Part 119

Posted by Barbanne on October 09, 2003 at 00:54:36:



Well after heaps more ants across the tennis courts stuff we arrived in Alice Springs.
Sort of the middle of Australia.
A fairly flat dry and unexciting town, surrounded by (to me) surprisingly big hills.
We checked into a motel.
I had always known that Dave played guitar and during the endless kilometres of mind blowingly boring travel he had played and Loreen, Jade and I had accompanied him with sort of reedy, or should that be weedy, vocals. I reckoned we were so good (we weren't) that we ought to try out as Dave and the Doggie Drools.
The others weren't so sure.
Ah well, back to waitressing.
Jade and I got some casual work at the local pub and Alex set about planning the things he would do for inclusion in the documentary.
We talked it over.
"I want to get out to Hermannsburg Mission Barb."
"A mission.......out here?"
"Plenty of Missionaries in this area in the early days girl."
"Mmmm, Hermannsburg was Lutheran, but it's rumoured that the Spanish were in this area as well as outside Perth."
"Spanish Missionaries?"
"Are those rumours based on fact?"
"Who knows. Did you know there are other rumours that a bit further north and in the rainforests of Queensland they have found carvings and inscriptions that are suggestive of stuff found in the Valley of the Kings and lead some people to believe that the ancient Pharaohs discovered Australia millenia ago."
"Wow," I said, (must have kipped through that bit at school).
"In fact there are those who have theorised that maybe the Egyptians actually started here when all of this, Antarctica and South America was Gondwanaland."
"Wouldn't it be more likely that it was the Mayans or the Inca then?"
"Who knows, maybe there is a link between the pyramid builders of Egypt and Central America."
"Struth and it could all be out here?"
"Who knows.....actually after we finish here I'm going over to the Macdonnell Ranges to visit the Lost City."
"Lost City??????"
"Well I believe its just a strange rock formation, big pillars of sandstone, but its so regular and precise and the spaces between the pillars are so straight and all that it looks like a city laid out on a grid plan. Hence the name."
"Cheee indeed Barb. Anyway we'll camp out there and study it awhile."
"Camp? I hate fucking camping."
"You'll love it Barb."
"Piddling behind bushes and crapping amongst the rocks and washing in a saucer full of water, oh yeah I love it."
"Oh Barb you aren't adventurous are you?"
"Not much."
"Maybe we'll find a lost civilisation."
"Eh? Is this Alex, my Alex, the voice of reason, the epitome of sensibleness, the true realist speaking?"
"Well, you never know."
"Lost Civilisation eh? Girls in skimpy loincloths and big handsome dudes in sort of speedos............whacko!"
He laughed.
"Course if them girls in loincloths look twice at my Alex I'm going to have to kill 'em."
Now we both laughed.
Alex went about his Documentary. Jade and I helped off and on, and we also talked endlessly about scenes for the western thing and sex and clothes (and other essentials) and Jade wondered when we were going to stop long enough for her to get her claws on a decent bloke.
I had some ideas for another part of the western thing that I would need Alex to help with and when I outlined it for her Jade reckoned I was onto a winner and she and I wrote out the plot in our break one night at the pub.
I started working on Alex.
He was tired at nights and, by the time he finished rough edits of what he'd done during the day, would come to bed really weary and the last thing he needed was some bird twittering at him.
I haf my ways of getting his attention.............................!!!!!!