Part 107

Posted by Barbanne on August 27, 2003 at 23:21:45:



It was sunny with a clear bright blue sky stretching up like an ethereal cathedral but there was a wind straight from the Antarctic blowing across the high country meadow in which the smooth wind and water rounded rocks were piled.
Considering this was truly crap weather to get naked in I had been nominated by Jade for the part of the victim.
("After all this whole flick is your idea Barb")
I had low slung jeans and a real wide leather belt and a gun stuck in it. I was bare foot and topless. Everyone else was rugged right up against the chill.
Including Jade.
(Boots, hat, padded jacket............clothes!!)
The camera rolled and I struggled to control my shivering.
"Ya stole my man bitch," she said to me.
"I cain't help it," I said, "I cain't help mahself, I gotta hot twat and ah gets myself under any man what's going."
"Not anymore bitch!"
"It wuz hissen fault too!"
"That's not what he says."
"He's a lyin' hound dog."
"Don't fuck with me bitch.............draw."
"I tell you...................."
Jade's gun flew into her hand, I fumbled with mine.
A bullet hole (stick on) blossomed between my eyes and up a bit and I staggered back, shooting into the ground and dropped my gun and fell back "dead" onto the biggest, smoothest, roundest rock and limped out, arms and legs spread and sprawled and head back, eyes gazing into the sky, mouth gaping and hair whipping in the wind.
The wind!
It was freezing and my nipples stood up like tiny towers and my tits felt like they were going blue and my whole body was chilled right through to the bone.
Dave filmed, slowly moving in on me.
The wind scoured over my body and I could feel my fingers getting numb and my tummy shrinking and my skin crawling with cold.
"Now move in from over here," Alex said to Dave, "this angle and get lower."
I was starting to shiver. I tried to relax but it was getting uncontrollable.
"Hurry please I'm freezing," I said.
"Just relax Barb," said Loreen.
"Maybe you didn't get me," I said, "I'm freezing, fucking freezing."
"Oh stop moaning Barbanne," said Alex.
"Shit!!" I muttered.
"Now get these shots," said Alex, "now Jade you move in and what I want you to do.................."
The rest was lost to me as I lay with my back slowly cooling on the sun warmed rock and the rest of me slowly icing up from the wind. My blood felt as though it had stopped circulating and my toes were quite numb and I couldn't feel them and my fingers I thought might have dropped off and my tits were sore and chafed feeling and my nipples were strained painfully and I was doing a good playing dead because I was half dead, drifting off a bit and then Jade's fingers unbuckled my belt and she said, "Well, bitch, this'll teach you to mess with a girl's man," and then she unzipped my jeans and the flaps fell apart and my pussy was exposed to the wind and within seconds it was aching painfully and I remembered thinking, "You're my pussy when you're giving me fun but you're a fucking cunt when you're hurting like this," and then I heard Dave say, "That's great, thanks Barb," and then Loreen tossed a blanket over me and I let go and started shivering violently and my teeth were chattering so hard I feared they would break and Jade said, "Hey Barb's freezing," and Alex said "She really was cold," and I staggered up and wrapped myself in the blanket and took off for the van with my jeans falling down around my ass.
"Bastards!" I shrieked.
Inside I was shivering and chattering and trying to get a hot drink and cursing everything and feeling about one degree above dead.
Loreen and Alex came clambering in and Loreen took the thermos from my shaking hands and poured a cup of steaming tea.
"Get that into you girl."
I gulped a mouthful and stood there shaking and warming my hands on the cup.
Alex said, "I'm sorry Barb, I had no idea it was so cold in that wind. Actually its kind of a nice day if you keep out of it."
"Jajajajajajajajajajaja..................." I said.
"I mean why didn't you say something?"
"I, yayayayayayayayayaya....................."
"It was all your idea Barb," said Loreen, "your idea to make this film, your idea to shoot today, your idea to do the scene on thse rocks."
"Well.....they're.....good," I mumbled.
"Why Barb," said Loreen.
"Well," I had the shakes sort of under control, "the contrast between those rugged but smooth rocks and naked female flesh, with the whole moutain range behind as a backdrop, its spectacular."
"Very true and it looked great through the camera," said Alex.
"Maybe at another time," said Loreen.
"When the wind isn't blowing," said Loreen.
"Yeah," I said.
I was heating up a bit and as my body temperature warmed up my temper tantrum cooled down.
"OK so I was stupid to get naked in a force ten gale from the snow but," I hitched up my jeans, "it was good wasn't it?"
Alex looked at me that way he does when he's thinking about me and why the hell he puts up with me. (he loves me and I totally love him poor sucker)
"Where is this western idea going Barb?"
"Well, we're putting stuff down all the time and yeah I know that the same girls are going to pop up over and over and go down under blazing guns again and again and the viewers will just have to accept that, I mean we can't afford a cast of thousands just a cast of a few, thousands of times, well several anyway."
"Yes but where is it going, what's the plot?"
"Well, when its finished or we are, we'll edit it into some form of continuity and there you go."
"I suppose you know what you're doing."
"Mmmmm, sort of............."

We were camped in the high country and Jade and I had stuck up our ad for girls in a shop window in the big town ten kilometres from where we were and Alex was out most days working on footage for his doco. There wasn't a lot to do around the camp except read (which I liked, but Jade couldn't hack) so most days we all went along and Jade and I did the dolly girl stuff for the "film crew", wow, how grand that sounds.
Jade was trying her hand out at using the big camera and although she was mostly limited to backgrounds and establishing shots she was proving very capable and competent and quite adventurous and I have to tell you her work on my western flick was great.
We got two answers from our ad and so I got Alex to give us a day off and drop us in town where we met with both girls at the main street coffee shop. They turned out to know each other (not surprising in a smallish town) and we decided we could use both if we could think of a suitable sequence. Marlene was a slightly overweight blonde with a less than perfect complexion but good boobs and a great ass and Gerri was a single mother with a so so body and so so looks and badly bleached hair, but she was keen.
We told them our rates and that was alright as they were both on social services payouts and we told them what we did and they giggled at that and Marlene went very red but agreed as did Gerri and I got a contact number and we were ready to roll.
Jade and I were still working on the Frankie and Johnnie thing but decided that this town was a bit too small for our debut.
I was now spending most of my free time nutting out a scenario for a western massacre featuring my two new friends and my old pal which would play well here in the mountains and for which I was schmoozing my darling to get him to take a day of from his other love, the documentary.
I thought of a title.
The kill on the hill.
Killed on the hill.
Blood fountain on the mountain.