Part 32

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Mandy and Anne had moved away from town and had started a holiday ranch in the ranges two hundred kilometres to the north west. It had horses and barns and stuff and was set in really spectacular country out on its own, ten kilometres off the highway. When they told me about it I thought what a wonderful setting it would be for a western shootout set. I arranged with Dave and Laurise to go up there one mid week and shoot a shootout. When the Wednesday morning came, Laurise rang in to say she was really sick and couldn't make it and she was sorry and all but could I get someone else. I couldn't, not on such short notice and when Dave arrived just as I was hanging up I decided we would go and I could do all sorts of shots and we would just have to fill in the continuity shots with Laurise later. I told Dave it was just him and me and he said was that going to be alright and I told him yes and he looked like "You're the boss" and we piled into the wagon and off we went.
We got there three hours later and Mandy met us at the ranch and told us that Anne was out with a tour party and she asked us were we staying over. I hadn't really thought about it but it was obvious we weren't going to get what we wanted done in time to drive all the way back in the one day and so I said yeah we had better stop over. Mandy said she was sorry she couldn't put us up but they were really booked out and she would arrange with the motel on the highway to keep us two rooms. Sidling up to Mandy I whispered in her ear to just get a double.
"But Barb, what about Alex?"
"Don't worry about that."
"Does Dave mind?"
"Don't worry about that either."
"Should I tell him?"
"No way, leave it to me."
She looked at me with a slow grin and I playfully punched her shoulder.
The place where we were going to shoot was just a kilometre or two down a dirt road and Mandy fixed us something to eat while I told her what I wanted to do. Bad girl (me) gets shot down in the dust and is then draped over a horse and taken to town to collect the reward on her head. (wanted dead or alive......DEAD of course) She offered to show me the horses but I said they all terrified me anyway and what I wanted was a big stallion. Sex with horses was something I hadn't ever explored but reckoned it was worth considering. The rumour of Catherine the Great's bizarre death had always fascinated me.
Mandy shook her head and said "See you when you get back." Dave looked confused.

We went out to the little gorge where we were to do my "death". While Dave set up the camera I stripped off completely and then put on my jeans and boots so that I was topless and with no panties and buckled on the gun belt and prop (should that be pop) gun. I had a stetson (bad girl black) and put that on too. The weather was clear and sunny but quite cold. The gorge where we were shooting was rocky and sparsely vegetated with dry stoney water courses and plenty of cleared areas of sandy red dirt. When Dave was ready I walked toward the camera blazing away and then did my "getting shot dance of death". I jerked backward as the first slug hit me and then staggered sideways and then tottered the other way and tried to bring my gun up but only shot the dirt and then I stuck a neat little cluster of three fake bullet holes between my breasts on the down slopes and staggered around some more before rising on my heels and going over backwards kerphloomp!
Actually I didn't collapse shot down in a heap because the ground was covered with little stones and prickly bits of plants and ants and other insects that I didn't at all fancy and so, in between shots which when edited in to sequence would look like me going over in a heap, I was looking around carefully for the best place to lie down and sweeping stuff away and then lowering myself cautiously into my dead pose. I found a little sandy hummock which rose about thirty centimetres and laid myself over that with my arms and legs spread out as though the force of the bullets slamming into my chest had flung me there.
I lay there, stretched out in the sandy soil with my eyes closed and my mouth gaping open and with my hat lying where it had fallen and my gun discarded at the tips of my dead fingers where it had dropped when I died, while Dave shot heaps of pics of me and then, struggling upright, I unbuttoned the waistband of my jeans and opened the zipper and spread the fly flaps to let him photograph my poor dead pussy nestling in its curly bed. Having made sure no bull ants had invaded my space I flopped back into my dead (and now sexually revealed) pose.
That went well and when Dave said he had enough shots of me dying and dead in a hail of bullets I got up and brushed sandy soil and detritus off of my back and arms and then asked Dave to rub my back with an old towel, which he did enthusiastically, before getting covered up for the ride back to Mandy's ranch.
When we got back there it was mid afternoon and she had a big snorty horse ready and I decided I wanted to be nude for this bit and stripped myself stark naked. Then, while she held him steady, I stood on a barrel and got up and lay across his back with my legs dangling over his flanks and my arms trailing on the other side and my hair tumbling down in a cascade. I had told Dave I wanted shots of my pussy from down low and he was doing this and others both close up and from a distance while Mandy held the horsey. I could feel the sinewy strength of the beast under my body and could smell the earthy animally smell of him and my tits were squished seductively against his hide. (or is it fur?) I had seen his stallion's credentials as I climbed on his back and giggled to myself as I thought of this headline, "Girl dies in wierd incident. Chokes while giving horse blow job." My ass quivered as I giggled and Dave said, "That's nice Barb keep that up." I would have loved to have Dave screw me while I lay pretending to be helplessly dead across this huge creature, but no matter how hard I tried I could imagine no way in which this was possible. Besides it would have been rude to do that in front of Mandy being her guests and all.
Dave wanted some shots of me draped nude over the horse without anyone holding him and so Mandy after gentling him with soft whispers let go of his bridle and walked away. Dave clicked away and the horse started shying and I said, "Nice horsey, be quiet boy, oops be still." He kept wriggling aroud and snorting and pawing and I tried to grip onto his fur (no that's his hide) but it was clipped too short and my scrabbling fingers only upset him worse and he reared and I went sliding down screeching like, "Ah jeezus ah shit!" Stuff like that as my nude body slipped off altogether, tits being dragged up under my chin and whammo I landed on my ass in the dirt. The fucking horse immediately quietened down having rid himself of me and I sat in the dirt, blinking back tears and with a sore ass and a jarred spine. Mandy laughed fit to bust and even Dave grinned.
"Got the shots Barb. And a couple that should get a smile back home, so you needn't get back up again."
I was not amused and limped over to where my clothes lay and slowly and painfully got dressed.
"They're good shots Barb."
"Oh Barb," said Mandy still chuckling, "you should have seen yourself."
I banged dust out of my hair.
"Get stuffed both of youse," I said. Then, "come on Dave take me back to the motel."
By now I was smiling a bit myself and I hugged Mandy and kissed her savagely and said, "Wait until you come to town again girl. Bring Anne and I'll think up something gruesome for the both of you."

Dave drove us to the motel and I picked up the key.
"My key," I announced holding it up.
"Where's mine?" asked Dave.
"Your key," I said holding it up again.
Dave? Do you like me?"
"Sure Barb but........................."
"Well Dave you are about to win the jackpot." I grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the room.
"Barb!!" he said, "Barb, we can't do this, what about Alex?"
"I love Alex Dave, leastways I think I do. But this is different, this is about having sex, it's like eating, you get hungry you eat, you feel sexy you do something about it. You like me don't you? We've just spent the day doing sexy things and we both want it don't we?"
"Uh well......................"
"I knew it, so stop mucking around."
I had his shirt off and was pushing him onto the bed.
"Now you've spent the day taking pictures of me being shot down and playing dead, now its your turn."
"Your down and out on this bed and you're mine."
"Lie still."
He did. I stripped, tearing my clothes off and kicking them aside and then I unzipped his cargo pants and slid them and his undies down freeing his cock. I ran my finger over it finding it hard and willing and backed up by a tight scrotum. Obeying some urge as primitive as time itself I started kissing his maleness, sucking and licking at the hard pillar of flesh. I took it inside my mouth and rocked my head back and forth allowing him to have sex with my oral wetness. As I felt him hardening even more I took his penis from my mouth and worked on it with my soft hands rubbing it up and down and pillowing it against my face. I felt him starting to jerk in release and welcomed the fountaining cum as it spurted stickily onto my face.
He groaned in staisfaction and I smeared his white emissions across my cheeks and nose and eyes.
"OK," I said, "Now, I stink of horsey and my hair is putrid and my ass has dirt in it so come on its shower time and you are my slave and I command you to bathe me."
I pulled his pants down and away and undid his sneakers and tugged them off.
Both nude we headed for the shower and got it steaming and then got inside the cramped shower cubicle and lathered ourselves up. When I was good and soapy I rubbed up against him and he got hard again and I impaled myself on him and we fucked energetically under the stream of hot water. My ass slid against the slick tiles and my extremities tingled and my nipples became almost painfully hard and I orgasmed like I couldn't remember having done before.
Finished with that and washed and shampoo-ed clean we got dressed and went to dinner. I wore a short frock with spaghetti straps despite the cold and watched Dave watching me.
When we got back to the room we were ready again and I let him undress me and we climbed naked into the bed and screwed ourselves silly before collapsing into total unconsciousness.

Back at Playdead I found Laurise well and truly recovered so we did the extra photos of her shooting me down and then some handling and stripping and dragging pictures to lead into my being draped naked across the horse. By shooting them outside and by keeping the cropping tight we were able to incorporate them with the others done in the ranges without any noticeable loss of continuity.
We finished the set off by shooting scenes of me lying on the mortuary table wearing my fake bullet holes and Laurise working on my corpse. Cleaning, washing and then embalming me. That comprised my having tubes and bottles around me, one tube into my mouth and another coming out of my pussy. Not quite how embalming is done but very sexy nonetheless.
The shootout set is always a customer favourite for us and this one was among our best and was very well received.
I now had a relationship with Dave that I couldn't ignore or pretend didn't exist and frankly I didn't want to as I fancied a second round or three. But being back with Alex I realised I did so love him.
Damn but I make life difficult for myself and by doing so for everyone around me.
Damn, damn, damn!
But I do so love my men!