Part 14

Posted by Barbanne on May 15, 2002 at 23:37:17:



Weekends were the best.
From Friday night to Sunday I spent with Alex. I made myself available whenever he wanted me and sometimes when I wanted him. Our sex was good and he certainly wasn't screwing a rigid plank anymore. All week I was his little housewife cooking his meals and keping the place clean, but weekends we spent more like partners.
I always woke up in his bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings and as long as lust didn't interfere we often talked about all sorts of things while dreamily holding each other.
That was when the idea of an outdoor shoot arose.
We were getting good results with the ring flash even though the resultant pictures had an "in your face" look about them. Allowing for that, they banished shadowing which the more direct flash often gave and although requiring careful use produced great technical photos.
I had had thoughts about an outdoor series and told Alex about it and he said "Lets try it Barb."
So we did.
I took a Wednesday off from Julian's and we lined up Jas and Laurise and with Mandy and me we had all we needed for my outdoor sets.
Except for props of course but we gathered those over a week or so and then we were ready.
We made an early start and as we were going to be dressing and undressing lots Alex found himself driving my old wagon with four loosely dressed, gabbling and giggling females none of whom was wearing any undies. (no time for them when quick changes were called for) Towels were included.
We drove the forty or so kilometres to the coast where our first set up was to be done. The idea I had had was for picture shoots of the Field and Stream type showing life (and death) in the great outdoors.
The spot we were heading for had a horseshoe bay with rocky headlands where the huge sandstone boulders had been worn smooth over the ages by the pounding of the waves. We parked at the lookout and scrambled down onto the rocks below. I was going to shoot and Alex was playing the heavy and Jas, Laurise and Mandy were going to be the victims. As soon as we found a suitable big flat rock shelf the girls got naked and posed in a group. They were sea creatures you see, naked female sea creatures, sort of mermaids without tails. Also they were sort of seals. Alex dressed like a seagoing type and carrying a wooden club, ( a bit of driftwood we had found on the way down. We had bought a bat but the diftwood was just so much better) popped up looking lethal.
The girls frolicked on the rocks. Don't you love that word frolicked. Complete innocents. Along came club wielding Alex.
(This set was very melancholic, sad and tragic, but sexy, I hoped)
The girls looked up at their slayer not knowing that to him they were merely prey.
Whop, whop, whop! Alex bopped one after the other over the head.
Jas flopped onto her back sprawled out on the rocks, those droopy breasts splayed out and wobbling. Laurise nose dived over Jas, her ass sticking way up in the air, pussy well and truly on show. Mandy slid down to lie stretched out over Jas's legs. The whole set, and the others we were going to do, we had decided should be played in a comic vein so all three girls did their best cross eyed stare and stuck their tongues out as far as they could, you know, the way cartoon characters are drawn when they are dead.
I was shooting this set up trying to get as many shots of each girl's dead pose as well as Alex standing triumphantly over them when I heard a group of tourists at the lookout above. I looked up to see if they could see anything but unless they actually came on down we were hidden from their view.
They went away and the little body pile giggled and shook and then we packed up.
Alex was treated to a view of fast dressing sheilas.

Our next set up was a stream about ten kilometres away and near the coast.
Alex parked and we got organised.
This time Mandy played a fisher person and Alex did the photography.
Jas, Laurise and I got nude and lay on a rock ledge behind where Mandy was fishing. We lay in a parallel row of three, on our sides with our arms down beside us and fingers straight and legs stretched straight out, eyes widely open and staring and mouths saying capital O. We looked like her catch of fish.
Alex got Mandy to dump a bucket of water over the "fish," to keep them fresh.
It was freezing. If he wanted pebbly nipples he sure knew how to get them.
Not satisfied with that he had me float face down and stark bollocky nude in the frigid water while he got some prequel shots of Mandy gaffing me and bringing me ashore. I had let my hair grow quite long and it drifted like weed on the water. Alex took his time doing the fish being gaffed shots and my butt and most of the rest of me went very blue by the time he finally let Mandy reel me in.
Then he insisted on photographing me lying laid out on the creek bank before he decided he was satisfied.
When that was over I grabbed a towel and rubbed and rubbed some circulation back into my body.
The other girls thought it was all very amusing.

Our final setup was based on the common practice in the country of suspending killed creatures from fences, partly to deter others and partly as a trophy. Eagles and wild dogs were both considered vermin and it was not uncommon to see them hanging from the barbed wire.
Made me sick but made for a Playdead set.
None of us girls fancied being hung on barbed wire so we found a pipe rail gate in such a fence on a rutted dirt back road which looked like it hadn't seen traffic since the ark.
Alex set up while Laurise, Jas and me got nude again and then Mandy lashed our heels to the top rail so that we hung down with our arms spread trying to look like slaughtered creatures. Being the shortest I found the ropes were biting into my ankles and hoped it would be over soon. Three naked babes hanging on the gate with our tongues hanging out as far as they'd go and our eyes half shut.
Alex was shooting pictures when Mandy called out, "Someone's coming!"
I peeked and saw a dust cloud heading our way.
"Oh struth," said Mandy.
"Damn," said Alex.
"Get the tarp and cover us," I said.
"What tarp?" said Alex.
"In the car in the spare wheel well."
I had one of those blue sort of tarpaulin things, the el cheapo you get from Target stores.
Alex and Mandy got it out and threw it over the three of us covering us and the gate.
A utility squealed to a stop on dusty brake pads and a cloud of fine red particles floated in the air sneaking under the tarp and covering us in dust. It was hot and confined under that tarp and now it was dusty and I felt sure something was crawling in my hair.
"G'day," It was a woman's voice.
"Hello." said Alex.
"Whatcha dooin'?"
"Like takin' pitchers?"
"That's it."
"What of?"
"Oh landscapes mostly."
I could imagine her looking around at the dry sear countryside and wondering what attraction that had.
"What's the tarp for?"
"Oh just using it as a, er, a reflector."
It was a bloody bull ant and now it had crept down my body and was crawling on creepy legs across my groin and then it bit me. I felt the hot needle like sting and choked off an "Oooooow."
"Youse city folk, jeez yer mad," she revved the ute, "Well, see ya and tell them gels to get out from under yer reflector their arses are ticking out a mile. Haw Haw Haw Haw," and she drove away.
She was right.The tarp was not big enough to cover both sides of the gate and as she drove up she must have been treated to three nice white cityfied "arses" poking out back.
Alex and Mandy removed the tarp and untied us and I hopped around sporting a swelling red bite millimetres from my labia, not to mention raw chafed ankles.
That was one of my dumber ideas I had to admit. Jas and Laurise were covered in red dust (so was I) and were sweating, little muddy rivulets scoring the dust, (so had I) but they could see the humour in it and laughed and laughed as they got dressed.
I looked hurt, after all I was the one with the bloody bull ant bite, but after a bit I realised how zany the whole thing had been and started giggling too.
Alex opined that he had gotten enough good shots of the three killed vermin girls to make the set complete and so he called it a day.

In red dirt stained clothes we got back into the car and Alex drove us home.
I had an ancient tube of savlon in the glove box and sat in the back seat with my skirt rucked up rubbing salve into my wound.
The girls whistled.
The stinging hurt of the bite faded quickly and was replaced with a fierce itch.
I was still scratching myself when I emerged from the shower at Playdead and joined the others for a coffee and a damn good laugh at our outdoor experience.
Alex downloaded the pics and ran them and they were good.
Really good, but that didn't mean I wanted a repeat anytime soon.