Part 127

Posted by Barbanne on November 27, 2003 at 21:59:39:



Back before I ever came to work at the old Playdead dot com, (do you remember that?) back then when I was either working at the Red Rocker Cafe or otherwise more or less chronically unemployed, back in those days I did plenty of weird things. Remember I told you I worked for an outfit called Playdead Magazine, hey those guys were sickos, I must tell you about that sometime, but anyway back then I used to do anything for a buck. I mean I should have been able to use my education to get work but the truth was all I seemed to have to exploit was these bumps on my chest and the slit between my thighs. I was working as a nude dancer in a totally sleaze bag club one time and Charlie, the creep that owned the joint and his crummy partner, a worn out bottle blonde called Gladys, they asked me if I'd do some nude boxing.
"Nude Boxing!!!!!!," I said pretending outrage although secretly interested and sort of hot at the idea given my on going fantasies.
"Yeah you box this gal nude, well, wearing boxing gloves, but otherwise nude it'll be a hoot."
"What girl?"
"Charlene you know she's one of the other dancers."
I knew her, a black haired, black hearted doper.
"Yeah OK then," I said.
It was set up for Friday night late and the stage was turned into a make shift ring.
Charlene and I were introduced to the drunken crowd and a fat grease ball waved some notes and shouted, "Hey Charlene there's a hundred in it for ya if ya put copper top's (that was me) lights out for real."
Creep I thought but I noticed Charlie and Gladys and Charlene were talking together secret like.
Charlene and me were naked except for the tatty old boxing gloves and Gladys was the ref and Charlie the time keeper. He gonged a bell and we started to box and I realised Charlene was about as keen as I was and didn't want to get her face hurt or any other part for that matter. We skipped around some trading slaps for two "rounds" and then when we sat down for a spell before the third round Gladys passed me a watery orange drink and said, "Here get that down Barb."
I was thirsty and hot and guzzled it and then the bell went for the third round and away we went again, flailing at each other and after about fifteen seconds I felt really queer and then awfully dizzy and stumbled and the crowd cheered and I thought, "Fuck," and then, "that fuckin' Gladys has fed me a mickey."
I could barely see and the horrible harsh lights were blinding me and I thought, those bastards have fucked me and then I wondered whether I'd get any of the hundred and then my knees buckled and I wobbled and the drunken crowd screamed abuse and Charlene loomed up and she threw a punch and I don't know if it landed or not and my knees buckled under me and I started to fall and I thought, "I'm gone, bugger," and then I thought, "I'm gonna fall flat on my face and prob'ly damage my tits and they're sensitive and you shouldn't bruise them and oh shit........." I wasn't out but my body was just jelly and wouldn't do anything I told it and I thought, "Gotta put my hands out, gotta break my fall," but my limbs were not responding and everything felt as limp as a dish rag and then I saw the floor coming at me really fast and BANG I landed and my tits pancaked and I thought "Damn," and there I was face down and Gladys was counting me out and my eyes were shut and I was like brain deadened, numbed out by the drug and just totally limped out and looking kayoed.
Gladys finished counting to ten and the mob cheered and money changed hands and then Charlene was helping Charlie get me up and then I was dangling over his shoulder and he carried me out, showing my cunt to the whole world.
He carried me through the curtain into the tiny change room behind the stage and flopped me down onto our lunch table. I lay there spread out on my back, my hands still gloved but otherwise nude and unable to move. I couldn't even open my eyes. My mouth gaped open and I found I could move my jaw but not actually close my mouth. There I lay limp, motionless with my mouth moving like the last gasps of a dying fish.
Charlene bent over me and her hands covered my breasts and her fingers teased my nipples. They hardened and stiffened and she stroked one hand across my labia. To my disgust I found that I was reacting erotically. I was getting aroused, highly aroused. My nipples tingled and warm waves roiled in my tummy. I felt heat spreading inside my vagina and my clitoris throbbed and I just knew that if I could look I would see that my pussy was reddening and swelling.
"What do you think of that Charlie?"
It was Charlene.
"Barb's out for the count but her pussy and her nipples are alive, awake and well."
I could hear heavy breathing.
"And you sir, is this worth your hundred bucks?"
"It most certainly is."
Oh god it was the punter, here, looking at me like this.
"Can I touch her?"
Oh jeez......................
"Cost you another fifty."
Thanks Charlie.
I heard the unmistakeable sound of notes being counted out and then folded and pocketed and then big rough hands moved over my body fumbling with my nipples.
God help me I was enjoying it.
"Can I....................?"
"You've paid for it."
Fingers touched my cunt and then one slid inside and I quivered and then one hand toyed with my nipple while the other carressed my clit. I hated myself but I was aroused and then Charlene joined in touching my eyelids and my lips and the next thing, to my everlasting shame, I came spurting love oils onto that probing finger.
"Wow........ooh baby I think I love you...........can I...................?"
"Sorry nah you can't fuck her."
I heard the man moving and then Charlie said, "Come tomorrow night we'll do it again."
I heard Charlene kissing the bloke but then if a guy wanted somewhere to park his dick she was your girl.
I found I could move my arm.
I opened one eyelid and then another.
"You bashtardsh you shitty fuckin' bashtardsh.........."
"Barb thank goodness you're awake and you're OK."
"Babe, Charlene caught you with a lucky one, laid you out, but you're OK now."
"Bullshit, yoush drugged me and then you fuckin' touched me and let that fuckin' perv touch me...."
"Babe it wasn't like that."
"Charlie you couldn't lie straight in bed."
"Well fuck you girl, what me and Charlene saw you was enjoying yourself anyway."
"Fuck," I said and rolled off the table. I ripped the gloves off and staggered over to my clothes and got dressed. Charlie watched me.
"Pay me what you owe me I'm outta here," I spat.
"Barb be reasonable, they loved it, hey tomorrow night we'll do it again only this time you can fake the knockout and only let 'em do what you want."
"Just give me my money Charlie."
"Fuck you bitch sue me."
"Bastard," I blundered over to him and smacked at him.
"Fuck off bitch," he shoved me backwards hard.
"Damn you."
I staggered away in tears and tottered outside and headed back to my dumpy flat.
That was it for me as far as working with Charlie, Gladys and Charlene........shitheads. Never did get paid either.