Part 113

Posted by Barbanne on September 18, 2003 at 00:55:49:



I did warn Jay.
Remember? I did warn her and she'd have been wise to listen to me.
She did actually but despite that here she was staked out on the rocks, well on a big flat rock shelf outside the town where we were staying. Not all that far from where we had done the dead injuns thing and well hidden from any passing traffic.
Jay was sprawled out, flat on her back, absolutely naked, in a figure X configuration with ropes around her wrists and ankles firmly fixed to stake like pegs driven into the ground and pulled so tight that she was strained out, her arm and leg muscles beautifully defined by the tension.
Her breasts were flattened across her chest by the position in which she was tied and her tummy was flat and concave and her ribs showed beneath her shinily stretched skin and her pussy was defencelessly and submissively open, her labial lips pulled apart and her opening glistening invitingly.
Splayed out like this Jay's body showed gorgeous muscle definition and hardly a gram of flab. Her skin appeared waxy and translucent which made the blusher on her face stand out sharply. Her fingertips, under the pale polish coating her nails, had started to lose their healthy pink and go blackish blue. Her toes were also discolouring and her nipples and lips and the outer edges of her labia were also bruising a greyish blue colour.
(All thanks to make up)
I knelt forward and ran my fingers over her face and neck where rigor mortis usually first took hold. Nothing, and as I felt inside her armpits I found they were still warm. Some livor mortis had settled into her thighs and buttocks, the lividity a deep purplish colour, consistent with asphyxia.
Well that would be wouldn't it?
I pressed my finger into the darkening lividity where her buttocks spread against the rock. Some brief blanching consistent with recent death. I bent over and peered into Jay's large brown eyes, wide open and staring unblinkingly at the sky. The corneas were not yet cloudy. I pulled at one of her eyelids and saw in the inner linings around the eye small spotty haemorrhages which is evidence of death by asphyxia. I forced her lips wide and pulled out her tongue and saw the whitish coating. Looking down her naked body I saw the grass stains and dirt marks and small bruises and contusions where she had been marked when she struggled for her life.
I scratched my tit and then my bum under my loincloth and turning to bare breasted, loincloth clad Loreen I said, "Umm, white woman dead!"
Loreen nodded and whooped in triumph.
"Ooooow wah wah wah!"
I joined her.
Jay, the cowgirl was dead.
She sure was.
Earlier she had been dragged naked, struggling and screaming to this spot by the two redskin babes (me and Loreen) and, as Jade recorded it all on film, Loreen had quieted her by bopping her with a war club and then we two redskins had staked her out on the rocks. When she groggily came too, we had wrapped a looped cord around her neck and, one on either side, we had taken the ends in our hands and rocked backward and forward, slowly and inexorably strangling her to death. So tightly was she spread out, so flat against the rocks was her body, that her wild struggles had only produced a rippling of her leanly muscled bod.
Struggling, struggling, not wanting to die.
Fighting us, fighting us.
All futile!
Then, almost quietly in the end, she was dead.
We danced triumphantly around her corpse and the I leaned over her again and..............
.............SCALPED HER!!!!
Another scene for the western tale.
No doubt my redskin persona was headed for her comeuppance at some future time for this act of wickedness. I looked forward to it. I'd write myself something ghastly. Horrible and horribly sexy!!!!!

"Barb, this van................?"
"Yes darling, what about it?"
"Its um getting sort of um crowded."
I guessed he was referring to my collection of Beanie Kids which kept getting added to and now decorated almost every part of the van. Their cute little faces peered at me from seats and walls and they hung from the roof and clung to the dashboard and popped up in the most unusual places. My teddy bear collection had gone up in smoke back at the Playdead warehouse and these gorgeous little guys had replaced them in my affection and were now my newest motherhood substitution and my pretend "children."
"Don't you even think about saying it."
"What Barb?"
"What you're thinking."
"That um maybe some of them could ride in back."
"If they go I go!"
"OK, OK Barb. Could you maybe have a moratorium on adding to your "family" for a while."
"I'll think on it," I said through gritted teeth.
We had a portable television, a little National set and of course a video recorder. When I wasn't going to be able to watch on a Thursday evening and that was most Thursdays because of my waitressing or because Jade and I were doing Frankie and Johnnie, Alex was under strict instructions to tape Kommandant Rex or Inspector Rex, the Austrian television programme featuring the incredibly sexy police dog and as soon as I had time I'd watch it, sometimes even twice. That dog was gorgeous. And oh so cute. And the guys who looked after him were pretty cute too and being a police dog who worked for the Mort Komission (I think that's homicide) he got to investigate murders, often of really sexy, tall, blonde, germanic type girls who died real sexy. Made me feel oh so inadequate.
I had figured out from the subtitles that tod meant dead. Tod frauleins!
Anyway my ongoing love affair with this delicious alsatian got to the point where I decided I wanted him or at least his clone.
"Alex, I want a dog," I announced.
"A dog, my own Inspector Rex."
"In a van?"
"I'll look after him."
"What about when we're driving and he wants to do doggy do's."
"We'll stop."
"And who'll walk him?"
"Every night?"
"Every night."
"Dear god you can't be serious?"
"Deadly serious."
That remained contentious. It was me against them. When I announced my desire for a dog all four of the others lined up against me. I got very determined. They had a million reasons why it was a bad idea. I just got stubborn.
For now they won although Alex did buy me an awfully cute floppy little toy "Inspector Rex." When I then took it to bed with me he started to worry.
Then something awfully strange happened.
As Jade and I were leaving work one evening and had just farewelled Jay and were setting out for the motel, a shadow detached itself from the neon lit pub face and came up to me.
It was Rose!
"Uh Rose," I said, "it is Rose isn't it? What are you doing here?"
"Hello Rose," said Jade.
"I have to talk to you Barbanne. I'll let you know where and when."
"Hey what are you talking about.........................."
But she was gone.
I looked at Jade.
"Hey that was wierd."
She just shook her head in puzzlement.