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We had gotten Cass into a rehab programme.
Talking to the person in charge I was delighted to hear that she was making great progress.
"I expect a full recovery and if your friend can be gotten into a stable relationship I think there's almost no chance she'll relapse."
"That's fantastic. Over where we are we have a job waiting for her and we hope that when you release her she'll come and stay there."
I smiled at Jade as I said it.
"That's the best thing she could have happen to her."
"You know," I said, "I'm sort of intolerant of drinking to excess and gave her a pretty hard time with awfully harsh things to say, but when I saw those burns I went to water and I knew she needed help."
"Your feelings about drinking are they the result of something personal?"
"They are."
"But you understand how they can be driven by something within one's own experiences."
"I can understand that and have fought it all my life."
"Then you can help her. You know Cass doesn't even like the taste of alchohol, for her it was simply a doorway."
"An escape?"
"That's right and you know what's really terrible is that her own father drove her into that."
"I've known of some parental abuse but this was horrible."
"You can't imagine that a father would sexually, physically and mentally abuse and set out to destroy his own daughter."
"It happens but this was bad."
"She doesn't want to see him again and I don't think that's a bad thing."
"Where he's going she won't have to see him if she doesn't want to."
"I don't know how I could have known her for as long as I did and not realise something dreadful was wrong," Jade said, "I just thought she had a problem with booze."
"Sometimes it takes someone with Barbanne's sensitivity to the problem to pick up on it."
"Get her better and we'll look after her. Jade and I will adopt her."
"Can you do that at her age?"
"We won't fill in any forms but we'll make ourselves her family."
"That's the best thing that could happen. By the way what do you girls do?"
"Oh we're into erummmmm, image making."
"Image making, sounds interesting."
"Yeah well there are those who think so."
"Oh, here's Cass now."
"Hiya girlfriend..............."
A tiny smile.
"You look shithouse," I said. Jade shook her head but said, "You don't look good Cass."
"Oh but I feel great and it can only get better."
The lady from the rehab watched approvingly as we had a big all girl hug in.

I was working on that western saga I had spent so much time shooting while we were travelling and almost had it to a point where it was good to go. I decided on reviewing it that I needed one last big shootout scene and for this I'd have to return to that little deserted mining town where we had done stuff before. And I also decided I'd need the whole crew and every girl I could get hold of which was good because Cass was getting out on the coming weekend and I wanted her in this.
I lined up Alex and Dave for a weekend two weeks off and got Jade, Loreen, Keely and Rinka to agree to play shootout babes. I of course was always available and aching to go down under a hail of bullets, all I needed now was Cass, over her problems and ready to play.
I got that when Jade and I collected her and brought her back to Playdead and settled her in. The transformation in her was amazing. It was as if having had a huge burden removed she had been reborn as an entirely different girl. Happier, healthier and filled with optimism. I was certain that her problems were behind her however I appointed myself the no drink nazi supervisor. I also noticed that despite everything else being good her tendency to bathe and wear clean clothes still left a lot to be desired and I also appointed myself her hygiene nazi.
Cass and I did a couple of photoshoots to keep Playdead rolling along and to improve her experience prior to the big gunfight weekend I had planned. In one of these we were a couple of good time girls gone wrong and we got what the customers would probably consider our just desserts and finished up nude,dead and embracing and wearing matching bullet holes and with Cass's pouty mouth suctioning my left breast and although I had been strict with her hygiene training I realised she was just one of those girls who's body scents would always be powerful and anyway she smelled of human female muskiness and thanks to the sexiness of the shoot both of us were emitting the unmistakeable odour of female sexuality and to be honest it was damned arousing. I also realised Cass was one of those girls who, naively and unintentionally, were always sending out signals of desirability and I'd have to be a bit protective of her when she worked with Keely and Rinka. Nice as my lesbian models were they were girl eating predators.

So here we were back at my substitute western town and ready to roll.
Dressed as were the other girls in my shootout gear, a g-string and high heeled boots and a hat and a gun belt and six shooter, I sat waiting to be called and looking pensively at the fallen flowers from a lovely blue jacaranda. Very pretty flowers, they had bloomed, fallen in their prime and now lay fading and dying in the dust below the tree. That's life I thought, birth, existence and then death and in the case of these beautiful flowers, death in their prime. Just as was about to happen on film to me and the others.
I sighed.
Dave called us to the shoot.
Shoot get it?
Jade and Loreen were the law and Keely, Rinka, Cass and me were the banditos.
We ducked down behind this and that and had a right royal shootout, our pop guns banging away. Talk about gunfight at the alright corral, this was your babe shootout extraordinaire. When the smoke cleared Keely had been plugged through the head and Rinka had taken one right dead centre between her amazing tits. Keely was sprawled against a hut wall and Rinka had plopped down sort of sitting slumped beside the town pump. Cass and me had thrown away our guns and were shivering in our boots with our hands in the air. Jade and Loreen strolled over cool as cool and spinning their pieces around their fingers.
"OK you bank robbin' sluts yore time is up," said Jade grinning.
"Please, please we has given up," whined Cass.
"We is wimpy broads," I bleated.
"You'all think that will save you?" said Loreen.
"I wants to see my sainted mother one more time," I blubbered.
"Mah husbin' and kids is awaiting," said Cass.
"Aw spare me," muttered Jade.
"So what do y'all reckon?" asked Loreen.
"Ah reckon we blast these two scum suckin' slags," said Jade.
"Nooooooooooooo," we screeched together.
"Tough tits ladies."
BLAM, BLOOEEE, POW, BANG, BLAMMO.......................!!!
Cass caught a couple of slugs in the chest and went down, cross eyed and tongue unravelling and died in the dust.
I grabbed her in my arms and held her tight.
"You murderers you has kilt my best pal."
"Well so we have," said Loreen.
"Have you no compassion?" I wailed.
I skidded backward wearing a slug hole between the eyes and twitched some before lying dead in the dirt.
(You'll be relieved to know there wasn't really any sainted mother or husband and kids.)
Keely and Rinka were still plenty dead and now me and Cass had joined them.
Jade and Loreen went from corpse to corpse stripping off gunbelts and boots and hats and finally g-strings until all four of us bandit girls were plumb stark naked. Having stripped us Jade and Loreen tossed all of the clothes, boots, hats, belts and guns in a pile and then starting with Keely they carried us stiffs over to the water trough and dumped us in a heap.
At this stage Alex bought Dave over and they discussed the little pile of female bods they were arranging.
Together with Jade and Loreen they stood around and surveyed us where we lay intertwined and Alex said, "The customers want to see their helplessness. We need to arrange them so that we can see all of the faces and erm, (cough) breasts and then limply dangling arms and legs, don't you think?"
"Yeah that sounds good."
"Keely you lie down on your back arms and legs out, ta good. Now Rinka you are lying across Keely, yep down there with your back over her thighs yeah that's good. Now Cass you're sort of in there lying in the space where Keely and Rinka's bodies cross over with your head up on Rinka's tummy and head thrown back. No, up more. Show her Jade."
Moving and arranging of girls nude bodies.
"Now Barb you lie across Keely's legs with your head sort of falling to the left and sliding off of Cass's breast, yep that's it. Any problems with that Cass?"
A little quiet "No."
"Now girls let your arms and legs sort of dingle dangle all limp like and lets have some good death stares and Barb how about some tongue............great."
"What do you think?"
"Yeah," said Dave.
"Looks good to me," said Loreen.
"Do you mind if I get in and shift this and that?" said Jade.
"Not if you think it will improve things."
Jade stooped over the "bodies."
"Keely let this hand hang down more. Cass tilt your chin back like this." She crawled amongst us touching, moving, lifting, repositioning. "Rinka I'll just push your tits apart some, forgive me. Barb wider with the legs and Cass just turn your head this way a bit. Barb more tongue girlfriend eh?" I felt the tip of my tongue grabbed and eased out. I let it unwind. Barb I'll just move your hair off your tits OK?"
This was sexy.
"What do you think Alex?"
"Great. OK girls death stares remember and limp out and reeeelax."
We did and I felt a loosening of the female flesh under me. I could smell Cass's muskiness and the perfumes of Rinka and Keely and my own body odours were strong and the feel of soft female fleshy bodies aroused me in fact the whole damned thing aroused me.
"All angles Dave we want every possible angle and low downs and overheads. Hold it girls this may take a while."
Someone fluffed and we all giggled and wobbled and Jade nipped over and rearranged some more. God I loved the smell of my own body and the smell of Cass. And god I love playing dead. Especially with other girls.
I lay there being so, so, dead inside my head and luxuriating in the erotic arousal of my submissiveness. Dave photographed us again and again. Take your time Dave I thought. I savoured the scents of the other female bodies and indulged myself by inhaling my own body's aroma. I let my mind linger on the velvety smoothness of their skin where it touched mine, the exciting scratchiness of shaven pubic hairs contacting my own smoothness and the amazingly exciting poke of a nipple or two. I decided I was falling in love with Cass. No, maybe that was just falling in lust with her. Her fragile vulnerability turned me on intensely.
"Jade can you just pull Barb's leg a bit straighter?"
"Like this."
I felt my leg being adjusted.
"That's good and now turn her left hand a, no, that's too much, back a bit yep that's good, don't want to alter their positions you know. I mean all of these babes are dead and dead babes don't move around much do they?"
He kept shooting until we had been covered from every conceivable angle.
Finally Alex said, "OK ladies that'll do us, thanks heaps and you can all get dressed again now."
I felt the girls stirring under me and thought "damn it," but knew that lingering would give me away. I untangled myself and we all stood up.
"God Cass that's awful, how did that happen?" I said.
"I always bruise really easy Barb."
"But god Cass you're bruised all over."
"Mmmm, this is where I fell down and this will be where Jade and Loreen dragged me over to the trough and I reckon this probably happened when you were lying on me."
"Strewth I didn't know anyone bruised easier than me but that's incredible."
"They fade away almost as soon as they come."
"Strewth," I touched her gently where she was bruised on the arm and her fingers closed over mine and we looked at each other and my tongue sneaked out and touched my lips.
On the way back to town Dave, Jade, Alex and Loreen discussed the shoot and agreed that it would come up well. Keely and Rinka sat and stared at the scenery and I wondered if they were having maybe a tiff. Cass and I sat in the back and fooled around with each other some. Being skimpily dressed allowed us to find intimate places without disturbing much clothing.
".........that's right isn't it Barb?"
"Mmmmm, beg pardon," I hadn't been listening."
"I'm saying how we all agree today's set will be a winner and I'm saying that is probably as much due to your script as anything else."
"Oh yeah although these beaut models are what really make it."
Cass giggled and her fingers stroked me.
"You don't agree Cass?"
"Oh yeah I do."
"You were good by the way in fact you were all good."
Keely and Rinka kept staring out the window, they were definitely having a spat.
We crested a hill and town was in sight.
"Alex?" I said.
"Yes Barb."
"I've had an idea."
"What is it?"
"You know when I'm doing reception duties at the front desk?"
"Well, how about I'm nude and wearing three bullet holes and like errrkkkk and when people come in there's a sign that says "Please ring bell hard enough to wake the dead."
"What did I do. What did I do to deserve this..............Dave, Loreen, Jade, what did I do....................?"
"I like the idea," said Jade.
"Me too," said Cass, "in fact I'll do reception too but strangled I think with my panties."
Alex sighed..........................