Part 124

Posted by Barbanne on November 19, 2003 at 22:21:47:



The sinews in Keely's long fingers tightened as they wrapped around my throat and squeezed hard.
I started thrashing, one of my hands slapping wetly against Damon's thigh, the other smacking the floor. My heels drummed as my legs juddered up and down. Keely increased the pressure and my windpipe closed off altogether and my tongue lolled and my eyes rolled and my face reddened.
"Rotten cheating little bitch," Keely hissed, "I'll teach you."
Keely was one of our new models and her friend and (I reckoned) her sometime lover, Rinka, leaned against the wall watching us play out my death. The guy sprawled out under me was their house mate and fellow model Damon and his prong was excited and jabbing me in the small of the back. Keely was thirty nine and tall and solidly built but curvy and Rinka was equally tall and similarly built and she was thirty eight. Both girls were brunettes and voluptuous mature women. Keely had brown eyes as you'd expect and Rinka, surprisingly, had blue eyes. Damon was a blonde hunk ten years younger than the girls and a few years older than me. In this photo set Damon was Keely's lover and I was her friend. She had caught us having sex and had throttled Damon and was now doing away with her rival. (me)
She crushed my puny neck.
I made wet gurgly sounds from the back of my throat consistent with being strangled.
"Fuck my boyfriend would you sister? Well now he's dead and so are you..................?
Jade was photographing the set with Loreen helping and Dave watching and offering occasional comments. Jade wanted to move almost exclusively into camera work now and that suited Dave who was working nearly full time on commercial photography (Catalogues and so forth) and could only do Playdead stuff at odd times. Alex spent most of his time (as now) doing editing and paper work and setting up our new web site.
"Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!"
Keely was getting right into it now shaking my neck like a dog shaking a bone.
"Urk, lurk, luuuuurk," I made strangly noises and drooled saliva and started thrashing about in earnest.
"DIE BITCH!" Keely screamed and her arms corded with the power of her throttling.
I was flopping up and down and really whacking dead Damon. (He is a sex machine and gets excited real easy and his hard cock was sliming all over my back and so some of my death throes consisted of belting him to let him know he wasn't being nice)
Oh, I forgot to tell you. Of course I was naked having kicked off my cork soled wedgies when Keely first started strangling me (she had ripped off my other clothes early on) and Damon was naked too.
"Yeeeaaaagggghhhhhh," screamed Keely as she put everything into one final effort.
My last gurgle became a sigh and my thrashing quietened and my arms fell down and my legs gave two last feeble kicks and I went limp with my tongue poking way out and it was over and I was dead. Damon slimed all over my back and I was vaguely disgusted and vaguely aroused at the same time.
I lay still and dead.
Damon was just as dead.
Keely was gasping and panting and rocked back on her heels to survey the two corpses.
"That will teach you slut. Don't fool with my boyfriend unless you want to be real dead.....which you are slut."
She leaned forward and squished my tit.
"Liked these did he?"
I didn't answer.
"And this," she ran her fingers over my yawning pussy, "liked Barbanne's little hot cunt did he. Did you Damon? Like her hot little pussy? Hah. Not much to say for yourselves have you?"
We didn't, we were both dead. My tongue hung out so far I couldn't have said anything if I'd wanted to.
"Well, well, both dead, that's what you get for cheating you sluts!!!!"
She got to her feet.
"Maybe you'd be good together even now."
She giggled insanely.
"Come on Barbanne, you wanted him so bad well now you can have him."
She leant down and grabbed my upper arms and dragged me up. I was as loose and floppy limp as I could possibly be. She struggled with my dead weight until she had me upright and slumped against her, my legs folding helplessly as gravity tried to collapse me back onto Damon. She hoicked me up and got her arms around my back.
"Now girlie here's your fucking lover, my fucking lover, my cheating rotten lover."
She let my legs slide away and lowered my slack body to the floor and rolled me onto my side and pushed my face into Damon's groin. She grabbed his cock and pushed it into my gaping mouth, sliding it over my hanging tongue.
This was porno but with the coming of Keely, Rinka and Damon and with Jade shooting, our stuff had tended toward porn.
(Tut, tut)
Keely straddled my dead body and looked down at her tableau.
"So Damon, how's Barbanne's dead girl blow job?" she cackled.
"Good as mine or does she maybe not suck hard enough, her being dead and all?"
She giggled and grabbing my hair in two hands dragged my head up exposing my face, slack mouth gaping open and eyes glazed and half shut.
"Hey everyone look here. Here's what happens to a man stealing, snotty little slut who crosses Keely."
She let me fall kerphloomp.
Rising to her feet, knees bent and crouching over where I lay face down over Damon she slipped her hands in under my armpits and lifted me, causing my arms to flap outward like a dead bird's broken wings and, straightening her legs, pulled me up until my body was angled up, held by her hands and resting on my upper thighs.
"Hey Damon its a pity you're dead shithead," she crooned, "look at these dangling dugs, surely they're not the cute little tits you liked fondling so much."
(In the position I was in and with my head drooping down I could see that in fact my breasts did indeed dangle downwards like two plastic bags half filled with water.....damn that Keely)
"Come on slut," said Keely, "off we go," and she set off sort of duck walking toward the lounge and dragging me along with her, my pussy scraping across the carpet.
"Up you go, you slaggy little slapper." She rotated me and hoicked me up so that I sort of sat on the lounge, my ass low against the seat and my legs out in front of me and my tits now crumpled on my chest, my head down and my hair curtaining my face and my hands palms up in my lap.
"Hey Damon, slutty Barbanne is ready for you, wants you to munch her muff."
Giggle, giggle, giggle.
Keely got hold of Damon's wrists and dragged him over the carpet and rolled him onto his face and then struggled him up until she could drag his face forward and pushed it into my crotch brushing my hands away. Just then my ass lost its grip on the lounge and I slid down and forward and felt Damon's nose poking its way into my spread labia.
(Oh wow this, like the whole set was so utterly demeaning, abasing and degrading to me. I LOVED IT. It was perverted, it was amazing, it was a submitter's heaven. Sigh........................)
"Now isn't that nice," muttered Keely, "even dead the cheating, wretched little slut is pushing her cunt into his face. Well Damon mate you're welcome to Miss Loose Morals, your dirty rotten harlot friend."
She grew angrier and angrier.
"Whore, baggage, hussy, jezebel, nympho, slattern, stumpet, tart, trollop, wanton, trull, jade!" she screamed.
"Oi," said Jade, "don't confuse me with Barb."
Everybody broke up giggling and even my tummy fluttered up and down at the silliness of it all and I wrote it!
Jade finished up photographing our sad demise from every angle and when she said, "That'll do," I looked up from where I was slumped on the lounge and saw Alex looking at us and shaking his head in a sort of "What have I done to deserve her," way and Damon got his face out of my pussy and said, "Sorry Barb."
"So you should be," I said, "hey not for sticking your nose in my business but for sliming me earlier."
He went red in the face and hurried away and Rinka came over and put her arms around Keely and said, "Lover you were masterful. Sorted you out Barb," she said to me. She put her arm around Keely and led her to the showers.
Alex stood in front of me. Strangely, although he'd seen me naked dozens of times I felt very vulnerable and really exposed.
He shook his head as though puzzled.
"What am I ever going to do with you?" he said.
"Kick me out?"
"Mmmmmmm no."
"Beat me?"
"You wish."
"Sure do."
Then he laughed and said, "You better get changed, you'll catch cold."
"Not if someone warms me up."
He shook his head as if in acknowledgement of a hopeless case and walked over to talk with Jade. I followed Keely and Rinka to the showers.