Part 125

Posted by Barbanne on November 21, 2003 at 22:42:08:



Little dark hairs on my forearms!
As if its not bad enough having chicken tits and a big bum I've now got hairy arms. I mean I regularly shave my legs and under my armpits and I've even taken to scraping my pussy smooth but now I'm going to have hairy arms. You can't shave your arms can you? Apart from being impossible no-one does it, struth if I start shaving my arms I'll end up looking like King Kong.
And the pimples.
Every time I get my periods really bad, and that's often, it stuffs around my hormones and I break out in pimples on my face and on my chest, right in between my tits...........why there, why oh why just there?
I'm a big bummed, hairy, pimply shiela.
I wonder how Alex can love me.
But he does.
Cause I play beaut games for him.
Like being naked and laid out wearing only my gym boots.
Let me tell you.
It was on the grass, nicely mown, lush green lawn in the tiny enclosed courtyard that came with our new Playdead building. Very private, in fact totally private and completely unseen from anywhere but inside the studio and surrounded by high brick walls that absolutely no-one ever penetrated. Not like me, no way, unlike those walls I was going to get penetrated, in fact that was the whole idea.
I was splayed out on the grass wearing gym boots and ankle socks and nothing else, (except some sun cream) and Alex and Jade were attending to me. Loreen and Dave had been hunted off and I had instigated this threesome. "I'm unconscious,' I said, "laid out cold 'cause you two have slugged me and this is what you guys are going to do to me." Then I spelled out for them what they were to do although I invited them to improvise and improve if they wanted to and then I went down and out, starfished, arms and legs spread and my booted feet at an angle of about one thirty degrees to each other. Alex was fondling my tits and stroking my nipples, which were alight with desire and thrusting out of their skin, and Jade was working on my pussy with her mouth and her almost prehensile tongue. As my masterful darling worked my tits and my best mate lapped at my clitoris I shivered and sweated and tingled and prickled and my skin burnt with erotic LUST! I was leaking copiously and trying not to grin but doing my best to be my lovers' submissive toy and my face was relaxed in shut eyed bliss. Then Jade moved up and swallowed my breast in her wet warm and cavernous mouth and Alex did that thing with his fingers and even more love juice gushed out and the strong smell of SEX pervaded the air. Alex covered me and his wondrously glistening pillar of blood engorged manhood filled my cunt and, while Jade did something to him, he rode me to fruition. Rode me, rammed me, slammed into me and filled my warm, wet, velvety sheath until I felt he would split me apart. I lay there playing senseless and achieving orgasm after orgasm until his manhood stiffened and truly stretched me and then he fired his cannoning cock into me and the smell of his semen joined with the smell of my sex and the sweatiness of all three of us and then the two of them collapsed on top of me in a surfeit of sexual satisfaction. I don't know what Jade had been up to but whatever it was it worked for her and she looked just as fucked as I most certainly was.
Ah the absolute joy of being kayoed in your gym boots by a couple of vigorous lovers!!
Slow moaning noises emanated from our little body pile.

Back to work.
Rinka lay on a hospital bed recovering from a very minor procedure. Rinka had long legs and the most amazing bust. Keely had quite big breasts but Rinka's were, well, enviable. She had on one of those hatefully unflattering hospital gowns that tie together behind leaving your bum bare and she was resting. In came her loving, caring, nurse, me, in pink nurse uniform complete with one of those little pin on your bosom watches.
"How are we today?" I asked perkily.
"Oh good."
"Just here to do routine stuff."
"Do you want me to turn over or anything?"
"No, just want to check your water works."
"Oh, down there?"
"Yes down there, now you just lie still and I'll move this sheet and just lift the hem of your gown."
"I hate that gown."
"Everyone does dear."
I got between her thighs, she didn't see the nasty looking hypodermic syringe I carried. I spread her labia and the needle was into her cervix before she felt the prick of the steel.
"Ow what's that?"
"Just checking."
I emptied the load of potassium chlorate into her.
"That hurt. Did you stick me?"
"Now don't worry about it dear."
The toxin was at work already. Her blue eyes opened wide and stared at me as she realised what had happened. Her hand gripped mine and she started to jitter.
"What the fuc........................................?"
But it was all too late for poor Rinka. By now she was spasming violently and those magnificent titties shook like jelly. The poisonous chemical worked like lightning and Rinka's body jerked furiously and then a spew of froth bubbled out from between her lips and she arched and shuddered along her whole length and then it was over and she collapsed back onto the bed and quivered slightly and then went still.
Her nurse (and assassin) me, straightened out her fast cooling corpse, readjusted her hospital gown and settled her into the bed as though asleep, carefully wiping her mouth clean of the white muck that she had vomited up. When I was satisfied that she looked like a patient who had died fairly peacefully of a totally unexpected heart attack (which is what the autopsy should indicate, that needle stick deep in her vagina would never be found) I gathered up anything that might be incriminating and left the room.

The mortuary.
Rinka's nude corpse lay on a stainless steel table covered by a light white sheet. Legs straight out in front of her, arms by her sides, tummy sunken in and her spectacular breasts thrusting upward and the huge pink nipples clearly visible beneath the material, exposed by the bright overhead light.
Keely dressed in a patholgist's working green gown approached the table.
Keely started her examination of Rinka's corpse by stripping away the sheet, revealing her partner naked and staringly dead much as I had left her after poisoning her.
I have mucked around with other girls from time to time and am still attracted to my own sex occasionally but I have now come to accept that my confusion regarding my own sexuality stems from my upbringing and the total lack of the right sort of role models, especially a mother, when I most needed it. I also now realise that my love for my Alex is the way I was intended to go and what I most desire. I have even started to develop mothering instincts and have started seeking help to explore all options that might produce a cure for my barenness and to finally rule out the chances of my becoming a mother. If I can't conceive then I shall start planting the seeds of the idea of adoption in my beloved's head.
Anyway as a lez I am no great shakes but Keely and Rinka have none of my inhibitions and as I watched them from the sidelines I marvelled at their uninhibited girl on girl behaviour.
Keely stroked Rinka's dead face and spoke to her.
"So my proud lovely what has bought you here to my cold mortuary slab? What secrets must I penetrate to find why your fit young body lies before me?"
She moved down over Rinka fondling her flesh and studying her skin, lingering over her large breasts and stroking and moulding these like the play things they were. She moved on down until she had scrutinised every square centimetre of Rinka, finishing by turning and rolling her feet in her long fingers.
"I see nothing wrong my darling, its time to search out the arcane mysteries of your most private places."
She pushed Rinka's legs upward and spread and flattened her knees making her pussy stretch and yawn wide and open. With her fingers she spread Rinka's labia and opened up the pink and glistening tunnel to her womb.
"What can we find here in this place of your most erotic fantasies." Her fingers probed inside and Jade's camera went with her. This gynaecological intimacy was part of the new look Playdead photo sets. Keely stroked Rinka's clitoris, stiffening that amazing little piece of tissue and then with Jade and lens right alongside her, her tongue found its way into Rinka's vaginal passage and lapped at her sex.
"Ah a little pin prick, maybe evidence of some foul play."
She withdrew and leaning in close to Rinka, her face only millimetres from Rinka's she took the "dead" girl's tongue in her fingers and pulled it out and fondled it.
"What would this tongue tell me if it could only waggle on its own?"
She stuck out her own tongue and slid it wetly across Rinka's.
"What secrets what secrets my darling?"
Wow this was hot!
"Hey you guys are good," I said.
"Thanks Barb," said Pathologist and corpse in unison.
The girls finished up and headed for the showers and I helped Jade finish up. After everything had been tidied away and put back in its place and I had changed from my pink nurse outfit back into street clothes I grabbed Jade and said, "Girlfriend you know we are doing stuff now that's a bit more on what our master calls the porno side?"
"You said it Barb, not me."
"Yeah well, I reckon we need to widen our site appeal, add another section."
"Oh yes and what would that be?"
"I thought we could call it FF Girls."
"FF Girls?"
"Finger Fuckin' Girls. We'd all have a go from time to time."
"Oooooh Barb."
"Yeah I know. Yeah I gotta sell the idea to Alex............."
Jade started giggling and giggling.
"Ooooooooh Barb this I gotta see............"