him he did wrong," I mumbled.
"Look Barb," Alex touched my shoulder, "I know you are a sexually attractive female, and how I know that, it's part of what glues us together, but if a guy can't work with you without getting so aroused he loses control then he's out."
Dave was grinning, smirking almost.
"Give him another go Alex he'll be alright next time and he sure looks the goods."
"One more Barb and that's it."
"Will I cut these shots Alex."
"Hey I think they're sexy.....................ooops!"
"Barb, Barb," said Alex shaking his head.
As they wound up I sat there thinking. I love Alex and I would never do anything to hurt him, but that guy Rom had an iron cock and the semen he unloaded onto me, wow it was industrial strength. Maybe if my pregnancy witchcraft were to work I might need variety and quantity..............