Part 129

Posted by Barbanne on December 04, 2003 at 22:24:21:



Barbanne stepped out of the shower and heard something boiling over on the stove. Damn, she had left the pasta water on while she was in the bathroom. Hastily wrapping a towel around her wet body and tucking it into the cleft of her boobs she rushed out to the kitchen only to find water had already slopped across the floor. Damn, she turned off the gas and then spun around and her feet slipped on the wet tiles, she wobbled and clutched at fresh air, lost her balance completely and fell sideways. Her forehead KERAKKED against the solid corner of the table and she went down and out on the tiled floor, sporting an ugly bruise above her right eye. Her towel was pulled by her body as she fell and only just stayed across her breasts as its free ends flapped open.

Keely and Rinka, Barbanne's lesbian flat mates, came home and into the kitchen to find their friend measuring her length on the tiles.
"Oh Barb what's happened?" Keely knelt beside the senseless girl and checked for a pulse and the steady breathing that told her she was alive. She ran her fingers over Barbanne's blackened forehead.
"Oh Rinka, I think Barb's had an accident and look at this bruise, she must have hit her head."
"Had a fall most likely."
"Knocked herself out."
"Out like a light."
"Out colder than a nun's cunt."
"Let's get her out from behind the table. Can you drag her over here where its clearer?"
Rinka got me under the arms and dragged me across the tiles. As she did her foot (accidentally on purpose) stood on the towel pulling it free from my body and leaving me nude. She laid me out on an open part of the floor.
"Oooh she does look pretty laid out so peacefully."
"That bruise is sexy."
"Not that we'd do anything to hurt Barb but she is out for the full count and I'm sure she wouldn't mind us playing about a bit."
"No she'd welcome it I'm sure."
Keely and Rinka went to work on me.
I had known from the first that I appealed to the two girls and while I hadn't done anything to encourage them I had not really discouraged them. Their hands were all over me and my nipples pebbled into hard aroused little nubs. Keely's fingers probed at my pussy and then I felt her spreading my legs apart and then she was kissing the soft sensitive skin of my inner thighs and then nosing at my sex. They knew every erogenous zone a woman possessed and they played them like a master's bow plays a violin string. They pulled every erotic trigger I had and I just surrendered myself to their ministrations and climaxed over and over and over.
And they knew it.
Jade's camera prowled around the scene and invaded every intimacy I had.
When the shoot was over and I had groaned back to consciousness I saw Alex watching and smiled a little embarrassed grin and he shook his head back and forth with a weeny tight smile playing at the edges of his mouth.
I cleaned myself up and got dressed and joined Jade.
"How did you go with FF Girls Barb?"
"Let's just say Alex and I have retired to consider our positions."
"Didn't go for it eh?"
"Not first up, no."
"Working on him?"
"That was hot stuff Barb."
"With Keely and Rinka you mean?"
"They know their stuff I'll say that."
She laughed.
Then she got serious.
"Barb you know how I was a bit of a mess when I first came here?"
"Um hmmm."
"Well I've got this pal from those days and she's trying to get out of something similar and I wondered if we could give her some work."
"Would she be prepared to play dead?"
"Oh yeah and I reckon she'd be good at it."
"What's her name, and how old?"
"My age give or take a few months and she's called Cass."
"Well bring Cass around and we'll give her a try. Is she reliable?"
"Barb, no bull shitting you, she's got a drink problem."
"You know I hate that, how bad is it?"
"Bad yeah, she's a boozer."
"Do we really need her?"
"She's really trying hard to give it up Barb. Please give her a go."
"Ask Alex, if he's prepared to give it a go I'll give her my support."
"Thanks Barb."

Later my hips were pumping and Alex was on top of me and his gorgeous cock was filling up my cunt.
He came and shot me full of his yummy cum.
Later still he said, "Well how do those two dykes compare to that?"
I giggled, "No go girls."
"Hey Alex did Jade talk to you about her friend Cass?"
"Yep what do you think about her?"
"Give her a go I suppose."
"That's what I said."
"You're a sweetie, all the girls love you, you know that Alex."
"Hah hah."
"Mind you I'll scratch the eyes out of any bitch who makes a move on you."
He laughed.
"Alex thought any more about FF Girls?"
He snorted.
"OK, forget that then. Now, remember when we were travelling and I said I'd like a dog?"
"Well now that we're home again and settled."
I rolled onto him and started kissing and my hand snuck down to his groin.
"God you're obvious Barbanne."
"But I'm gorgeous and sexy and................................"
He started laughing and his tummy bobbed up and down bouncing me like a toy.