Part 36

Posted by Barbanne on October 01, 2002 at 23:02:24:



Oh but my bum hurt.
That spanking, well deserved though it was, that Alex had given me had really given me a sore ass. I could hardly sit without flinching and when I was seated I wormed around all the time trying desperately to find a part that wasn't just plain HURTING.
I had decided that as I had taken the job at the Fortune Court I at least owed them some time and so had decided to work there for a fornight before quitting even though Alex wanted me to stay full time at Playdead. Anyway I reckoned I needed to keep my waitressing skills current just in case I ever had to fall back on that. So I was working there between five pm and midnight and that gave me the opportunity to do some modelling at Playdead.
So here I was the day after the day after my hissy fit and spanking and I had a sore bottom and I was stinking hot and I was "dead."
I was stinking hot because the weather had turned beastly the way it does at least once every summer and the mercury was hovering just under forty degrees celsius and the humidity was really high. We didn't have air conditioning throughout, just a couple of window rattlers and they were completely overwhelmed although they thumped along manfully.
I was dead because me and Sherilee had been fighting each other in a real knock 'em down and drag 'em out type hand to hand battle and I had gotten on top of her and was choking her. Of course we were both nude and consequently we were both dripping sweat and I had her by the throat and was giving the camera my best beastly bitch strangler look when Laurise came up behind us (she too was nude) and stabbed me with a fine thin steel blade, through the back, between my ribs and into my evil little heart. So fine was the blade that I had died bloodlessly and slumped limply onto Sherilee where I now lay, sweating, slippery, breasts to breasts, tummy stuck to tummy, with my lankly damp hair spread over Sherilee's face and my arms loosely beside her and my legs together between her spread legs. Our furry little pussies were getting acquainted too.
I was so hot that I could feel sweaty wetness inside my pussy dampening the walls of my slit and inside my back passage wetting all the way up and inside my nostrils and yes, even my eyeballs felt sweaty.
The sweat had stuck my tummy to Sherilee's and our breasts were crushed against each other and were pooling in water and our pussy bushes were entwined in a tangle of wet hairs.
And I ponged!
I could smell the ripe odour under my armpits and even from here my "intimate" places smelt acrid. I was dead and so I was lying quite limp and sodden along Sherilee's body. Alex and Dave were shooting the set, "Babe Brawl," and Alex was directing Dave as to where he wanted the shots of my demise taken from and what angles he wanted and so they were bobbing around us on hands and knees, getting what Alex considered the ideal shots to express the drama of our scene. I was open mouthed, almost kissing Sherilee although I was trying awfully hard to resist that temptation, and my eyelids were slitted with just white eyeball showing and I had totally relaxed, limped right out.
"You just stay like that Barb," said Alex, "that's perfect, very realistic very dead."
I whispered to Sherilee, "Hey sorry Shelly, I must stink, it's the heat."
"You sure do Barb."
"Well thanks. I did slather perfume on."
Your BO would defeat industrial strength scent today love."
I giggled.
Alex scrabbled around. "Here Dave, try from here."
Then, "Now Sherilee, I'd like you to show disgust, yep, get that Dave, and now distaste and some horror, great, and now you look like, get this corpse off of me, yeah that's fantastic, from here Dave this looks best, Barb, you just stay there and be dead you're good at that dear. Now Sherilee sort of buck your body upward and throw Barb off. Not too much just slowly, that's it. Now grab Barb's shoulder and roll her away, off of you and off to one side."
Sherilee bucked her tummy up and I slid up and away and she rolled me over.
"OK Barb, onto your back, sprawled out looking totally cactus that's it, that's perfect dear."
I lay on my back beside Sherilee arms and legs outspread and drippily dead. The action moved to Sherilee and Laurise.
"OK girls," said Alex now what we want is this. Barb you just lie there and stay dead and don't move a muscle. Now Sherilee, you look up at Laurise and then you realise she still has the blade and then you see murder in her eyes and....................."
I lay there and tuned out and concentrated on sweating inside my pussy and ass and nostrils and all and, of course, on being dead. I love playing dead! But I've told you that time and again and I'm sure you are tired of hearing it. Within a few moments Sherilee collapsed dead across my tummy and her moist skin bonded with my sweats and we lay stuck together in a hot wet heap. I struggled to get my mind above my navel. I had decide it was time I concentrated myself on Alex, my sweet, sexy and loving partner and stopped getting aroused by every person of either sex that I found myself involved with, even when that inolvement was of the bodily intimate kind as it always was with the other Playdead girls. Larry, I have to admit wasn't that hard to resist but hell, Dave still looked pretty good. I am truly hopeless.
Oh god Barb, pull yourself together and get your head straightened out.
So hard, so hard, and Sherilee's breasts against mine and the smell of her hair and her perspiring body were working the old magic spells on me and my own rather ripened ponginess was all animal too.
I was feeling sexy and I was getting aroused when I should have been just doing a model pose.
Thank god Dave shot heaps around Sherilee and me doing our sprawled corpses thing with Laurise standing triumphantly over us and then Alex said, "That's it for today girls thanks and we untangled ourselves and headed for the showers.

I returned home late that night, tired and sort of cranky from the endless heat and from not having had a very good night at work.
I figured I'd slide into bed and just crash out, but when I came sneaking in from the bathroom, wearing a brief pair of panties which was all I could bear to have on, Alex spoke from the dark.
"Barb, how did it go?"
"Don't ask darling."
"And what does that mean?"
"I absolutely hate weather this hot and then I've been running around like a blue assed fly and to top a perfect evening a table full of half pissed knuckle draggers have been on my case all night."
"Ooooh............ You could quit you know."
"You know me and my sense of responsibilty. I feel obliged."
"Its your decision."
"It's too bloody hot for it but give me a cuddle, I'm cuddling deprived."
He pulled me into him.
"Hey at least I've got panties on," I murmured.
"Too hot as you said Barb," he kissed behind my ear and I squirmed in his arms feeling his damp chest against my back and finding that, heat or not, he was happy enough to see me that my favourite playfriend was wide awake and "up" and ramming hisself into the crack of my ass.
"Alex if you're ready for a night of steamy sex forget it mate."
"Barb I've been talking to Sibyl."
"Oh yeah talking eh? I hate being a jealous little bitch and I have no reason to think I should be, given my hopeless behaviour, but I am and so I hope you have been just talking."
"I have, actually it strikes me that if anyone should be jealous of Sibyl here it would be me."
"Well Barb I don't know how you wouldn't have noticed it but I reckon Sibyl's a lot more interested in your little bod than she ever could be in mine."
"Oooooooooooh," that thought had crossed my mind.
"Anyway I've been talking to her and she confessed to me that she is Wicca."
"Today's witches. People who believe witchcraft is or was nothing more than a pre christian religion and have revived it as an alternative healing and belief system. Sibyl is what we might call a white witch."
"She's more than that, she definitely exercises mind control. I've felt it and so has Jas."
"Yes I've felt it Barb and yes she definitely has some ability to get inside a person's head but in truth I think she only uses it as a tool of seduction."
"Yeah she seduced me once. Time for true confessions and that happened that time I went to her place for dinner."
"Did she get...................erm, intimate?"
"To be perfectly honest Alex I don't know. Whatever she did, whatever her magic, I was mostly out of it and don't know what happened. I think she probably didn't actually touch me just used her powers in a benign way. Whatever when she finished I felt heaps better. So did Jas."
"When did it happen with Jas?"
"Just recently when we did the Arena of Death set, you know, when Jas passed out, after acting a scene with Sibyl."
"What's all this about Sibyl and so what if she is, what did you call it? Wicca."
"Well talking to her she wants me to do a set showing the sacrifices of witches with the girls acting out the parts of various witch women. Women, you know Barb, were burnt and hung and stuff in really great numbers and most of them were guilty of nothing."
"We could do that, pointy hats and everything, maybe some warts on my nose."
"No, no pointy hats, I think it should show young innocent women murdered in the name of righteousness by zealots and dying, sexily of course, in horrible ways."
"Sounds a winner for Playdead."
"Does doesn't it."
"Oh Alex."
"Oh Barb what?"
"You're friend isn't going to go down is he unless I let him nest in me?"
"But it's hot?"
"Bugger the heat."
Silence, shuffling noises and rustling amongst the sheets, a sheet was all we needed, and then I said.
"Ugh, ugh, oooooooow, aaaaaaaaah, ugh, ugh, ugh, ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah........."