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Saturday dawned and after feeding breakfast to Alex and me I worked on some story ideas until Lynette and Peta arrived about nine o'clock. Mandy arrived about the same time.
"Hi Mandy what are you doing here?" I asked.
"Came in to help out with this set you and these girls are doing."
"Barb, I guess we better coom clean," said Lynette.
"I guess you'd better."
"Well, me and Pete luv blude and we worked up this thing where we are all three in the showers together, but burning with jealousy and Pete and me stab you and down you go in a welter of blude."
"I don't do blood."
"Alex said you'd say that."
"Anyway we don't have a shower big enough for three and who is going to clean it anyway."
"Alex thought of that and there's an unused ablution block out in the old factory area behind you here and on Wednesday we cleaned up a bit big enough for the shoot."
"I'll show you Barb," said Mandy.We went out back where I had never been. The old warehouse was dirty and dusty and looked very derelict but sure enough there in one corner was an ablution area with dunnies and basins and a joint shower stall and one area of this about three metres long had been washed clean so that the tiles showed through.
There were portable lights and a camera setup and I could see how this would indeed work.
"Hmpph," I said.
"Come on Barbanne, do blude for once, me and Pete think it's a giggle."
"You horrible bloodthirsty pair," I said looking at them.
"That's us."
"Sooper Barb,we both luv those horror shows with buckets of blood."
"OK, so you want blood," I thought, "well I'll give you blood! yeah, buckets of it"
I told them I needed a few minutes to get ready and then I pulled Mandy aside and plotted. With my help she got a plastic bucket full of the stage blood we used and we added caseine powder to it to make it thick and viscous. Left too long it would become a sticky mess but I had to hope we'd be finished before it started setting hard.
We got ready and moved into the cleaned area of the old ablutions block where Alex had the lights set up and the camera ready and Lynette, Peta and I got naked.
First scene and we three girls were drying off after having showered.
I don't have to explain to you that when we are shooting these photo sets everything doesn't just flow and there are lots of stoppages and hold ups before we get organised into the poses that illustrate the story line but for the purpose of telling you I will just relate it in a seamless manner.
Peta and Lynette finished drying first and as I tossed my towel onto the slatted seats they whipped out their previously hidden knives and attacked me.
STAB, STAB, STAB!!.......SLASH, SLASH, SLASH!!.......HACK, HACK!!!.......CUT!!, CUT!!!, CUT!!!!......SLICE, SLICE..........STAB, STAB, STAB!!!!!
The increasingly bloodied blades rose and fell, arcing through the air.
Mandy dashed in and out, squirting the specially thickened blood from a giant cooking syringe onto me.
I looked puzzled and then frightened and then horrified and then screamed in agony as the sharp steel parted my flesh and then I got a look of shocked horror fozen on my face and then blankness as my system started packing in under this enormous traumatised stress and my body became redder and redder and bloodier and bloodier. Blood dribbled down my shoulders and slithered over my breasts and slid down my tummy and saturated my pubics and ran in rivulets down my legs. Blood oozed from my nose and drizzled in a curtain down my face and onto my throat.
I was against the tiled wall, my eyes unfocussed and I was sliding downwards, tilting to the left. My head rolled over and my eyes rolled backwards and upwards. (the best rolled up eyes I had ever done)
I landed thooomph on my ass on the floor and my butt slid away from the wall until I was sprawled out on the tiles.
The stabbing was over.
Mandy dashed out as we had agreed and I moved aside as she tipped the bucket onto the floor spreading a thick one metre diameter pool of blood under me. I resumed my laid out pose lying in the middle of the slowly spreading circle of red blood.
Mandy doused me with the remaining blood, soaking my hair and covering all but about three square centimetres of my skin. Then she handed me a cup full of unthickened and non toxic phoney blood and I filled my mouth with that and then posed lying stretched out in the pool of blood, eyes rolled back, pupils out of sight and let the contents of my mouth slowly trickle out either side.
Never was anyone so covered in blood.
It slowly oozed and dripped and spread in thick, lazy, gluey, glutinous, ropy, slimy, sticky dribbles and trails.
Only the whites of my eyeballs emerged from the bloodied mess.
It matted my hair and pubics, it slithered over my nipples and dribbled from my pussy and dripped, plop, plop, plop onto the floor.
Lynette said, "Yuk!"
Peta said, "Erk!"
Even Mandy agreed, "Vomitous Barb," she said.
Alex photographed skillfully, well aware that something was going on between Lynette and Peta and me, but not going to let it affect his professionalism.
As soon as he was done, I called for Mandy and a bucket of water and got stuck into scrubbing myself clean.
Bloody blood!

The second set the girls had called for was a girl on girl fight.
This along with the western shootout and the snake bitten Egyptian princess were the classics of the Playdead repertoire. Where the gun and the snake are the phallic symbols in those first two, in this one, one of the girls, the victor, is the penis substitute and the other, the vanquished, is the submissive female symbol.
Peta and I played this set out.
Sometimes we do it as boxers, sometimes we do it as a catfight but this one was your basic gladiatorial, bare knuckle, nude sheilas type brawl.
It was shot in our favourite setup studio space which was totally cleared and Peta and I went at each other. No noble art of boxing here, just two females whaling away at each other with wild, round arm swings.
Whack, whack, whack and then Peta got me with a left roundhouse and then a right roundhouse and then a two fisted uppercut finished me and it was goodnight Barbanne and I crashed to the floor, arms raised and outstretched and legs spread in a capital X pose.
My vanquisher danced around my fallen body.
Then Peta dropped on top of me and kissed my senseless mouth.
Her breasts pressed into mine and her groin ground against my groin and her open mouth hungrily sought my gaping lips.
I was caught totally by surprise by the passion with which she was mashing me but stayed in character laid out and insensible.
Then she struck an arms up, fists clenched, victory pose over her victim, first with her foot planted on my tummy and then with it between my splayed breasts.
After Alex had finished photographing this climax I climbed off the floor and got dressed.
Lynette and Peta collected their money and said goodbye.
"We'll be in the Daintree rainforest this time next weekend Barb," said Lynette.
"And checking oot that Barrier Riff" said Peta.
"But soon's we get back down here we'll coom and kill ye again luv," said Lynette.
"My turn to demolish you two I think," I grinned.
They both grabbed me and kissed me and I felt tongue licking my neck and sexy blowing in my ear and then they were off.
Alex was watching me with a wry grin.
I looked at him like, so?
"You've won some hearts my dear," he said.
I grasped him around the waist and kissed his cheek and said, "Alongside you those randy pommy chicks don't stand a chance."
"That's encouraging."
I bopped his shoulder and we joined Mandy for a (in my case) well earned cuppa.
Mandy left soon after and Alex and I went upstairs and worked in a comfortable, companionable silence.
I made some food and after we had eaten we continued working until about ten. Alex was editing and I was writing.
We fell into bed and I rolled into his arms and said, "Did I ever tell you I love you?"
"Well I'm telling you again."
We kissed.
I was wearing panties and a tee shirt and Alex had on loose pyjamas.
I took his hand and pulled it under my tee shirt and placed it on my breast.
"Want to fool around eh?"
"Actually no," I murmured, "just hold me and touch me."
"Your wish is my command."
I bit his ear playfully.
We went to sleep holding each other. I woke once or twice and found his hand and put it back on my breast each time. The second time he mumbled sleepily, "Don't you ever let a guy sleep?"
He grumbled.
"Well maybe I'll let you sleep as long as I'm getting groped."
He sort of shook and I figured he was laughing and then we both slept.