Part 104

Posted by Barbanne on August 14, 2003 at 23:56:54:



The body lying on the table, tucked under a white sheet was unmistakably female.
I stood looking down at it dressed in my short green mortician's smock.
I leaned forward and, taking the edge of the sheet in my fingers, rolled it back and down revealing Lena's dead face, eyes open and staring sightlessly at the ceiling, tongue bulging from between her lips and purplish make up and lipstick staining her mouth and smudging her eyes. As I continued peeling the sheet down her horribly bruised neck appeared and then her neatly laid out body, small breasts, flat tummy, long legs and delicately splayed feet.
I whipped the sheet clear and folded it and put it aside.
"Well, well, well," I said, "what have we here?"
I touched her forehead.
"Unless I'm mistaken its Belly Star, the famous, or at least infamous, girl outlaw."
I stroked my hand down her cheek.
"Well Belly, sadly it looks like you finally pissed them frontier folk off once too often and so here you are, hanged to death and stretched out naked in my mortuary."
I leaned over her head.
"Belly, mind if I call you B?, hmmm, seems not, or at least you're not complaining, but I guess you won't be complaining much any more."
No response. Lena just stared and drooled around her tongue.
"You don't say much babe," I said, "mind if I close your eyes, only its just that you're sort of freaking me out staring at me like that."
With my thumbs I rolled her eyelids back and studied her pin pricked eyeballs and then, using my thumbs again, I fluttered her eyelids down and closed.
"Wow, I can't believe I'm talking to the dead babe's corpse," I muttered, "but sheesh its kind of lonely in here doing this job and you get a bit wierd and find yourself chatting with the cold flesh."
I giggled.
"Might tuck this in for you B."
I used my fingers to tuck her tongue inside her mouth and pulled her lips together and patted them gently.
I peered through my specs at the gruesome blue bruise encircling her throat.
"Ugh that's nasty, did it hurt a lot?"
No reply.
"I guess it did. Hurt a lot I mean. Did it strangle you B or did it just snap your neck clean and humane like?"
I palpated her head on her neck feeling it with my fingers.
"Nah, doesn't feel loose and broken like so I guess you must have sort of choked. Hey that would be why your so blue around the gills eh babe?"
I tracked down her body.
"Hey B, these two little titties are looking kind of defeated kid," I trailed a fingernail across the nipples and they sprang up, uncurling and wrinkling their way upward. "Hmmm, nipples that look sort of defeated too. Must be sad being dead and at my mercy? eh? Like this flat tummy and these nice little ribs and this here navel. Quite cute B and I can just touch what and where I want, can't I?"
I giggled.
"Oooooh, glad you got your bush trimmed for your hanging B," I ran the flat of my hand over the dense black stubble at the bottom of her tummy, short, prickly and spreading down over her mons, "yeah makes it nice and not too scratchy," I laid my face on her mound and rubbed my cheek along her, "now this is how I like getting myself a dose of beard rash, bearded clam rash eh?"
I giggled again. Lena was fighting not to giggle too and her tummy was shivering. It was all too much though and Jade stopped filming while she controlled herself. I sat there pulling faces and not making it any easier for the poor girl and she said, "Stop it Barb you're breaking me up and I'm really trying to be realistically dead for you and anyway its costing you guys money to have me here."
"Lena honey we love your company and consider it money well spent."
She smiled and made a big production of pulling herself together.
All the time during this delay I had been surreptitiously looking at Lena's sex. Struth it was big! I mean her slit, the smooth, mounded ridges of her outer lips ran from just where that stubble stopped down and under and right up to her asshole. The labia stood up proud and defined and within them the inner lips showed shyly and the whole thing looked big enough to accommodate something (or someone) spectacular. I mused as to how I had fantasised about sex with a horse and thought, not unkindly, that Lena could handle that, come to that, maybe even an elephant!!!!
We continued.
"Wow B kid," I said, running my thumbs down her sex, "pity we're not going to cook you babe although I must say you look good enough to eat and this, (her pussy) is one prime fillet."
My hand stroked like a feather down her puss and I felt it quivering under my touch and thought, "Who am I kidding this girl doesn't have a pussy this girl has a cunt, a real man sized cunt!!"
I looked up and saw Jade watching me closely and realised that I had my lower lip caught between my teeth and had been looking at Lena wistfully, nah, not wistfully, lustfully!!! Very lustfully!!!!
Naughty thoughts.
"Oh boy B," I continued my commentary as my hands slid down her thighs, "how come you got caught with legs like these, legs to die for, oops, legs like a gazelle, legs that could outrun a racehorse, and lovely big feet, strong, slender, fine boned and well formed, very sexy feet B. Feet that should have sprinted you to safety but alas feet that had to dance on air."
I looked over at Jade and she nodded that yes she was finished with the filming of my scene with Belly Star's body and I said, "That's it Lena."
She didn't move.
"You can sit up now Lena," I said.
"Oh no," she hadn't even opened her eyes, "you haven't checked my pussy and ass."
I looked over at Jade and she raised her eyebrows and I looked at her like, well if that's what she wants.
The camera ran again and I rolled Lena's hips and cupped her buttock and ran my finger gently into her little blot hole and she shivered again and then I laid her back out and, snapping on a plastic glove, used my right hand to slip my fingers inside her slit.
"Better check the kid's not going to her grave hiding diamonds or anything," I said and my middle finger slid inside. Even through the glove she was furnace hot and really wet and her clit was nubbed and hard and as my fingers went inside she clamped herself shut on me and I sneaked a look and Belly Star's corpse had a sort of dreamy, silly smile just lifting the corners of her mouth.
I'm pretty sure Lena gripped my fingers for her own pleasures and so I stroked her with my middle finger and I'm also pretty sure she came.
Jade moved to the side and filmed me wrapping Lena's body in a sheet and there we were.
Barbanne the mortician deals with Belly Star the hung outlaw lady.
Another scene for my western adventure put in the can.
I was not sure how Alex was going to react when he saw the finished thing.
Oh well...........
Lena sidled up to me clutching her clothes and said, "Come with me please Barb." I looked over to where Jade was dismounting things and said, "Sure."
I followed her into her little bedroom and she stepped into her panties and slipped into her bra.
"Barb I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me just then."
"Hows that then Lena?"
"You know out there when we were filming and I more or less asked you to touch my ass and vagina."
"Well I did as politely as I could, erm you were the one who tightened...................."
"Oh I know, I used your hand to climax myself and oh, I don't know, I just had to, I was balanced on the edge and, oh damn this is embarrassing."
"You mean you were performing in a fantasy and you were fantasising and then you found you were getting aroused and it was another girl who was doing it for you."
"Oh Barb, yes and yet I've got a boyfriend and I've never thought of myself as anything but straight and then I embarrass myself and you by doing that!"
"You mean to say you've never done it with a girl Lena."
She flushed brilliant red.
"No, no of course not."
"Don't knock it until you've tried it Lena. Hey listen I've got my Alex and he's it for me and there will never be any other for me in that way but that doesn't mean I'm a nun and that I don't get turned on by other men and women."
"So its forgotten?"
"If you want."
"Oh thanks, thanks for that Barb."
"Give us a hug then Lena."
She did in her sweet little bra and panties and I pulled her to me and kissed her long, hard and open mouthed. She stiffened and then pulled back, but I only kissed harder and then she melted and went limp and we were kissing passionately and I stroked her breasts and then placed my hand over her mons and below and pressed and rubbed and then finally I broke and Lena was there all dishevelled and panting and I grinned and said, "Remember Lena don't knock it until you've tried it."
"Oh Jesus," she said.
"You OK for some more photo work in a day or two?"
"Me, Jade and you all dead together."
"Oh Barb you've got me."
I giggled and she giggled and then Jade came in and said, "What's with you two?"
That broke us up and we giggled fit to bust.