Part 136

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Bobbi. Actually her name was Robyn and she and I were going to do something naughty.
Bobbi was my age and a bit taller than me with a thin, coltish body and even whiter, less outdoors babe skin than mine. She also had small but admittedly slightly droopy breasts and a fantastic ass.
She had a longish, sort of horsey face, thin with a prominent and pointy chin and a, sort of big, upturned nose with a very apparent bulb on the end and she had sensitive large hazel eyes and rather thick eyebrows and a high forehead and a big, sensuous mouth containing a heap of teeth with a sexy overbite and she had really pretty ears. Her hair was brown and shoulder length although I had hardly ever known her to wear it in its natural colour. Right now it had a bad, streaky blonde rinse that she had obviously done for herself and her roots were showing through and were in bad need of a touch up. Bobbi was nude and I had observed that she also sported a tatt down on the inside of her upper thigh which must have hurt like hell getting put there and could only be seen when your nose was just about in her labia. It was really tiny and showed a blue bird flying through a floral heart and towing a banner reading "I love B."
The B was me.
I had met Bobbi when we were both fourteen years old and fellow inmates in the State Care Home.
Both of us had come from way less than perfect homes and both of us had suffered abuse, although thinking back I reckon mine wasn't all that horrible compared to Bobbi's.
We discovered sex with each other and then we became the best of friends and finally lovers.
I thought we were inseparable and then the system ground over us and we were separated and didn't see each other again. I went on to a messy life that finally led me to Playdead dot com and all of the stuff I've told you about and then I almost died (did clinically three times) and when I was recuperating from that and stooging around I was in the supermarket pushing my trolley and daydreaming when this girl pushes me in the back and says, "Hey Barbara."
I hadn't heard that name in a while and I turned and said, "Yeah?" and then I said, "Oh shit! Oh jeez, Oh wow, Bobbi."
"The same Barb."
"Oh Bobbi," and then we were hugging and kissing and people were walking past and looking sort of strange at us.
"Oh Barbara, Oh Barbara," said Bobbi.
"Hey Pal, nowadays I'm going by Barbanne."
"Barbanne, that's a beautiful name but what the hell, main thing is your my Barb."
We hugged and kissed and cried and decided we'd made enough of a show and went for a coffee and catch up.
Skipping over a lot of weepy girly stuff the upshot was that Bobbi's life was a fucked up mess and mine wasn't a lot better and I invited her along to become a Playdead model.
Everything hadn't worked out quite like I had planned at Playdead although I had my dog, he was called "Killer" (which he wasn't) but the little child and the marriage thing had sort of sunk without trace. I was still crazy about Alex but he was going through a sort of distant thing with me. I think my plans had kind of spooked him and right at this time I was sort of pissed off with him and we were circling each other like a couple of wary wolves, well one wolf and one bitch.
Most of the Playdead production was being run by Jade nowadays with Dave and Loreen backing her up and Alex sort of the CEO. I was just a very part time model. To them Bobbi came as something of a shock.
You see back when we were experimenting teens I had introduced Bobbi to necro games and while they weren't the thing for her that they were for me she nonetheless got into them with a tonne of enthusiasm, she did that about everything. And the thing with Bobbi was, as she herself told me, "Barb, most of my brains are, I reckon, in my cunt and my whole thing revolves around that." So, you see, Bobbi was if anything even more of a pussy exhibitionist than me. All of her stuff for Playdead ended up with her flaked out with her legs stretched wide apart and her charms fully displayed. Jade thought she was great although even she didn't share Bobbi's love of the macro gyno shots Bobbi wanted.
Alex was very stiff about it all and where I once would have softened him up (some puns in there) I was not close enough to be able to do that right now.
Things were a bit strained.
Then I had my brilliant idea.
Do you remember once when I first started out I got the idea of actually knocking myself out to achieve reality and it went a bit pear shaped, well I had come back to that only this time Bobbi had agreed to kayo herself and I'd do the handling and Jade agreed to shoot the set and we were going to do it in Bobbi's tiny flat on account of Alex would spew if I told him.
So that's the naughty thing we were about to do and Jade was ready and Bobbi was naked and I had mixed up a little cocktail of sedatives, Rhoey and stuff that I reckoned would do the trick no worries.
"Here swallow this Bobbi and turn yourself over to Auntie Barb."
"Not too many people would surrender control so completely Barb."
"Trust me lover."
"Wow, how dumb can I be?"
"Just swallow it."
"OK, but remember Jade heaps of shots of my kayoed cunt."
"You're hopeless Bobbi," grinned Jade.
Bobbi downed my mixture and went out cold straight then and there, flopping back senseless onto her bed. I had a sort of oops feeling about my mixture.
Jade started shooting and I manipulated Bobbi.
Our rather thin story line involved a lesbian affair gone wrong and I was supposed to have murdered my lover Bobbi and now caressed and handled her corpse in a mixture of necro posing and porno sex scenes. Bobbi of course was marvellous. There's no doubt about it, no matter how well we fake being unconscious or dead and I for one am quite intent about doing that, there is no way you can imitate the utterly boneless limpness of someone who's truly out cold. I moved Bobbi and she flopped and drooped into place. I crooned over her supposed corpse and kissed and caressed her and, great trouper that she is, even though she was completely senseless, her nipples remained stiff and thrusting throughout and she leaked copiously from her engorged pussy.
As I moved her from side to side her legs fell loosely apart opening up her cunt to Jade's camera. She'd love those shots when she saw them.
I kissed her face, her open lips, her closed eyelids and sucked at her breasts and belly button and then I pushed her thighs apart and moved in on her wet vagina my tongue flickering into her soft pink flesh and finding and arousing her hard little clit.
It was great and I was having the time of my life and silently thanked Bobbi for being such a willing, although sort of absent, participant in this sexual adventure.
All the time though the memory of my own rather unfortunate attempt to be a truly knocked out babe lurked in the back of my head and as I heard Bobbi's rather raspy breathing I hoped against hope that nothing bad was going down.
Eventually I dragged Bobbi's limped out body out by the heels and hoisted her over my shoulder and carried her down and put her in the boot of the car and the set was over.
Jade and I carried her back upstairs and she showed no signs of doing anything but staying out for the full count.
"Is she OK Barb?" Jade was nervous.
"Sure it'll take a little while to wear off, that's all."
"Yeah well I've heard about you being out for hours."
"It'll be alright she'll come to soon, here I'll help you pack up the gear."
"Well if you're sure...."
"I'm sure. Bobbi will be OK."
We had laid her out on the bed and she was snoring noisily.
"Listen to that. She's just having a real good sleep."
"She looks a bit pale."
"Nah that's just the light. I know how much I took and I didn't use anywhere near that much and Bobbi's taller than me anyway."
"Well if you're sure."
"I'm sure."
I carried Jade's gear down and she went. I ran back up to Bobbi.
She was making an awful noise and drooling and I felt flushes of guilt, fear and shame.
"Wake up girlfriend, hey wake up."
I slapped her a bit and shook her.
She just bubbled and snorked and dribbled. Her mouth gaped open. I noticed that she had rather badly, yellow stained teeth and thought vaguely that I'd have to talk to her about that.
I shook her hard.
I shook her again and shouted her name in her ear.
Still no change.
She had small beads of sweat on her face and she felt unnaturally cold to me.
Panicking now I went into the bathroom and ran the shower cold and full pelt. I came back and dragged Bobbi's nude form off of the bed and into the bathroom and tried to hold her under the water. As it hit her she burbled and I thought her eyelids flickered for an instant.
Then I got an awful shock. She spasmed and then shivered violently, jerking and jerking again and again, stiff as a board. I was in a total blue funk and climbed into the shower with her oblivious to getting my clothes saturated and held her under the full icy blast.
"Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi," I was moaning.
And then all at once her eyes popped open and she said, "Fuck I'm cold, ah shit Barb are we having fun and I'm missing it. Fuck that's so me. Fuck I'm cold."
And then I was holding her and pressing her to me and we were both saturated and then I was laughing, high, shrieking hysterical laughter and Bobbi said, "Can we get out of here Barb?"
I turned off the shower and got her out and towelled her dry and she said, "I can do that Barb," and while she towelled I stripped off my wet clothes and chucked them on the floor and towelled myself and then, both glowingly naked Bobbi and I went out to the kitchen and I made strong black coffee and we drank that.
"Was it good Barb?" asked Bobbi.
"Fantastic mate."
"Will I like it?"
"You sure will."
"Was I sort of out hard Barb?"
"Well. A little."
"Sorry Barb."
"Hey forget it, it wasn't your fault, but I'll tell you this. I'll never try that again."
"Let's go to bed Barb."
And so we did, both naked and Bobbi went off right away and I snuggled her and stayed awake for a long time, cursing myself and thanking my lucky stars. Finally I drifted off.
Bobbi woke up the next morning fresh as a daisy and as though nothing at all untoward had happened.
I felt like shit.

A couple of days later I was passing Alex's room and saw him sitting at his PC studying the screen.
He must have caught sight of me out of the corner of his eye and as I hustled off guiltily he called out, "Barbanne come here."
I went in not knowing just what to expect. I saw that he was looking at the pictures Jade had taken of Bobbi and me.
"This girl's unconscious, I mean really unconscious."
"What girl?"
"What do you mean what girl? Bobbi of course, the new girl, damn it you're holding her. See there, that is you isn't it?"
Even to me I sounded like a guilty wimp.
"I told you Barbanne, if I've told you once I've told you again and again, don't play around with a person's safety. I don't know what you did to Bobbi but it looks like you learnt nothing from your own experience and you've used sedatives on her. You're a, a, a pig headed girl."
"Well, she and I thought............."
"I don't want to hear it. Damn it I thought we were over all this sort of nonsense."
"They're good pictures though and Bobbi's OK............."
"No thanks to you and these pictures will never see the light of day on Playdead."
Jade thought........."
"Yes and I'm amazed that Jade got involved in this. Maybe she shouldn't be doing as much as she is."
"Don't take it out on her she only did what I asked."
"This girl, this Bobbi will have to go, she doesn't fit in here at Playdead."
"Bugger that, she's my oldest friend, she was there for me in my darkest time, a time you couldn't understand. I lost her and then I found her, we found each other and I'm not going to lose her a second time. And besides Jade thinks she's a great Playdead model."
"I don't care what Jade thinks, and you can think what you like but she's not suitable here."
"Well maybe I'm not either?"
"Maybe you're not."
That hit me like a punch in the tummy.
"Alex are we really having this conversation, really? You and I?"
But he had turned back to the screen and was ignoring me.
"Tell Bobbi she can finish up this Friday."
"Fuck you!"
Had I said that had I really said that? What had happened to us? I wanted to go up to him and put my arms around him and tell him I was sorry and kiss and make up and then......He continued to ignore me, not acknowledging my presence.
I am pig headed and I get on my high horse and won't come down even though I want to.
"Ok," I whispered.
I almost ran out. Tears clouded my eyes but no way was I going to ask to be forgiven. Fuck it what had I done that was so wrong?
I almost cannoned into Bobbi.
"We've been sacked."
"What do you mean Barb?"
"I mean Alex doesn't think you suit here and if you go I go too and anyway he more or less told me that anyway."
"Bugger them then Barb, who needs them?"
"Who indeed?"
"So if we don't give a toss how come you're howling?"
Tears were dribbling down my cheeks.
"I got a sort of shock that's all, I mean after all this time."
"Oh I see."
We left together.
The next day I realised I'd left heaps of stuff there and went back to get it. I got there at lunch time and no-one was around and I packed my bag, one of those hold all sports bags and as I was having a last look around Loreen came in with Jade.
Jade called out, "Hey Barb do you think I ever caught it for shooting those pictures?"
"What pictures?" said Loreen.
"Pictures of Barb and Bobbi.......hey what are you doing Barb?"
"Cleaning out my stuff. Bobbi got sacked and so did I."
"WHAT???" Spoken together.
"Yep...................." By now tears had started again and were streaming down my face.
"But Barb................"
"You almost founded the place....."
"I thought Alex and you.................."
"Yeah well nothing is for ever."
"Geez Barb, don't be stupid."
Alex appeared at the door to his room.
"Is that Barbanne."
"Yeah and she's cleaned out her space," said Loreen.
"Is she still there? Barbanne I want to talk to you."
"Bye girls."
I fled still blubbering.

So it was just Bobbi and me.
We took jobs waitressing, its my field you know and started making plans to develop our own necro fantasy site.
SLIT UP SLUTS, maybe or DEAD DOLLIES or, my favourite FUCKED FEMALES. Nah that wasn't playing dead enough, maybe SHOT, STRANGLED AND SLIT SLUTS, that had a nice alliteration. We'd have to work on it.
We settled on SLAIN SLUTS DOT COM.
Slain Sluts would have to operate from Bobbi's little flat. I had moved in with Killer and between the three of us it was a bit of a squeeze. We girls shared Bobbi's bed at first and that was crowded, but Killer insisted on coming to bed with us and sat there looking lugubrious and that was impossible, so I got a folding bed which became a lounge and Killer and me slept in the lounge.
The lounge room was also our studio and that meant rearranging stuff and posing in rather cramped conditions and having Killer come over and lick your face just when you had achieved the perfect starey eyed death look.
We needed a photographer and we got Alvin. He was an acned twenty something and he was a good photographer but he was a maxo sleeze. Ah well, everything can't be perfect.
About a week after I left Playdead Jade came to see me and tell me that everyone there missed me and Alex was grumpy as hell and she just knew he was pining for me and would I come back and if I did Bobbi could come too and would I at least think about it.
Well I didn't level with her but I had thought about it.
Thought about it a lot.
"Jade," I said, "my problem is I got too involved with Alex. Its my fault but I hoped for too much. I wanted committment and when the chips were down I didn't get it. I am not exactly happy about the way things turned out but to come back would be a mistake. Me and Bobbi will try and make a go of this for now."
"Ah gee Barb, its just not the same without you."
"Things will work out honey time heals everything."
"Its not forever Barb?"
"Never say never Jade."
Another problem Bobbi and I had was neither of us was a great web page designer although Alvin said he'd help. Slain Sluts dot com got up but it looked tacky. Still we promised heaps and posted portrait pics of the two of us and pics of the two of us dead and then a couple of us dead together. That we hoped would attract attention and our rates (PPV) were cheap.
Our first big shoot was just that. Two babes fighting and then a shootout.
I hunted Killer out into the yard and Alvin got set up and then Bobbi and I were like two really sluttily dressed cheapo gangster moll types and we were splitting up the loot from a heist and there was a gun on the table.
Things went bad and we started arguing and then I pushed her and she pushed me and then we were fighting.
Slapping at first and then spitting and then scratching and then Bobbi threw the first punch and I reeled back and then I hit back and then we were tearing into each other, shouting abuse and screeching. Clothes started getting ripped off and micro mini skirts were torn down and singlet tops shredded and then bras vanished and panties got riiiiiiiiiiiipped away and then we were battling like wailing banshees, naked except for 'fuck me' shoes. Alvin was having the time of his life but he was following the action good and he did know how to give direction.
Bobbi whacked me with an uppercut and I went slamming back into the table and grunted and went down and saw the gun and grabbed for it and Bobbi realised what I was up to and jumped at me but I spun around as she landed on top of me and shot her in the mouth.
She went down.
Short pause while we did makeup. I wasn't into very bloody things so my shot only meant Bobbi had red fake blood on her teeth.
Back to the action.
Bobbi was down and she was dead. Or so I thought. I stood over her and sneered triumphantly and tossed the gun on her corpse. With her last flicker of life Bobbi gripped it and fired hitting me in the tit. (a little more blood and a bullet hole) I gasped, went wide eyed and jack knifed and then wobbled before collapsing across Bobbi's now really dead body. A few twitches and then I too corpsed. Bobbi had gone down with her legs spread and as Alvin shot the heaped corpses of the two sluts we hissed instructions to him to get some closeups of my ass and Bobbi's cunt.
We cleaned up and ran the shots.
Hey they were good.
I reckoned we might have to find a bigger space to shoot or else do outside work.
But yeah they were good.
I let Killer back in and Bobbi and I started editing the shots while I typed in a simple plot line. Alvin hung around giving us advice but eventually the sleeze factor was too great and I told him to piss off. We now had to start earning some money so Alvin could get paid and Bobbi and I could eat.
Oh and Killer could have doggie biscuits as well.
In the meantime it was back to waitressing. But hey Slain Sluts dot com was launched.