Part 112

Posted by Barbanne on September 12, 2003 at 00:25:44:



I got this idea when Jay and I were idling through the shops in our break. Do you walk around sort of not thinking about anything much and then you see something or someone or whatever and your little idea bulb lights up and boing! there's another idea to be stored away in the idea cupboard?
Except I didn't just store this idea I bought the prop there and then.
It was a little brightly coloured, orange and pink rubber snake, probably no species that ever existed, but wow it would look good in a visual.
"What's that for Barb? said Jay munching on her bagel.
"This little sucker is the breast biter supreme," I said.
She giggled and crumbs sprayed everywhere.
Next time we filmed, Jay, me and my snake friend performed for Jade's camera.
Costuming was absolutely minimal.
Gold sandals for me and leather sandals for Jay, gold brocade head bands and a heap of junk jewellery of the clinking bracelets and dangling necklaces and hooped earrings and anklets and toe rings type for both of us except I got the most.
That's because I was the Egyptian Queen and Jay was my slave girl.
We had both had our pubics shaved. Actually I was keeping myself more or less hairless bodywise while I was doing all this modelling. We helped each other with our makeup and of course that was of the heavily shadowed and mascaraed eye variety combined with very bright vermillion lipstick and plucked eyebrows and lots of pencil liner outline applications.
We got into it. Lights were set up and adjusted and Jade rolled the camera. As Queen I was pissed off with my slavegirl (aren't us Queens always stinky at our poor subjects?) and in a fit of pique I slapped her viciously. (pretend) She smart mouthed me telling me I had a fat ass. (I do, oh god I do) Then I grabbed her hair and we rolled around some, more or less naked except for the clinkity clanking costume jewellery, and had a bit of a cat fight and then I got my little claws around her throat.
I started strangling her.
She struggled valiantly but my regal anger was such that I was inexorable.
I crushed her throat and face to face and breasts to breasts we battled for supremacy.
My grip was unshakeable and slowly, ever so slowly Jay began to weaken.
More makeup and her face took on a decidedly blue tinge.
I was winning and she knew it and with the last of her strength she stretched out an arm and popped the door of the wooden box containing the deadly orange snake.
He slithered out.
Like all males he was alwys searching for warm pussy.
A last great thrust of pressure and a tightening of my forearms and slave girl Jay croaked (literally) and then croaked, as in died, open eyed and dangling tongued and went limp beneath me.
I sneered and crouched over her triumphant and the snake bit my ass.
He slid under me and bit my labia.
"Yeeouch, what the fuck was that?"
He sprang forward (didn't know snakes could spring) and sank his poisonous choppers into my tits.
"Aaaagh the sacred snake!!!!!!"
I started to jitter.
"HE BIT ME!!!!!!!!!"
I shuddered and shook.
I was in full toxic shock now shuddering and shaking and spasming across Jay's dead body.
I had done a quick dash into the bathroom and brushed my teeth with heaps of colgate toothpaste and had worked it into a lather which I now frothed up by hawking and swilling it around my mouth.
Back on top of Jay and shivering in extremis I said "Aaaaaaaaaaah," and as I said it a stream of white froth oozed out between my lips and slid down my chin and neck and trickled onto my breast.
One last violent spasm and arching of my back and I collapsed face up across Jay's tummy and my eyes glazed and my fingers curled and I limpened out and frothy white muck glooped out of my mouth and Jade stopped filming long enough to blacken my cheeks and lips and render me totally corpse like and then she filmed my cadaver stretched out across Jay's and the snake crawling all over me. Tits, tummy and in and out of my yawning pussy, the little turd was having the time of his life, finally peeking out between two damp and swollen labia at the dead labia owner.
It was all over for me.
The Queen was dead!
As was slave gal Jay.
I don't think I have the words to tell you how good it is for me, this fantasy of playing dead!
And that's the thing.
Its playing.
Not being some dessicated corpse, not lying gutted and defiled and finished, but playing at being dead, still really vital and vibrant and pink and curvy and only pretending to be stretched out helplessly dead. Blood still coursing through me, coursing hotly through my genitals, pumping arousal through my tissue and into my brain. And yet for the camera apparently limp and vulnerable and ultimately submissive.
Submission thats what its all about!
I felt submissive and all my senses focussed on that. The feel of Jay's warm body beneath me, the silkiness of my flesh lying on hers, the sounds of others moving about us, recording us on film, the smell of my own body, a smell I knew wonderfully well, the smell of Jay's body odour mingling with mine, the almost overpowering scent of the cheap, supermarket perfume she so liberally used, the faint scents of soap and shampoo and the unmistakeable tang of sex.
Oh god for me this is the ultimate, this surrender and submission and the almost painful excitement that accompanies it.
I'm a submitter. (as if you didn't know)
I know it has dangers and yet I flirt with those, unable to help myself or control myself, driven by the needs of my body, the needs of my brain, the needs of ME!
Once, briefly and quite illegally, when still a schoolgirl, I worked (by lying about my age) in a brothel that catered for lesbian tastes and wishes and my role there called for me to spend my working hours securely bound hand and foot to a bed while a succession of ladies, all way older than me and whose faces I recognised from the social pages of the local paper, came to me one after the other and used my adolescent body to exhaust their desires.
Often they were really very cruel and I grew used to having all sorts of things being used to penetrate my vagina while they crooned sweet nothings and worked themselves to orgasmic release.
I know that allowing myself to be bound and submissive could put me in danger but I've allowed it to happen time and time again. Various girls I have had brief affairs with have taken advantage of me this way and some few men, but that did get sort of scary and now Alex is the only guy I allow to render me totally helpless while we have sex and usually that is at my demand as he, gorgeously correct guy that he is, isn't at all comfortable with the idea of hurting or demeaning me and tying me up is not really him.
But I make him.
And of course when I play these scenes, like the dead Egyptian Queen I was now, I allow myself to become the submissive corpse of fantasy, achingly aware that dozens maybe hundreds of people will look at these images and get turned on by them.
That's a huge thrill.
So my Egyptian Queen set was safely in the can. Yet another for the future Playdead. I had to talk to Alex about getting the site back up again.
Jay and I rose from our death bed. Actually we had our own big throw over quilt with which we covered the motel bed to guard against odd little spills of fake blood, toothpaste dribble, sweat and dribble, dribble, and of course any other bodily emissions, the reminders of which we wouldn't want to leave for the next guest.
Dressed, Jay and I joined Jade for an assault on the shops and some lunch.
I was hoovering up the crumbed remnants of my foccaccia and sipping my green tea when across the shopping mall I saw someone I knew.
"Hey," I waved.
"Who do we know here Barb?" said Jade turning to look.
"Over there Jade can you see her?"
"Who Barb?"
"Oh damn she's gone, now how in hell did she get to be here?"
"Who Barb????" A note of impatience.
"Rose. It was Rose."