Part 15

Posted by Barbanne on May 21, 2002 at 23:42:33:



He had those magical good looks that caused an automatic nubbling of the nipples and a tightening of the twat and then a surge of naughty electric heat from the one to the other.
And that went for every girl in the place.
And I was certainly not immune!!!!!
Larry, our first stud (Josiah didn't really rate in the "stud" stakes even though he was very nice) and a dream on legs until he opened his mouth and then he was boy yobbo meets sewer mouth. But he looked fabulous and was going to play a James Bond type while we girls played typical, no account Bond girl objects, dead of course.
So this is how it went.
Larry, in tux opened the door to Playdead which was for this purpose Global Imports and Exports.
He crossed to the reception desk where Mandy sprawled in the swivel chair, head back, arms dangling, white throat exposed, her crisp white shirt unbuttoned to the waist revealing a braless chest and two stick on bullet holes in the valley between her breasts. Her stocking clad legs were sticking straight out, ridiculously short black skirt rucked up and she had no panties at all.
Larry glanced at her briefly, the camera lingered.
He moved on into the studio where in the centre of our posing area Judith lay nude, figure X-ed and skewered to the floor with a prop spear. Obviously dead, Larry barely paused. On the stairs leading up to Alex's flat Laurise lay, head down, legs up, arms outstretched, wearing a see through lace bra and panties and a bullet hole through her heart.
Larry stooped and checked for the pulse that wasn't there.
Upstairs in the bedroom Anne lay dead on the bed coated in sickly green poster paint from head to toe and nothing else.
"I've seen this before," he said, "only the last one was glitzier."
The bedroom cupboard door was ajar.
Walther PPK in right hand Larry used his left to whip open the cupboard door and I rolled out onto my back in my favourite legs apart pose wearing black patent high heeled sling backs and elasticised top stockings and a heavy layer of lipstick the colour of chopped liver, a lot of which was smeared on my front teeth, purple passion eye shadow, gunk thick mascara and eyeliner rimmed eyes, half open and rolled way back and a bloodless bullet hole crater in the middle of my forehead.
Tits up and dead!
"Hmmmnnn, the things people save in their cupboards," said Larry.
Larry crossed silently to the bathroom.
He opened the door.
Looked in.
Jas lay nude in the tub. One bullet hole in her left breast, one bullet hole in her right breast and a third bullet hole in her tummy. Half in and half out of the shower cubicle lay Lynette, (yes they were back) face up, stitched down the front with six bullet holes, eyes staring, mouth gaping and very dead.
"Cleanliness is next to deadliness," muttered Larry.
Turning into the living room Larry was confronted by Peta in pink panties slumped in a lounge chair and wearing a bullet hole in the forehead.
"Nice shade of pink," he murmured, "matches the drapes."
"So Bond."
Enter Alex playing the heavy, silenced gun in hand.
Larry turned and he and Alex stared at each other face to face.
"Bond" sneered Alex.
"Blofeld," said Larry, "you've been busy.
"All these dead tarts?" said Alex waving a hand at Peta and by extension the rest of us.
"Yes," said Larry.
"Well?" said Alex.
Larry smiled in a frighteningly feral way. "Poor dead girls but they still have their uses."
"They do that Meester Bond," agreed Alex.
"Let's enjoy ourselves," said Larry.
"After you Bond," said Alex.
Alex had photographed most of the set, but for this last confrontation between him and Larry I did the honours, tottering on high heels, still naked from the stocking tops up and still looking like a "dead" slut including my bullet hole. An audience of naked and recently dead girls crowded the doorways watching before resuming their playing dead positions for the final walk through.
These last shots insinuated a welter of sex by the two guys with the various nude, corpsed girls without being overly explicit.
Another Playdead winner!

While we were there all eight of us did a custom setup where we lay (sixteen sets) tits up, side by side, head to toe, completely naked and obviously dead but with no visible signs on anyone. Eight lolling tongues and eight pairs of staring eyes gazing upward, blue, brow, green, hazel, you name it. Some guy had asked for it so we did it.
Alex photographed the line up from all angles giving the guy his minimum twenty photos.
The girls dressed and went off home. Larry hung around sort of posing and chatting up anyone with internal plumbing. I looked over at Mandy while we were pulling on our gear and Larry was hovering and she made a "sick" gesture, like vomito, vomito, with her finger in her mouth. I grinned and then wiped it as Larry turned and nearly caught me at it.
Lynette and Peta took pity on the sad but gorgeous looking creep and took him with them when they left. I managed to hiss, "Jeez Lyn, where's your taste?" in Lynette's ear as they went. She smiled, "A bird, or in this case a big cock, in the hand is worth two in the bushes Barb." I couldn't help laughing out loud and Larry looked at me like was I demented.
Mandy said goodbye and I joined Alex as he ran the results of our day's work.
As he came to the shots showing me toppling out of the cupboard and lying flaked out on the floor, he leaned forward and studied my overly made up face and then without taking his eyes off the screen said, "Why do you present yourself and pose like a tramp Barb."
"Here, look."
"Feeling trashy turns me on."
"Barb, you're my girl. I love you, I hope you love me and although I don't want you to stop posing or stop giving me your input I would prefer it if you didn't relish looking so, so, well, tarty."
"Trash, tart, strumpet, jade, wench, slut, prossie, that's me."
"Oh I know your ease with words Miss, but no, you are none of those things."
"How would you know?" I was losing my cool.
"I know plenty, more than you imagine. I know for instance that before coming here you worked for Vic and did a heap of movies that, although being playing dead stuff, sort of bordered on pornographic."
I went red. Flushed from the roots of my hair to the tips of my ears.
"I er, er...................."
(Some of you might remember tht there was a stage when I was known as the actress and worked with a guy called Vic doing dead play flicks and simulated sex. Not always simulated. I finally got tired of it and went off to what I thought was my idyll with a girl called Julie. Well, it was paradise for the first month and then I started having second thoughts. My sexuality has always been sort of screwed up and much as I like other girls, I guess I realised I was looking for a relationship with a man. A man like Alex although I didn't know he existed then. The second and third months were increasingly strained and much as I loved Julie, I knew something had to give. Then one night we had a blow up and she slapped me and I wanted to slap back and had to struggle to restrain myself. The next day I left paradise and came back to the city. And that's about it.)
", er."
"Barb, what I'm saying," said Alex, "is that although you do stuff that is filled with sexual fantasy I want you to keep your real fantasies for between us."
"You mean if I'm feeling slutty I ought to be your slut woman."
"I wouldn't quite put it like that but yes."
"Aaaaah Alex, this relationship stuff is complex eh?"
"But worth it."
"Definitely worth it," I put my arms around his shoulders and slid in for a kiss.
So you'll keep the tartiness down?"
"Mmmmmnn I'll think about it. You know I just realised, I'm your Madonna whore fantasy, except poor Alex, not much Madonna eh?"
"You," he smacked my bum and one thing started leading to another....