Part 16

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Posted by Barbanne on May 23, 2002 at 23:46:23:



I was working late on story ideas and tomorrow was Monday and I knew that Julian had a really busy day for me to start the week and so I was a trifle annoyed when Alex called out to me, "Can you come in here please Barb?"
"I'm really busy."
"Sorry but I have to talk to you."
"Hmmmnnn," I saved what I was doing and trotted into his study.
"Well, what?"
"Sit down please Barb."
"Alex, I'm busy finishing something off, I'm tired and I've got a big day at work tomorrow."
"I am sorry Barb but this is something I have to decide tonight and I need your input."
"Ok, what is it then?"
"I've had a request for a photo set from one of our customers and he is offering a lot of money for us to do it but to say I am less than enthusiastic would be to put it mildly."
"What is he asking? Bloody? sadistic? what?"
"No, it's not that but he wants us to do a lesbian based play dead and he is fairly insistent that he wants a certain amount of heavy petting if I can put it that way between the females involved."
"I can do that."
"Yes, I know you can and that's part of what worries me."
"Barb, I am not stupid and despite what you and the other girls might believe I am fairly sensitive to what happens here, not just on the surface but in the sub text as well and I know that you are attracted to other girls and well, I don't want to put you in a position that's embarrassing for both of us."
"Oh Alex it's just posing and some acting."
"That may be so, but I know that with you, as with the dead play, there is a certain level of real involvement that concerns me."
"So what if I'm getting off a bit on what I'm doing, it is after all a fantasy when all is said and done."
"That's true of course but that undercurrent is there and it could compromise our professionalism."
"Oh Alex, you and your professionalism. Just say we'll do it and we'll work it out from there."
"I don't know."
"Alex," I put my hands on either side of his face, "if your worried that doing some pretend lesbian stuff is going to affect the way I feel about you then you must not think much of me."
"Barb I'm sorry but I do love you so much."
"Then trust me."
"OK. Now one other thing, who will you get to do it with you?"
"I'll have to ask the others and see who doesn't mind a bit of girl pashing." I couldn't help giggling.
"Got any ideas?"
I was thinking Jas and Mandy but said, "Not really but I think maybe we might have to conscript Mandy."
"Mandy???? Not Mandy."
"Maybe not, I'll have to ask."
The thought in my mind was "You don't see everything my darling, despite what you might think."
"What's this epic called and how many girls do we need?"
"Three and it's tentatively titled "Bloody lesbian lust." That's his working title anyway."
"Oh wow."
Alex emailed the guy with an acceptance.

I rang around the other girls the following night.
Mandy said she'd be in. Judith and Laurise didn't want to do it, Jas said she'd be prepared to do it if I couldn't find anyone else and that surprised me and made me think maybe I'd misread her signals. Anne however agreed straight away and so I told Alex it wold be me, Anne and Mandy.
"Mandy," he said, "you're sure? Mandy eh."
On Wednesday when I came home Anne was waiting for me. She had been working and had stayed behind to talk about my request. She dragged me into the enclosed area where my bed was. Alex was upstairs working and everyone else was gone.
"Thanks for asking me Barb," she said.
"That's alright Anne," I smiled.
Anne looked different. Her hair was shiny and she had light makeup on and her eyes were alight and she looked embarrassed but came right out and said, "I've always wanted you Barbanne."
"Sorry Anne, what.................??"
Then she was on me, her hands cupping my face and she pulled me into a kiss and held my face tightly against hers while she kissed and her tongue probed and I thought, "Anne, oh migawd Anne, slightly grumpy Anne, what have I unleashed here?"
She was maybe two centimetres taller than me and, although slender, surprisingly strong. She bent me backward and kissed me like no other woman ever has.
I was gasping for breath.
We broke and I gasped out, "Oh Anne I'm sorry I never knew. Oh but Anne, I'm with Alex, surely you know that?"
"I know what I see Barbanne and don't worry about Alex. I don't want that, I don't want to be your husband I just want to fuck you and I know you want it too."
Goodness me!
She was right.
I did want it.
I wanted it badly and knowing it was forbidden fruit made me want it even more. I felt guilty and I felt naughty knowing what she wanted was wrong and I knew that I shouldn't even consider it. Even a dalliance was unfair to Alex. Stupid and wickedly unfair. But the very illicit nature of what I was contemplating made me tingly and hot and I knew I would surrender to my lusts.
I knew I could never love Anne as I did Alex and I knew that if I did this he would still remain my true love but the thrilling wickedness of sin called to me.
"You won't be sorry you asked me Barb," said Anne and then she kissed me again with a forcefulness that few men have equalled. I was lost and I was hers.

Anne had a truly classical nose, or would have had it not been for the way it kicked out at the bottom.
I looked at it and at the way she was blowing softly through her parted lips. Her eyes were closed and she was in that half way place between sleep and wakefulness.
I could still taste her womanhood on my tongue.
I could still feel her fingers within the folds of my cleft.
I couldn't believe I was here.
A secret tryst squashed into my lunch hour. Sharing a fuck pad with another girl! I felt enormous guilt about cheating on Alex. I felt deep shame at my weakness. I also felt an almost heady excitement at the wonderful thrill of doing something this illicit. Giving in to my lust and loving Anne this way.
I reached out and lightly stroked the bridge of her nose.
Her eye cracked open.
"Oh that conk of mine," she said.
"It's lovely," I whispered."
"It's awful Barb, but you're sweet."
She opened her eyes fully and rolled over. Our naked bodies entwined and we kissed, a log, slow, sensual kiss and her fingers reached down to my groin and found me hot, wet, and waiting..........................

Saturday had come and we were setting up to do "Bloody lesbian lust."
Except there wasn't going to be any blood and the lesbian lust was eating at me, quivering me with little thrills and yet filling me with deep humiliation. I felt simultaneously sullied, degraded and stigmatised and yet aroused like a teenager on her first date.
Did I tell you that when we did a set like this where ninety nine percent of it was going to be nude we tried not to arrive wearing any restrictive underwear that would leave bra strap marks or pantie lines on our skin? You'd be amazed how long it takes for those to fade. For me it was easy. I had slipped on a loose robe when I got out of the shower and had only worn that until I was ready to start posing. For Anne and Mandy it was harder but they arrived wearing loose track suits and with their underwear in their carry bags.
Alex was set up and I could tell from his body language that he was anything but comfortable with what was going to happen.
I had dropped my robe and was up on a chair fiddling with the lights.
We had set up our studio with a double bed and another general area for the rest of the action. Minimal props and plain backdrops. I was adjusting the lights to suit either set up.
Being nude is nothing that special when doing this sort of work. If you aren't at ease with getting around nude in front of the others then you aren't going to be able to drop into poses and stuff when asked to do so. Worrrying that someone might see your privates does not make for a very successful fantasy model.
But this day I could feel Anne's eyes following my every move.
I acted as though unaware of anything going on but being sort of super sensitive I could also feel that Alex was watching Anne watching me.
Finally we were ready.
Mandy and I did the first scene.
We rolled around naked and fully entwined on the rumpled bedclothes. I knew exactly what lesbian love was and Mandy (although more of an innocent I think) followed my leads like a true pro. We got involved. We got down and dirty and Alex hmmmphed a couple of times but his customer got true value for his money.
We finished with a long slow kiss and when we broke Mandy whispered, "Oh Barb, that was nice, oh yes, niiiiiice."
I smiled.
I walked naked from the bedroom.
Onto the other set where Anne lay in wait.When we ran through the plot that morning Anne had put up her hand to play the killer and Mandy and I opted for being victims. Alex thought that casting was good, but what only I knew was that Anne, as the killer, gets a lot of shots fondling her two dead victims and she had jumped at the chance.
I entered the posing space, looked around and Anne jumped me, nylon rope in hand.
She too was nude.
A brief and extremely one sided struggle ensued and I gasped and gurgled and went down limp in her grasp, my eyes closed and my mouth open and just a bulge of tongue showing.
She laid me out on the floor.
She crept into the bedroom.
Mandy never stood a chance.
Within moments she lay sprawled across the bed, also strangled.
Anne rolled her to one side and then dragged my body back into the bedroom and stretched me out beside Mandy.
I dragged good, my head lolled around and my arms trailed helplessly and my heels scraped the floor.
Lying on the bed I totally limped out. I had gone for eyes closed because of the difficulty of keeping a consistent stare in a long set and I was hoping this would be a long set.
Anne lay beside me.
She took my body in her arms and rolled me into an embrace. My arms flapped and dragged and she pulled me in close, breasts crushing breasts and her leg between mine, her thigh rubbing my groin. She flopped my left arm around her shoulders and kissed my gaping mouth. This enabled her to insert her tongue deep inside me searching for my tonsils. I didn't respond much but she seemed not to mind. She was savouring the taste of me and the tactile touch of her taste buds on the inside of my cheeks and my own lax tongue. She kept this pose for a long time, gently pumping her hips against me. Her smooth thigh rubbed against my prickly bush and the lips of my labia wet her leg. She broke the mouth to mouth contact and slid her tongue down my chin and onto my throat and then down over my breasts, stopping to nibble my nipples, and then in a long smooth slide down my tummy to my groin. She crouched over me, her straight brown hair tenting over my crotch, and moved down onto me quietly sniffing my arousal and then I felt her tongue probing into my slit and lapping hungrily at my juices.
I wondered how much Alex could see and then felt myself losing control and knew I was going to climax and cared for nothing but my own pleasure and then warmth, tingling and a rush of release between my thighs.
"That's enough Anne."
In a haze of warm sexual satisfaction I heard Alex's voice.
Anne lay me aside and moved onto Mandy.
I lay there with evidence of my own, what Alex would call undue involvement, glistening around my pussy.
I could hear Anne working on Mandy. Mandy was moaning, almost whimpering, very very softly beside me. I thought (hoped) that maybe Alex wouldn't hear it and although I had another hot flush of shame and self loathing that I was cheating on him I was unable to stop my own addictive arousal.
Anne finished with Mandy and then pulled both of us onto her in a crush of two limp "dead" girls and one aggressively alive sapphist. I hoped Alex thought it was only acting. Well, the being dead stuff was (speaking for myself) but the lesbian loving was all too real.
In the threesome, Anne's busy fingers found my slit again and she knew exactly where to find my sweet spot and what to do with it.
I climaxed again.
Finally Anne rolled us two strangled dead bodies onto each other and arranged our limbs so that Mandy and I were embracing face to face, huddled together with not enough space between us to insert a sheet of paper.
As Alex photographed us in this pose Anne rubbed her fingers into the cracks of our behinds and stroked our heads and played with our feet and other intimate stuff.
Mandy whispered in my ear.
"Oh Barb, oh my god. I never knew I could feel like this. Oh Barb, I'm sooooooo embarassed but oh Barb, I'm so excited. Barb..............I..........,I.............,er.................,I came!"
"You'll have to do better than that love," I whispered back, "I came twice."
She giggled softly and so did I. We wobbled together like jelly.
"Keep still you two," said Alex.
At last it was over and we raced into my bed space to change.
"Oh Anne," said Mandy and stroked Anne's hair and face."
"Like that did you Mandy," said Anne.
We finished pulling stuff on and Mandy whispered in my ear, "Barb I think I'm in love."
I certainly hoped so, because I had my lover, my man to make up to and I wanted him badly.
Guilt reaction probably but whatever it was my love for Alex had emerged from my flirtation with Sappho stronger than ever.
Anne and Mandy left together and Alex ran the shots.
They were fantastic and if you knew where to look well..............................

That night I came to Alex and we made love with an intensity we had not reached before.
My relationship grew in both intensity and strength. I loved Alex more than ever before. Sex with him became amazingly good and I was hungry for him to be inside me, filling me, possessing me. My love for Anne and Mandy remained always there, lurking half hidden and wonderfully sweet for being secret. That tingling forbidden lust filled love sharpened my desire for Alex.
I was a very happy girl.