Part 115

Posted by Barbanne on September 25, 2003 at 00:41:47:



My arms ached and my mouth was dry and I was awfully cold and my head ached abominably.
I was shackled to a dank dripping stone wall and my jeans hung down around my lower hips and my feet were bare and I was naked above the waist.
I groaned.
My left arm was swollen and sore and as I fuzzily remembered what had happened I realised that after putting me down with the chloroform they must have injected something to knock me out for the full count.
Where the hell was I??
What in God's name was going on?
My sinking tummy told me I already knew the answers to those questions.
"Ah so you're awake?"
I don't think I'd ever really appreciated what a venal and vicous face Rose had, as I'd always put it down to her being a druggie.
Her emaciated body was vibrating venomously and her eyes blazed at me from under her unruly thatch of badly blonded hair. When I say blazed, they certainly were aflame with hate but they wandered around, unfocussed and vacant as do those of anyone who has consistently fried their brains with filthy junk.
"What is going on Rose? Kidnapping is a crime you know, a bad crime."
She laughed, an awful, crazy laugh, a sound that chilled my heart.
"Hey she's awake," she called. Then she turned back to me. "He wants to see you Barbanne, he has special plans for you."
My tummy flipped and dropped and I felt sick, I knew what was coming.
"Hello Barb."
I hardly recognised him although I'd known it was him as soon as I glimpsed his face. His looks had faded amazingly in a few months. He was puffy and bloated and looked like maybe he was sick.
"What's going on Larry, what's this all about and how come you're here anyway. Where am I? where is this place? What is.........?"
"You always had too much to say Barb."
He came horribly close to me and then he punched me as hard as he could right in my stomach.
"Like that bitch?"
"Oh, oh, oh.............."
Rose was beside me and she had something in her hands, a rolled up newspaper, a cudgel of solidness. She bashed it into my kidneys and then did it again and again and again. Larry came close again and then WHAM! he pounded my tummy again. Sick filled my mouth and spilled out the sides.
"Want to hit her some more Rose?"
"NO! NO! NO!" I screeched.
"She says no Rose."
"Larry let me go and I'll forget everything."
"You don't get it do you?"
"Why Larry why?"
I could hear the panic rising in my voice.
"You never got it. You, so self bloody righteous, so fucking perfect, didn't do drugs, didn't even allow a bit of booze and yet you flaunted your sex, flashed your fucking cunt at every opportunity, pretended you were acting when all along it was a big fucking game to you, a big fucking tease."
"Larry it was just modelling."
"Just modelling, modelling! bullshit! to you it was a tease, a fucking prick tease."
"Larry I never meant................"
"Never meant what Barb? Never meant to turn me on and then drop me off, never meant that eh Barb?"
"Larry I was only acting..................."
"Only acting Barb? only acting, well let me tell you I wasn't acting when I raped you and I'm going to do it again. And then again and again and again. Then do you know what I'm going to do Barb?"
"No," I said in a tiny voice.
"I'm going to kill you Barb, kill you slowly. Feel you die underneath me. Feel your life leave your body, feel every second of it, feel your flesh quiver and shake and give up your spirit. I'm going to love that Barb."
"Please Larry let me go, please."
"No way and there's more Barb, oh yes there's more. First I'm going to let you experience drugs Barb, little lily white you."
"Tell her Rose."
Venal Rose came close.
"Barb down here we've got a good thing going. Drugs from Asia, everything comes down here along the old Afghan trail and we break them up and then send them on to the cities. They want our product bad in the cities."
She loomed in front of me with a huge syringe.
"And this stuff's the best Barb, you'll love it."
"Give it to her Rose, let her fly."
Rose jammed the needle into my arm and emptied the plunger.
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed into the cavernous darkness.