Part 18

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Posted by Barbanne on May 31, 2002 at 00:01:32:



Jas finished drying herself.
She stood there naked, her beautifully rounded ass glowing from her shower, her breasts droopey but perfectly natural.
She picked up the tiny, blue satin g-string and stepped into it and wriggled it up her shapely legs and settled it over her pudenda with a lot of ass wiggling and hip swivelling. The thin strap wedgied into her generous crack.
The man stepped forward and pulled her into his embrace.
The long thin gleaming steel blade slipped into the fold beneath her left breast and drove itself home. Slicing through her skin and flesh, penetrating her chest wall, angling upward, seeking and finding her warm, beating heart and thrusting into it, stilling it swiftly and permanently.
Jas's eyes widened in disbelief.
Her painted lips dropped open.
Her eyelids fluttered and the light in her eyes faded to opaque and she slumped against the man's chest.
Instantaneously dead, her bloodless wound a thin slit she shuddered once and then went completely limp.
The man pulled his blade out and Jas slid downward.
Her butt hit the edge of the bed and she rolled helplessly.
She landed with a thump on the carpet and her ass twitched violently before she settled face down with her right arm by her side and her left arm outflung and her breasts pressed against the carpet, ballooning under her body. Her cheek rested on the floor and her half opened eyes started sightlessly at the pattern only millimetres away.
I moved in photographing Jas's lovely dead nudity from above, from the sides, from the front and from the back. I got down on my knees, shot more pics and finally ended up lying beside her shooting worm's eye views.
A serial killer in the form of Larry stalked Playdead dot com and in time every girl working for us and any others we could rope in would die.
Except me.
I was immune thanks to Alex.
Poor Jaslyn had drawn first to die and now lay sexily corpsed out at my feet. I was sharing the photography with Alex and was also going to play an invetigator at each girl's death scene as well as being the one to eventually catch and despatch a nude Larry.
An ongoing saga to relish.
I surrendered the camera to Alex and assumed my investigator role.
I knelt beside Jas and searched for the non existant pulse.
She was dead, kaput!!
I walked around her body and then moved in to check her eyeballs (fixed and dilated) her tongue (coated) her lips (cyanotic) and other stuff. I produced my thermometer and stuck it up her ass. (no I didn't, Alex angled the camera to make it look like I shoved it in but it went well wide, couldn't do that to my mate Jas) I was wrapping up my investigation before bagging Jas when Mandy came trotting in to tell Alex someone wanted to see him. He went outside for a moment and then popped back in and said, "Barb, Jas, time out. I'll be a little while. Barb when you're finished will you join me?"
"Sure," I said.
I got a robe and helped Jas into it and went and put the kettle on.
"Back soon Jas, then I'll make us both a cuppa."
She grinned and sat down with an old copy of Vogue.
I went upstairs to Alex's flat and found him in his study with two biiiiiiiiiiig girls.
"Barbanne, this is Jackie and Carol, they've come in answer to our ad."
I said "Hi" and shook hands with both girls, it was a toss up who mashed my mitt most.
Jackie was a brunette and Carol was a suicide blonde. (dyed by her own hand...hee, hee) Both looked like they did serious weights. Alex drew me aside, "What do you think Barb? Would we be able to use them?"
"Yeah maybe, sort of amazon stuff eh? Ask them to strip."
"Alex told the girls he'd like to do some shots to see how they came out on film and would they mind stripping."
No problem, they reckoned that was alright.
We went downstairs and I made that cup of tea while Jackie and Carol posed for Alex's camera. When they got nude Jas and I watched in fascination. These girls were true amazons. Muscles!!!!!!, sheesh they had muscles on their muscles. Their tits were more like over developed pecs crowned with girl nipples. I could only think of one photo set, beating each other to death!I'd have to try harder.
I noticed Carol had a blue bird tattooed on her bum. I hate tattoos and body piecing and apart from Judith who has a tiny tattoo in her groin, (where you can't see it unless you are lucky or priviledged) none of the Playdead girls sported any of this body adornment. I mean to say, nature gave us our looks and for me that's the big turn on. Using your body as an illustrator's canvas or a pin cushion sucks!!!!
Alex thanked the two muscle beach babes and they dressed and left after arranging to come back next week for a day of shooting.
I grinned at Jas and whispered, "How'd you like to be hugged by those shielas Jas? Hey, we'd better not tell Anne about them or she'll be round here with bells on."
We laughed and I said, "OK Jas time for you to hit the morgue."
We set up the stainless steel table and Jas got totally nude and stretched out on her back, complaining about how cold the steel was. She went "dead" and I observed while the mortician worked on her.
That was Larry wearing a mask and scrubs to hide the fact that he was also the killer. It would be great to have a cast of thousands but you have to make do with what's available.
As Larry approached Jas's nude "corpse" I hissed at him, "Just make sure you don't molest the girl Larry."
"Barb, would I ever? I worship the goil."
"Oh yeah, well I'm watching you."
Larry got pretty intimate with Jas as she lay out flat on her back on our stainless steel table. I made sure he didn't cop any free feels of her but at the same time it was hard to stop him from touching her all over. When I thought he was heading for something I wouldn't have liked I stepped in and did the feeling myself knowing that Jas would be a lot more comfortable to have my hand in her pussy than Larry's.
We finished up and pencilled in Laurise to be Larry the serial killer's next victim.

I helped Alex while he edited Jas's killing, part one of many parts.
In my mind I was working on a photo shoot for Jackie and Carol. What I kept coming up with was a scenario based on the ancient sport of, was it boxing?, that the Greeks did in the old Olympics. All I could remember was that two men (always men as far as I knew) would fight nude in a sort of bare knuckle stoush. I thought that Carol and Jackie could do a female version of this seeing as how they were both such athletically toned, muscular girls. I ran over it with Alex and we came up with a fight to the death type script. He wanted blood and I agreed to bruises, we argued plenty and I said, "Let the girls look sexy darling not chopped up."
"A little blood is really necessary for some semblence of realism Barb."
"Blood is not sexy as you'd know if you menstruated."
"Barb, just a trickle?"
"Sexy trickle??"
"I'll think on it."
"I think they should wear g-strings," I said.
"Not nude Barb?, traditionally they'd be nude."
"G-strings are sexier."
"OK, OK, you can have g-strings if I can have a teensy bit of blood."
"Let's get a third opinion.............Mandy!!!!..............."

Mandy agreed some blood and g-strings.
So next Saturday Jackie and Carol were in our studio wearing the tiny muscle posing type g-strings they had bought along at my request. Mandy was there with blood (sigh) and other make up tricks. Alex was handling the camera. Mandy and I got the job of coating Jackie and Carol with baby oil. For me it was an odd experience. No doubt that rubbing another woman with oil was disturbing enough to cause me to flush in all sorts of places, but even when rubbing Jackie's breasts I was aware that this girl was more muscle tone than femininity and I was moved in odd little ways but not aroused.
Having shone them both with baby oil we sprayed both girls with a fine mist of water and then they moved into their fighting stance and then into the poses.
The idea was to capture a feeling of really hard and sort of violent physical action.
Punches landed with a visible crunch and I would help place one girl's fist against another's face and get that twisted, bopped look that truly hard blows give. As the fight progressed I kept spraying more and more misty water to get that sweaty look and Mandy brushed on bruises and contusions to achieve a sexy battered look. I gave plenty of nstructions in this regard keeping the beat up look to slightly knocked around rather than really bashed up. Alex tried for some shots showing water flying off one or other girl's hair as her head was (supposedly) snapped back by a well directed punch.
Finally Jackie KO-ed Carol and she thumped onto the floor and I allowed a little trickle of bright red blood to snake down from her nostrils and some more red stuff to leak out between her teeth.
Jackie did the triumphant winner dance over Carol's supine body.
I had picked Carol to go down as punishment for her tattoo.
Jackie hauled out the limp body of Carol and the death fight sequence was over.
I started thinking what else could we ask these two body builder types to do.

I was working on future photo set ideas in my mind. I keep a scrap pad and a pencil and jot down ideas that occur. Right now I was mulling over how to present the good old western shootout so that it was fresh and new.
Three metres away Larry was doing in Laurise.
He threw her screaming onto the bed. She squirmed and wriggled and arched and kicked out.
I had it! Like a bolt from the blue the idea came to me and I jotted down some ideas.
Larry was on Laurise.
The long, thin, deadly blade was out.
I scribbled furiously.
The blade sank ito Laurise's chest slipping under her breast and she thrashed uncontrollably.
I stuck my pad and pencil in my back pocket.
Laurise shuddered and died.
Alex photographed her corpse lying backward over the bed.
I moved in and began my investigation, studying and then working my gloved hands over Laurise's nudity. Well, she had on a skimpy mauve bra and briefs but most of her was nude.
Later as I stood beside the stainless steel table on which Laurise, now completely naked, lay, and Larry disguised as a mortician did his best to feel her up, I ran through my western shootout scenario.
It was good. And it would work. A new slant on an old but much loved theme.
But first we had to do the vampires.................
I whacked Larry's wandering hand.
"Jeez but you're a creep Larry," I said.
"Barb, I worship the goil," he whined.