Part 128

Posted by Barbanne on December 03, 2003 at 22:25:00:



I was the prey.
Naked and prancing around amongst the trees in this out of the way forest where we were filming.
Keely and Rinka were the hunters, armed with clubs and dressed in wild woman costumes that were like eensy weensy skin bikinis.
I fled and they chased and around and around we went.
Then I made a boo boo and popped out here when I should have popped out there and Rinka grabbed me and held me by the arms. I squealed and kicked and carried on, but Keely walked up quite ruthless and dominant, alpha bitch like, and clubbed me once, hard, right between the eyes. My eyes crossed and rolled up and my knees buckled and I fell to the ground brained to death. The hunters stood over me admiring their kill. Then they produced a long pole and securely lashed my wrists and ankles to it so that when each of them lifted an end of the pole their prey hung limply suspended from her bonds.
They carried me back to camp. (the studio)
Here they sat together while their meal lay to one side. I was face down, legs bent at hips and knees and arms dragged down squashing my breasts together and thumbs and big toes tied together and to each other with twine. I made a neat parcel.
I had been made up heaps and had false eyelashes so that my closed eyes looked feathery and sexy and my whole body glistened with baby oil everywhere, every nook and cranny and I had a big, juicy, ripe, red apple in my open mouth, my teeth firmly biting into it.
Posed in this way and tucked up as I was my bum was sticking very prominently upwards and both my asshole and pussy were not only visible, but somewhat stretched. Of course being close shaved and coated liberally with oil they also glistened invitingly and Jade's camera (set to macro) peered unashamedly at everything I had to offer.
Alex would not like this.
Rinka and Keely chatted and cast occasional glances at their mouth watering meal and made much of licking their lips and drooling lasciviously. Jade filmed this, cleverly interspersing these shots with cutaways to the bound, oiled and prepared meat. (me, dead, cooked and loving it) The anticipation of eating their prey and the sheer sexiness of that prey made this one of our most pornoraphic sets since we started back again.
It finished, fortunately for me, before the other girls started in slicing me up and when I was finally released, (they left me firmly bound up and bleating for a bit and teased me about maybe delivering me to Alex in this state) I headed off for a long soapy shower to wash the oil off of my body and out of my hair.
Cleaned up again I sat with Jade, Keely and Rinka, enjoying a cup of tea (coffee for them, too much caffeine for me) and a chat.
Keely and Rinka were extolling the virtues of the Sapphic life.
"So have you tried it Barb?"
"Mmmm, once or twice."
"And wasn't it great?"
"Mmmmm, until I met Alex."
"Tshhh. How about you Jade?"
"Just an experimenter."
"Tried it out eh?"
"With Barb actually."
"Much as I love her I'm looking for a bloke."
"But men are so rough. Only a woman understands another woman's needs properly."
"How about the way a man's physiology fits with a woman's and what about kids?"
"That's biology and there is research into fertilising a woman's eggs with another woman's eggs or something. I am not totally au fait with but I do believe men are on the verge of being cut out altogether."
"Strewth you mean a world populated only by women," gasped Jade.
"How totally appalling," I said, "imagine the cat fighting and the bitchiness........, aaaagh."
"But," said Keely, "there'd be no macho aggresso males dicking around."
"What a horrible thought," I said, "I love being dominated by my macho man."
"Hopeless wimp," said Keely.
"Do you know why a man is at his smartest when he's having sex with a woman?" asked Rinka.
"Nah, tell us."
"Because he's plugged in to a genius."
"Not sure I'm in the genius class," I said, "but I'm sure a good plug socket."
"God you're hopeless Barb. See what happens to an otherwise bright girl when she fucks with a man Jade? Let it be a lesson to you."
"Wish I had a guy loved me like Alex loves Barb."
"We're wasting our time Rinka."
"Yep they're a couple of doormats alright."
"Hopeless quite hopeless. Come on lets go."
"See ya girls," I said.
"Have a nice night Barb, although god can you imagine it? In bed with a great hairy guy."
"Now stop that Keely you're turning me on."
"Barb............oh strewth you're hopeless."