Part 139

Posted by Barbanne on May 18, 2004 at 00:15:30:



I had moved out of Bobbi's crowded little flat taking Killer with me.
It had finally reached a point where we could no longer combine a Slain Sluts studio (albeit temporary) with our squeezed living arrangements and now that Bob the Brute had moved in with Bobbi and had become a permanent fixture in her bed, I was no longer either comfortable being there or particularly welcome in their cosy little love nest. I had become like the ghost at the wedding.
So me and the dawg skedaddled.
I was lucky to find a big old house I could afford to rent which, although it could only politely be described as a dump, at least had working plumbing and a serviceable kitchen and boasted a big back room perfect for a studio and an enclosed rear yard for my mate Killer.
I also found a new job as a barmaid at a footie club. This was no little local club but one of the big ones that dominated the national sporting scene and I was but one of their multitude of employees. The job suited me fine because I worked from late afternoon until midnight, came home and crashed and then had most of the following day available to concentrate on either writing, shooting stuff for Slain Sluts or quality time with my dawg.
As part of my job I had to wear a uniform in club colours that comprised a halter top and a frilly mini so short I couldn't do anything but stand straight up without displaying my panties which were also in the club colours. Going out into the crowd at quiet times to collect dirty glasses and clean tables in this outfit was an exercise in advanced sexual harrassment, but all the other girls had to put up with this sort of shit too, especially on busy nights and for the waitresses the razzing they got on their many excursions into the "pit" made whinging about my occasional forays seem petty.
I also started doing a lot of one night stands with anyone who appealed on a casual 'seemed good at the time' basis. This was not really me but I found I needed sex on any type of regular footing and had decided I'd never have another permanent relationship. My blow up with Alex and my failure with Bob had made me very man shy.
I don't know.
Why, I wonder, are men such MEN!
Still, I had my work to keep me occupied, pulling beers for pissed dudes who ogled my ass and working at stuff for Slain Sluts.
Today was working at stuff for SS.
My big back room had been turned into a mortuary by the addition of two long thin tables and I was the mortician girl wearing a combination gown and lab coat that closed at the front with a sash tied around my middle. Yep, for once I was the one who was alive and my aliveness showed where my nipples were clearly visible, thrusting outwards through my thin white gown. White is good as it alway has a certain see through ability no matter what sort of material (and mine was quite thin) and if you had looked carefully at where it came below my waist you'd have realised I had no panties on either.
My mortuary tables were both occupied.
Sheryl and Bobbi were the two cadavers stretched out on their backs and (of course) absolutely nude, Sheryl's thick curly pubic bush contrasting with Bobbi's shaved and smoothly sexy and rather inviting pussy.
I was busily fiddling around doing mortuary type things as I prepared to deal with my customers.
Suddenly, with a loud belchy burping, Sheryl reared up from her bier, mouth agape and eyes half shut and whitely glazed and horrible and sightlessly dead.
"Damn," I said and went over and pushed her back down with a creaking, squeaky noise and pressed her shoulders onto the table.
"Eeeeyerrrchhhaaablooooooop," went Bobbi and rose upright and then tilted slightly forward outdoing Sheryl for gaping mouth and uprolled eyeballs.
"Oh shit," I mumbled and went over and shoved her back down.
(Even more creaky sounds this time)
I got on with my work and had my head down and my ass up, hips wiggling to some tune playing in my head when, "Gaaabuuuurrrrppp," and Sheryl lurched up again with a noisy escape of gas and a look straight from 'Night of the Living Dead.'
"Strewth," I muttered and shoved her back down.
"Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttthhhhhhhh," and up popped Bobbi, eyes open and fixed and mouth wide.
I shoved her back onto the table.
I stood there watching my cadavers for a while waiting to see if anything else happened.
After a period of quiet with my two naked corpses lying quietly and peacefully on their slabs I turned back to what I had been doing.
I whipped around as both Bobbi and Sheryl jerked up, bending from the waist and sat there rolling around slightly and looking like something Burke and Hare would have been proud of.
"Aw fuck this," I said. "Whats wrong with you bloody stiffs? I know, strewth why didn't I think of it. Dead babes who obviously died unfulfilled and now their poor frustrated copses can't rest, well I know a cure for that."
I left my two propped up corpses sitting there and disappeared from the room only to return a moment later carrying an industrial sized vibrator shaped like a schlong that Rasputin would have envied. I turned it on and it buzzed busily and shook so hard I had trouble holding it. Putting it to one side where it jittered round on the end of Bobbi's table I pushed my two girl stiffs back into the supine position and spread their legs giving Alvin (he was shooting this little drama) the opportunity to move right in close for some juicy pussy pics and then I inserted my humming vibrator in Bobbi and gave it full power.
A look of ecstasy slowly spread across her dead features and as it did her body subsided into total limpness, relaxed and manageably dead. I turned my attention to Sheryl and, when my device got going inside her, her whole body shivered in time to it, lots of flesh quivering seductively and she too relaxed into a contented limpness as her mouth crept into a tiny smile.
At last I could put my throbbing friend aside as my two cadavers were relaxed and flaccidly content.
"That's better," I said, "bloody pop up stiffs. After all, a girl's gotta be kept happy even when she is dead."
I picked up my vibrator.
"Hmmmmnnnn, just how good is this thing?"
I slipped it under my gown.
Last shot. Two peaceful corpses stretched out satisfied and dead. Burst of loud buzzing noise and then assorted female squeals and grunts and squeaks and sighs and then one awfully long moaning.

Every now and then I liked to check out our competition.
I still had my password for Playdead as no-one had either thought or seen fit to cancel it. I clicked on my shortcut, entered my password and saw that Jade had shot a set with Cass, Keely and Rinka which sounded super, something about two babes being slaughtered by a third, voodoo loving zombie gal. That'd be Cass I figured.
I brought up the thumbnails and clicked on one that, peering through my specs, looked particularly erotically gruesome. Shit! all I got was one of those damn little boring Microsoft squares that said this was a php file.
"What the fuck's a php file?" I called out to Addie and Sheryl. Bobbi had gone off with Bob the brute as she did most all of the time these days.
"Dunno Barb, why?"
"Aw that blinking Alex has changed to something called a fucking php file and it won't come up on my screen."
"Maybe you need some new software Barb."
"Shit, shit, shit, why can't he stick to jpeg's. Jpeg's I understand. Shit he must think everyone's a friggin' tech head like him. Addie I got my good points, two up and one down," I giggled, "but my brain isn't my strong point. Why can't things that work for me be left alone..........shit!!!"
I was pissed. I'm a computer lightweight see.
I went back to our own site swearing and fuming.
"He did it just to piss me off Addie. Bet he did."
"Barb you don't think maybe you're a little neurotic where that man's concerned?'
"C'mon Barb I've never known you to cut up because of a little computer glitsch."
"It's not just one, its the whole fucking Internet thing. I mean we had that problem with our Norton security software causing the Windows to fuck up and stopping us from browsing and nobody could tell us what that was and then our ISP changed our DNS numbers and didn't tell us and every time I look at email I'm wading through a shit load of spam, strewth I've been offered enough penis enlargements to make me into King Kong, if I'd only had one in the first place. I'm sick of the whole thing, its becoming the playground of teenage twerps with no other life and I'm being made to feel like a dumb friggin' broad."
"That bad Barb?" Sheryl grinned at Addie.
"Not to mention the sassa worm and the blaster worm and that other thing and oh shit I'm really thinking of just pulling the plug and disconnecting from the Internet and quitting the whole bloody scene."
"That would mean the end of Slain Sluts Barb," said Addie.
"Well, I'm thinking we ought to get proper jobs and join the real world."
"But Barb you love this acting dead stuff you've told me enough times how much it turns you on."
"Well maybe I should grow up......ah shut up."
Killer was howly whining at the door looking for a feed.
"Gee you are in a foul mood."
"I feel like a B grader, I feel totally put down by all the IT changes, I don't mind things getting better I suppose, but I feel like a dumb girl who cant keep up with teenage kids."
I was surprised to find I was weeping.
"I'm off," said Addie.
"See ya," I sniffed.
"Bye," said Sheryl.
When we were alone Sheryl came over and put her arm around me. "What's the matter mate?"
"Men. Men really piss me off. I hate the shitty one nighters I've been having and now I find Alex has done this."
"I'm sure he didn't do it with you in mind Barb."
"Ah, I went out with this guy last night and when he took me home his mate was waiting and they hurt me Sheryl, they hurt me."
"What do you mean hurt you?"
"They used their strength to, you know, and they hurt me Sheryl."
"You can do something about that Barb, its called rape."
"Ah I can't be bothered going through all that I hate all fucking men and......................"
"And what?"
"I thought Alex would have called me or something and he didn't and I'm................................"
I started crying again.
Sheryl pulled me to her and rocked me in her arms as I cried silently and desperately.
Then I realised she had taken her top off and was shucking out of her skirt and then she was undressing me and then we were naked together and I said, "Hold it one sec," and I went and let the dog in and fed him. He wasn't surprised I was nude, I was nude heaps of the time. Then Sheryl and I went to the bedroom and kissed and my breasts rolled against hers and my tummy slid over hers and then we made love.
Afterwards I lay there in her arms pressed against her body, she has a gorgeous, soft, womanly body and I said, "I've put in to join Ausaid you know."
"What's that Barb?"
"One of those overseas aid organisations. I feel I should do something with my pitiful life."
"Oh geez what will we do without you girl? You can't leave us, well, yes I suppose you can its your life after all. What would you do there?"
"Well I can't nurse and I can't do much else but I can drive anything with an engine and wheels under it so I told them I could be a driver, they need those."
"Whereabouts Barb?"
"Western Sudan, they operate there, I was a bit frightened of Iraq."
"Is Western Sudan safe Barb?"
"Not really."
"Aren't you frightened?"
"Sheryl, sometimes I think I'd welcome death."
"Barb, oh please don't say that, take it back, that's horrible."
"I know."

I was confused, miserable, unhappy. Part of me wanted the job with Ausaid, part of me dreaded it. In the back of my consciousness I yearned for Alex to call me, to come for me. But my stubborn pigheadedness wouldn't let me make the first move.
I went back to work.
Addie was behind the camera and Bobbi was doing makeup and props.
I was a cave woman called Ugganne. My costume, such as it was, consisted of a fur shoulder strap that partly covered my left breast and supported a wide fur belt that was actually a skirt although it barely covered my crotch. (This was no mini skirt this was a midget skirt, I'd made it myself) Saturn was my conquering cave man, naked and armed with a big papier mache club that looked suitably fiercesome and an astounding erection. (well most of the time)
I was scampering around, flapping my hands and acting like a girl and Saturn appeared.
I screamed, like, "Eeeeeeccchhh."
He grunted, "Ugh."
I flapped and jumped up and down on the spot.
He snorted, "Hmmpphhh," and bopped me over the head with his club.
I sighed like, "Ooooooh," and my eyes shut and my mouth gaped and I collapsed limply and slid down the front of Saturn, my tongue dangling and licking and drooling onto his pecs and abs until my mouth closed over his erection and I groaned and my eyelids fluttered.
He said, "Ugh," and bopped me again on the crown of my head. My eyelids snapped shut and my mouth slobbered loosely and slipped off of his cock as I subsided limply the rest of the way to the floor.
He said, "Ugh, Ugh, me want woman," and grabbing a fistful of my hair he dragged me around for a while. Actually being dragged by your hair hurts like hell so it was mostly pretend. I was loose and limped right out, out cold with a pinkly wet and gaping mouth.
I groaned again, "Ooooh."
He bopped me. BOP!
I was out again and this time he dragged me around by one leg making a mockery of the modesty value of my "skirt."
After a while he stopped for a breather and I groaned again.
This time he stripped off my pathetic fur costume and hoisted me up with my ass spread across his shoulder, my legs hanging down his back and my hair and arms dangling the other side and Addie getting all sorts of macro close-ups of my bum.
And my thighs and my pussy. (and my cellulite)
After Saturn had carted me around like that for a bit I groaned again and BOP he tapped my head where it hung down over his chest.
Silence once more from Ugganne as the only part of her moving was spittle dribbling from her drooly lips.
Saturn tipped me off his shoulder and I landed flat on my back, starfished with my arms spread and my legs splayed wide apart.
He sat down beside me scratching himself and picking at nits.
"Oooooh," I said and half sat up.
Saturn carried on, his erection growing by the minute.
"Ooooooooh," just my head came up this time.
Scratch, pick, comb.
Ah the joys of being a kayoed cave girl I thought. Imagine being able to lie here in dreamland forever not having to worry about anything, not having men to get hot and frustrated over, not having to make a decision, not having to do anything. No responsibility, nothing. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah
I groaned again.
My head rose from the floor, eyeballs skittering and mouth wide open and I said, "Whu......whu...........??"
This time I went down and out for good.
Saturn who by now had grown a huge erection, (he could do that, almost like on demand) smiled evilly and mounted my prone body and shagged me mercilessly.
(first though a condom got fitted by the prop lady)
End of the cave girl set.

Ausaid called and told me I had the job. I could leave in about a week's time or in two months. I opted for a week, unsure whether if I waited too long I would lose my resolve.
I would be away for six months with an option to stay another six months if we both suited each other.
I certainly still had my doubts. My split with Alex was eating me up, but I had gotten to a point from which I didn't know how to go about repairing the damage. I was miserable and mixed up and utterly confused. As a result my wretchedness made it impossible for me to think straight and as soon as work finished I dragged myself out, trying to lose myself in sex.
Despite my black mini dress and silver spandex top and too high heels I failed to attract any offers, probably because of the aura of misery that surrounded me like a halo. As I stood in the dark fumbling with my key just after midnight I was grabbed from behind and encircled by two strong arms and forced inside my door.
Killer was outside somewhere, why oh why hadn't I left him inside.
It was the two guys I'd had trouble with before and they were drunk, very drunk.
They called me bitch and told me I was a prick tease and one of them gave me a beating that left me stunned on the floor as they ripped my skirt off and tore my top and shredded my panties. Then they raped me. I didn't fight back, just lay there and let it happen. If you've never been forced into sex, never had a sour, stinking, sweaty body cover yours while you're held down by someone else, never had your body penetrated forcibly while your mind is being abused by your helplessness then I can't explain how I felt. Except to say I felt utterly, totally and completely filthy. I was a slut and I was getting what I deserved.
It was awful.
I obviously wasn't much of a screw lying there like a wooden plank and when they'd finished one of them gave me a kicking.
After that they went and I lay there the salt from my tears drying on my cheeks and I wished myself dead.
I thought of ways to kill myself so that I wouldn't be a bother to anyone and then Killer came in and licked my face.
"What am I going to do with you boy when I go away?" I asked.
My body had been beaten but it was my very soul that had been violated.
Eventually I dragged myself up and fed the dog.
Then I dumped my ruined clothes in the bin and stood under a hot shower trying to scrub myself clean, but all the time knowing that the real stain was deep inside my very being, my rotten filthy spirit.
The next day I found I was covered in bruises and my left eye was swollen almost shut and I had the mother of all shiners. I thought maybe one or more ribs might be broken where I'd been kicked but was frightened to find out for sure. When the other girls saw me they all seemed horrified and asked me over and over what had happened. I said that I'd fallen over the dog. (poor Killer, he didn't deserve to be used as an excuse) Nobody believed me I could see that.
I made arrangements for Sheryl to take over my lease, she was looking for a place to live and she and Bobbi hoped to keep Slain Sluts going until I came back and the house suited for that very well. That night Sheryl stayed after everyone else had gone and once we had eaten a light dinner she took me to bed.
Both naked we lay together.
Sheryl was very gentle with me clucking over my poor battered body.
She herself has a gorgeous body. Women grow into their bodies and rather than trying to hide it as the very vain do, Sheryl had allowed a few wrinkles and some extra padding and the odd cellulite ripple define her as a woman of maturity. I loved her very much and she also had the most amazing nipples, big prominent and brown. I was kissing her breasts and my mouth fixed onto her left breast and suckled her nipple while I curled into a foetal position and wished I could die like that. Then I wished Sheryl could be the mother I never really had.
"Poor Barb," she said, "it's never easy for you is it?"
I cried.
I thought about Playdead and I thought about Bobbi and Sheryl and mostly I thought about Alex.
I had five days to go before all of this was over.