Part 132

Posted by Barbanne on December 17, 2003 at 21:29:44:



"OK Alex," I told him, "tonight we play something different."
He looked up from his computer.
"What's that Barb?"
I flicked my thumbnail against the ridiculously short satin shorts that were the only thing I was wearing, "Play lover, play something different. I'm dressed see?" I turned and bent from the waist allowing all of my bum to appear as the satin crawled into my ass crack.
"That's nice Barb but what's this about?"
"Come on stop working and into the bedroom arena, tonight its Battling Barbanne versus Alex in a knock 'em down and drag 'em out contest for the champeenship of the world.
But he was grinning.
"What do I wear?" he said.
"Nuthin'," I said and scampered into our bedroom.
He finished up, saved and switched off the computer and came into the bedroom where I was bouncing on the sheets. As he undressed he said, "Now what are we doing?"
"Total fisticuffs," I said, "no holding back, a fight until one or other of us is out cold and guess who that'll be and then the other, and guess who that'll be, must take advantage of the fallen one's naked female bod...................and remember its knock 'em down and drag 'em out."
He was naked.
"Yeehah, here we go," I shouted and zoomed at him.
"Wait a mo'".
He stuck out his hand and held it against my forehead holding me at bay, my arms swinging futilely in the space between us.
"What's the rules for this contest."
"Rafferty's rules, anything goes."
"So tickling is allowed."
"Don't you bloody well dare."
"You said anything goes."
"Yeah well.............."
"Lets go then," he said and I whaled into him my roundarm swings slapping against his body.
He was laughing a lot and holding me off although letting himself get slapped and he said, "Love that grim determination Barb."
My jaw was clenched and I was into it, taking my champeenship challenge very seriously.
"Right," said Alex between chuckles, "no-one is going to get hurt here and its pretty obvious you're sort of a puny challenger Barb so here comes my bout winning blow."
"Eh?" I said and looked up and he popped me on the chin and said, "That was my straight right now here's my winning left uppercut," and his left fist whipped up and landed lightly on the underside of my chin and I knew the game was up and said, "oweeyereeahhhhhhhhhh," and flopped backwards to land spreadeagled on my back arms outflung.
"Wow I got her," he said.
"She's out like a light," I hissed without moving my lips.
"She's out cold, in fact out like a light," he said.
"Hmmmm," he muttered, "now this was knock 'em down and drag 'em out. I've knocked her down better drag her out."
He lifted me under the armpits and rearranged me on the bed stretched out like a poleaxed steer.
"Hmm I reckon the winner gets to debag the loser, yep, I reckon my winnings ought to includes stripping those awfully short shiny shorts off."
"With your teeth," I hissed again without moving my lips or showing any signs that my senses had returned.
"With my teeth," he said his voice rising sharply on the last word.
He nipped the hem of my shorts between his front teeth and tugged. They moved slightly and he rocked back and said, "Nope that's not the way to do it," and bending forward he took a good bite of the waistband and leaning back tugged my shorts downward sliding them whispering over the soft skin of my hips. I wiggled my bum a bit and after two or three tries he had them over the swell of my butt and once they were moving down my thighs it took him no time at all to slip them down my legs until they dangled around my ankles.
"Now," he said, "she said the winner gets to take advantage of the loser."
His hands stroked my face and then slid down feathering my neck and leaning forward he blew into the hollow beneath my ear and I started tingling and getting hot flushes and prickles and my tummy flip flopped and heat started to spread all around my groin. His hands kept sliding down my body and oh my god the things he could do with his fingers and as they carressed me ever so gently he followed up with his lips and tongue and I was lost, a goner, doomed completely.
As he kissed his way over my knees and stroked my feet I had my first orgasm and he kissed my pussy and said, "Better use my insertion technique for kayoed babe revival."
I felt his erection prodding at my pussy and I muttered, "Yes oh yes," and then he slid into me like a well oiled piston slipping into its chamber and my pussy leaked a burst of my own love juice and then he was moving in me and that movement became insistent and then urgent and then I felt him stiffen enormously inside me stretching my love canal and then he came and redecorated my vagina. That brought me back to "consciousness" and after five minutes of raggedly heavy breathing and freely perspiring we went again and this time it was even better and finally we lay together, him on top, skewering me to the sheets like a pinned butterfly and I murmured, "If you think I am ever going to let you take him out, think again."
We maybe dozed like that and sadly I felt his manhood diminish and start to withdraw.
"Damn," I said and we slid apart.
We cuddled and I decided this was probably a good time and he would be at his weakest and most accepting and I said, "Do you like the little games I devise?"
"Yeeeees," suspicious like.
"Am I your favourite little porno babe?"
"God you're transparent Barb."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because now you are going to ask me how about your idea for a porno site and I'll be so weakened and drenched in your smell and your loving and still wet with your sex and I'll say yep good idea, that's why."
"Well what?"
"Is it a good idea?"
"I think it stinks."
"But you love me so much you'll let me do it."
He started laughing deep, from the belly laughs.
"Oh for god's sake if you must do it I'll shoot some shots and then tell you what's wrong with them.'
"You think I'm a dud model?"
"No, I think you're a manipulative little bitch."
"All girls are born with manipualtive genes."
"Some more than others Miss."
"What now?"
"I love you painfully."
"And I, god help me, love you."
"Want to go again?"