Part 25

Posted by Barbanne on June 21, 2002 at 00:02:18:



I don't know what Julian had been up to but whatever it was it was very dangerous.
And that meant that as his receptionist my life was in peril and I knew nothing about it until the two men in the dark suits and the sunglasses came into the front office and asked me was Julian in.
"I'll check for you," I said and then I said, "can I say who is calling?"
That's when the bigger guy shot me between the eyes.
I slumped back into my chair propped up and kept from falling by the raised arms.
The other guy, the non shooter came around behind my desk and lifting me under the armpits dragged me back and stowed me inside the storeroom.
They left me there for six hours while they dealt with Julian.
I was stiffening up nicely by the time they collected my body and used a big cardboard carton to stash me, bending and forcing my corpse to fit. They carried it (and me) to a big four wheel drive.
They took me to a warehouse and stripped me naked and stored me away again while they disposed of my clothes and stuff and made preparations to deep six me.
That night my, by now, once more limp and starkly naked body was carried out to the four wheel drive for a short trip to the bay. They carried me drooping from the shoulders and ankles to a cruiser and sailed me out into the bay where they flopped me over the side rail and one guy shoved his hand against my ass and tipped me over. My white and lifeless body, arms and legs trailing and waving, sank in a burst of bubbles spiralling down and down to the floor of the ocean.

I woke up in a lather.
Another vivid dream.
I had seen myself sinking down and down into the cold depths of the bay. I had BEEN sinking down and down, quite lifeless and totally helpless and unable to do anything to stop my limp body from slowly spinning down and down and down to where the fish waited to feast on me.
And why was I Julian's receptionist? I hadn't worked there for months.
I was going to sleep at night with my head filled with ideas for photo sets for Playdead, for my Lifeless Ladies site and obviously my subconscious was taking over and these nightmarish dreams of my own death were rising to the surface from some dark, dark corner.
"Uuuuuughghgh.............," I shuddered.
I was in Candice's spare bed.
I was working at Playdead during the day and then trotting upstairs to cook for Alex and to share time with him, but when I had him settled I was coming back to Candice's to sleep and to follow her regime of therapy. (All except for the pills of course. I was still flushing those down the can although I'd never admit that to Candice.)
I lay there shaking and realised I was cold. I supposed I should wear pyjamas or something, not go to sleep wearing only my panties. I had plenty of bedclothes on the bed though and hated the way things tangled around me when I wrestled around in my sleep.
"Bad dream Barb?"
The soft voice in my ear and the arms encircling me caused me to jump violently.
"Calm down honey."
"Aw Geez Candice you frightened me."
(I might also ask what you're doing in my bed.)
Candice is taller than me by quite a bit and although she is fit and looks great in clothes, she has a soft generously womanly body with wide hips and large, round and perfectly natural breasts. I realised with something that was part shock and part thrill that she was quite naked and holding me in her embrace. She turned me to face her.
"I know I promised I wouldn't seduce you Barb, but I'm afraid I have grown more than fond of you since you've been living here."
"Oh Candice, I do love Alex."
"I know you do Barb and I also know you like women."
"Candice I don't think this is the therapy I need."
"Nothing's going to happen Barb, not unless you want it to."
She pulled my face into her breasts, warm and scented and female.
I guess maybe because I never had a real mother or something but older women who are kind to me turn me on enormously. Not just sexually but I want to hold onto them, bury myself in their warmth, lose my fears in the safety and comfort of their embrace. That's how it was with Candice. She cuddled me and I cuddled back.
"We can't do anything you know," I whispered.
"Not unless you want to Barb."
"No, not that, the tests. I have to wait for the tests."
"Sure honey."
"And I don't want to hurt Alex. I really don't. I won't do that."
"Barb, it's enough for me to just hold you."
"Oh yes, yes Candice, hold me please."
After a while, very sleepily I asked, "Candice will this help my recovery."
"Want the truth Barb."
"Not as much as it helps me."
I giggled into her bosom.

I sat in the doctor's waiting room.
Today was the day.
I felt sick in the stomach.
He called me in.
I walked in with leaden feet. Candice came with me. She had insisted on coming with me to hear this.
He sat at his desk looking at some forms.
"Barbanne, these tests show you are somewhat anaemic. In fact you are malnourished."
"And otherwise you are quite healthy."
I almost fainted. The wash of relief was too much. I felt the blood drain from my head and struggled to hang on.
"Are you alright Barbanne?" He looked concerned.
"Yes, oh thank you doctor, thank you."
Candice squeezed my hand.
"That's the malnourishment. Now my girl I want you to go away and start eating properly."
"I will doctor I will."
"Make sure you do."

I returned to Candice's with a light heartedness I hadn't felt in a long long time.
I had escaped the consequences of my stupidity and my therapy with Candice was working. Nothing miraculous but I was beginning to understand that my failings were not my fault alone. I was getting my bizarre childhood in perspective and beginning to realise that as a kid growing up in that environment I had had little chance of controlling my destiny. Candice agreed that I had made good progress and had scheduled one session a week from now on.
When we got home I put a cup of tea on and cut up the sinful cake I had bought on my way back as a celebratory reward to myself.
We sat with tea and cake in front of us and I tentatively raised a subject that had been niggling at me.
"Candice, I don't want you to feel that I don't thoroughly appreciate everything you've done for me but do you think that now that my health fears are gone and my therapy is progressing OK that maybe I could go back to living with Alex?"
"Barb, I reckon that's a great idea."
"Do you really?"
"Sure. I know you're not taking the anti depressants I gave you and your need for constant therapy is no longer there so why not?"
I blushed crimson.
"You know about the pills?" It's hard to make yourself understood when you are biting your lower lip.
"I do."
Another burst of scarlet coloured my face. know about, well, between you and me?"
She said nothing just looked at me.
"Well, I'm truly grateful for what you've done and well, if you want me to, you know, do something with you, well, whatever you want I'll do it."
"There you go making a doormat of yourself again girl. Damn haven't you learnt anything here?" She looked at me tenderly, "Barb sure I'd like something to happen between us and cousin Alex can just whistle if he doesn't like it but I want it to be because you want it too. Not some darned sense of obligation alright??"
I nodded.
"In the meantime off you go back to that big lummox and one day when you know its right you come to me and I'll be waiting. And that day will come Barb."
I leaned over and kissed her. Just a little peck but her arms went around me and our mouths locked and she probed and my mouth dropped open and our tongues melded, hers forcing, thrusting, probing. I let myself go and when she finally pulled back I felt quite light headed and found myself breathing very heavily.
"Something to go on with Barb."
I was too puffed to do anything but nod and smile.

I came back to Alex and my home at Playdead.
He was working at home that day and he seemed happy to see me although sometimes its hard to tell as he's not a super effusive guy.
I explained that my therapy was going well and that I had been given a clean bill of health by the doctor and told him I thought I should maybe live back here where my work as his receptionist was.
He said that was a good idea.
We smiled uncertainly at each other.
After work that evening I made us a yummy meal. He seemed to appreciate that and when we'd finished and I'd washed up I slipped into the bedroom and came back out five minutes later, made up, perfumed and naked. I walked over and stood in front of him.
"Can you ever forgive me Alex?"
"Barb, what's to, go and put some clothes on."
"No. I did the wrong thing and I must atone."
"Don't be ridiculous. I came looking for you didn't I? Would I have done that unless I loved you? Barb I may not always be gushing with romance but believe me when I say I love you and only you."
My heart flooded with joy.
I stayed there nude and waiting.
"Anyway," he said, "how would I go about making you atone?"
"You could start by beating me," and I flopped across his lap poking my oversized but perky bum in his face.
He laughed and then he beat me, it didn't much hurt. Then I undressed him and then we made love. Actually the first time it was more like we fucked! Hard and fast. Then we did it again slow and steady. Having got it right we did it again and then we both zonked out.
My last thought as I drifted off was "I must ask him to let me get on top sometimes." Alex is over twice my weight and a big guy too and while I don't register it while we're making love I often feel well worked over afterwards.

The next morning Sharlene, Veronica and Sherilee arrived early for their first session.
I had decided to have them all work together the first time so we could all get to know each other and also they would get the feel for a Playdead photo shoot.
I had devised a scenario in which Sharlene and Veronica were to play two beastly interrogators and Sherilee was to be their victim. When the girls arrived we talked about doing a photo set without my getting too specific about plot or anything.
Sharlene and Veronica were all for being pirates and prancing around in cut offs and slashing and hacking at each other and so forth and I told them we'd put pirates on the agenda but not for today.
Then I told them I had this interrogation set worked out for today and I was looking for someone to nominate to be the victim. To my surprise and delight Sherilee said, "That's me, I'll be the victim."
This was as I had wanted and I said to the other two, "Ok, so how about you two playing the interrogators? Real nasty types torturing poor Sherilee?"
"Hey great," said Sharlene, "eh Ronny, horrors that's us."
Giggle giggle giggle.
"Can I explain something girls," I asked.
"Sure Barb, you're the boss."
"No I'm not, I'm the receptionist and no-one here is the "boss" Ok!"
"Sure Barb."
"So what are you going to explain Barbanne?" said Sherilee.
"Well, I reckon to really work these death sex sets have to not only involve you playing dead in your most convincing manner and don't worry, over time I'll be doing as much as anyone, but what the customers are looking for is for the girl who becomes the victim to appear quite helpless and available if that's the word. See most of us in our relationships require a certain amount of mutual respect and stuff and what makes Playdead's fantasies so desirable to those who enjoy this fetish is to feel when watching what we produce that they themselves control and sort of own the victim's body. It's all fun fantasy but what we need here in our sets is to not only the death scene but the dead body being moved around and carried and you know that sort of thing. I'm something of a submitter myself and what makes it good for me and good for my partners is my surrender to him and his being totally in control and able to do what he likes to me although I sort of insist that I have to enjoy it too."
"And do you enjoy it Barbanne?" Sherilee again.
"Yeah I do, absolutely. It's a big turn on."
"I'd like to try that."
"Yeah well as you've nominated to be our first victim this is your chance."
Sharlene and Veronica were looking thoughtful and so I went through the script with them and showed how I'd like it to play and we got ourselves set up.
This being the girls first try I had elected to do the photos myself and leave Dave to do later stuff. I just felt that they'd probably be more comfortable with a girl behind the camera this time.
Sharlene and Veronica stripped down to sexy underwear. I had told them to bring that and Sherilee got nude and got tied to a chair. Her hands were tied behind her and her ankles were tied to the chair legs.
Sharlene and Veronica started in interrogating and they slapped Sherilee around some and stuff like that.
It looked good but was quite harmless in reality.
Sherilee emoted well and wouldn't give up her secrets and finally the two interrogators took a rope and wrapping it around poor Sherilee's neck took hold of an end each and pulled and pulled and strangled her. Sherilee bucked around convincingly, breasts and thighs wobbling, and then limped out dead. Veronica untied her and she and Sharlene, after dragging Sherilee's head up by the hair to check she was dead, lifted her body between them and carried it drooping in their grip over to the bed and laid her out. Sharlene carried out an intimate body search to make sure no secrets were concealed anywhere which might die with Sherilee.
For a first go totally excellent.
Sharlene and Veronica were good and Sherilee was a natural. I couldn't have done better myself.
I was delighted.
Sharlene and Veronica headed home but Sherilee stayed behind.
"Barb? she said to me.
"Yes Sherilee."
"Its wierd and I don't know how to say this but when you are doing what we do, playing at pretending to be dead and lying there unmoving do you get............what, er, sort of thrills and feel turned on? Like foreplay?"
"Sherilee, gee that's an awkward name, do you have another version I can call you?"
"Call me Sherry Barb."
"Sherry, in answer to your question, yes I sure do."
"I feel sort of ashamed of feeling that way, you know death and all."
"Sherry its got nothing to do with death, real death, its all about sex."
"Yeah, but surely it's unnatural to feel that way?"
"Odd yeah but not wrong or anything, just means you're a real necrobabe."
"Dead play lover."
She thought that over.
"Maybe we could play dead together sometime Barb?"
"You bet, but you don't have to just play with me. Try mentioning it to your boyfriend. You'll be surprised how many fellows will happily let you play dead for them."
"Yeah really."