Part 120

Posted by Barbanne on October 10, 2003 at 00:00:10:



This is the picture I want you to imagine.
A girl, she is playing the part of a saloon dancer cum drink pusher, and she wears a pink, ruched, layered skirt which looks more nowadays than eighteen hundreds as it barely reaches her mid thigh. Over this she wears an open, lacy, camisole top and that too looks girl of two thousand and three rather than old west, although her fish net stockings are timeless as is her fritzed out coppery hair.
A bright pink satin ribbon is tied through her hair and ends in a big floppy bow. Her high heels almost require an oxygen mask and her face is made up to the absolute nines in colours of blue, pink and black. And, you can't actually see this, although if you look close you might guess, but she is not wearing either panties or bra.
If she walked down the street her appearance would scream "I AM EASY" and words like tart and slut and slapper would spring to mind and one has to think that her advertising says fuck me!
Dah Dah. me!
And she isn't walking down the street, she sits on the bed in our motel which for now is a room in a saloon in the old wild west.
She is entertaining a man.
Alex, playing a semi heavy this time.
The girl has witnessed a shooting where the rules weren't exactly followed and Judge Roy Bean has called her as a witness. A lot of people would really prefer that she not take the stand.
Alex is the hitman sent to make sure that does not happen.
The girl, who's IQ is slightly less than her shoe size, hasn't caught on to that part of the hidden agenda.
"OK lover boy, so whaddaya want to do?" I leered.
"With you girl something really special."
"Real special?"
"Yeah real, real special."
"Am I gonna like it?"
"You've never done anything like this before babe."
"Never? Never, ever, ever?"
"That's right."
"Wow! Whaddoo I do now?"
"Let's see some skin baby."
"Ooooower," I shucked my top and wriggled my skirt down and kicked it off. I stood there in fish nets, heels and bow ribbon.
"How's this then?"
"Good babe."
I giggled.
"You know when you saw Dutchy drill the Pecos Kid Babe?"
"Yeah and I'm gunna witness in the Judge's court, Roy Bean hisself no less."
"Well Babe that ain't going to happen."
"Sure it is.........."
"Nah babe."
"But I got my date and all and I'm gunna wear my special goin' out dress."
"You just don't get it do you babe?"
"What's to get?"
"You ain't testifying."
"Yeah who sez?"
"Me and ole Mistah Colt Forty Five here."
"Bye babe."
Bullet in the brain time for the babe. Went in just above her right eye and stayed inside lowering her IQ to zilch.
(I got my stick on bullet hole)
I sort of skippity jumped up, said, "ERRRKK," and went over backwards onto the bed spreadeagled and spread legged and stone cold dead.
Laid out carked and showing off my charms and back to doing what I love best.
(little visions of the truly dead Rose snuck into my mind but I carefully compartmentalised fantasy from reality)
Alex looked down at my limp and partially clothed body. His eyes narrowed at my blatant genital display. We have never really compromised on what is to him acceptable as compared to what I like to do. Guess we never will. I just knew he was working out how to get me decent in as short a time as possible.
"Well babe can't have the judge thinking his star witness has been murdered by the likes of me. I reckon we'll just have to organise a robbery gone wrong here."
He tucked his arms under my shoulders and legs and lifted me and carried me over to the lounge and carefully propped me onto that. He was at pains to guarantee that no blood escaped onto the fabric. He turned down the bed and then returned to where I lay open mouthed and staring at the corner of the ceiling from two glassy blue eyes and one red and bloody one. My new being dead pose, which I do these days, involved a loose lower jaw so that my mouth gaped open throughout just as if (as my auntie used to say) I was planning on catching flies. He removed my shoes and then stripped off my fish nets and tugged the ribbon from my hair. He tossed it all over onto where my skirt and top lay.
"I'd say a girl like you wouldn't be too tidy Miss Corpse."
He grabbed my wrists and heaved me off of the lounge.
"Come on lady, time you failed to foil an attempted robbery."
He carried me over and laid me on the bed turning me slightly toward the doorway and straightened my legs and pulled the sheet up to just above my mons safely concealing my hot little twat. He turned my head so that the slowly congealing blood from my head wound managed to drip onto the pillow leaving a small spreading stain being slowly drawn into the material by absorption. He rearranged my head so that my now totally glassily lifeless eyes stared sightlessly at the doorway. I was still warm and limp and rigor mortis was still hours away. He pulled my arm out so that it hung over the edge of the bed, kept rigid by my locked elbow. Then he hastily rooted around in my drawers and found a paste diamond necklace and with a quick tug broke this before placing it in my outstretched hand, wrapping my fingers around it and allowing several of the sparklies to drop to the floor. He scattered several other jewellery pieces across the carpet.
Finally he stood fingering his jaw and looking at the tableu he had created.
The dance girl wakes to find someone stealing her valuables. She grabs for them fighting to protect her pitiful wealth and the intruder shoots her dead.
Yep it worked.
"Goobye girlie," he said. Then he laughed, "adios Senorita estupido!"
Satisfied, he tidied up any signs of his presence and then pushed the door open and went out into the corridor, leaving my dead body cooling and stiffening and awaiting discovery.
Dave and Loreen wrapped it all up and another scene from the western was in the can. (so to speak)

Later the same day I lay in a lazy embrace with my hero in our double bed and I used my little finger to tickle his ear lobe as I said, "Do you like killing me darling?"
"Does it turn you on?"
"Does eh?"
"Everything about you turns me on you villain," he said.
" about screwing my poor dead body?"
"Gosh you're crude Barb."
Later still we lay together breathing hard but otherwise relaxed, mmm yes, very relaxed.
Alex stroked my hair where it met my forehead.
"You know my girlfriend I wish you wouldn't display yourself the way you do."
"Spread my legs you mean darling?"
"That's about it."
"Ah you old funny you really are a stick in the mud. It's just some folds of flesh and behind a sort of opening to your personal treasure trove."
"It's a private and intimate part of you that is yours, well maybe ours to enjoy together."
"Yeah I see that but when I open up its like I am laying myself very vulnerable and saying here I am the unconscious or dead girl and you the viewer are being allowed to penetrate me. I find it absolutely feeds my fantasy and makes me feel very, very sexy."
"I don't know Barb, I just think its wrong."
"Huuuuh," I leaned over and kissed him, "if you don't want me to do it, well, I did say you are my hero and I'm your slave babe so what my master says goes."
"Don't be such a dill Barb."
"Can't help it master."
Imagine now rumpling in the sheets and tickly giggling and silence and then moaning noises........................