Part 31

Posted by Barbanne on August 29, 2002 at 23:31:55:



I was back at my desk.
I was trying to work out schedules for photo sets coming up in the next few weeks. I found myself distracted and totally lacking in concentration. Strange feelings assailed my body and wierd thoughts crowded my head.
I looked up into the magnetic brown eyes of Sibyl.
"Oh Sibyl."
"You're wondering what's happening to you aren't you Barbanne?"
"I'm confused."
"Don't be."
"Sibyl, answer me truthfully, are you a witch?"
"There aren't any witches Barbanne."
"I know that but............what happened to me?"
"Barbanne, alone I am nothing but with my friends I can influence things."
"Why me?"
"My dear you are so obvious to anyone who looks at you. Innocence and goodness but tainted with self destructiveness. I know we can help you. You know it. What did you feel when everyone touched you?"
"Intensely sexual. At peace. I don't know. Wonderful but confused."
"It will get better."
"I'm frightened."
"Don't be. For once in your life trust someone. Trust me."
"Oh Sibyl how I would like to believe that."
She smiled and her whole demeanour changed. "Now what have you got for me to do? I'm ready to work whenever you want me."
I fumbled with my papers, my lists. "Well," I said, "how are you fixed this weekend?"

My new photo set was a murder mystery set in a hospital. The studio was to be both ward and morgue.
Scene one and Sharlene was the first victim, lying nude and dead in a hospital bed, half covered by a sheet with her feet sticking out the end and an IV drip which had been filled with potassium cyanide attached to her arm.
Enter a nurse (me) and a doctor. (Larry) I threw up my arms in horror and rushed forward and bent over Sharlene tapping her tits and peering into her eyes. The doctor pushed me aside and tilted Sharlene's head back and gave her mouth to mouth. I could hear Sharlene gagging a bit as Larry's tongue forced itself down her throat. Despite our efforts it was too late for poor Sharlene, she was a goner.
Next scene I had her on a trolley which we had borrowed for this set and was wheeling her to the morgue.
Our set doubled as the morgue by removing the bed and substituting the stainless steel table. Actually rather than moving things in and out endlessly we shot all of the bed shots and then all of the trolley shots and the morgue shots, everything a bit out of sequence but it all came together in the end.
Larry and I had Sharlene on the trolley and together we lifted her onto the morgue table and I got her straightened out and neat and laid out like a good little corpse.
Now it was Veronica's turn and she lay in bed, blue faced and quite dead from having been admisitered an anaesthetic that was actually carbon monoxide when it should have been something else. (Whatever harmless anaesthetic is) Again it was me who found her and got a fit of the horrors and called Doctor Larry who tongued her vigorously but despite his heroic efforts Veronica was pronounced brain dead (her normal condition if truth be told) and I wheeled her body to the morgue and got her nude and laid out on the stainless steel table. It would have been nice to have had a row of mortuary tables to lay the girls out on but we didn't have that luxury so when Veronica got on the slab Sharlene was laid out on the floor beside her.
Kathy and Deborah followed in quick succession, the victims of some insane medical murderer and by the time I wheeled Deb down to the morgue and stretched her naked flesh out on the stainless steel slab I had Sharlene, Veronica and Kathy lined out shoulder to shoulder, naked as the day they were born and neatly arranged with arms by sides and legs and feet out straight in front of them and eyes closed and tidily dead.
Sibyl was a nursing sister who suspected something and she snuck around the hospital of doom and found a dark shadow looming over the supine form of Nadine and she rushed forward to confront the murderer only to be stabbed through the heart with a scalpel and left bleeding and dying beside Nadine's bed. Nadine herself was long gone, injected with a huge dose of insulin.
I found them, yicked and rushed out to find Doctor Larry and then after his futile efforts had failed yet again I wheeled first Nadine and then Sibyl into the morgue. By the time I was finishing up washing Sibyl's bloody cuts clean there was a neat line of five other girls aligned along the floor.
The police were called and investigated the murders (Alex and Dave in small cameos) but despite their best sleuthing they firstly didn't unmask the killer and secondly couldn't prevent Sherilee and Jas from becoming additional victims, both of them slain by poison injected into their drips.
There were now eight girls stretched out in the mortuary and the dark figure was about to send Laurise to join them, stooping over her partly sheeted nude body as she lay helpless in the bed when Doctor Larry rushed in and grasped the murderous maniac by the shoulder and spun him around, oops her around....
It was me!!!!!!!!!
We struggled and fought over Laurise's bed and Doctor Larry gradually got the upper hand grasping me around the throat and squeezing and squeezing until he finally squeezed the life out of me and I flopped down dead, my nurses uniform popping its buttons and coming apart to reveal me nude underneath and crumpled against the bed with my head canted to oneside and my tongue out and my legs tangled and bent at the knees and my pussy yawning wetly at the camera.
Final scene eight girls laid out and one extra occupying the mortuary slab.
Poor sweet, horrid, homicidal nurse Barbanne!
Nude, stretched out, legs slightly apart, pussy vulnerable and displayed, feet splayed, arms by my sides, eyes half open and whitely sightless and tongue protruding between my lips. Larry worked over my corpse with skilfull fingers, feeling me up actually and Alex and Dave watched on.
The murderess was dead.As were eight others.
The hospital killer set was going to be a winner.

Sibyl came up to me afterwards and said "Barbanne I'd like you to join me tonight."
"You and who else Sibyl?" I asked.
"Just me."
"I need you."
I joined her and again she mesmerised me with those eyes. I felt as though I were floating. I know we had sex but I also know I came away from her calmer and more self assured than I had ever known was possible.
Sibyl had me in her thrall and it was working for me.