Part 26

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Posted by Barbanne on July 03, 2002 at 00:15:38:



Life was back to good and the nightmare of my flight to the other city and my hateful self degradation was all behind me.
I was coming along in leaps and bounds with my therapy. I wasn't cured yet but I was well on the way and now I felt as if it was going to really work, this time I felt sure I was going to come out of it completely well.
My love for Alex and his for me had not died during my self imposed exile and in fact it seemed to me that our love had been forged stronger than before.
I had interesting prospects with Candice and Sherry too. I'm not really unfaithful or anything but my options are always open. I didn't actually have any definite plans to do anything, but the little frisson of excitement was there in the background all the time.
At work Sherry and me and Sharlene and Veronica had become a good team.
Dave was doing nearly all our photography now and I was writing the scripts and all three girls had proven good diers.
I had resurrected the Larry as a serial killer sets and we started off by doing Sherry's death and her effort had turned out a winner.
When it started she was nude and facing the camera which represented a mirror and she was masturbating.
Writhing around and obviously enjoying herself.
Larry came up behind her but sort of from side on so that she didn't see him until the very last minute and then she screamed as this dude with a really sharp knife popped into view and before she could react his hand was around her mouth and the knife was driven in between her shoulder blades. The razor sharp toledo steel split her flesh apart like soft putty and slid between her ribs and sought out her beating heart. As it nestled inside her very centre of her being it bought her life to an abrupt end. Dead but unwilling to surrender her body spasmed and arched in his grasp. Her mouth twisted open and contorted and her eyes rolled upward and her small breasts quivered like jelly on a plate and her inner thighs shivered uncontrollably. Her hand was still between her legs, her finger trapped inside her spasmed and tightly locked pussy. She shuddered along her whole body and then it was over and she collapsed limply backward into Larry's arms. She lay there, dead, limped out, face wearing an expression of total shock and nude body sagging with one arm dangling the other snaking down towards her thighs, her hand trapped between her labia. Larry laid her down and out on the floor and then slipping his hands under her armpits he dragged her out of the room, her trapped fingers coming away with an audible slurp.
Sherry was one hell of a Lifeless Lady.
Afterwards she confided in me that she had orgasmed for real during the set and was now one totally committed necrobabe.
We shared feelings about our work at Playdead, Sherry and me, we were both delighted to have found another with identical feelings to whom we could entrust and divulge our real passions and sentiments.

I had written a set called the Bushrangers. The idea was that it would be an excellent vehicle for me and Sherry to play dead to our evil little heart's content as well as providing our customers with another slant on that perennial favourite the girls shoot each other down drama play.
It had to be outside the way I wrote it, it just wouldn't work inside.
I knew the ideal location. Do you remember when Jas, Laurise and I played sort of landed fish on the banks of a stream that time before? Well up in the hills a kilometre or so in back of that stream there was an old mine that had a deserted but not really derelict shack and an old stone mine chimney. The area around the buildings was cleared and paved with bluestones and the whole thing never got a visitor from year's end to year's end.
So Dave, Sharlene, Veronica, Sherry and Laurise and me all squashed into my old wagon with the gear in the back and I drove and off we went.
It was a glorious early winter day, cold but sunny and it was a Wednesday so the chances of seeing anyone else were not only remote but non existant.
We left early and lobbed up there about nine o'clock.
While Dave organised his gear the girls got ready. I helped Dave for a bit until both he and I were happy with the setups and then I got in costume too. While changing I ran through the whole plot with the four others because I was going to be first one killed and I wanted them to be sure they knew how to play it as I wouldn't be in any position to be giving any clues.
My costume was jeans, boots and a hat and cap gun. (the same ones we used for the showgirl cowboys/girls) Otherwise I was bare from the waistband up.
The other girls all wore hats, jeans and boots too and had guns but Sherry also had a little vest (open of course displaying her bust) and Sharlene had an unbuttoned shirt and Veronica had a fringed buckskin type coat and both Sharlene and Veronica were tarted up in their best goth makeup.
Laurise was playing the sort of sheriff although as we were bushrangers she was a police trooper.
When Dave was ready we got going.
Us bushrangers were standing around in a circle arguing about the loot from a bank robbery and then out came the guns to settle it.
It was sort of fun and someone's stray shot cut my belt and my jeans fell down around my ankles and I tried to grab them up again and then I got drilled through the left breast.
No bullet holes or blood or anything with this set, just use your imagination.
I looked surprised and then shocked and then open mouthed and rolled up my eyes and my hat fell off and I dropped my gun and sat down hard on my bum and then flopped over backwards, arms outstretched on the bluestone and I was dead. The stone was cold but the watery sun was nice and I settled down to being dead for a long time.
Loving it.
Thinking no movement Barb, nothing, you're a goner girlie, just dead meat.
The action was going on between the other three girls as they moved back and forth and their pop guns popped and they ducked and weaved around my laid out body.
I just lay there arms straight out at right angles to my body, legs spread as far as the jeans rucked around my ankles would allow, eyes almost shut and mouth gaping and dead. The others probably thought I was playing at being dead but what I knew that they didn't was that inside my head I was dead!
I couldn't move a muscle.
I was dead, a victim of their shooting. I lay there stretched out and being dead. I imagined what it must be like to be nothing more than a lifeless body around which the action swirled and being unable to do anything no matter what. If one of the other girls stepped on me I wouldn't gasp or yowch or rub the spot or sit up or anything. How could I? I was dead. The thought took hold of me as it always does driving me into a semi trance.
How to describe how I felt?
It's sexy but this isn't just about sex. It's a feeling of being so totally helpless, so completely defenceless and impotent. It's a realisation that I was absolutely powerless. For some people power and the need to be in control is what does it for them, for me it was the complete opposite. What was turning me on so wonderfully was the feeling that I was there, inanimate, inert, cold, deceased and defunct. Limp, weak and utterly defeated. The furious shootout went on but I was just a background object. Not the centre of attention just a prop corpse. It thrilled me to think that the viewers of this set would feel control over me. I dearly hoped it would excite them to imagine what they would do to me if they had the chance.
They might walk up to where I lay.
Gaze down on my soft, white, sprawled, female body in sneering disdain.
Let their eyes linger on my breasts and my tummy and the glistening lips of my slit nestling beneath the curls of my pubic hair.
Would they want to rip my jeans right off?
Would they then spread my legs wide.
I would offer no resistance. How could I?
Would they then cover my body with theirs? Would they roughly kiss my cold, dead lips?
Would they then rape my body? Driving their manhood deep inside my cold dead cunt?
Oh yes please.
What if it were a woman?
What would she do to me?
Possess me, oh yes, yes, yes, possess me completely and utterly, without mercy.
I was almost tranced out only semi conscious.
Someone else was shot down, pants shot apart, fly unzipped and flapping open.
It was Sherry and she collapsed beside me landing on her shoulder and hip. Her hand flapped loosely and her fingers fluttered over my breast. Over my nipple. Hard, erect and pebbled with exitement. Her hand slid on down over the curve of my silky, smooth, spongy, squashy breast. Trailed down over my tummy and briefly trifled with my tight, wet twat. A finger flirtation that sent my love juices squirting into my pussy. She rolled backward and lay spread out beside me, her own sweet slit visible in the opened fly of her pants.
Two dead girls.
Two to go.
Sharlene and Veronica were having the time of their lives. They each pretend shot the other enough times to have killed themselves ten times over. In the process they had shot away every item of clothing either of them wore save only for their boots. Finally they shot each other at the one time and down they went, their young, thin, almost androgynous, bodies stretched out in death.
Four basically skinny girls dead and displayed.
Along came Laurise.
The law!
A trooper of the Victorian Police coming across four dead bushrangers. Killed by their own greed. She looked shocked and then interested as she slowly went around our little tableux of death checking and identifying each of us in turn against her "wanted dead or alive" handbills. Alive would have been good but dead was perfectly acceptable. She set about dragging us over and laying us out in the centre of the paved area side by side.
So there we lay, all but nude, four ladies in a row.
Laurise posed triumphantly above her prize.
Dave photographed madly.
I stayed dead.

Back in the studio and we had a short mortuary scene to finish off the saga of the four dead bushrangers.
Laurise, looking cute in a trooper's uniform, stood beside our stainless steel slab. Us four "Lifeless Ladies" were arranged shoulder to shoulder again on the floor. We had spent time making each other up so that we all displayed a sort of greyish, wet clay coloured complexion which we felt was a good corpse hue. We had gotten Jas in for this bit and she was there dressed as a mortician with a big apron hiding her nudity and she and Laurise dragged each of us in turn over to the table and lifted us up and carried out their forensic examination. Prodding, probing, intimate shots of pinkly intimate orifices, stuff like that. As each dead outlaw was finished with Jas and Laurise carted us off and dumped us so that eventually there was a pile of naked bodies with entwined limbs and stuff and ashen faces peacefully gazing into eternity. Sherry got done first and was spreadeagled on her back on the floor, eyes slitted and mouth agape. Sharlene lay face down across her tummy, arms and legs draped and outspread. Veronica lay across Sharlene's legs with her head hanging down and her eyes popped open and staring and I was the last to be autopsied and lay across the other three with my head nestled between Sharlene's breasts and my face turned side on and gazing sightlessly through half shut eyelids at the camera.
Dave did great work with the camera.
Our bushranger set was good.
The girls finished up and I paid them and we arranged for Sharlene and Veronica to come back in a week's time and by then it was closing up time.
Alex had come in while we were finishing off and had gone upstairs.
After locking up I climbed the stairs and joined him. He was busy with his PC editing stuff he had done the day before. I leant over and kissed him and told him I wanted to wash my hair and he nodded. I felt grotty after the day out and lying around on the stones and all. I undressed and got in the shower and washed all of the makeup off and lathered up and shampooed my hair and then sang out, "Alex can you help me?"
"What is it?"
I know how he hates being disturbed when he's working.
"I need you?"
I did too.
He came in.
"I need you to help with my hair."
"What? What have I got to do?"
"You'll have to get in," I peered through the soap running out of my lathered hair.
"Come on, it will only take a minute and it'll save you bathing later."
He mumbled and muttered but got undressed and joined me under the shower.
"Well, what do I do?"
"Nothing much," I said and my soapy hands clutched his balls and slid along his cock.
It stiffened and grew.
I rubbed my breasts against him and took his slippery, soapy cock and pushed it against my pussy. With it there I felt safe to let go and use my hands to pull him close and give him a big wet, sudsy pash.
"Baaaaaaarb," he said.
"Lift me up," I said.
He did.
"Now settle me where I belong."
He lowered me down and I felt the tip of his big cock at my pussy lips and then it slipped inside that warm welcoming sheath and there I was skewered on his love scimitar. I started moving.
He groaned.
We screwed.

Tuesday was always a slow day and after making myself some lunch I was sitting at my reception desk working on stuff. I had done some accounts and was now working on our e-magazine which went up on the Playdead site each month. I was at a bit of a loss trying to think up some good necro jokes for the members.
Alex was away working on a documentary about street kids and I knew I wouldn't see him again until the weekend. That was OK because he had a fortnight off after that and although he would be working on his editing he had promised to spend some time at Playdead and I had told him that I was going to get him to kill me off in a very sexy manner.
The door opened and Sherilee poked her head around he corner.
"Hi Barb, you busy?"
"Frantic Sherry," I grinned, "but never too busy for you."
She walked over."What are you doing?"
"Stuff. Nothing important."
"Barb, you know how we've talked about the thrill of playing dead?"
"Yes Sherry."
"Barb......, oh gosh this is hard."
"What girlfriend?"
"Well what?"
"Dammit, Barb how would you like to play dead with me. I really want it and you're the only one who understands and oh shit Barb say yes."
"Yes Sherry."
"Barb, oh geez did you say yes, oh Barb."
"Yes Sherry, yes. So when is this going to happen?"
"Oh Barb."
"Better lock up then. Don't want to be disturbed mid errrrkkk."
I hung a closed sign on the door and locked up. Nobody ever came around Tuesdays anyway so that wasn't any big deal. We went into the studio and I tidied the big bed.
"So how will we play this? I know. We are lovers, that will give us an excuse to get semi naked and you kill me in a fit of jealousy and then you can't live with youself and you swallow pills and die too."
"Oh Barb."
"OK come on then I'm going to be wearing bra and panties only what about you?"
"Oh geez Barb oh geez I'm so excited, oh would it be alright if I just wear panties?"
"Whatever you like sweetie."
"Ok, now then Sherry grab me around the throat and strangle me good OK?.......yeah that's it..........I'm not offering much resistance so this won't last long.........aaaaarrrggghhhhhh."
"Ooow Barb......oooow you're beautiful when you're dead."
"Pop my bra and push it way up.......yep that's it. Now pull my panties down............. no, not that much just until you can see my puss......yep that's it."
"Oh my god Barb's dead and she is bare breasted and just, just lovely.......can I touch you?"
"Go for your life."
"Oh Barb's got such soft breasts and her little nipples are sort of excited and down here.......oh she's wet and flushed."
"Kiss me."
"Oh I wonder if I can kiss her corpse..........oooooh yeeeeees.............oh wow, oops I've gotten lippy all over your nipple Barb."
"You can get stuff that stays put you know."
"Oh now I have to kill myself I'm so devestated..........where's the tablets..........ah there, here I'll take a handful that should do it. You still dead Barb?"
"Aaaaagh, oh, oh, oh I'm dead."
"Sorry Barb. Don't you like me dying with my face in your pussy?"
"Baaa-aarb, we could make love, you know have sex."
"Sherry us corpses find it difficult to have conversations but can I point out that neither of us had the equipment for one serious part of sex?"
"Oh but Barb, my sexy little corpse friend I have fingers and a mouth and don't you think us dead girls' breasts rubbed against each other is just so, so seeeeeexy? Like this eh, like this."
(Groaning, grunting, panting, quite loud moans and giggles)
"Barb you enjoying this?"
"I love Alex."
"I know you do but that's not what I asked."
"Yes Sherry, yes I am."