Part 103

Posted by Barbanne on August 08, 2003 at 01:02:34:



I still woke up at nights screaming, my head filled with Larry's face and the full horror of the rape crawling across my body like filth and sullying my spirit.
The others understood and Alex held me while I cried myself back to sleep.
It was getting better. Some nights when I felt it coming on I could wake up and lie there, my heart pounding and my body drenched in sweat. But some nights it caught me in the depths of sleep and tore at my innermost soul.
I wondered if I'd ever meet Larry again and what I'd do if and when that happened.
Not pretty thoughts, very black and sinister.
After the mud wrestling Alex reckoned that Jade and I needed keeping busy lest we hatch other schemes. (Little did he know about Frankie and Johnnie) Anyway he decided we should come out with him and the others and work on the documentary.
"After all Barb," he told me, "that's what's paying your way."
"Ah yes, but mud wrestling got us a few really good meals out."
"Nude mud wrestling," he muttered.
Come Friday I told him Jade and I were staying behind. I wanted to be a girlie I explained and exercise my shopping genes.
He sort of agreed, I think he was a bit sick of me whinging about flies and stuff out there in the wilds.
Jade and I stayed at the camp when the others went off.
I hadn't been one hundred percent honest I'm afraid. I wanted to get started on the western.
Jade and I had run an ad in the local newsagent's window for girls to photo model (risque poses) on a temporary basis and as soon as the others disappeared we raced down to see what replies we might have gotten.
There was one only and we called her, her name was Lena, and she said, "Hi yes I'm real interested and come on around."
Around was a one bedroom flat in a dilapidated block and Lena's real name was Magdalen (don't you guys tell anyone!) and she was taller than me or Jade with long, brownish titian hair, a toothy smile and green grey eyes and a slim athletic body and she was pretty, would have been really pretty except for a too big, too sharp, sort of hatchetty nose. I reckoned she would make a great redskin. I told her what we were about, laid it out straight, no secrets, playing dead photos for an internet site that was kind of sex oriented. She laughed it off and said she had no problem with that. I said I would have liked at least one other girl and she said she had a pal Rose who might join in but she was a bit unreliable.
I asked Lena if she had time to practice and she said she had all the time in the world on account of she was unemployed and would we like to use her pad.
It was small but it was alright, the living space had room to move and set up and so Jade went and got the digital camera while Lena and I shifted furniture.
"Magdalen eh that's a lovely name," I said. Lena snorted. "So why not Maggie?" I asked.
"Oh Barbanne give me a break. Maggie, gawd that sounds like your Grannie's name."
"OK, OK, Lena it is."
"Anyway what sort of name is Barbanne?"
"Call me Barb Lena."
We had the place cleared and I explained my on going western idea to Lena and told her I thought she could maybe do a great Indian maiden.
"Its my nose isn't it Barb?"
"Not entirely Lena but it helps."
We both laughed and then I talked over some scenes we might rehearse.
By the time Jade got back Lena and I had stripped to our panties and I was amazed at the profusion of pubic curls Lena displayed. (they had escaped from the confines of her panties curling onto her thighs) I reckoned they'd have to be shaved for when we got around to filming the real thing.
We got down to rehearsing.
Just as Jade walked in I had Lena down on the floor and was pretend stabbing her.
"Looks like I'm just in time Lena," said Jade.
Lena giggled, she giggled a lot, and we both sat up and watched as Jade prepared the camera.
With Jade shooting pics Lena and I got serious.
We grappled fighting over a knife. (real knife from Lena's kitchen but we were awful careful with it)
I had it and she had my arm by the wrist and was really straining to keep it from herself. We staggered back and forth and pushed and shoved and got real close and personal and then my cow girl pushed her injun maid backwards and we fell to the floor with her holding my hand uppermost and my hand still clutching the knife and we rolled back and forth on the floor, nude except for brief panties, and struggling hard.
"What do you think Jade, when we do it for real, naked or costumes," I said without loosening my grip on Lena.
"Maybe costumes Barb, but bits disappearing all the time until the victim is maybe naked or just wearing a breech clout when she dies."
"Yeah I think that's good."
"OK victim," I said to Lena, "this is where you die."
I wrenched my hand free and stabbed her repeatedly. Of course the blade went nowhere near her smooth skin.
"Blood in this part Jade?"
"Yeah but not a bucketful, just a few wounds, neat, cut like wounds."
"Yucko!" said Lena.
"Don't worry girl you won't feel a thing. Now like we've practised, die now."
I slashed down one more time and Lena went, "Arrrrrkkk," and bowed upward and stiffened on her shoulders and heels and then went, Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh.................," and sort of whistled out breath and died, flopping suddenly limp and lifelessly inert.
Jade snapped busily while I leaned back panting and looking down at Lena's outstretched body.
"How was that?" I puffed.
"Great. Lena you were great."
Lena?" I said.
"You can get up now."
"Lena you OK?" asked Jade.
"Lena??" I said concerned now.
"Oh struth," I said, "what's the matter?" I rolled back her eyelid and saw only white.
"Lena!!!" I shouted in panic.
"I'm dead, dead babes can't talk, you guys should know that."
"You scoundrel!"
She cracked an eyelid and peered at me.
"Am I good or am I good," she said.
"You're good," we both told her.
Later that day we met Rose.
She was rail thin and younger than I thought maybe she should be and she was blonde, although she hadn't been born that way, and she had the dull eyes of a stoner.
"I'm not sure Rose is quite our sort of person," I told Lena.
"She'll be OK, she sometimes can be a bit unreliable but she really needs a chance to do something and actually she is probably the best actress you'll get."
"Do you think so?"
"I do."
I tried talking to Rose but she either wasn't much of a conversationalist or she wasn't firing too well but I didn't really get far. I talked it over with Jade and we decided to get Rose to do a few poses for the camera. At that she was good! She had a natural looseness and a sort of abandon that meant she didn't hold back anything and that made her the best dying, best dead model I could think of.
But I still reckoned she was a stoner and would have a stoner's problems.
I decided we'd only use her if it was really necessary.