Part 105

Posted by Barbanne on August 21, 2003 at 01:05:45:



Oh how I love it.
And in a setting and pose to absolutely die for.
Not a skerrick of clothing on. All kicked off and tossed in a messy bundle beside Jade who was taking the photos.
I was sprawled back across a warm, smooth rock, one of a pile of rocks in a field of yellow daisies, with my head thrown back and my eyes closed and my mouth gaping wetly and my tongue dangling like that of some abattoir slaughtered beast's, drooling dribble onto my neck and breasts. My arms splayed out either side dragging the cones of my breasts into big, pinkish, brown nipple capped peaks and flattening my tummy to a concave saucer and thrusting my ribs through my skin. My left leg was splayed out from my hip at a wide angle and my right leg was similarly splayed in the other direction but hooked at the knee with my calf and foot coming back under me. My pussy was stretched widely open and glistened pinkly wet, lubricated by the bubble of orgasmic white stuff slipping from my love centre.
I was portraying a poor murder victim in a planned series of such finished off babes which Jade and I were working on as a way of getting the Playdead dot com site active again.
We had bussed out of town a ways and then walked to this setting, which we had seen on our day out with Alex, where Jade had gotten the camera set up and I had gotten first naked and then dead.
I was lying back over the rock, posed and drifting and really enjoying myself while Jade moved around my "corpse" getting a zillion shots from all angles.
"Put down the weapon lady and turn around slow."
"I said put down the weapon and turn around slow."
"It's a camera for pete's sake."
"But that woman is dead."
I sneaked a peek and saw a horrified Jade being held at gunpoint by two cops who must have rolled up the dirt road without us noticing them. Their cruiser stood with its engine running and the lights slowly strobing. I considered for a moment just lying there and letting Jade work her way out of that, but I figured I better join in. I pushed myself up on my elbows.
"I aren't dead, I guess you country cops don't see too many deadun's so you can't tell when a lady is doing an artistic pose."
"Shit," said one of the cops.
"What's going on?" said the other.
"I'm an actress (oh yeah) and we're shooting pics for a murder mystery magazine." (not too much truth I reckon)
That stumped the cops. Jade was grinning idiotically.
"Put your clothes on lady and we'll go downtown and sort this out."
"What's to sort out," I said hopping on one foot as I hoicked my panties up.
Scrambling into my clothes I was pushed into the rear seat of the cruiser along with Jade. Her camera had been confiscated and the cops were discussing what we would be charged with. Indecent exposure, tresspass, making and dealing in pornography, it didn't sound good.
On the drive back into town we were left in silence to contemplate our sins. When the car pulled into the parking lot behind the police station we were hustled inside and left sitting in the waiting room while the two cops who had arrested us (had we been arrested?) talked it over with a large lady wearing sergeants stripes behind a half height, glass partition.
After what seemed an eternity the sergeant lady came out and called us over one at a time to the desk where she took our names and adresses, or at least our temporary place of abode. Then she led us into an interview room and sat us down and a thin uniformed female clerk joined the party and she took notes while the sergeant questioned us.
The questions (grilling?) were directed at me.
"Is it true that she (a nod of the head indicated Jade) was taking photos of you (me) and that you were totally nude?"
"Sort of."
"What 'sort of,' is it true or isn't it?"
"Its true."
"And is it true that you were, (here she leaned over and read from notes on the clerk's pad) stretched out in a lascivious manner across rocks and that you seemed to be pretending to be dead and in fact the officers first impression was that you were dead?"
"I s'pose."
"Yes its true I guess."
"So what was that all about?"
"As I told those guys........"
"The officers?"
"........yeah them, I'm an actress and model and we were doing some shots for a murder mystery magazine and well, we didn't think we were doing anyone any harm and in fact there wasn't another soul around for ever as far as we could see and we'd have been out of there in another half hour."
"How did you get out there?"
"Took that bus that connects towns and then walked the rest."
She picked up Jade's digital camera and showed it to me.
"Where's the film?"
"Its a..............," said Jade and I kicked her hard.
"Geez didn't we have any film.......shit!"
I realised she probably hadn't seen a digital camera before.
"Yeah well," she said, "we sent someone out to where you are camped and it seems the rest of your group are away."
"They're making a doco."
"A doco??"
"A documentary film. They'll be back about five."
"Hmmm well in the menwhile you two can stay here in the cells and we'll contact your friends later."
"Ah shit, what have we done?"
"Seems to me you're skirting with something filthy and probably illegal. You can stay here."
"What are we charged with?"
"Nothing yet and if you keep your mouth shut maybe you won't be charged at all, but if you keep on whining I'll think of something."
The interview was over and we were locked in a cell for the day.
About six o'clock the sergeant came back into the cells area where we were, with Alex.
"And I'm sorry for all your trouble and yes they have acted stupidly but I'll take responsibility for them now."
"Yeah well do that and don't lets have anymore dislays of public nudity like this again."
"You have my word they'll be good from now on."
"OK Alex."
Alex, Alex already, and it was clear the woman was smitten with Mister Charm.
"Sure Gloria."
Gloria Gloria !! oh for crying out loud.
"And Alex little Miss Lippy here (me) wants to watch her smart mouth."
"She will Gloria she will."
They let us out and returned Jade's camera.
Alex drove us back to where we were camping. Throughout the short trip he maitained an ominous silence.
When we got back Loreen and Dave were waiting and I started getting a meal ready, keeping myself busy and trying to become invisible.
Alex wasn't buying it.
"Well??" he said.
"Well what darling?"
I noticed Jade was doing an even better job of appearing wraith like. Little Miss smoke cloud.
"Nude mud wrestling, what a disgrace, but at least it was in a hotel and it was semi legal and other idiots were doing it too."
He paused and I opened my mouth to say something smart.
"But doing naked playing dead poses in full view of everyone including the police well, that beggars belief. And Jade you're no better than Barb, although I realise she probably lead you astray, but even so you should have had the sense to say no and if you can't do that because of Miss Charisma here," he glared at me, "what you should have done is come to me, I'd soon put a stop to her."
I reckoned I was going to get a whacking later on, hmmmm, that might be nice.
"Its not Jade's fault, she was only going along with me. Anyway we got our pics back and you can't buy settings like that and Jade and I want to get Playdead back in business and while you guys might be having the times of your lives being big film makers, Jade and I have our eyes on getting the old business up and running again."
Alex rubbed his hand over his face.
"What am I going to do with you two?"
"Take us to bed?" I grinned at Dave and Loreen, they weren't privy to our threesomes so I played it as a joke.
Alex dropped his head in mock surrender. I finished getting the meal.
Later that night I got a private ticking off but unfortunately no whacking on my butt. The best part was that Alex agreed to take a day off soon and spend it doing some stuff for Playdead's rebirth. Together with Jade we ran the pictures we had done through Alex's lap top and even he grudgingly admitted they were good. Jade was getting to be a better photographer than me and I was getting to be a pretty good model.