Part 33

Posted by Barbanne on September 15, 2002 at 23:19:22:



I was suffering, really suffering.
Guilt! Black, black guilt!
I looked over to where Alex was working quietly on some stuff for Playdead and realised that he was about the most wonderful man I had ever known. Thoughtful, sweet, forgiving and caring and not all that bad in the sack. And I had cheated on him.
I thought about Dave. He and me had had great sex. And I liked him, liked him a lot, but did I love him?
I looked over at Alex.
"Yes Barb."
"You know we do all this death sex stuff here at Playdead dot com and you know I like that, get turned on by it."
"Yes Barb."
"You get turned on by it too don't you darling?"
"Its a favourite fantasy of mine and that reminds me. I'll be doing a lot more here at Playdead from now on. The documentary business is going well but with the economy the way it is things are slow and I don't need to spend the time there that I have in the past so I might as well be working on something which, as you point out, I enjoy."
"That's terrific darling."
"So you were saying?"
"Oh yeah well you know we both enjoy the playing dead business, me as a doer and you as an observer, and we have had fun with our own bedroom versions, well, I wondered if you'd like to play a special game with me."
He looked at me, slow and penetrating, looked into my soul, "How's Dave Barb?"
I blushed crimson to the roots of my hair and to the tips of my nipples. Damn the man, does he miss nothing. He sees everything, knows everything, misses nothing.
"This is just you and me Alex. Like it was before and like it will be in future."
"That's nice Barb. Now how does this game go?"
"I've written you a little guide but you are supposed to improvise on it and surprise me, OK?"
"Sounds like something I could do Barb. Where's this guide."
I got up, "I'll get it," then I walked over to him and leant down and turned his face with my hand and kissed him on the lips and whispered, "I do so love you you know. I really really do."
He said nothing, just looked at me and I walked over to where I had tossed my jacket and got the little list I had scribbled out earlier. I brought it back and gave it to him and watched as he read it. I knew the contents by heart.

Item one.
Alex kills Barb. Strangling would be nice, she will supply all the necessary grunting and groaning and writhing and stuff and will eventually collapse in a suitably limp heap.
Item two.
Alex carries Barb. He picks up her floppy corpse and spends his time carrying her to the table. She promises to act totally limped out.
Item three.
Alex strips Barb. For Alex to decide how he plays this but he should take his time and strip her to the "bone". (giggle)
Item four.
Alex washes Barb. Very important for the killer to thoroughly clean his victim's body and remove all traces of anything linking him to the murder and I mean VERY THOROUGH Alex, inside and out. (big grin)
Item five.
Alex plays with Barb. Having stripped and cleaned his victim the murderer will of course be so turned on by her "gorgeous" (ho, ho, ho) body that he will want to play with it some and admire it from different viewpoints. This also is up to you to improvise my darling.
Item six.
Alex has sex with Barb. And I mean capital S-SCREWS her until she squeaks.

He read through this slowly and a big smile crept over his face and he said, "I could do this."
"I knew you could."
"So when do we play?"
"Stop there Barb. I have to think about this and get my responses right."
"Well I need a little while to set it up."
What's doing tomorrow?"
"Nothing much. I'll shut the doors and we can take all afternoon if you like."
"I like, let's do it that way."
"Bewdy, bewdy, bewdy!!"
I jumped up and down with delight.

I fiddled around with office stuff the next morning and then just before lunch I got the studio ready with what I wanted for my game. I made a light lunch and took it up to Alex and while I drank my green tea I gave him all sorts of signals that I was ready. He complained jokingly that I was taking him from his work and, ignoring that, I dragged him downstairs to play!
I locked the front door after hanging a "back tomorrow" sign on it.
I had put on bra and panties and panty hose which I rarely wore and a short skirt and blouse and vest even though it was quite warm. I wanted him to have plenty to remove see. I also wore strappy low heels buckled across the instep.
We played around cuddling and kissing and then it was time for him to do me in.
He used his lovely big hands, enclosing my scrawny neck in his gentle grip and then pretending to strangle me mercilessly. I pleaded and struggled and gasped and wriggled and thrust my groin against him and he kept up the (non) pressure. I gagged and gurgled and stuck my tongue out and went all buggy eyed and dribbled a bit and squealed and writhed in ecstatic erotica and then he said, "Die you little monster, die!"
I made chokey noises and rolled my eyeballs up and slowly lowered my eyelids and let my tongue hang out and went all limp and sagged into Alex's grasp.
Very slowly he lowered my lifeless body to the floor and stood looking down at me.
"Poor thing she's dead," he said.
I went all prickly and sexy and my nipples stiffened.
Alex felt my at my neck and wrist but of course in the context of the game I was dead. He caressed my face and smoothed my hair and then with one hand under my back and the other under my knees he lifted me off of the floor and carried me over to the stainless steel table where he laid me out on my back.
He undid my shoes and removed them. I had given him strict instructions on what to do with my clothes and he placed my shoes neatly aside. He lifted my skirt, reached up under it and taking hold of the tops of my panty hose he peeled them down and off. With a hand behind my back he lifted me off the table and I let my head flop back on my neck and my arms dangled totally lifelessly from my shoulders. He slipped my vest off one arm at a time. Laying me down again he unbuttoned my blouse. He spread it open and rolled me off of my back while he unhooked my bra. Lifting me up again into a half upright position he slid my blouse back off of my shoulders and down my arms. He used the cups of my bra to lift and slip it away.
I was naked from the waist up.
Alex laid me out neatly on the table and worked on the waistband of my skirt undoing the clip and loosening the side zip. He took it by the waistband and pulled it down my legs and off. He neatly folded and stacked everything on a chair to one side.
I was nude except for panties. I was also tight and quite hot and getting slippery in under my panties and my nipples were hard and prickling.
His big fingers slid inside my pantie waist and the little sliver of satin shivered down my legs and was gone.
Now he produced the bowl of warm water and a cotton face washer and he began to lightly bathe my limped out body. Removing all trace of his presence-that was how the game played out. I just knew Alex was getting turned on from the way he moved the cloth over my skin. He was so amazingly gentle and as he washed down my throat and onto my breasts he used his bare thumb to roll my nipples, first one and then the other, back and forth and round and round. The little suckers were near bursting out of their skin like over filled sausages. I was also leaking seriously down below. When he reached that spot, Alex used the damp cloth to tingle my inner thighs and then his middle finger slipped inside my fleshy folds and found the sun in the universe of my lust. He stimulated it oh so gently and painfully slowly and my whole being was concentrated between my legs. All brain function had moved to my pussy.
I was a mass of filthy thoughts and they were all emanating from my slit.
This was fantastic!!!!! I knew Alex was good at this, but this, this was too much.
He had finished the washing and now it was time for him to play. He lifted me, nude and still as limp as its possible to be, off of the table and carried me over to the bed and lay me down on it and lay beside me. He loves to manipulate my body, move my arms and legs around, get down low and use different view points to look at me at the way things join together and how they look from different angles and how the hollows of my armpits open and close as my arm is lifted and lowered and how my groin works as my leg is pulled away and turned and how my hands and feet look and move and especially how my breasts sag and lift as my body is manipulated. He does this awfully tenderly and it sends me into an almost dreamlike state of heightened awarenes and my errogenus tissue tingles and leaks.
Finally it was time for him to take me and god knows I was ready.
He spread my legs.
He moved on top of me.
His maleness was huge and it quested at my womanhood and then it was inside me and everything went in slow motion like an expanding super nova until at last he exploded inside me and I came and came and came until there was nothing more left of me. I was totally drained.

We lay around on the bed.
Feeling, being, alert and alive and yet pleasantly lethargic. Dreamily lazy.
Alex wanted me to lie as though once more lifeless while he rolled and turned and lifted and looked at my whole body and I happily obliged growing ever more aroused by his ministrations until we were both extremely lustful and then he covered me, defeated me and invaded and entered me and filled me with his love.
I was so, so, so much in love.
I wondered what to do with Dave.
I love men and give in to them easily. I love their strength and their maleness and their control over me. I love to be wooed by a man and then conquered by him and at last to submit and give in and become his.
I love women too.
Some women I love very much.
But men are my champions, my conquerors and my masters.
What to do about Dave?
And Alex?
It was all too hard and after cooking Alex a special meal I sat with him while we watched an old movie on television. One of those excellent old horror films where the girls outdo each other to die in ever more bizarre ways and I snuggled against Alex and drifted away into lovely unconsciousness.