Part 19

Posted by Barbanne on June 02, 2002 at 23:58:13:



Tiny droplets of dew coated the grass.
Grey, torn clouds scudded across the moon casting moveable shadows onto the ground under the trees.
The grass quivered.
The soil trembled and then split apart. The stench of damp rotten earth escaped upwards. Another stink, the foul odour of death became apparent. Long, sharp, broken fingernails appeared. Bony hands brushed the crumbling soil apart. A gust of putrid miasma issued forth and the evil one emerged. Cadaver like he stood shaking the remnants of the grave away and then rose into the fetid night air.
He scrabbled with claw like talons at the closed window.
Today's aluminium sliding panes offered no barrier at all.
He crossed to the bed.
Worms, bugs and dirt particles dropped onto the carpet.
I looked up into the glowing red eyes of the demon.
Sharpened teeth dripped with venom and long canine incisors sparkled in the dim moonlight.
I screamed but the scream died in my throat. I flung out an arm clutching for Alex.
The fiend fell on me.
The teeth ripped open my throat tearing the white skin of my slender neck. I felt the blood pumping out of me, into the beast. The ancient blood mingled with my own and I felt euphoric. Insanely arousing sexual thoughts raced through my head and my hips jerked and my orgasm poured forth. The vampire chewed happily at my bloody neck as I lay there twisting, writhing and bucking with spasms of pleasure.

I was nosferatu.
A succubus.
Creature of the night.
Completely nude, I glided across the room to where Anne lay and slid across her exposed body. I ripped her flimsy nightie away and our bodies mingled even as my teeth tore into her breasts. Her blood poured fourth and I lapped at it as we came together in a writhing, squirming tangle of female sexuality. I dragged Anne's corpse over to where the equally nude bodies of Laurise, Judith, Mandy, and Jas lay. I heaped her onto the others and contemplated my feast of sex and blood.
HE was there again!!!!!!!!
In front of me.
"Now Barbanne, now will I truly kill you!
His clawed hands grasped me and the teeth sank into my nakedness.
I screamed and screamed.
My fisted hands beat at the monster.
No good, I felt myself slipping into eternal darkness.

"Barb, Barb, for goodness sake."
My eyes popped open. Moonlight washed palely through the window of our bedroom.
The bed looked like a battle field.
I was weakly pummelling at Alex.
"Oh jeez," I said and slid down onto the rumpled sheets.
I was soaking wet. Drenched in sweat.
"Bad dream," said Alex.
"Bloody nightmare," I croaked.
He hugged my bare body to his.
I needed a catharsis.
I knew what my next photo set would be.

I had been thinking vampires since it had been suggested to me by a guy on the internet but now I knew I had to get it out of my mind before I had any more deams like that.
I pounded away on the keyboard and produced a vampire fantasy and sold it to Alex and organised the girls to come in prepared to play participants in an ultimate love biting photo set.
I dressed the set in blacks and reds and found a black velvet bed spread on which to have the action occur and then I spent time trying different lighting arrangements until I settled on creepy pale, green filtered, back lighting and focussed spots playing on the areas of major action. Alex was going to do the photography and Mandy and I were in charge of costuming and make up. I was also the script girl for the production. I had sent out copies of my script to the other girls with parts pencilled in and when they arrived we talked it over and they all agreed that my idea of Anne as the vampire and the others as victims was the way to go. Anne's sharpish features and regal nose made her the obvious candidate to play Ms Dracula and everyone else was to be a victim.
Mandy and I went to work on Anne pencilling her eyebrows and shading her cheeks to emphasise her bone structure and blue shading her eyes and mascaraing her eyelashes and painting her mouth with purplish red lippy and teasing her hair into somewhat of a bush. I had hired a black cape with red lining for her to wear over her own nudity and she looked perfect. With Mandy's help I made her (Mandy) up to look pale and wan as she was to play the first victim. Once she had been bitten to death she'd be free to help me with the others.
Mandy slipped on a totally see through chemise and lay on the bed writhing around in nightmarish dreams of the type I myself had experienced a few nights before.
Anne crept in and slid alongside Mandy and moved in for the bite.
Now came something of a surprise.
My script was abandoned as these two entwined in a love scene that was positively pornographic. I said nothing and watched Alex as he photographed. Anne and Mandy moved from a lingering kiss into breast nibbling and then as Anne dragged Mandy's chemise off, breast suckling, tummy licking and then inner thigh kissing and finally real live fellatio.
Alex looked over at me and hissed, "Is this part of your script?"
"Yeah, yeah, it's OK they're just kidding, it's setting a mood, keep shooting."
"I think they're having sex."
"No, no, just acting."
"Mandy....who would have believed it of Mandy?"
"Just take pictures Alex."
They were having sex all right, oral sex and I saw Mandy orgasm and was just a tad jealous. The way she jerked and spasmed I reckoned Alex would have to be dumb if he didn't know what was happening. I peeked over and he knew alright.
Having tongue fucked Mandy, Anne moved into the killer bite and nuzzled into Mandy's neck and the two of them were having fun again until I said, "OK Mandy, time to die."
I had the spots focussed fairly narrowly onto the girls upper bodies and with the back lighting it looked great.
Mandy shuddered and went limp and I gave her two bloody bite marks and a trickle from the corner of her mouth.
(Even I had had to agree vampires without blood was a no no)
Mandy totally limped out and let her head fall off the bed her neck stretched and the bites dripping.
She looked deliciously feminine and vulnerable and utterly lifeless and I found myself touching myself and feeling hot under the collar. (if I had had a collar on my tank top that was, and I didn't)
Anne crouched triumphantly over Mandy's body and the sort of artistic lighting made this one of the sexiest things we had done.
Judith died next.
Mandy was back with me and her blood was way better than mine and so Judith died naked with snakes of blood drooling down her breasts and neck.
I noticed Mandy was just a tad shaky and realised that her sex scenes with Anne had really aroused her. I put an arm around her shoulders and said, "Worked for you did it Mandy?"
"Oh Barb," she said, "I didn't know I could feel this way."
"Better marry that girl eh love?"
She giggled and sighed, "Not quite Barb, but it has opened my eyes."
We went to work on Jas.
She was Mandy's masterpiece.
Her soft droopy breasts and curvy body we made up to look pale and ravaged and Mandy gave her love bites and blood to die for.
Jas looked super as a vampire's victim.
Long legs stretched out, wide hips and curly bush, flat lean tummy, big round soft breasts splayed apart, neck bent back and head hanging down with Mandy's great blood oozing from between her lips and bites on the neck and the breast dribbling sexy blood. Her face as white as a sheet and her eyes big, closed, black rimmed circles in her face, her lips bloodless and starkly contrasting with the rich crimson stain that was seeping from between her teeth. She was as limp as a dish rag and looked utlra vulnerable and oh, so sexy!!!!!
I loved her for it and knew that this set was going to be one of our very best.
Anne was magnificent as the vampire although her work with Jas and Judith while really professional lacked the magic that she had achieved with Mandy when both girls had been so fantastically aroused.
Laurise was last to die and she is such a pretty and vivacious young woman that her death couldn't be anything but terrific. She put a heap of real emotion into her dying scenes and while her biting stuff with Anne lacked the raw passion of a true lovers entanglement it still managed to come out as very realistic in terms of her sexual surrender to the vampire.
As Alex wrapped up the final shots I knew we had a winner in "The Vampire."
This was borne out when I looked at the downloads later that evening.
Alex was happy although he did mumble a bit when he looked at the oh so very obvious fervent ardour that shone out of the shots of Anne and Mandy.
"Those girls Barb. See why I don't want you modelling so much."
"Just acting darling...............ummmmm.............does that mean I can model now and then?"
"I'll think about it but for now I much prefer you doing what you're doing."
"Oh, doing stuff like this you mean?" I had slid down off of my chair and had unzipped his jeans and now I pushed them and his jocks aside and sucked his slightly tumescent cock into my mouth.
He sighed, part exasperation, part arousal.
I sucked and hummed and sucked and hummed and then slid my head back and forth Egyptian style and marvelled at just how big Alex could get.

Naked I stole into the darkened bedroom.
Anne and Mandy lay together in a nude lovers' embrace.
I was the succubus.
Creature of the night and lover of lovers.
My mouth wandered over their sweaty bodies and my tongue found their innermost secrets. I sucked and licked and kissed and nibbled and then I tore their throats out slurping the sweet red blood that fountained from their beating hearts.
I woke up in a lather of sweat.
Damn the vampires!!
I slept fitfully and the creature from beyond the grave came back and fucked me senseless while dropping putrid gunk all over me and chewing on my breasts.
Awake again sweating buckets.
Damn those bloody vampires!
I decided the cure was Alex and coaxed him awake and soon I was getting properly fucked and the evil spirits were fading back into the mists becoming once more the wraiths they were.
Alex exploded inside me and exhausted we rolled apart and within seconds I slept the dreamless sleep of the innocent.
The vampires are gone.
I think.
I hope.
Yes they are.....................aren't they???