Part 118

Posted by Barbanne on October 02, 2003 at 23:35:38:



I sank into the cold, black and utterly frigid water. My jeans floated free of my legs and my last thought was of those silly, sexy panties I had on.
Then pain tore at the roots of my hair and I was yanked upward.
Hands grabbed my bare arms and my head broke surface and I spewed water and bile all over my own chest and then I was being pulled onto the cold stone floor of the chamber.
"Barb tell me that you're alive."
It was Alex, dear, dear, darling Alex and I thought for a second that I had died and, against all odds, gone to heaven and then I knew that no, I was alive nd I was going to live.
"Alex," I said.
And then I said, "Blooooooooobb," and spewed up a heap more water.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!" shrieked Larry and he raced across the floor to where I lay.
"Hold her Dave," said Alex.
Then he turned and, as Larry threw himself at him, Alex smashed a fist into his nose and it popped and blood streamed out.
"You bastard Larry, you utter, utter, low life bastard."
Alex hit him again right in the gut and Larry went, "OOOOF!"
"Get him Alex, kill the shitter," I cried out in a weakling voice.
POW! Alex hit him again and Larry reeled back.
For me at that moment this was caveman, cavegirl stuff. Alex was my champion and I needed his help. I wanted my man to protect me. Dave held me down as I wriggled with excitement.
SMASH! Alex knocked Larry off his feet.
"Kill the bastard," I squealed.
Larry stood up groggily and Alex measured him and then CRUNCH!!!! I heard Larry's jaw break from where I lay by the water's edge.
Larry's eyeballs disappeared and he went down THWOOOOMP!!!!! like a pile of blubber.
"My hero!" I squealed in a paroxysm of absolute delight
Alex walked over rubbing his knuckles and swept me up into his arms.
"Oh my darling, my hero, my absolute sweetheart hero, hero, hero. From now on I'm your slave for ever."
"We'll see," said Alex.
"Oh my darling," I said and I lay my head on his chest and snuggled into his arms.
"Struth you stink Barb," said Dave.

Back at the motel I found out what had happened after I had been snatched by Larry and Rose.
Frantic with worry, Alex, Dave, Loreen and Jade and eventually Jay had searched all over for me. They had alerted the cops and then Jay had come up with the rumour that was around town of the old mine being used by drug runners and Jade had remembered our meeting Rose and Alex had put two and two together and he had beaten it out of the guide feller (he was one of them) that the old mine was indeed used as a drug cache and girls went missing there and that the guy running it all was called Larry. He also came up with the useful information that an old vent shaft gave access to the sealed chamber.
Alex and Dave came like the seventh cavalry and as it turned out arrived just in time to save me.
Oh gawd he's a hero isn't he?
Larry was under guard in a prison hospital. The secret chamber was found to be stacked high with grade A heroin and a heap of other guys were arrested for being part of the ring. Police divers recovered the body of Rose along with six other perfectly preserved corpses of young girls, some local, some back packers, all of whom had gone missing.
A major coup for the local police although the feds soon arrived and took most of the credit.
As for me, well, apart from a thoroughly beaten up body I was not badly hurt and after some attention for hypothermia, dehydration and malnutrition, I made a quick recovery.
I guess I'm a tougher bird than I thought.
Dave had the presence of mind to shoot both film and stills of the cavern, the drug stash and the shimmering dark watery grave of seven young women. He also got some stuff of the one who got away, me! Mostly it showed the soles of my feet and me lying in the background sort of half out of it while Alex comforted me. Actually I suspect it was really Loreen who had the presence of mind to get all this stuff on film or tape. She and Jade had come slithering down the ventilation shaft hot on the heels of the assault troops, Alex and Dave.
Loreen certainly was the one to organise flogging it off to the metropolitan media and we made a shit load of money for that. Loreen also interviewed me about it and Dave's camera wandered over my bruised and battered body (without giving the viewers a total peep show) and she flogged that to one of those behind the news type shows.
Total take for that bit of quick thinking was about eighteen thousand dollars which set Alex's travelling show up well.
Two days after my dramatic rescue I tarted myself up using mid blue eyeshadow and vermillion lipstick and worked my lips around thinking how sexy I looked and then I took myself into his bed and told him this was his reward for saving me.
"For god's sake Barb, if I had sex with you now you'd break."
"No I wouldn't, don't think so anyway."
"Girlfriend you're black and blue."
"I'll be alright."
"No you won't my dear."
"Well I could go down on yo........................."
"Well can I cuddle?"
"No problemo there Barb."
I leant over him and moved in for a cuddle. Now I've heard the expression falling asleep but never experienced it like this. As I leaned in for cuddles I went out and must have crashed the last few centimetres into his chest. Oh yeah I was in great shape for sex.
Alex wanted me to go back to the city and get checked out and recuperate but I insisted on going on with the rest of them. Jade and I said tearful farewells to Jay, and Loreen got our new found wealth set up so we could draw on it whenever we wanted. Jade and I quit at the pub although the publican wanted to cash in on my celbrity status, but I told him nope, no Frankie and Johnnie from the "Babe in the Mine."
We piled into the van and off we went. I found to my annoyance that I needed lots of naps and would say "I'll just close my eyes for a moment," and then crash! I was gone. Alex reckoned I was passing out every time I did this but I sort of knew it was just my body's way of restoring itself. Guess I'm maybe not such a tough bird after all.
We headed for the red centre and when I wasn't unconscious I would sit there and look adoringly at my darling Alex.
Alex is now my hero and I am his devoted slave babe.
He says he can't stand it for much longer.
We'll see about that and he hasn't had his reward yet.
Maybe I won't tell you quite all the details of how that eventually went down.