Part 30

Posted by Barbanne on July 14, 2002 at 23:49:28:



I had this idea for a different sort of photo set. Different from anything we had done before.
I hadn't worked out the exact details and only had the germ of the idea, but the way I imagined it it would be on a grander scale than anything we had done to this stage and would require a big open space and all the models I could muster.
Jas of course, Sherry, Laurise, Sharlene and Veronica and the new girls Nadine and Kathy and Deborah. I would have liked to get Anne and Mandy back but I knew they weren't interested anymore. I saw no part in my story for a bashed up babe and so discounted appearing myself. The story would be something historical, ancient history I was thinking and would involve skimpy cossies.
From the time this set had first occurred to me I had been scouting around the empty warehouse in which the Playdead studio was located, out near the ablution block we used at times, and was working over in my mind the practicalities of using this cavernous space for what I had in mind.
Get rid of a bit of dust, actually a lot of dust and get some lights in here and props and yeah it would do. There was a wide set of steps that led up to a five metre wide raised dais and that was integral to the plot forming in my mind.
I was back there on this Tuesday afternoon, sitting thinking about all this when I suddenly started to cry. Part of the emotional beating I had taken along with the physical bashing no doubt, but whatever it was I was suddenly sobbing and my water works were going full pelt. For some wierd reason that Candice had not been able to explain to me, whenever these weepies came on I would start to get wildly erotic thoughts as well and I found myself wanting to do things.
To myself.
Still weeping I started to fondle my breasts and slid my hand underneath my tee shirt and loosened my bra so that I could stroke and knead my nipples. My other hand went inside the belt of my jeans and under my panties and I found myself wet. I started stimulating myself and weeping and wondering if maybe I was going mad.
My hands came out of panties and top like greased lightning and, guilty as hell and with tears drying on my face, I peered up at the dim shape that had materialised above me.
"Erm, erm........," I was speechless with embarrassment.
"There was no-one outside and I saw the door open and came through."
"Ayee, err, errmm....." I was trying to get my head and tongue around this.
"I came in answer to your ad."
"Oh hi," I was surreptitiously fiddling with my bra trying to get it done up again. The catch held although the cups were skewed across my tits, "I'm Barbanne."
"Sibyl," she said.
"Come back to the office," I said.
I scrambled up and immediately became aware that Sibyl was very tall. And thin.
We made our way back to the front desk and I asked Sibyl if she'd like a tea or coffee and got my first good look at her.
She had a long face. Very long and dolorous. But pretty. She had very long, fine, straight brown hair. Very long, down to the small of her back. She was tall and she was thin. Not anorexic but whippy thin. I reckoned she was at least a hundred and eighty centimetres tall, maybe more. She smiled at me and there was something odd about her. I felt shivers running up and down me, tingling my skin and making me blush.
She waited while I made the teas and when I bought them back she put hers to one side and after I had taken a few nervous sips she took my cup from me and put it beside hers and then took my hands in hers and looked into my eyes. I noticed that her deep brown eyes were flecked with gold. She held my hands and looked into my eyes and I shivered all over and she said, "You know I can help you with what you were doing back there."
"Checking the space," I said.
She laughed, a high musical laugh and said, "You know what I mean."
I felt like I was losing control and felt like I would faint but didn't mind in the least because I also felt incredibly warm and sexy all over. Sibyl kept looking into my eyes and slowly stripped off, right down to nude. She was built like a thoroughbred whippet, but oh so feminine. I was hot and had an almost irresisitable desire to touch myself again.
"Well," she said, "do I get the job?"
I was dribbling. Oh god how embarrassing. "Sure," I said, "when can you start?"
"Modelling or on you Barbanne dear?"
"Modelling." Oh hell my voice sounded like it was coming from a long way away and I felt like I was about to pass out.
Suddenly Sibyl was dressed again. How could someone dress that fast?
"That's great Barbanne. Now let's have that cup of tea."
The spell was broken and we sat down to our tea and she insisted on seeing pics we had done before and I found myself showing her stuff and babbling about my new ideas.
I was bewitched.

I talked to Dave about my big historical photo drama and together we cleaned up the part of the warehouse I had selected and set up props and lights. Sherry was around a lot these days and she helped and then she and I made up some costumes. They weren't brilliant but they were quite adequate and given my shithouse sewing anything at all was remarkable.
Finally we were ready.
The setting was the court of a queen of the amazons. That was Nadine. Sweet, cute, little elf that she was, the idea of her as the queen of a tribe of powerful women was one of my little jokes. Nadine in a long gold cloak (on her anything was long) and a gold g-string and sandals, was seated on her throne. This was a draped chair on the raised dais I had found. Her scarlet loincloth clad guards, Kathy and Deborah flanked her on either side. Her warriors, Jas, Laurise and Sherry stood at the bottom of the steps. So many bare breasts and so many rather badly sewn loincoths.
In came Sibyl.
She was also clad in a brief loincloth and her long lean body was sprayed with water to simulate sweat. She was a courier bringing news to the queen that her enemies were at the gates. I thought she was gorgeous and watching from beside Dave as he photographed everything I felt that strange disconnected feeling of spellbound delight that I had experienced before.
Sibyl delivered her message.
Bad news.
When bad news comes what do you do?................kill the messenger!
Kathy and Deborah rushed forward and threw cords around Sibyl's throat. Two girls, two cords. Kathy and Deborah both twisted and tugged on their corded garrottes and Sibyl sank to her knees, her tongue extended and her small breasts quivering and her mouth open and wet and gasping and uurrrking. Deborah and Kathy were relentless and Sibyl went down, shuddered and it was all over for her. Whipping away their cords Kathy and Deborah let Sibyl go and she flopped backward to lie on her back, stretched out on the steps, her heels up and her head hanging down, her long fine hair spread in a fan. She looked glorious. Her tall, muscularly feminine body was androgynous and ultra sexy. I felt myself getting flushed all over and quite flushed and wet down there.
Nadine nodded her approval and Kathy and Deborah returned to their places at her side.
The enemy was at the gates.
Sharlene and Veronica in fur bikinis were the Barbarian villains.
Jas, Laurise and Sherry raced to the defence. All five girls clashed at the bottom of the steps. Sharlene and Veronica were like dervishes. Their swords flashed and arced.
Swish and Laurise fell back mortally wounded and slumped limply to the ground.
Crash! Blades met in the air and parried and thrusted and Jas took a blade deep inside the valley of her breasts. Her eyes rolled up and she sank gracefully to the ground, draped across Laurise.
Two on one now. Sharlene and Veronica attacked Sherry viciously. Poor Sherry stood no chance. Both attackers thrust at her at once and she died with a rattle and a quivering of her nipples.
The three warriors were dead!
Deborah and Kathy rushed to protect their queen.
A furious struggle raged on the steps below the throne as these four battling women hacked and stabbed and lunged and thrust at each other, scrambling all around and over Sibyl's body which stayed there throughout, limp and unmoving in the best playing dead traditions. The Barbarians won. Cut and bloodied, (I had given up protesting against the use of some blood especially for a sword and sandal epic I had devised) Sharlene and Veronica stood triumphantly with their feet planted on the breasts of the supine Kathy and Deborah.
They rushed Nadine.
She cast aside her cloak and as Sharlene thrust at her, she slipped inside the lunge and sank a dirk into Sharlene's bosom, splitting her soft globe. Sharlene stood a moment staggering and then collapsed to the floor. Veronica rushed Nadine and thrust out her sword. Unafraid the brave amazon queen took the blade in her tummy and plunged her own small dirk into Veronica's back striking home into her heart. Veronica swayed a second and fell down dead and Nadine slumped onto the bodies of her two slayers and shivered along her whole length, arms and legs twitching and then shuddered once and went limp, curling her fingers and turning her up her toes.
Nine near naked women lay scattered around, a little bit bloody, a lot sexy and all very dead.
I just knew we had another winner.

We finished up and Dave downloaded the pics while the girls got dressed and I made up their payments. Sherry, Sibyl, Jas and Laurise waited to see how it turned out and I made coffee and biscuits all round. Everyone agreed it was a good Playdead set with excellent lifeless ladies. They said their goodbyes and Dave had to dash off to attend to something or other. I tidied up the set we had used and moved the lights and the rest of our stuff back into the studio. I was putting that away when suddenly I became aware of being watched and looked up surprised to find Sibyl watching me.
"Sibyl, oops you frightened me. I thought you had gone."
She looked at me with that steady gaze she had and I felt myself melting or something. Like melting inside my head.
"Barb, I'd like you to come to dinner sometime."
"Oh that would be nice, I don't get out much at night. When did you have in mind?"
"Tomorrow night, say sevenish."
"Sounds good to me. Better tell me where you live. I know I'd have it in my files but tell me anyway."
She gave me an address on the east side and I scribbled it on my reminder pad. East side I thought very nice.
She left and I finished up. It was funny this effect that Sibyl had on me..........., sort of what? Hypnotic that was it, almost hypnotic. I wondered why that was so.
I didn't have much of an evening social life. Occasionally Alex and I would go and see a film, but he liked that more than me (I wasn't much for the movies) and as often as not he went alone. We went out for dinner from time to time but even when we did we would be home by nine. We had an at home for the other girls about twice a year and I had been out with Sherry and before her Anne but I was mostly a stop at home.
I told Alex when he came home that he'd be on his own tomorrow and of course he didn't mind. (He's about the best man ever that way)
He asked me how well I knew Sibyl and I had to admit that I really didn't know her very well. He said, "Be careful Barb you don't need another Sherry situation."
"Different altogether darling," I told him.
Roddy had been bailed.
I couldn't believe it when I heard it, but he got bail to reappear in a month's time. He subsequently disappeared and Sherry told me in confidence that she believed he had gone interstate and was not coming back. I wasn't sure how she knew, but I did know that the police were looking for him and he was now in deep shit. As long as I never saw him again I was happy.
The next night I drove over and parked outside Sibyl's place. She had a unit in a lovely block of four nestled amongst trees in the lower foothills and looking out over the city. I fixed my makeup in the mirror of the car and ran a comb through my hair and smoothed my dress and went in. I was wearing a simple, sleeveless, rather short, floral patterned shift and heels and hoped I looked alright.
Sibyl opened the door at my knock and I went in to find myself in a beautifully furnished living room. Leather lounge and chairs, stainless steel and glass coffee table and blonde wood sideboards and shelving. There were scatter type rugs of a middle eastern appearance on the polished wooden floor and the lighting was a combination of Scandinavian class and hidden and diffused. The odd thing about it all though was the accessories. And there were a lot of them. Statues, ornaments, and paintings all depicted women, mostly naked, or strangely occult themes. The shelves held a lot of books all on the subjects of new age stuff with a fair smattering of books on witchcraft.
Five other women were sitting on the lounge and chairs. All middle aged and dressed, made up and with hair dos such that I knew I was way out of my league.
"Sorry Barb," said Sibyl, "I didn't tell you my ladies would be here."
"That's alright," I said. (it wasn't really)
"Barb's my new boss," Sibyl told the ladies.
I blushed and mumbled denials. They seemed very interested in me and Sibyl introduced me to Harriet, Patty, Pamela, Charlie and Candela and I said hello. Sibyl took me in to her bedroom where I put my bag on the bed amongst others it had no place amongst and then we all sat down to a light tea.
I made small talk carefully avoiding any details about Playdead or what it did.
After tea was over I helped Sibyl clean up and then she took me back into the living room. At the door she took my shoulders and turned me towards her. "Barb, do you trust me?"
"Sure Sibyl, why wouldn't I? What a funny question."
She looked into my eyes and I felt my will evaporating and became as one with her.
We carried on into the living room. The ladies had cleared the furniture away and had rolled back the rugs revealing a pentacle painted onto the floor. They had also all stripped naked. Saggy boobs, stretch marks and body flab galore.To me though it somehow seemed perfectly normal. Sibyl was stripping and then she turned and helped me out of my clothes.
When I was naked Sibyl and one other lady, Pamela I think, lay me down on my back inside the pentacle with my arms and legs stretched out to the extremities. The ladies all knelt around me and I felt their hands on my body. My nipples tingled and erected, painfully hard. My body glowed with warmth. My pussy grew tight and hot and wetly slick. The women were chanting and caressing me and then they were kissing me everywhere.
Their mouths were all around my groin, inside my thighs, inside me.
I orgasmed and then again and again and it became one continuous wave of total lustful pleasure.
At some stage Sibyl bought a phone and I heard myself telling Alex that as it was late I would stay over and then the blackness descended and nothing more.
I woke in bed.
Not my own bed.
I turned over and found myself looking into Sibyl's big brown eyes.
She reached out to me and I scooted over until my flesh melded with her flesh and my mouth sought her mouth.
"Sibyl, what are you doing to me?" I whispered.
Her mouth closed on mine sealing my lips.