Part 106

Posted by Barbanne on August 23, 2003 at 01:01:50:



I was going to be strangled!!!
Horribly, brutally, harshly, violently, sensually choked of all breath until my body collapsed helplessly into my attacker's arms.
Especially as my attacker was going to be Alex and he wouldn't get around to me until after he had done for Jade and Lena.
It was raining and filming of the doco was impossible and so we'd used some of the mud wrestling prize money to rent a double motel suite and Dave was going to work the camera with Loreen helping him and Alex had agreed to play the killer and we three were going to be the vics.
Alex (when he bothered to do it) could look the part on film, as, being a big guy, he could manage menacing quite well. I always thought it was a pity he didn't get in front of the camera more often as he looked sort of ruthless. Which of course was way, way misleading as he's such a softie in reality, but then who wants reality all the time?
Jade, Lena and I were dance hall babes and we'd gotten some party frocks from the local Saint Vinnies and had fixed them up to look like old time western bar girl clobber.
We were all outrageously over the top made up to look incredibly tarty and of course (as do all good 'about to die' models) wore no underwear.
We were also grouped together giggling in one of the motel suites which didn't need a lot of help to look period eighteen hundreds.
Alex, in black was lurking in the other suite, the bedroom.
Jade kind of flounced in to do whatever girls do and Alex, armed with a corded garrotte, was waiting.
He pounced and while Lena and Loreen and I looked on, crowding around the connecting door, Jade wriggled and erkked and kicked and struggled and went blue in the face and succumbed and sagged limply and was dragged around and laid out, out of sight behind the bed.
Lena went to get Jade, but instead got got herself, and she managed to really wiggle and waggle her ass and kick her legs (high enough that her lack of panties was vereee obvious) and then she too karked and got laid over Jade.
Dumb as a plank I called to the other girls and then cocked my head listening and walked straight into Alex's grip.
The cord whipped around my neck and bit in.
I went like "Eeeeaaaggghhhh....!!"
I struggled and it bit in even deeper.
I staggered across the room with Alex trying to get me under control. I saw the other two strangled girls laid out bedside and shrieked and screeched and redoubled my efforts to escape.
But Alex had me now.
His powerful hands tightened the deadly cord and it bit deep into my neck and my windpipe was closed off and my brain fast ran out of oxygen. My eyeballs skittered around looking for something, seeing nothing. My mouth gasped like a landed fish and my tongue rolled against my teeth. My consciousness was fading fast as my oxygen starved brain spluttered along fast running out of life's fuel. My body twisted and turned, my legs kicked out and my arms pistoned, my hands beating futilely at Alex's grip, my fingers clawing at the cord. My eyes fixed on the wall opposite but focussed into infinity and then my eyeballs rolled completely back, my pupils disappearing altogether. My eyelids drifted down and my tongue flopped out over my front teeth and my body shivered as my arms fell away and my knees buckled and Alex gave one final almighty tug on the cord and I hissed out my last lungful of life giving air and didn't breathe in again. My body slumped helplessly and my spirit departed and I died!
Alex let go and I tumbled to the floor.
You might well wonder why Alex's character was killing off his beloved to say nothing of poor Lena and Jade. Well the story line was that he had been done wrong awfully at some time in the past by some bar girl and was taking his revenge on all of the other such girls he could find.
Like us three who now lay stretched out on the floor of the (pretend) saloon bedroom, dead as dodos.
Alex stooped and started stripping me.
Thigh high stockings.
All peeled or dragged off and dumped. There I was naked yet again and on my back and dead with tits and stubbly shaven pussy face up. Alex quickly stripped Jade and Lena and bundled all of our clothes and stuffed them in the wardrobe. Then he got me by the wrists and dragged me into the room next door.
We had cleaned out this living room so that Dave could frame his shots to avoid anything vaguely modern and concentrate on the striped wall paper and the oddly old fashioned timber and paisley upholstered two seater lounge which luckily for us had a certain old west look about it.
I was totally boneless and real limp. I was after all dead remember!
He dragged me over to the lounge and flopped me against it and then came around to where he could stoop over me and get me under the armpits and lift me. Loose, bonelessly loose, my tummy potted and my arms fell loosely and my body flexed as my legs trailed. Grunting, (I was pure "dead" weight after all) he lifted me up and dragged me over and plomped my ass on the lounge while he changed his grip. My ass slid over the brocaded fabric and my knees spread and I slid forward, my thighs ever widening and my pussy being pulled open and spreading, pink, moist, excited and lasciviously opened up in a display of sexy surrender. He grasped me as I slid under him, headed for the floor, and hoicked me back up and plopped me on the lounge, slumped with my legs still wide and my tummy relaxed and my small breasts flooped. He placed my hands in my lap and then pulled me over to one end of the lounge. My head fell forward and my hair curtained down onto my chest and he took a bunch of it and pulled my head up and laid it out across the back of the lounge.
He went off and got Jade and bought her in and sat her beside me.
Same pose.
Then he went and got Lena and dragged her back in and put her at the other end of the lounge.
Three dead girls, one two seater lounge, so he had to do some rearranging to get us to fit and even then we ended up squashed together and sort of pressing the flesh with each other.
Alex admired his handiwork and then sardonically saluted the three corpses as he left.
Dave shot plenty of pics of the three corpse girls from all around and from different angles and then he, Loreen (who had watched the whole thing) and Alex reckoned it was quite a winner scene for the western saga with which we would relaunch Playdead.
Jade, Lena and I staggered up and got dressed again.

Alex spent two more days filming for the documentary and Jade, Lena and I used this time to get some excellent footage of me in low slung jeans killing Lena in a chamois loincloth in a variety of ways. (Jade and I had started putting together a collection of makeshift costumes which we could use as our western unfolded. They were a bit home made but we kept working on them and they looked good on film) I had used minimal makeup to look like a cowgirl and Lena had flashed herself up extravagantly and somewhat atrociously to look like an injun maiden. We did a couple of scenes in the motel room before the hire ran out and the rest in a secluded spot out of town with me having my tummy in a knot all the time lest we fall foul of the constabulary once again. On the last scene we shot Rose joined us, also loinclothed up, and I killed her as enthusiastically as I did Lena and the two girls died tangled erotically together.
With that safely in the can we said our goodbyes and Lena and Jade and I had a huge hug in and tears were spilt and Lena wanted to come with us but that we all knew was impossible and so we settled that when we were back in this area we'd come looking for her first thing.
We repacked the van and with Loreen driving we set off again, this time headed east toward the high country.
The high country, land of "The man from Snowy River," land of slow talking men of few words and horses and bushrangers!
Excellent western shootout country!