Part 12

Posted by Barbanne on May 09, 2002 at 23:44:17:



I was working for Julian and living with Alex and working on plots and stuff for Playdead at nights and on weekends.
I knew that the attempted hold up had battered my self confidence and wounded me and I knew that my attitude to my workmates had lost that spontaneous fun which is my natural way. I tried forcing it but that was a failure and I realised I had to wait and hope it came back in time.
The first bank day after the attack on me Julian said he would come with me.
I said no I had to do it myself or I might never do it unaided again.
He insisted that he come.
We argued and I stuck my ground and off I went clutching the blood stained bag containing the week's takings.
As I got out of my car I felt my skin crawling and my tummy fluttering. I looked around the car park as though it were a minefield.
I walked into the bank and the girls there welcomed me just like before and we swapped banter and the teller gave me a new bank bag and I transacted my business and off I went. I practically ran back to my car and drove back to Julian's place.
I had passed the first test.
With Alex I worked at stuff for Playdead and after the first few days I went back to sleeping in my own bed most nights and realised that as a partner I was something of a dud.
I came to his bed and tried to instigate sex but when it got down to it my performances were wooden and when he entered me I lay there struggling to regain my arousal and the poor bloke must have thought he was rooting a plank. That worried me sick and the harder I tried the worse it was.
Alex was patient and (I suspect) frustrated.
I loved him like crazy and hated myself as a failure.

We had regular ads for girls in the local paper, that was, if you recall, how I myself had first come to Playdead.
Not that there was anything wrong with Anne or Judith and Laurise and Jaslyn but well, who knew who was out there and Alex felt there was no harm in trawling to see what might turn up.
Two girls rang and asked for an appointment and when they arrived it was a Saturday and I was home and working with the lights and I answered the door and there they were.
Two white skinned pretty English girls, backpackers as it turned out and keen to make some extra money. They had pronounced Mancunian accents and one was redheaded and a trifle plump and the other was dark haired and slim and quite tall. The redhead introduced herself as Lynette and the dark haired girl was Peta.
I showed them in to Alex and lurked while he talked to them.
He told them what we were about and they both giggled and said they'd do anything within reason and had no trouble with getting naked or getting killed as long as they could get up afterwards and walk away with money. They said they were planning to travel the country for six months and would be in town at various times and would come in and see what was going whenever they were here. We had them for two weeks now before they set off and Alex called me in and introduced me afresh and we discussed what we could get going right away. The girls were ready to start right then and there.
Alex got them organised and took some trial shots, head and shoulders, full length, underwear shots and then nude and posing.
While he was doing that I ran ideas through my mind.
Talking to them, the girls had referred to themselves as a couple of pommy birds and that started me thinking of chicks and how we all thought of ourselves as chicks and, you know, any good weepy film is dismissed as a chick flick and birds and chicks jelled in my mind and a scenario for "The Sunday Roast" formed in my mind. I also had a gaol set that I had been considering and thought we could try that one too. I mentally ran through what we needed as props and realised it was all here and then I took Alex aside and we discussed both sets and he agreed and then we tried them out on the girls and they thought it sounded like lots of fun, "Bloooody maaarvellous" and so I bustled around getting set up.

For "The Sunday Roast" Peta and I wore aprons, cook's hats and nothing else and Lynette was nude.
Peta had a meat mallet and I had ropes.
Alex did the shooting.
Lynette ran around like a chook (which she was pretending to be) and we two chefs chased after her.
Lynette was a natural and flapped her arms and danced around and looked for all the world like someone's dinner on the hoof. (or claw)
Finally we cornered her.
I snuck up behind her and Peta fronted her. Peta whacked Lynette between the eyes with her mallet and whump! she fell back into my arms, all limp and cross eyed and tongue hanging out. Peta grabbed her feet and we dumped her on the stainless steel table we used for morgue shots only today it was a food preparation bench which is what it actually was. We laid Lynette out on her back and checked her for signs of life, none, eyes closed, mouth open, tongue poking out, and then I washed her with water and then Peta and I got the olive oil and started rubbing our "bird" with that.
All over!!!
Peta rubbed her breasts and I rubbed her legs and Lynette wobbled and got shiny and oily and we cooks got messy.
I oiled up her pussy while Peta buffed her tits.
Lynette being a trifle plumpish wobbled delightfully as we massaged her with the oil. I mean a chubby, pale skinned girl's body being pummelled while she herself lies motionless and still, playing dead, is really something erotic to see. Her flesh jiggled and quivered and just looked so, so sexy.
I felt the merest stirring in my pussy.
Lynette was now well and truly slathered in oil all over her front and so Peta and I rolled her onto her tummy and pulled and pushed her until she was nicely settled, breasts squished against the greasy stainless steel table top, stretched out full length, feet out, soles upward, bum pointing skywards. Having gotten her nicely arranged we turned her head so that her face looked to the left. I pulled her arms behind her back and tied them at the wrists with one length of my rope.
We set in once more coating Lynette's back and legs and bum with heaps of oil getting even messier in the process. I felt more and more of that faint arousal as I worked, running my slippery hands along her smooth soft skin. I indulged myself rubbing her buttocks and slipping my hand into her cleft, finding her juicy pussy and stroking and rubbing that with lots of oil.
Lynette moaned softly.
I grinned at Peta who looked as though she might bust with restrained giggles at the silly sexiness of what she found herslf doing with her best mate.
With Peta's help we bent Lynette's knees and slid her legs in under her so that she was jackknifed with her bum resting on her heels and her arms trussed behind her. Her butt pointed back and upward and her quite large vulva was squinched in between her thighs. I trussed her at the ankles with another length of rope.
I now produced a large sprig of parsley and tore off some leaves and sprinkled these across her shiny back. The remainder of the sprig I oiled heavily to make it slip easily and then slid it into her ass so that it fanned out of her butt like a green spray.
She gasped like "OOOOW."
I whispered into her ear, "You thought that was bad Lynette, take a deep breath now."
"Eh?" she said.
I slid a soft, squashy peeled banana into her pussy.
Peta giggled uncontrollably.
"You look sooopah Lyn."
Lynette sighed.
I now opened Lynette's mouth and popped a small shiny red apple into it.
Us cooks, Peta and me, now posed goofing it up behind Lynette's body. She looked great, oiled and garnished and prepped for the oven.Alex photographed everything.
I felt vaguely aroused.

The gaol set was one I had thought up and had been tossing about thinking it would be good for Anne.
I decided that now that we had Peta and Lynette we'd go for Peta as the vic and Lynette as her gaoler.
"Here's where you get your revenge," I told Lynette.
"Great," she said, "Boot whaat Pete and me want to kneow is when we get to dew yew over Barbanne?"
"Yeah well, maybe you'll get lucky soometime."
We all cracked up giggling fit to bust.
Peta was a prisoner in this one who was going to turn state's evidence and the mob had decided she had to go.
We dressed Lynette as a guard and gave Peta a sort of smock that looked like prison garb.
Peta was sitting in her cell when Lynette joined her.
She suspected nothing.
They got intimate and Peta stripped herself off.
Lynette struck, whipping a garotte around Peta's throat and strangling her unconscious. Then she used the cell bedding to string Peta up and poor Peta slowly choked and strangled until she hung nude and dead from her bedsheets.
Alex shot it all.
Peta untangled herself and she and Lynette got dressed.
The two girls collected their pay and agreed to come in on Wednesday and shoot another set for Alex and when told I would be at work that day and not at Playdead they decided they would come back next weekend to do something with me.
"Me oond Pete want to have a go at dewin' yew Barb. After what I got done to me today I reckon I deserve some pay back."
I laughed and said, "Well what sort of pay back?"
Lynette looked at Peta and she shrugged and then Lynette said, "We'll think aboot it and when we see Alex on Wensdee we'll tell him what to get ready for. It'll be something bad."
We all laughed then and the girls went off.

I helped Alex clean up and then he downloaded the shots and we both agreed they were good. Peta was a good model but Lynette was even better, she was a natural.
I made some tea and we ate in silence. Now that the two English girls had gone I started to let my problems get on top of me again and when Alex said he was going to do some editing I excused myself and went off to bed.
It was cool but I slipped between the sheets wearing only a brief pair of panties.
I thought about Lynette and oil and rubbing flesh and I touched myself and fondled my nipples and was rewarded with a prickling heat. I slid my right hand inside my panties and let my finger find my clitoris. I caressed myself and felt the old familiar warmth.
I started to become aroused.
Then I realised what I had to do.
I hopped out of bed and scampered upstairs.
I came up behind Alex and wrapped my arms around him.
"Barb!" he said, surprised to find a ninety nine percent naked girl embracing him.
He turned. "What's the matter Barb?"
"Don't talk, don't ask, Alex help me, make me better, heal me darling, make me a complete woman again."
"What do you want me to do Barb?"
"You know our game? The playdead game?"
"This is what I want you to do."
I explained and then scampered back downstairs.
I found an old cotton nightie, short, baby doll style. I kicked off my panties and put it on and then tore it to shreds so that it hung in strips around my nudity. I posed on the bottom steps, bent backward like a tightly drawn bow, my head hanging down, hair loose, eyes closed and mouth gaping. I poked my tongue out, Alex likes tongue.
I limped out as though dead.
Alex came downstairs.
"Oh my god," he said, "she's dead the poor thing."
He felt me for a pulse. It was strong, my heart was pounding. He pretended it was non existent.
"Poor sweet girl," said Alex, "Poor poor thing."
He lifted me up and carried me upstairs.
Limp as a rag I hung drooped in his embrace, my arms and legs dangling, my hair swishing, my head swaying helplessly.
He laid me out on the bed.
Gently he stripped off my ruined nightie.
He fondled me and played with my body. When we play this game he likes to roll me too and fro and move my arms and legs around and push my breasts together and apart and I let him do what he wants. Tonight I had told him to do anything he wanted. Anything at all.
He played with me.
My heart was thumping. I was nervous. I felt a little sick in the tummy. I also felt the old arousal growing ever stronger as his big gentle hands touched me. He kissed my nipples and they came erect. He touched my pussy and it flared hot, slick, tight and wet inside. He mounted me and his erection was inside me.
He is a big man and well endowed and I had told him to fuck me hard. He drove his cock inside me. It was big and getting bigger. It was huge. It filled me and strained my cunt. It attacked me and I LOVED it! He drove it into me. I blotted out the last feelings of hurt inadequacy that the hold up had impinted on me. I gave myself to him.
I surrendered.
A great dam burst open inside my mind.
Then he came inside me, great shuddering spasms and I came too, seconds later.
I had failed to play the game properly. My hips had jerked against him as he climaxed, very much alive!
He took me in his arms.
He held me. I lay inertly in his grasp, eyes closed and mouth open. My heart was bashing at the walls of my chest and I was drenched in sweat. It matted my soaking hair and ran off my body in rivulets. He was gasping too.
It seemed silly.
It seemed wonderful.
I giggled hysterically.
Then I cried, great dry spasms racked my body and then the tears came.
Alex held me tight.
My tears saturated what my sweat hadn't already drenched.
"Alex, Alex, Alex," I sobbed, "I love you, love you, love you. I'll do anything you want. Be whatever you want. Do everything your way, Oh Alex, Alex................"
"You won't actually, you never do," he said. "You'll do things your own way and stick out your lower lip and I'll love you as I always have."
"Oh Alex." I became a sloppy mess.

After that I was alright again.
The car park attack still lingered in my mind but I was OK.
I had had to buy a new pair of glasses, little round wire framed granny glasses and both Alex and Julian told me they made me look like their school marm and that's how I thought of myself.
Sweet little school marm.
Maybe the school marm from hell.