Part 102

Posted by Barbanne on August 01, 2003 at 00:50:33:



Our first stop.
Out in the Mallee in one of those tiny, dusty little towns where you aren't quite sure why its there and you still see signs advertising Plume petrol and everything in the shop windows looks tired and dusty and acts as a part time grave yard for flies.
Actually, strictly speaking we weren't in town, we were sort of on the outskirts, camped.
Barbanne camping out!!!!
Unbelievable eh and yet here I was.
Dave and Loreen had the two beds in the van and Jade, Alex and I were set up in a sort of half annexe, half tent thing that we rigged to one side of the van and which held our beds and a table and chairs and our ablutions were the town facility.
Roughing it eh?
Barbanne frontierswoman, pioneer.
It was OK though, fun actually, and I was accepting grotty hair and daggy clothes as part of something that for me was a big adventure. A real change. As we went on and the money situation improved I was hopeful that we might have enough to take a motel room now and then. I was missing a shower of my own and mostly I was missing having Alex in that shower with me. And as for having a bed to romp in, well! I mean to say. You'll understand my frustrations. But it was fun, sort of.
Jade and I were planning to seek work in the supermarkets and cafes of the bigger towns when we stopped there for any sort of time and as well as that we were working on an act that might earn us some cash in hotels along the way.
This particular day Alex had taken Dave and Loreen and they had gone off to shoot background stuff for the documentary he was making. The film was part travelogue, part nature film and part tourist promo so he was anxious to cover all of these aspects in every place we stopped. Loreen had taken a big interest in the technicalities of filming and she and Dave made a good team. I had been there a bit myself, although my interest had been more in still photography rather than in movies and anyway I have a really short attention span and once I have done something and mastered it I tend to lose interest and move on. Its why I'll never be really good at anything. Fortunately my submission fantasies never fade.
With them away for the day Jade and I decided it was a good opportunity to work on our act. We, sort of me actually, had come up with this idea of a dance routine to the music of Frankie and Johnnie where Jade and I pranced around practically naked, acting out being lovers of whom "one is doin' the other wrong" and culminating in Jade shooting me dead and then dragging my corpse off of the stage. It was part dance routine, part pole dance without a pole and part death necro fantasy and it was pretty sexy.
We were both crap dancers but had a few moves that were OK and our acting ability was alright for a pub, having been honed by our time at Playdead. It was warm in the middle of the day out here in the Mallee even though it was autumn and we were trying out our routine at the local pool wearing only our bikinis. We didn't have music and were humming our tune and clattering along the tiles in high heels and some of the local kids who were at the pool thought this was pretty good and catcalled and whistled and when Jade finally pantomimed shooting me through the tits and I grabbed myself and did a good dying scene they yahooed even louder and then when she dragged my body away over the slippery tiles they cheered and clapped and sang out rude stuff.
"That's it sister, show the bitch who's boss."
"Give her an extra nipple did you babe?"
"Bring her over here, now that she's on her back we know how to handle her."
"Broadway next stop, hey girls?"
There were girls amongst the locals and two of them came up afterwards and asked us what we were doing and did we want any more to form a chorus. I thought of co-opting them for my western but they were only schoolgirls and so I laughed them off and said we were a duo and anyway we were going to try out our act in pubs and stuff. They may have been young but they weren't innocent and some of their comments tingled my scalp.
Jade and I reckoned we were just about ready to give it a go and the next decent town we came to we'd audition for the local publican. We were pretty cheap too, fifty bucks a show plus whatever notes we could get slipped into our panties.
We hadn't told Alex yet.
When Jade had first come to us at Playdead, she had been something of a feral.
She puffed fags and had a wily, foxy look on her young and pretty face and she didn't trust almost anyone. I understood her because we had a shared history of abuse and degradation as youngsters. I saw the girl beneath the tough guy exterior and as we had lived and worked together over the time before Playdead's fiery end we had become really close friends and companions. The ciggies were gone as was the distrusting squint and her natural red hair glowed with health and cleanliness and she dressed (sort of outrageously, so did I) with a bit more style and class than she ever had before. We were close, I have said that we were like sisters and we were, but we were also close in a different way. In other circumstances we could easily have been lovers and that sexual tension existed all the time. However I had found the true love of my life and Jade wanted such a relationship for herself. Our closeness was unconscious and probably driven by our shared childhood experiences. This meant that the sort of threesome we had had with Alex came easily and innocently and even my rather correct and stuffy darling had come to accept that that was just an expression of healthy lust by all three of us. It didn't happen a lot but when it did it was just so, so, natural.
Jade and I had become if anything even closer following the awful fire at Playdead and our new nomadic life style strengthened our bonds even more.
So when Alex came to me that evening and asked me if I'd like to accompany him and the others during filming the following day I told him, love to, but Jade and I wanted to work on aspects of the western we were going to start shooting soon.
"I don't know," he said, "I sometimes wonder what you two get up to while I'm away."
"Nothing you have to worry about darling," I assured him.
So off he went and Jade and I settled in to rehearse scenes I had roughed out in my head.
We practised our moves inside our little annexe thing. We weren't all that anxious to have our audience from the pool back to critique what we were doing again.
I played an injun gal and Jade struggled with me and then knifed me between the breasts and I fell back dead. I wanted to find some of those nice round, weather worn rocks we had seen along the way for when we filmed this for real. Then Jade and I, both cowgirls this time, had a stand off and guns cleared leather and I drilled her and, this was different to anything I'd done before, she nose dived and landed tits down on the ground, kissing the dirt and with her ass up and her legs tucked in under her in classic monkey style genital display. For this when we shot for real she'd have to lose her pants and so as I knelt beside her as she posed being shot down I dragged her shorts and panties off and down around her thighs.
"Gotta lose these when we shoot for real Jade."
"Mmmmm," a sort of mumble, she was after all eating dirt."
"Hey that's one cute butt sister."
"Yep sure is," I leaned over and bit her on the bum. Not a bite that would break skin or even leave a mark but a goodly nip nevertheless. She squealed. We laughed.
Alex was finished in this area and we packed up and moved on a couple of hundred k's to a big town in the riverland where we set up camp again. Inside a van park this time. Alex set off at sparrow fart to check locations and as soon as I'd served the others breakfast, Jade and I went into town to check out the scene.
We found the biggest pub in town and I said, "Hey time for our stage act, let's get ourselves a booking."
"Good thinking Barb."
I was about to push inside when I saw a poster in a glass case.





Today was Friday.
"What do you reckon Jade," I asked her as she read the poster, "reckon we can take the local babes and win five hundred?"
"Reckon we can give it a try."
We pranced inside and found a bored barmaid who added our names to a list of about ten.
"Starts at nine o'clock, be here by eight thirty," she said."
"See ya then," I chortled.
After I had cooked up a pretty nice meal using our little camp stove, Alex went into the van to look at the stuff he had done that day and at eight fifteen I stuck my head through the door and said, "Jade and me are going into town."
"Mmmm, hmmm."
"Bye then."
"Don't do anything really stupid."
"No darling."
"We might go into town later too," said Dave and he and Loreen squeezed each other.
"Might see ya."
Jade and I hot footed down to the pub. It was all set up. In a cleared space in the centre of the main lounge a huge blue plastic sheet with a red circle in the middle was laid out. A heap of sloppy, stinking, river mud was piled in the middle of the circle. We had to wrestle in that and when you were pushed outside the circle you were out. Two girls who had entered had failed to show and besides me and Jade there were four tattooed biker chicks and two girls whom I recognised as being gay and two other pretty ordinary girls. With Jade and me that made four ordinary chicks.
We got naked and sat around getting more and more nervous and having to wee lots. Even the biker chicks spent an inordinate amount of time in the dunny.
At nine o'clock we were called out and introduced by the publican using outrageous nick names she had chosen. I was Curly Locks and Jade was Miz Scarlet. (on account of her red hair) As I paraded, wiggling my ass, I saw Dave and Loreen sitting one row back from ringside. I gave them a cheesy grin. Loreen grinned and gave me the thumbs up. I also noticed the cops were in the back, two guys and a girl. They were just grinning and enjoying themselves like everyone else, even though ten buck naked babes were on display.
Time was called and we grappled and slopped in the mud.
Jade and I had a plan and we wrestled gemtly in the middle of the mud heap.
The two gay girls got mud on them and with cries of, "Poo poo," and, "Stinks darls," and "Sheesh hate this," they skidded out of the circle and raced for the showers.
The mob cat called and whistled and yahooed.
The four biker chicks were on some personal hate crusade and within five minutes they had all pushed each other out of the circle and were disqualified.
That left four of us and the other two realised we were dancing together and took us on.
We grappled and really struggled and fell in the mud and I got a gob full and slid into it and felt it sliming into my pussy and ass crack. The crowd cheered us on calling for their favourites. Mostly that was Miz Scarlet and I was pretty well ignored.
One of the girls, a healthy young blonde, decided she wanted me out and jumped me and started pushing me toward the circle's edge. I resisted and she sort of got up in a half crouch gripping my shoulders and shoving and I waited until I felt her leg muscles really pumping and then I slid under her and she skidded wildly and skittered, trying to brake herself, but the mud greased her way and she shot out of the circle. She tried to come straight back but the publican told her she was out. She knew some pretty choice words and let them go in a blue streak.
The other girl was a skinny brunette and Jade and I ganged up and sent her slithering on her butt out into the front row where her filthy, slimy, smelly body was groped by the lads.
She too was no Sunday School teacher and let forth some truly disgusting language and went to the showers.
Jade and I made a big show of shaping up to each other and then I took a dive and let her slide me on my shoulders, arms windmilling, across the mud raft and out of the circle.
Jade was the winner and the crowd went crazy.
I grinned at Dave and Loreen, looking like a black face minstrel, and wondering whether this mud had any of them dirt diseases you read about in it. I had certainly swallowed some and was wearing plenty more inside my pussy and bum.
I skipped off to the showers and Jade collected her winnings in a bundle of cash and then had to stay there while the crowd hooted and perved on her.
Eventually she joined me and we washed up and the other girls were pretty nice about it all and the biker chicks asked us did we want to come and drink some and smoke some dope.
We laughingly declined and when we were dressed we headed back to the van.
As we arrived Alex was standing by the annexe and he beckoned me over.
Dave and Loreen were grinning like two monkeys.
"Mud wrestling Barbanne?? And you too Jade?" Nude mud wrestling no less."
"Now listen mate............," I said.
"Mud wrestling Barb? Mud wrestling??"
He thought for a while.
"Nude mud wrestling? In front of a hotel full of people?"
"Alex, damn it, I love you. I respect you and I admire you but mostly I love you and as an affirmation of that I allow you inside my body. What more proof do you want? So if I do dippy stuff at times you have just gotta learn that that's me. If you love me like I do you you'll live with it..............,besides we won five hundred dollars."
"But nude mud wrestling....................??"
I opened my mouth to have a go at him when with a twinkle he said, "Wish I'd seen that."