Part 28

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The studio had been dressed up to look lie a boxing ring and Sharlene and Veronica were going at it hammer and tongs.
Sharlene wore green trunks with a red stripe and red gloves and yellow boots, Veronica wore blue trunks with a white stripe, white boots and black gloves. Both girls were topless above their waistbands. Ropes had been strung around and the backdrop was a pale rust colour, quite neutral but eye catching, and Jas and Larry watched on amongst many other spectators.
(A combination of photo montages and interspersed stock shots.)
Veronica had Sharlene against the ropes and both girls' arms were going like little pistons as their fists pounded into each other's naked flesh.
Whack, whack, whack, punch, punch, punchitty punch!
They broke and danced around some.
They threw punches and ducked and weaved.
The bell rang and they plomped down on stools between rounds while Sherry paraded in an itsy bitsy bikini holding up a round number card.
They went at it again.
Veronica lined Sharlene up and let one go.
Whammmmmmmmmm...........right on Sharlene's chin.
Sharlene rose on her toes, rocked back onto her heels and her arms dropped straight down and her eyelids slammed shut like blinds coming down and she went down on her back, laid out cold!
She flopped a couple of times and quivered and her tits wobbled and her hips pumped and then she went limp.
Veronica paraded around clasping her gloved hands and looking triumphant.
Sherry counted Sharlene out.
One.....two.....three.....etc, etc.....eight.....nine.....ten......yer out!!!
The fight was over.
Sharlene was in dreamland. And sporting a bruised chin.
(All make believe and make up of course.)
As Sherry and I (doing a bit part) picked up Sharlene by her shoulders and heels and carried her off, Jas and Larry got up and left the arena.
Next scene.
They entered the bedroom of Jas's flat.
(quick change to the studio set)
Turned on by the adrenalin and semi nudity and violence of the all girl fight and brought to a peak by the knockout they tore frantically at each other's clothes and, soon nude, fell onto the bed and fucked!
When it was over Larry lifted himself on one elbow above Jas who lay on her back looking up at him adoringly, her lovely round breasts drooping apart as always. His hand found the spare pillow, his fingers dug into it and gripped and he whipped it up and jammed it down onto Jas's face. He shoved it down hard using both hands.
She writhed and kicked.
Larry smothered.
Jas twisted and her long legs scissored.
Larry kept up the pressure.
Jas's hips swivelled.
Larry pushed down relentlessly.
Jas spasmed and died. Her right leg kicked out straight down along the bed and her left leg fell off the side of the bed pushed out, also straight, at a ninety degree angle to other leg stretching her pussy wide open and glistening with the semen with which she had so recently been inseminated. (condensed milk again)
Larry lifted the pillow. It was soaked wet where Jas had drooled her last into it. Her face was bluish black and her tongue was dangling across her teeth and dripping onto her cheek, her eyes were fixed and staring from half closed lids. Her hair tumbled across the pillow.
Poor Jas was dead.

A new idea. A carry on set where one girl's demise leads into another.
I had thought this up and liked it and intended to do more such photosets for Lifeless Ladies.
Three new girls had applied by way of our ongoing ad and among them were our first two dark skinned LL's. Deborah and Kathy were what the non PC call creamies or sometimes yellows. Aboriginal girls with chinese and white blood, mostly white. Their skin was a honeyed light brown and they had curly black hair and Deborah was slim and very pretty and Kathy was, hmm, how shall I put it?...chubby and rather plain, but very sweet and her bubbly personality made her lovelier than just physical beauty. Also an elfin pixie called Nadine had signed up and I had pencilled all three girls in for work next week.
It couldn't be this week.
This week was Alex week.
I had worked up a plot that suited both him and me. (my fantasies that is) It was a bit rough but when he found that I didn't intend to masturbate or ask him to shag me for the cameras, he was (I think) so relieved he agreed without argument.
In this he was a rough, tough type and some stick on tattoos on his upper arms and leather pants and a leather sleevless jerkin had him looking the complete biker ruffian.
Dave was photographing and Laurise and me were the babes. We were tarted up to look like bikey chicks and we were nude. (my favourite costume)
As the action unfolded Alex was being sucked up to (unfortunately not literally) by his two babe harem. Between Laurise and me there was heaps of jealousy and striving to be top dog and one upmanship. Alex was lying clothed in his leathers on the bed while the two naked birds crawled all over him sliding their assets in front of him and pushing and shoving each other for his favours. He got up, all business, headed for some biker macho thing and pissed off by his two slutty chicks. Both Laurise and I were up and all over him and carrying on and pleading with him to "screw me and not that bitch!" He looked totally disgusted and shook us off but I kept on and on at him, wheedling and whining and generally going on and on in a most pathetic fashion.
Finally tested beyond patience he lashed out, catching me with one meaty fist right in the chops, stunning me and spinning me around and sending me onto the bed where I landed face down, breasts squished against the sheets, arms beside my body, hands palm up, fingers curled and with one leg, my left, straight out and the other, my right, bent at hip and knee and tucked alongside me elevating my ass and revealing my fleshy slit.
"Dumb broad," he said.
I moaned softly and made sobby sounds. Laurise sneered. Alex walked off.
Laurise was a street smart babe who had done lots of nasty things in her life and knew stuff that would have surprised even professional assassins. She looked at where I lay sniffy moaning and showing my pussy and evil intent animated her face and she crossed quickly to her bag where it lay with her discarded clothes and her hand came out clutching a dry hypo needle. Moving like a snake she was back beside me and lifted the hair from the nape of my neck. I mumbled like "Wha...wha....wha???"
She placed the needle carefully on the bumps of my neck's verterbrae and shoved hard.
It slid in and found my medulla oblongata, my brain stem and she wiggled it once and my body suffered a total systems crash.
Brain shut down, major organs collapsed and I was dead in a nanosecond.
Not that my flesh realised it. Well, not immediately anyway.
My back arched, my spine cracked and my bum stuck way up in the air. The long, plump, fleshy mounds of my slit opened and closed, winking at the camera and my arms flippered like a harpooned seal. My head banged up and down twice as my open mouth drooled and frothed and my eyeballs rolled back out of sight. I phlooomped once, twice, limped out DEAD!
Wetness spread over the sheets from beneath my pussy.
What acting!!!
Actually I couldn't produce froth on demand and didn't want to piss the bedsheets so the froth came courtsey of vigorously brushed toothpaste and the piddle was a half glass of water.
Alex came back.
Forgot something.
He looked at where I lay dead on the bed, face down, ass up and sex on show.
Laurise sashyed up to him.
"She's dead?" He indicated me.
"Looks like it."
"You did it?"
"Just you and me now baby. Who needed that bitch?"
"Who needs any of you?" This in an aside to the camera.
Alex grabbed the naked Laurise by the throat and lifting her into the air, throttled her.
"Errk, errk, errk, aaargh, aaargh, aaargh, errrrr.....................ggggggggg................................."
He twisted hard and her neck snapped.
Laurise slumped. Her head rolled sideways.
Alex tossed her corpse on top of mine.
She lay spreadeagled, legs apart, womanhood on display.

The second set with Alex.
He and I were in bed, him on top, me underneath, him shagging me. I was nude but he had insisted that we be covered below the waist as he had his jocks on. I had told him if I was nude then so must he be. He just said no! Flat no! I said, "Come on you gotta screw me for real." He looked at me like "God woman you're hopeless." I tried tickling him and we both giggled a lot but it was still no.
He was riding me hard. Pretend of course, wimp that he is, and to heighten my already volcanic arousal he was choking me, his hands around my throat squeezing but ever so gently. As we both got carried away by our rapidly approaching climaxes his thumbs dug into my soft neck and his squeezing became real.
I said "Erk erk," a couple of times but he was transported, in a world of his own, and didn't hear me.
He squeezed harder as his balls filled with explosive desire.
My wind was gone and I was in distress.
Oblivious to me he squeezed and rode harder.
I went like, "Eeeyerk, eeyerk, eeyahhh, ech, ech, ech........."
He rode vigorously hard and I went, "Aaagh, aagh, aagh."
His cock exploded cum inside me and I orgasmed and went, "Aaaer...aaaer...aaaer......................," and my eyes closed and my mouth fell open and my tongue rolled back into my throat and I died.
Exhausted Alex collapsed on top of me and then, after quite a while, slowly pushed himself upward and looked down at me.
I lay limp and my mind went through obedience, forfeiture, passivity, servitude, yielding, ceding, slavishness, submission and surrender.
Surrender that was my mantra.
"Surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender," I repeated it over and over and over. My body slipped into my sexual submissive trance and control slid away from me. I was totally relaxed and inside my head I now lay DEAD on this bed.
Alex looked at me.
Realised I was dead, a victim of rough sex play.
He got out of the bed, sat beside where I lay stretched out, now uncovered and naked from head to toe.
Wearing his jocks.
Dave inserted a little scene where Alex appeared to slip them on.
Alex touched my face.
Surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender......................
He took my shoulder and rolled me back and forth. I let my head reach the point of no return and then flop. My tits slid back and forth across my chest like jelly on a plate as he turned my body from side to side. He lay me down again. Lifted my arm and my hand flopped at the wrist. He held it, looking at the sinews and curves, my elbow joint, my shoulder, the hollow of my armpit. He repeated it with the other arm. He combed my hair with his fingers and traced his thumb and forefinger down my forehead and over my closed eyelids and along my nose and over my parted lips, bobbling over my teeth and onto my chin. Over that and down my throat to the hollow at the base of my neck. He rubbed both hands over my shoulders and down, cupping my breasts, thumbs tugging at my rubbery nipples. His fingertips floated over my rib cage and tummy bulge and combed through my pubic hair and found my pussy lips and parted them ever so gently. His hands continued, light as feathers, over my inner thighs barely touching my cellulite and on down over my knees and calves and then he lifted each leg in turn and kissed my feet. He rolled me onto my side and ran his first two fingers down my spine and into my bum crack and, taking my buttocks in each hand, spread them and kissed each in turn. He rolled me back to the face up position.
Surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender...............................
He kissed each breast his mouth opening to accept my hard, upright little pillars of nipple tissue.
He bowed over me and kissed my sex.
It was over.
He lifted me from the bed.
Surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender..........................
I was as limp as a dishrag and my head flopped and rolled, my arms dangled and my hair streamed down.
He tossed me over his shoulder and carried me out.
Last photo, the backs of my legs hanging straight down Alex's back, my generous butt spread over his shoulder and my plump pussy squashed between my thighs.

The third set with Alex involved Laurise again.
Alex and I were on the bed seemingly naked (I WAS!) and in the throes of foreplay.
In the bathroom adjacent Laurise lay face up, bare assed naked and starey eyed in a tub full of tepid water.
By me.
Beastly little murderess that I was.
We were three bank robbers and I had just increased my share of the loot from a third to a half. Unfortunately for me Alex had decided to increase his share from a half to one hundred per cent. So after we had made passionate love on the bed, (my performance was pretty good and involved no acting at all) he kissed me once, slugged me hard and dragged me into the bathroom and shoved my head under the water in between Laurise's legs. I struggled and fought and my bum wiggled like crazy and I shoved myself up on my toes getting maimum pussy exposure but all to no avail.
He drowned me and then dumped my body on top of Laurise for the finale.
Two nude babes drowned in the tub while Alex made off with the loot.
Laurise had stayed immersed in the tepid wter from the opening shots until I joined her and as we both scrambled out, her teeth were chattering and her skin was as wrinkly as a prune.
I had Alex for two more days.
The next day Sherry came in and we three were going to do another triangle set with Sherry killing me with some kitchen utensils and then Alex killing her and us two babes ending up carked out.
When she and I got naked for the set I saw the bruises all over her tummy and arms. I had noticed odd bruises before but had said nothing. This time when I saw the extent of the bruising I looked over at Alex. He was looking at me and we were silently saying, "what's going on?" to each other.
We did the set and then I went into the kitchen to make coffees and asked Sherry to help me.
When we were in there together and alone I asked her, "What's with the bruises Sherry?"
"I fell over."
"Bullshit Sherry. Who's hitting you?"
"Nobody Barb."
"None of your business anyway."
"Sherry if someone is hitting you, believe me its my business. I'm a world expert on being hit and have been since I was eleven years old, so tell me, who is hitting you?"
"He doesn't mean it."
"Oh shit where have I heard that before. Who doesn't mean it?"
"Your brother????????" She had told me about her brother Roddy, half brother actually. They lived together.
"Why is he hitting you Sherry? Why is your brother hitting you?"
"I won't do............................"
"Won't do what????"
"Won't do what he wants. Oh I want to Barb, I want to be nice to my brother but he wants me to, to..............."
"To what? Oh christ Sherry he wants you to have sex with him, that's it isn't it?"
"Oh Barb, what can I do? It's only when he's drunk and he doesn't mean it."
"Where is he?"
"He's home Barb, he lost his job and he's angry and he drinks and then he wants me to, to, but I can't Barb, I can't."
"But the bruises have been there before Sherry. How long has this been going on?"
"Oh Barb, I wanted to do what he wanted. I did want to, I tried, but I can't"
She started crying. Big hurtful, desperate sobs.
"Come on Sherry."
"To sort out Roddy."
"Oh Barb we can't."