Part 126

Posted by Barbanne on November 26, 2003 at 23:01:18:



Keely was the jealous wife.
Damon was the cheating husband.
Rinka and Barbanne were the sluts he had taken up with.
Keely came home from her Women's Society meeting and changed out of her formal clothes and wearing a flimsily sexy bra and panties went to use the ensuite off her main bedroom when she noticed her husband in bed with a monster erection prodding up the sheets.
"Happy to see me honey," she said.
Stifled giggling from beneath the sheets.
"What the hell?"
Barbanne and Rinka pop up sharing one only thong between them. (and that was Rinka)
"You bastard and who are these slut bitches."
"Baby I can explain."
"Like shit."
Keely grabbed for her snub nosed thirty eight which she kept in her bedside drawer.
"Baby don't do anything stupid."
Squealing squeaks from the sluts.
"Now baby I can expla................................"
"Fuck you!!"
Damon fell backward drilled through the heart and still sporting that monster erection.
Rinka collapsed across his legs her left tit leaking blood.
Barbanne stood up against the drapes screeching and trying to cover up.
I slid down the wall wearing a bullet hole between the eyes and my legs splayed open and my bum hit the ground hard and I slumped sideways studying the carpet through wide open sightless blue eyes.
I was dead again. Crumpled up, diminished, humiliated, pathetic........aaaah.
Flash light fires and garishly lights up the little tableau of death.
Damon naked on his back on the bed, shot through the heart and still sporting his upwardly curving, thrusting pillar of tumescent flesh.
(cleverly kept in a state of arousal by Rinka's secret ministrations)
Rinka in a tiny, tightly fitting, blue thong sprawled across Damon and oozing blood from one bountiful bosom.
Barbanne sitting on the carpet, legs stretched out, thighs apart opening up her pussy, upper body leaning slightly sideways and slightly forward, eyes open and unfocussed and glazing and fixed sightessly on the carpet. Mouth agape and spilling blood over her teeth and lip and onto her chin. Bloodied stick on bullet crater decorating her forehead.
Crime scene investigators filled the room and took measurements, collected evidence and photographed the corpses.
(use one's imagination as the new Playdead couldn't afford too many extras)
Keely was standing handcuffed in the room looking dispassionately at her victims, a slight sneer curling her lip.
"Fuckin' losers," she muttered. They took her away.
The medical examiner arrived in the person of Dave and he confirmed the three of us as dead, taking samples and temperatures to ascertain the time of death. I don't know how he checked Damon and Rinka as I was studying that carpet pattern and playing dead as realistically as I could, but I got the thermometer inserted into my slippy, slidey, pussy. (very erotically symbolic)
Body bags appeared and the three of us were bagged up and removed.
Last scene a table containing three stiffs photographed from one end showing six splayed feet and three toe tags labelled, "husband.", "slut one." and "slut two."
Of course I was slut two, couldn't even get on top there.

It was time to tackle Alex about FF Girls.
"Darling, erm, ah.........................."
"Yes Barb?"
"Erm, well, ah, I've been talking to Jade..............."
"And we...................."
"By we you mean I, and so what are you going to blame on Jade now?"
"No its not like that, it was she and I, er, her and me.............."
"Whatever. Yes and what did you two decide?"
"Well, we reckon that to survive in today's world Playdead has to sort of broaden its appeal."
"Oh and how would that be?"
"Well we still do the dead stuff and all and maybe we could do more of the gunfight stuff, there's lots of guys like that and of course stranglings, you know how I love strangling especially when its me."
"Yes and what else?"
"Well we think....................."
"You mean you think."
"Well yes I think."
"You think what?"
"I think we need another string to our bow, another related site that does, well, sort of related stuff but more straight sex."
I hated the sound of his voice when he said that.
"And what form will this site take?"
I gulped and spat it out, "Porn, it'll be more on the porn side and it will be called FF Girls for Finger Fuckin' Girls."
He stood there going red in the face.
"Well that's it anyway Alex. We reckon it'll really boost our revenue and all of the girls will do it and well it'll be a sure fire success."
I turned and ran for the door.
I skidded to a halt.
"Come back here."
I snuck back.
"And will you do this?"
"I'll be first just to make the other girls feel comfortable."
"Comfortable?? I can't believe I'm hearing this. And would I be right to think the photos will have a certain gynaecological explicitness?"
"Well you know, sexy looks and some finger stuff and some finger lickin' and......................"
He was crimson again.
"And you're going to do this? You think this is good?"
"Keep it down Alex the whole building can hear you."
"Pornography!! You know what I think about pornography, I don't know whether to laugh at this or cry that you are so stupid, maybe I should just knock you cold in the hope that you'll wake up with some sense."
"Oooh yes please..............."
"Girl you're pushing it."
"Here I'll just get stripped and show you how it will be and then you can kayo me out like an ice popsicle and then have your way with me and....................."