Part 27

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I was trying to make my mind up about Dave.
His photography was terrific and he himself was a really nice guy. All of the girls liked him and nobody had the slightest problem with stripping off in front of him. And when we played dead, his probing between our legs with his lens, something we would never let even close acquaintances do, seemed quite normal.
It was just that he was a truly shy and very introverted sort of guy and it was almost impossible to get him to open up in any way.
I know that some of the other girls, Sherry particularly as we shared all sorts of confidences, found his quietness something of a challenge and like me they wouldn't have minded having a go at bringing him out.
Taking him to bed actually.
I felt guilty about my feelings as I really wanted me and Alex to succeed but I was working on Sherry as my proxy and took every chance I could to push her and Dave together.
"Barb," she told me, "if the guy would give me the slightest opening I'd have him naked and on his back in no time flat."
"That hard eh?" I said.
We muttered about the difficulties of seduction. We all saw ourselves (in our deams) as seductive babes and a bloke like Dave represented a big disappointment to us and a blow to our egos.
But he was a great lensman.

I had Sharlene and Veronica in together with Larry and we were going to shoot another in the Larry as serial killer series.
This time he was going to nail the two girls at one time.
Sharlene and Veronica had put on their full goth makeup and were wearing long hippy type dresses and wild hair and clumpy Doc Marten's style boots. They were playing two earnest, young, pot smoking, protest oriented, uni student type girls.
They arrived home from a march protesting globalisation, the destruction of the environment and anything else that was "in" right then.
Larry jumped them.
While Sharlene was in the kitchen chattering away about the march, Veronica, to whom Sharlene thought she was talking, was being stabbed by Larry who had been lurking behind the door when they came in.
Chatter, chatter, chatter, blather, blather, blather, went Sharlene.
Ooook, Ooook, went Veronica as she writhed in Larry's grasp and the point of his stiletto poked out between her breasts, ripping her dress, and her eyes skittered wildly and her mouth flapped and then it was all over for Veronica and she crumpled to the floor.
We saw Sharlene at the sink pouring drinks and talking thirteen to the dozen as Larry crept up behind her and then he grabbed her by the hair, taking a good handful and jerking her head back.
Utter shock as Sharlene's eyes popped wide open.
Larry drove the blade in,
Right between her shoulder blades.
The steel slashed open her vital organs.
Sharlene showed pain, hurt and shock and finally total disconnection as she slumped backward.
Larry still had a bunch of her hair and the knife jammed hard inside her.........twisting.
Sharlene shuddered and quivered but it was just her flesh reacting, her head was already dead.
Larry hung onto her hair and kept the knife driven home.
Sharlene sighed, drooled and peed herself.
Larry pulled out the knife and let go her hair and Sharlene's head dropped forward.
She swayed on her feet in the small kitchen and then folded up sliding limply to the floor.
Larry washed his blade clean and put it away. Grabbing Sharlene's booted feet he turned her and dragged her back into the living room where Veronica lay dead. Her long dress caught on the edge of the carpet between the kitchen and living room and rucked way back and up as she was dragged along revealing that Sharlene had no panties on. Her plump pussy was revealed between her outstretched legs. Larry dumped her next to Veronica and pulled her dress the rest of the way off. No bra either for Sharlene and she lay naked except for her boots. Larry stripped Veronica and ripped off the flimsy bra and panties she was wearing until both girls lay nude but booted on the living room carpet.
After using their sad corpses for sex (simulated) Larry arranged Sharlene and Veronica in an intimate pose, each with a hand carressing the other's venus mound and then he used a felt pen to write in large letters, "WHAT'S TO PROTEST NOW BITCHES!" across Sharlene's back and buttocks, the felt pen digging into her firm but yielding flesh.
Larry was killing well.
As I was investigating their crime scene and then watching their autopsies (Larry as mortician again) I reckoned it might be time for me to go after him.

Two days later I had Sharlene and Veronica back together with Sherry and me and Dave behind the camera.
Sharlene and Veronica were stripped and adorned with feathers and paint and they were two cannibal gals.
Sherry and me in strap and scrap bikinis were two white girl tourists and the cannibals were going to turn us into Long Pigs!
The set had a blue background which gave us a neutral feel and had been decorated with cut out palm trees made from colourful green and yellow paste board. Dave had made those although I tried to help him but I am such a dick brain when it comes to anything artistic that he told me just to leave it to him.
Me and Sherry were like tourist girls on a tropical isle. We parted company (kissy kissy) and she walked off and I went the other way.
There I was on the beach alone.
Two cannibals, Sharlene and Veronica hamming it up, peered out from behind the palm tree and as I stooped to admire a seashell out they popped, clubs in hand.
I stood up and BONK! Sharlene rapped me over the skull.
My eyes crossed and my tongue flapped out and CRONK! Veronica clubbed me again.
My eyelids slammed shut and my knees buckled and I flopped face down. The cannibal girls rolled me onto my back and producing a big strong pole stripped my bikini off and laid me out with my arms above my head and lashed me to the pole by the wrists and the ankles. They hoicked up the pole and I drooped from it, head hanging way back, hair tumbling down and throat exposed as they carried me off to their cooking pot.
Next scene and I was lying face down, stretched straight out on a woven grass mat with my heels poking up and my toes pointing away and my arms by my sides fingers curling into little claws and my chin on the matting and an apple in my mouth.
Sherry appeared from the left and found me ready for the cook pot.
She shrieked and flapped her hands in very girlie fashion.
Sharlene's club whacked down.
"Eeeeeeah," went Sherry and KERAKKK!! went Veronica's club.
Down and out went Sherry.
Next scene and Veronica and Sharlene were standing triumphantly over Sherry and me. Sherry was laid out face down in the same pose as me and she too was decorated with an apple between her luscious lips. I had gotten Jos to come in and he was dressed up as the big chief (big kahuna) and now he and Sharlene and Veronica, wearing bibs and holding knives and forks, sat cross legged around the two brained white girl tourists. Jos spread mustard on my bum while Veronica squirted tomato sauce over both Sherry and my backs.
Tucker time!!

Playdead was going alright.
It had been a few weeks since I had taken on the job of receptionist and organiser and in that time with the help of Dave and the girls we had done quite a lot of photo set work which was posted on the Lifeless Ladies site. Some stuff like the ongoing serial killer series with Larry I posted on Playdead along with the earlier sets done before my blow up and the changes that happened as a result of that. My therapy sessions were only once a fortnight now and I felt good and really felt that I was on top of the problem. Candice was happy with my progress and she and I were now very good friends and shared lunch occasionally. Sometimes while eating and shooting the breeze she would skirt around the topic of our going to bed together and I kept that at a distance as much as I could. Not that the idea didn't appeal but I was determined to make Alex and me work and I was not going to let anything affect that. There was an undertone in my relationship with Sherry too and I tried to put that out of my mind as well although when we were together it lurked like a shadow below the surface no matter what.
Alex was making a huge success of his work as a documentary film maker and I loved nothing better than to get his dinner and then, after we had eaten, to sit with him and listen to his tales of his work. He is a fabulous guy and very sensitive and he never failed to ask about my work and, if we had worked that day, he insisted on looking at what had been done.
He critiqued my stuff and greatly admired Dave's camera work and also the posing that Sherry, Sharlene, Veronica and I had done. He hinted that Dave could come and work with him but I said, "Across my dead body," and he said that could be arranged too. That lead to sex.
Lots of things lead to sex.
I liked to play dead for him, telling him it would keep his hand in with the necro stuff and I pestered him continually to do some sets with me. (and maybe the other girls too.) Despite being the world's most gentle and gentlemanly man, Alex can project a feeling of sinisterness that makes him come across on film as a super slayer.
He finally agreed and we set a date for two weeks hence when he would be able to spend three days with me and Playdead. I told him what I had in mind which was to play out a set with him where, because of our closeness, and because I would do things with him and let him do things to me which I would never dream of letting happen with someone like Larry, I could actually masturbate and orgasm and he could actually have real sex with my body and the reality factor would come across on film and such a set would be an instant classic.
He didn't take my ideas well.
I knew he wouldn't.
I wheedled, he got firm.
"Barbanne," he always called me that when he was pissed off, "Barbanne, we are not running a peep show porno outfit here! I know you are more or less in charge now but I still own the site and I insist on professionalism and an arms length approach."
"Alex," I also can get formal, "Alex, all sorts of movie makers and magazine people are showing real stuff now it's IN!"
"Not here it isn't."
"Hmmm, we'll see."
Barbanne do as you're told for once girl!"
"Ha......I'm going to work on you."
"Are you indeed," he was laughing now, "that should be interesting."
I was laughing too and then we were cuddling and then................
Later he said, "I wouldn't want to share that with the world."
"Oh Alex it wouldn't be like that, it would be different."
"Would it?"

In my time I have worked in a supermarket as a checkout girl, as a waitress, (a lot of the time) a shoe salesgirl, an exotic dancer, a librarian, a receptionist/girl friday/gofer and as a lounge entertainer. I have demonstrated products and even worked for a very short time as a tourist bus hostess. When the demons have driven me I have descended into the world of prostitution and have happily offered myself as anyone's punching bag, hoping subconsciously by so doing to get myself killed, if not by gun, knife, garrote or baseball bat, then by contracting something fatal.
So to now find myself in a steady position as front girl for Playdead and with Alex as lover and boss and being involved in something I loved doing was for me a bit like paradise.
I suspected it would all fall in and I would be back on the scrap heap and half expected that but meanwhile decided to enjoy it while it was here.
We did another set.
Sharlene and Veronica were two netball players. Bitter rivals. Wearing their short netty uniforms they came off the court, each angry with the other over some imagined slight. Dave shot the set in the old ablution block at Playdead which we had cleaned up. I sprayed the girls netball uniforms with water to simulate sweat stains. Squirting a spray in under the arms and down the backs and front and back around the groin area of their skirts.
They were pushing and shoving each other and then they were fighting. Punching, (weakly) scratching, hair pulling and wrestling. They struggled with each other and then they were under the showers which were going full pelt. Within seconds they were both soaked, their uniforms sodden, their hair drenched and their bodies streaming water. They pushed and shoved back and forth and then Veronica got hold of Sharlene's straps and shook her violently before bashing her head against the tiles. Once, twice three times. Sharlene went out and she went limp and slid down the tiles onto the shower floor. Veronica dragged her by her shoes out onto the main bathroom floor and peeled her saturated clothing off like peeling a grape. Sharlene lay spread out and nude, except for shoes, on the wet floor. Veronica scrunched her tits and punched her pussy. (bad babe) Then she got a big marker pen out of her bag and wrote L on the soft side of her splayed breast and then a big O cirling Sharlene's nipple and S in the valley of her breasts and then E on the other breast where it formed the other side of the valley and then R the downstroke of the R catching and bobbling Sharlene's erect left nipple. Then she stood over the limped out body of Sharlene sneering down at where LOSER was scrawled across her titties.
Another great set with plenty of nudity, violence and a strong winner/loser theme.
They'd love it.
I decide this set should go up at Playdead rather than Lifeless ladies.
I was making decisions. ME!