Part 110

Posted by Barbanne on September 05, 2003 at 00:47:50:



The high windswept country.
A green paddock with outcrops of rocks.
Four girls dressed in jeans, denim shirts, boots and hats and packing six guns stood around in a group.
The sun shone weakly from an azure blue sky and the fierce winds were tamed to the merest stirring of a light breeze.
I was surrounded by Gerri, Marlene and Jade.
The film team of Dave, Loreen and Alex were busy shooting the action.
"Barbanne you cheated us, you low rat!" The speaker was a riled up Gerri.
"I said you cheated us girl, cheated on your friends."
"Nah, never, not me."
"How come the money from the bank ended up in yore saddle bags then?" said Jade.
"I was keeping it for you guys."
"Oh yeah?"
"Pull the other one skunk."
"Now don't be rude. Would I cheat youse guys?"
"Yes," a chorus of three voices.
"Now girlfriends you know me, I'm your mate. I wouldn't cheat on you. I was keeping the cash safe until you wanted it."
"Oh and when were you going to give it to us?"
"When you asked."
Jade looked around slow and disdainful.
"Do we believe her girls?"
"No, never, nope," another chorus of three voices.
"Yes Jade," I turned around to face her.
Right between the eyes, my eyes, which crossed and turned upward trying to inspect the newly appeared little (stick on) bullet hole. My bottom jaw dropped open and I said, "Girls...............," in a soft whispery voice and then my knees buckled and I crumpled to the grass.
The girls looked down at my felled body.
"I'll take the boots," said Gerri, "I've always admired those boots."
She pulled off my boots.
"Them jeans are newer than mine," Jade dragged my jeans off of my legs.
"I'll take the shirt and hat then," Marlene stripped off my shirt and picked up my hat.
"Who wants her gun?"
"I'll take it."
Jade unbuckled my gun belt and passed it to Gerri. Then she peeled off my panties and sniffed them, "Poo, but I reckon they'll wash up OK."
I lay on the grass on my back, splayed out and nude and of course dead.
Marlene hauled me up until I was hanging in her arms, my naked breasts squished against her denim clad ones and my toes tipping the ground and my head hanging back, mouth open, eyes staring sightlessly upward. She got her hand under my bum.
"Give us a hand here girls."
Jade and Gerri got a thigh each and shoved me up until I was tipped over Marlene's shoulder.
"Flies is buzzin' around yore dead ass babe, time to go," said Marlene.
Feminine credentials fully displayed I bounced on her shoulder as she walked off, the others following.
"Sheesh this dead babe weighs a tonne," said Marlene after a short time carrying me. (dead and limpy) I didn't believe it because nowadays I'm pretty skinny and none too tall, but thats what the script said. (and I wrote the script)
"Over there where those rocks are, we'll rest up there. And you too can help me carry Miss Dead here."
Marlene slid me off her shoulder and grabbed me under the armpits as I subsided and then got her arms around me crushing my titties into little squishies.
"Grab a leg each ladies."
Jade and Gerri each took an ankle and with me swaying down between the three girls, head dangling and hair swinging and ass dragging and breasts squished down toward my lax tummy they carried me over to the group of ancient, weather worn rocks typical of those that occurred everywhere here in the mountains. They dumped me against a big old rock and settled down to take a spell. As lady cow girls did when resting in these here parts and especially ladies in a Playdead film the girls stripped down to panties, boots and guns.
"This here bitch betrayed us," said Marlene dragging me up across the rock.
She glared at me and then at the others and I slid slowly back down into a crumpled heap on the grass.
"Yeah she held out on us...........damn!!"
She saw I had fallen off the rock and grabbed me under the arms and hauled me up until we were face to face, tits to tits, tummy to tummy, and pussy to pussy. She flopped me over the rock making sure I'd stay there this time and then spread my legs exposing my damp, excited, even though "dead" female slit.
"Now stay there while I'm talking about you cunt!!"
"She took the darned cash and held out on us. That's why she's now a corpse and serves her right."
I just laid there dead as meat.
"Now that she's gone I reckon we can divide the cash up. Three to share is better than four eh?"
"That's right Marlene."
"Sure thing."
"Damnation!!!" said Marlene.
"Whats up now?" said Gerri.
"Damned bitch Barbanne is staring at me."
"Seems to me she's a'staring at the sky."
"She's staring at me, it's creeping me out." Marlene leaned over and closed my eyelids. My mouth stayed wide open attracting them there flies.
"Hey Marlene," Jade spoke up.
"What?" Marlene was trying to shut my gaping mouth, pushing my lower jaw closed whereupon it sagged open again, push, sag, push, sag, "Damn this bitch gaping at me. What, what is it?"
Jade grinned a crooked grin.
"Four reduced to three is good but three reduced to two is better and one alone is best of all."
"What?" said Marlene.
"Huh??" said Gerri.
Jade's gun was out and in her hand.
Gerri and Marlene dived for cover, scrabbling their own guns out.
I lay there, mouth stubbornly open and eyes closed and (best of all) legs spread.
"Bitch!!!" screamed Marlene.
"Rotten little shit!!" howled Gerri.
Still laid out on the rocks dead and not getting catty like the others that was me.
I was still dead.
Gerri reeled back a bullet in her heart.
Marlene had taken one in the tum.
Jade had caught two, one right in between the breasts and another in the head.
Gerri fell down dead.
Jade staggered around and then died across my feet.
Marlene lay there twitching and coughing and bleeding to death. I stayed as dead as I had been since way back when. Marlene coughed and staggered up onto one elbow and then cursed the fates, "Damn this and fuck it, it was all your fault Barbanne," then she fell face down and died, staring at the ground a centimetre in front of her glazing eyeballs as if it was real interesting. I was still as dead as a pork chop.
Dave's camera roamed across the tableau. A quartet of dead ladies, one totally, stark, bollocky, naked and the other three nearly so. I did my very best corpse impression and the others played dead fantastically. But then that's what it is eh? Fantasy, girls playing at being a dead fantasy, dead and submissive and haveable for the viewer.
Playdead's customers were going to absolutely love this.
When Dave was finally ready and had gotten all the shots he wanted us corpses rose from the dead and all of that horrid animosity was gone and we got dressed (just in time as the wind was starting to blow again from some snow covered land down south and I didn't want a repeat of my ice lady adventure of the other day).
On the ride back to town we laughed a lot about what we had done and Gerri and Marlene talked about going back to normal, if there is such a thing, as we were planning to leave real soon and so their time as dead ladies was sort of up. They had become friendly and talked about putting up a web site of their own and trying for a share of the money that way. If they did it they would be more inclined to straight sexy stuff, soft porn rather than the death play which was Playdead's stock in trade.
We dropped them off at their places and said goodbye and then it was back to the motel.
Waitressing and Frankie and Johnnie had put us in enough chips that we had been able to stay in the motel throughout our time in town. Jade and I had given our notice as waitresses and had quit doing Frankie and Johnnie two days before. The publican was a bit pissed off but I reckon everyone for kilometres around had seen us and the act, which had never been earth shattering, had started to become stale. Still, who knew, in some other town maybe F and J would rise again.
Alex wanted to spend about a half day getting stuff he felt he might need for the final edit and then we were going to drive west across New South Wales (with short stops to get this and that) but mostly headed for the desert country around Alice Springs. Boy if the mountains had been six gun territory imagine what the dry open desert country would inspire.
And it would be a warmer place to get naked and laid out.
I had hardly ever travelled and I was loving the new places and the wildly diverse scenery. I didn't much like hours and hours crossing flat, empty, same, same, same, country and I thought camping totally sucked, but all things considered it was good. Different you see and I love different and so every day something new was just me, or so I was finding out. And me a city sheila all my days. Well, just goes to show you.
That night, after dinner, I kicked Jade out of the room and sent her to bunk with Dave and Loreen. I wanted time alone with Alex.
We fooled around some and whispered silly stuff to each other and then I made really slow and tender love to him. I think he thought he was driving but believe me I was in control.
That and the day's work exhausted me and Alex and I made a set of spoons in the bed and I drifted off and slept like a baby dreaming of hot red country and fun modelling and hot, hot, sex.
I guess that would be hot, hot, red sex!