Part 34

Posted by Barbanne on September 16, 2002 at 23:33:30:



The camera looked straight down from above onto my face.
A face twisted in horror.
A face, like the rest of my nude body, lightly sheened in oil.
Sibyl's naked back and right arm came into view. Her fisted hand pounded down smashing into my chin, pulled back and smashed into my forehead. Then it was driving like a piston up and down, up and down, slamming into my face again and again until my mouth dropped open, frozen in a scream of pain and my eyes slitted, blind whiteness showing under my eyelashes and I lay still.
Still in the stillness of death.
The photo set was called "The Arena of Death" and I was dead.
We were shooting in the cleaned up section of the warehouse with the dais and steps and it had been done up to look like an ancient Roman arena and Sibyl, me, Sharlene and Veronica and Jas, Nadine, Sherilee and Laurise, all quite nude and all oiled up with baby oil were battling each other in hand to hand mortal combat.
Except now I was dead.
Beaten to death with her bare fists by Sibyl.
She stood above my prone body. Naked, gleaming, magnificently wild and triumphant and she raised her arms in the victor's salute. Around her the other girls battled on. Sibyl looked at them through narrowed eyes and then looked down dismissively at my naked corpse. Grabbing one ankle she dragged my dead body over to the steps and dumped me where I wouldn't interfere with the action in the arena.
My hair spread like a fan framing my face, my eyelids were slitted, eyeballs rolled back, mouth gaping wetly and arms outstretched above my head. One leg, the one she had used to drag me was straight out in front of me and resting on the lowest step. My other leg had dragged out at a wide angle to my body as I was hauled along. Between my legs was an angle of almost ninety degrees and at the joint my pussy was opened wide. Labia majora revealing labia minora and within those my vaginal opening glistened warm, wet and inviting.
As the battle raged and Sibyl rejoined it I lay there no longer any part of it, sprawled out limp and dead, a mere prop for the other combatants.
It is what I love to be.
This was why I had nominated myself the first to die.
My most acute fantasy is to lie helplessly dead and quite naked with all of the secrets of my body displayed while others move around me uninterested in and uncaring for the girl whose body lies dead and revealed in their midst. Or in this case to one side.
For the time it took to film this set I was not, to my mind, posing as playing dead, I WAS dead. Dead and incapable of moving anything, not even the slightest facial muscle twitch.
How can I explain my fantasy feelings?
When I am playing dead, being dead, it's like wonderful foreplay. It all happens in my head and it's hard to describe if you've never felt it because it's a thought that becomes a feeling and the feeling washes through my whole body so that every bit of me feels so, so switched on. So alert to what I am doing and so vibrantly alive. Funny eh, that playing/being dead brings me alive? But it does. I could say that my skin tingles and my breasts become sensitive and my nipples tighten and my pussy heats up and swells and leaks and all that would be true but that isn't everything.
I guess what I am saying is that it is all really inside my head and my physical feelings are just the product of that.
It's a feeling that invades, and then pervades and controls me.
And then I know I mustn't move or alter my expression or do anything else to destroy the feeling.
So I kept my mouth gaped and my eyelids slitted and my eyeballs rolled up and my body outstretched and open.
Open, open, OPEN!
Arms apart, legs apart, breasts and vagina, those symbols of female sexuality, spread to the world and absolutely, totally unprotected.
What a feeling.............................................................

No, I'm not doing Toyota ads, I'm just revelling in being the first victim of the arena of death.
Poor little me, naked, oiled up, sprawled out and dead!!!!
Around me Sharlene and Veronica were fighting, nude, oily, slippery and intent.
Jas and Nadine were grappling and Jas had pulled Nadine into her bounteous bosom and was smothering her.
Sherilee and Laurise were shaping up to each other and Sibyl, having accounted for me, was looking to get back into the action.
I was just lying there spread out and quite dead and loving it.
Sherilee slammed a right cross into Laurise's head and Laurise rocked and staggered on her feet. She threw a weedy counter punch but it missed everything and sailed by Sherilee's face fanning the breeze. Sherilee hit Laurise with a straight arm to the forehead and followed up with a left hook that snapped Laurise's head back. Laurise's eyes crossed and she buckled at the knees and Sherilee bored in pounding blows into her body and head. Laurise was just about out on her feet and desperate. Summoning her last bit of strength and driven by the raging desire to survive she lashed out with her foot catching Sherilee in the upper thigh. Her foot slipped on Sherilee's oiled skin and drove into her pussy. Sherilee doubled over in pain and Laurise, unable to lift her weary arms to deliver the knockout blow, jerked her knee up and slammed it under Sherilee's chin and into her throat. Sherilee tumbled over backward, senseless and with her larynx crushed. She lay on her back choking in her own blood. She thrashed and jerked and her hips rose and fell rapidly in a gross parody of sex and then she swallowed the blood spurting from the ruin of her throat and choked and died.
A tiny drizzle of blood from the side of her mouth courtesy of make up.
Sibyl joined Laurise and they each took hold of an armpit of the fallen Sherilee and dragged her off to the side. Her bum stuck upward and her tits drooped downward and her hair tented over her face and her feet dragged, soles up and her arms dangled. Sibyl and Laurise dumped her with me and then Sibyl tapped Laurise's shoulder and as she turned she received a stinging uppercut and reeled backward pursued by Sibyl.
Veronica had knocked Sharlene to the floor and was straddling her, her hands gripping two huge hunks of Sharlene's hair as she battered her head against the floor, bang! bang! bang!
Sherilee was lying face down along my outstretched arm with her shoulders and head across my chest. Her dizzle of blood had smeared my skin and her open mouth enclosed my right breast and she was sort of drooling onto me. Her tongue lapped around my nipple and she wiggled it back and forth bringing my little pillared pap tinglingly erect.
Around a mouthful of tit she mumured, "Just because we are dead doesn't mean we can't have fun."
My fantasy trance was broken but Sherilee's nude body lying half over mine meant I could now move from foreplay to fulfilment.
"OK," I whispered without my gaping mouth moving.
She just moved her groin and I felt slickly wet labia sliding against my hand.
I didn't have to be told what was required.
As we lay there, two perfectly motionless dead victims from the arena of death, my finger crooked up and slid into her folded slit seeking and finding her clit and her tongue continued caressing my highly aroused nipple.
We both giggled just a weeny bit and our tummies quivered together.
Veronica had beaten poor Sharlene to death and she dragged her corpse across to us leaving an oily slick along the floor. Sharlene was dumped on her back with her hair between my thighs and one outflung arm across Sherilee's buttocks.
She felt us shaking.
"What are you two up to?"
"Shhh, us deadies can't talk."
"Oh yeah."
"Yeah.............have sex maybe but can't talk."
"What ARE you doing?"
"I'll bet this is your doing Barb."
"I'm not totally innocent but I'm not totally to blame."
Sherilee giggled again.
Sibyl dumped Laurise's corpse on top of Sharlene.
Jas had smothered poor Nadine and Sibyl had bashed and then strangled Veronica and those two girls joined our little flesh heap while Jas and Sibyl circled each other in the middle of the room each looking for the opening that would give her the kill that would end it for the other and make her champion.
I have to tell you the whole thing was carefully scripted to one of my plots and Dave was photographing the storyline and Alex had just come in and was watching what was being done from the opposite side to where we dead girls were piled.
Jas and Sibyl closed and grasped hands and the final wrestle to the death had begun.
Almost smothered in a stack of naked, oiled sweaty girls I was luxuriating in the body scents that were assailing my nostrils, the gorgeous smell of drying perspiration on skin, the perfume of the oil, the scent of soap in hair and energy expended and overlaying it all the sharp, acid smell of sex, women's intimate places and also the unmistakeable acrid tang of my own love juices.
In a delightful ennui of arousal I peeked from below my slitted eyelids through a curtain of eyelashes at the final act of "Arena of Death."
Jas and Sybil strained against each other and Jas's willowy, droopy body straightened up bringing her soft breasts up into a perfect tear drop shape, their top suface sloping down and the rounded cups where they spilled onto her chest curving up to large pink and erect nipples. Tall, thin and whippy hard Sibyl's sinews strained as she pressed against Jas. Jas squirmed and twisted to get under Sibyl. Sybil countered and both girls came together. Their bodies united and their oiled skin met from breast to pubis. Lightning fast Sibyl slipped her hands free of Jas's locked fingers and down her long arms and encircled her waist and moved up to the small of her back to clasp behind her chest and then Sibyl applied a vicious bear hug. (Looked vicious but it was all scripted) Jas struggled and pummelled futilely at Sibyl but Sibyl applied the pressure her muscles cording and her gleaming oiliness embodying strength and power. She bent Jas backward so that her back arched and her breasts peaked and then Sibyl's mouth opened and came down on Jas's and I couldn't remember this bit being in the scene and I could see that Jas was trying to move her face aside and then I saw her eyes go misty and her own mouth opened in response and she and Sibyl were tongue kissing if I didn't miss my guess in a way that transcended all of our usual rather staged efforts at girl on girl stuff. Sibyl tightened her arms and jerked and Jas went limp and fell backward hanging senseless and defeated and being crushed to "death" in Sybil's embrace.
Sybil dragged Jas over still holding her in an all around embrace and laid her out over the rest of us.
Sybil posed triumphantly over the tangled heap of arms, legs, breasts, tummies and pussies that was Sharlene, Veronica, Laurise, Nadine, Sherilee, Jas and me. She flexed and stood victorious with her foot planted on Jas's tummy.
Dave photographed us from every conceivable angle and side and from above and then when he announced he had enough shots we gradually unwound ourselves and got to our feet. Alex had gone by the time I got upright and I was looking for him when Sharlene cried out, a sort of squeaky noise. I looked to see what had prompted that and found the girls looking down dumbfounded at Jas who lay limply stretched out on the floor.
I dropped to her side.
She was breathing OK and her pulse was steady but she was out like a light. I got Sherilee and Sharlene to help me and very gently we lifted Jas and carried her to the lounge and laid her down on her back. I got a blanket and was covering her over and tucking it in as the others stood round chattering worriedly when Alex arrived by my side.
"What's wrong?"
"Its Jas, she's out cold. Must have passed out doing the set and we haven't been able to wake her."
"Perhaps I should call an ambulance?"
"I think we'll have to."
"I'll do it now."
He started to rise and Jas moaned like a woman in heat and sat up rubbing her eyes.
"Oh Jas, are you alright?" I asked, "You frightened us."
"What?" she looked down at the blanket, "did I pass out?"
"Sure did baby you were like iced."
"I'm sorry, I'm alright now."
"No you're not. I want you to lie down awhile. Mustn't she Alex?"
"Should I call that ambulance?"
"No way," said Jas, "Give me ten minutes and I'll be alright."
"Yes. Please don't worry," the other girls looking relieved had started for the showers and their clothes. Alex looked as if he wasn't sure whether to stay or go.
"Can I talk with Barb please Alex.........alone?" Jas looked at him through big soft eyes.
"Oh sure Jas. You rest now and if you want me..................................."
"I'll have Barb call you. Thanks Alex."
He walked back over to the office and Jas gripped my arm and looked at me.
"Barb you know Sibyl?"
"Yeah a bit."
"When she was holding me and then when she kissed me, oh Barb, it was like the greatest sex I had ever had and then when I thought I would die of my orgasm I passed out cold."
"Sibyl's strange Jas. I had something the same experience."
"When you visited with her?"
"Yeah, she and her friends, we were doing something and then, like you, I was out completely and when I came to it was just like you said. Like I had had sex with..............I don't know, something supernatural."
"Did you feel good Barb?"
"Me too."

I helped Jas clean herself up and dress and then got dressed myself and took her home.
When I got back Alex was waiting in the front office.
"Oh Alex I'm sorry I had to take Jas home but I'll get dinner now."
"Is she alright."
"Fine, just a faint, us ladies do it now and then."
"I'm glad."
"I'll get something on. What do you want?"
"Not for me Barb, I'm going out."
"Got a date eh?"
"Matter of fact yes."
I felt jealousy stir.
Before he could answer Sibyl came down the stairs. "You ready Alex? Oh hi Barb!"
I stood there gobsmacked.
"Don't wait up Barb," said Sibyl and taking Alex's arm walked him out the front door.
The door closed.
I stood there tears stinging my eyes.
"BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!" I slammed my fisted hand against the desk.