Part 117

Posted by Barbanne on October 02, 2003 at 00:16:53:



Unimagineable pain.
I hung suspended from my wrists. They were chafed raw and my shoulder, elbow and wrist joints ached as though they had been smashed. My body ached horribly and where I had been punched, my tummy was black and green and my gut inside felt shattered. I was hungry and dizzy but mostly I was dying from thirst. My tongue was swollen and felt like old cardboard. I had peed myself repeatedly and fouled myself and my shame and degredation was complete. Drying sick stank on my tummy and the stench of urine and worse cut like acid across my thickened nose. I hung from the shackles in the wall and looked over at Rose and wondered which of us was worse off.
She was sprawled nude and dead across the cartons.
Her face was turned to me and her tongue dangled, stretched out stringily from her parted lips, poking out between her small fox like teeth. Her eyes were wide open and looked startled in a dull and lifeless way. Her almost adolescently thin and bony body was draped limply across the boxes over which she lay, her arms hung straight down and her thin fingers curled in a clawed death rictus. Her legs trailed out from her body and her feet were bent impossibly at the ankles in a stumble bum sort of way. The dense black bush above her slit gave the lie to her scraggily lank blonde hair and even across the room I could see her dark roots. Her ribcage was so prominent that you could have used it as a xylophone and her knees and elbows and shoulders and hips were prominent and loosely fleshed.
Poor wasted bitch.
"Oh Rose," I muttered, "how have we come to this? You must have been a kid once, with kid's dreams. Sort of funny isn't it Rose? Two dumb broads who fucked up badly eh?"
I sagged against my chains.
The drug, I realised, must have pretty well worn off and I was left with shivering fever like what I reckon the ague must do to you. My body shivered uncontrollably and my tummy and bowels rumbled and my heart fluttered and my head hurt and I craved water and my tongue filled my sandpapery mouth. I couldn't control the shakes no matter how hard I tried and I knew that it wouldn't take much more of this and I'd be dead along with Rose. I noticed that her face was darkening with the discolouration of asphyxia and her body had developed purple stains in its lower extremities and I thought that her tummy looked to be starting to bloat.
I wasn't a whole lot better myself.
I was alive but I was getting weaker by the minute and I shook like an old person with palsy. I was cold all the time and I just knew that this horrible damp and frigid chamber was deep underground. In the old mine I guessed, behind that bloody steel door.
Then Larry was there.
He ignored me and went over to Rose.
"Ah Rose my darling, you always were a stupid bitch and to think you thought I cared for you. You! A fucking druggie like you! No Rose you stupid, drug drenched bint, you were always going to die my dear. Ah well time for you to disappear."
"You bathtard youf kilth....her," I stuttered around my huge tongue.
"Ah Barbanne speaks. Shut your fucking face bitch you're next."
He grabbed Rose under the shoulders, hoisted her up and dragged her across the chamber. I hadn't noticed before but one end of the space was a shimmering black carpet, a shimmering black carpet of water and now I saw that it was the surface of some bottomless freezing pool of seepage which probably closed this particular mine.
Larry dragged Rose over to the edge and unceremoniously tipped her in.
She flopped into the water with a splash and sank beneath the surface. She hung there for a long instant and then her lungs belched two huge bubbles of air and she sank backwards, going down head first into the icy depths, her skinny ankles and feet broke the surafce and then she was gone.
Larry came over to me.
He was grossly bloated and his looks had dengenerated. It made him look like a murderous slug. He had to be a sick man.
"God you stink," he said.
He looked at me with hatred.
"Bathtard," I managed.
"I fantasised raping you to death Barbanne but I've found fresh meat and so you just die baby. But I do want to feel you die. I told you that, I want to feel you die under me."
He unshackled me and I collapsed to the floor.
Then he was on me and his hands were around my throat.
I gacked and gurked and then thought my only slight chance was to "die" quickly.
I gacked again quite loudly and then shuddered and drooled and went limply lifeless under him.
"Fuck it bitch you can't die yet," he screamed and shook me violently by the throat.
"Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!!" he shrieked in an absolute frenzy of furious rage and each utterance was accompanied by stinging open handed welts that knocked my head back and forth. I stayed limp and seemingly dead and took the punishment hoping against hope that some chance, however slight, for escape, would present itself.
Larry was ropeable.
I mean he was really pissed off and maybe it was that and maye he was just a dumbass but he didn't attempt to feel for a pulse either at my wrist or at my carotid. I stayed flaccid and played dead as I never had before. This was my oscar winning and, just maybe, life saving performance.
He climbed off of my half naked body.
"Fuck you bitch!"
He aimed a kick at me and it caught me just under the right breast and I let it lift my body in a flop.
"Shit but you stink bitch!" he muttered and kicked me again.
"Well, there's nothing as useless as a dead cunt so you can disappear too hell bag. Time for you to go swimming with Rose."
He gripped my wrists and jerked me over the floor. The pain through my arms and into my shoulders was horrible and it was all I could do not to scream out. He dragged me over and with the same lack of ceremony he had accorded Rose, tipped me into the water.
Struth it was freezing and I started to sink.
I didn't want him to think I was alive but I had to keep afloat, but when I went to struggle I found that my arms and legs, tortured as they had been and now subjected to water barely above freezing point, just wouldn't respond. My jeans were saturated and dragged me down and my body just would not respond.
"Oh Christ," I thought, "I am going to drown. Oh sweet Alex my darling forgive me."
I sank into the water.
"I guess," I thought, "that they were right all along. I don't deserve happiness and now I'll die alone and unmourned."
I would have cried if I could.
Then my body rolled over and I sank into the icy darkness.