It's Back!! Part 101

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I shifted down and my hand stung where the burns had recently healed. I pressed my foot to the pedal to keep the revs up and the Mercedes Sprinter, four stroke diesel, five speed tranny model, lurched up the incline into the gathering dusk. Alex smiled over at me and his hand stroked my bare thigh below the hem of my shorts and I shivered with the intensity of my love for this man, a love which caused his merest touch to ignite the fire of burning passion in my heart. (and in my loins)
In the back of the van Dave and Loreen were asleep, cuddled together in a tangle of limbs. Beside them Jade lay back in her seat her head over the back rest, her mouth open and she was dribbling and snoring through her mouth, blowing tiny bubbles out over her teeth. She'd be mortified if I told her when she awoke. Nobody likes to be seen snoring and slobbering, I should know, I do it often enough, but Alex would never complain. I reached my hand down and took his and squeezed it.
The Merc crested the rise and I shifted up as we started the run down the other side. I flicked on the lights and in their beam I saw the road ahead light up and in my mind I saw it all again............... I looked up at the collapsing ceiling I was filled with anger and rage at the unfairness of it all and I was suddenly possessed of almost insane strength and a burning will to survive.
Everything seemed to move in slow jerky motion as I grabbed Abigail under the shoulders and lifted her and threw myself backward at the same time. Our combined weight smashed through the plaster board partition and my head actually punched a hole in the sheeting as the wall collapsed sideways to hang at a drunken tilt and we both landed inside the ablutions area. The shattered wall had ripped the plumbing pipe free and it had broken at one of its capilliary joints and a blast of cold water drenched both of us as the ceiling of the warehouse crashed to the floor and a gust of flame and heat billowed out.
Our sodden state, the protective walls of the ablutions and the blasting water saved us and I pulled Abigail to me and then we were hit with another jet of water as firemen broke through the back wall and then men in protective clothing grabbed me and someone pulled Abigail away and we were both rushed out into the lane at the rear of what had been Playdead just as the brick walls swayed alarmingly and the whole building fell in on itself in a huge shower of sparks and flames.
I coughed and coughed and spluttered and spat out gunk and Alex folded me into him and we hugged and Jade and Roxie and Dave were there and I hugged them too and coughed and spat and then ambulance people got me and sat me down while they checked me over and a girl with a big bottom and a lovely nature and a green uniform told me that I seemed to be alright but that I had a bad lump on the back of my head and had ingested way too much smoke and that they wanted me to go to hospital and be checked out properly but I said no I was OK and I would come in later if I felt I needed it.
They had Abigail on a stretcher and she was only half conscious and then they loaded her into an ambulance and off she went.
I asked the others had anyone seen Larry and they all said no and Alex said that he thought he'd seen him leave moments before the fire broke out.
The police were there and so were the fire examiners and firemen came out and said they had found no bodies inside and everyone must have gotten out and that there were some suspicious circumstances and they would be looking at it more when it all cooled down but that they thought maybe arson was involved.
I was in something of a daze I suppose and it all flowed around me and I said nothing to anyone about Larry's having raped me or Abigail's involvement just before the fire started.
I hugged Alex a lot and when he asked me why Abigail had been in the back with me and why I had asked about Larry I gave some quick answer and I could see that he wasn't either convinced or satisfied and I knew he'd be trying to get it out of me later.
Finally we were allowed to go and we all went to Dave's place.
Everyone was talking about the fire and what we had lost and I could hear myself babbling a bit and realised that I must still be in shock and tried to slow myself down but I was kind of manic. By now it was evening and Jade and Dave and Alex were hungry. Roxie had gone home to her place and Loreen decided it was time to get some food going.
I offered to help and was carrying plates to lay the table when I felt a pounding in the back of my head and a sort of dizziness and my eyes went blurry and I heard the plates crash on the floor and someone said, "Barb are you..............?" and then I went down as though poleaxed.
They couldn't bring me around and an ambulance was called and I got rushed to emergency and was diagnosed with delayed concussion and I was in a coma state that lasted four days as it turned out.
I was in a hospital bed with about a zillion things either stuck to me or stuck into me or poked into me. I had breathing tubes in my nose and shunts in my hands and drips into my shunts and I was catheterised and hooked up to a dozen machines that continuously checked my heart and lungs and brain activity. (or lack thereof)
I had so many things attached to my chest that they couldn't get either a gown or anything else on me and that catheter didn't help and so they left me naked in the bed with a sheet pulled up except nurses were in and out all the time and so they left me uncovered from the waist up for convenience and because Alex insisted on being with me all the time he later told me he has now seen so much of my tits that he reckons he and they are old friends and almost on speaking terms.
The second day of my coma Abigail came in and sat with Alex and he could see she was really upset looking at me lying there all pale and exposed and vulnerable with big black bruised circles under my eyes, no makeup at all and wan and sort of half dead. Alex tried to comfort her but she just sat beside him and said nothing and stared at me and on the second day she broke down completely and confessed to lighting the fire and told him all about the rape and throughout it all I slumbered peacefully.
Alex told Abigail she had to confess her crimes and she just sobbed and held onto him and asked him over and over was I going to die. At that stage he thought that a distinct possibility and so could hardly reassure her but he told her that no, Barb would survive.
A nurse called the police for Alex and detectives came to the hospital and talked to Abigail and then took her away for interviewing and as it turned out charging with arson.
Larry had vanished completely.
Alex stayed with me and got to know my tits better and better and on the fourth day, just when two doctors and a nurse were checking my readings and pondering my diagnosis, I woke up feeling refreshed as though I had slept very well and saw Alex and said, "Hiya sexy," and sat up and threw my arms around him managing to rip off or out, half of my paraphenalia.
The hospital staff pretended to be horrified but were pissing themselves laughing and Alex was crimson with embarrassment at this dumb shiela's behaviour.
After that I recovered very quickly and was discharged the following day into the care of my beloved.
As I was getting ready to leave Kikki and Muriel showed up.
They told me how concerned they and all the others at Girls, Girls, Girls, had been to hear about my illnes and about the fire and right there and then, in front of Alex and all, they offered me a job at GGG. I laughed and knocked them back.
"Why?" said Kikki.
"Couldn't take those icy blasts in the privates Kikki."
For a moment she didn't know what I was talking about and then she remembered and we all laughed although Alex didn't know at what.
We all walked out together and Kikki didn't let up about me coming to work for Girls, Girls, Girls. I could see that Alex was quietly fuming at the thought of my going into pure porn and I squeezed his arm reassuringly. Outside the girls said goodbye and Alex said to me, "You wouldn't really consider doing porno Barb?"
"No love," I said, "and anyway until I get cleared I won't even consider taking my clothes off."
When he found out that Larry had raped me Alex discussed this with the hospital staff and they examined me while I was out. They found bruising and tearing but nothing that would stand up in court, nonetheless they sent a report to the cops investigating the whole Playdead catastrophe. I would have to go down and make a statement sometime soon. The hospital also ran an aids test and the result of that, which I wouldn't know for some time, was weighing heavily in the back of my mind.
When we got home to Dave's place Jade and Loreen had made a little celebration and that cheered me up heaps.
I settled down to a fortnight of recuperation and worrying.
Alex was looking for something he, I and Jade could rent while things got sorted out and I went around with him to look at flats and stuff. Jade had found a job which she mysteriously disappeared to each morning and Alex kept asking me what she was up to. I said, "who knows?" but I knew that she had taken the job at Girls, Girls, Girls, which had been offered to me. If Alex had known he would have hit the roof because as I had come to feel for Jade as the sister I had never had, he had grown increasingly fond of and protective toward her.
The other girls from Playdead had gone back into their real lives and Alex had managed to pay everyone except him, me, and Jade, what they were owed. Nothing much had been insured and the building was rented, so we had to wait for what payout the insurance covered and Jade's earnings were much appreciated. I had a job waiting for me back at the Red Rocker Cafe waitressing (where I had started) and had told them I'd start in a week's time.
I went down to the Police station and they interviewed me on tape about the fire and the rape. Abigail had confessed to lighting the fire and her parents in the States had been contacted and it turned out that they were filthy rich and a deal had been struck and she had been deported back to the US and into the care of her family and she would do community service for a year or something. I wondered if she wouldn't just skip as she had done when she came here and the cops thought it sucked too, but the prosecutors had done the deal. Seems we have gaols full of home grown crims and don't particularly need any os villains.
I didn't know how I felt about Abigail. I suppose I hoped she would find the love she wanted with someone, but I kind of wondered whether she wasn't maybe a little too unbalanced to ever be happy. Pity because there were times when she had shown that she could be a super girl.
Alex and I found a flat, really just a bed sit, but it was cheap and it would do while we got back on our feet and the three of us cleared out of Dave's and moved in. Easy move as we certainly didn't have much luggage and absolutely no furniture. Dave said we could have stayed as long as we liked but I reckon he and Loreen weren't sorry to see us go.
My test results had come through and I was cleared of any threat of HIV and also my brain scans showed no residuals from my unconsciousness.
I started back at the Red Rocker.
Jade was working secretly at Girls, Girls, Girls.
Ale was looking after the insurance stuff and scouting jobs.
At nights he was living in close (very close) proximity to two girls.
He was getting used to panties soaking in the bathroom sink and bras and pantyhose hanging over the shower rail and after spending the first week on the couch while we girls shared the bed, we took pity and let him in and slept three to the bed. Me between Alex and Jade.
I was getting anxious to resume my love life with Alex and so Jade and I giggled together a plot and one night as we were getting ready for bed I put it to Alex.
"Darling, Jade and I feel really grateful for everything you do for us and so we want to give you something in return."
"Oh," suspicious.
"Yes, something we know a red blooded guy like you will appreciate.
"OH," very suspicious now.
"Yes darling a threesome."
"A threesome?"
"Yeah and you're number three!"
With that I chucked my robe and stood there naked and an equally nude Jade popped out of the bathroom.
"Oh my god, no way."
He was truly horrified I believe, but under it all maybe a bit interested.
"Sorry love, we've decided and its two to one against you."
"Oh my god," he said as the two naked nymphs started stripping him.
"Barbanne, stop this! I can't allow this."
By now he was just losing his underpants and Jade and I combined to push him back onto the bed and hopped on with him, one either side of him. Our hands started roaming across him.
"Barbanne stop! This must stop!"
"Alex this isn't about morality or anything, this is about two women who love one man and each other, Jade is my sister and I love her," I looked over and was surprised to see tears spilling from her eyes, "and anyway we're going to have a little orgy so just lie back and enjoy!"
"Uuurrgghh," he made a strangling sound and I grinned at Jade and said, "Hand job."
We snuggled against him and I blew on his neck and my right hand and Jade's left hand found his manhood (oops, erect and yes, big enough for both hands to fit easily) and started to stroke him to release.
He groaned and it grew huge.
I winked at Jade and while she kept busily stroking, rubbing and jerking I ducked down and took the tip of his cock in my mouth, just letting it rest in my wet lips and seconds later he exploded and I sucked in his release and swallowed it down.
"MMMmmmmm," I said and cupped his balls and held them in my hand. Jade was playing with his nipples and I was using my free hand to touch her.
"Oh, oh, oh................"
"Ugh, ugh, ugh......................."
"Eeeeee, Eeeeee, Eeeeee....................."
That finished nice too.
We paused for a breather.
"OK Alex," I said, "now for something special."
He was very red faced and puffing but there was a look of stunned ecstasy in his eyes.
"Two naked harem babes, passionate but beastly jealous rivals," I dragged Jade to me and kissed her hard. She kissed back, just as hard. Speaking around our locked lips I said, "When you find them they have killed each other and lie dead at your feet, yours to have in any way you want."
We both fell limply to the bed, entwined and trying hard to outdo each other in the "Look at me, I am dead" stakes.
Alex gasped.
Then he sat beside me and his hands started to carress my body.
I quivered.
His hand stroked my breasts and my nipples came to the upright position.
I shuddered.
Jade's lips moved and she said, "There's two corpses here and we both deserve attention."
Alex's hand left me and I heard Jade moan loudly and shiver against me.
That little scenario ended up in a lot of grunting emissions although no actual penetration occurred and afterwards we all slipped off to sleep in a tangle of naked bodies and a strong smell of sex and other bodily aromas.
I woke feeling amazingly well the next morning and rather oddly there was no self consciousness at all from any of us. We kissed and got up and washed and dressed and went about our days and from then on Alex, Jade and I were really comfortable together although we all agreed that Jade had to be found a feller.
"Then we can have a foursome," I said.
Alex whacked my bum.

Larry had disappeared.
Gone from the face of the earth it seemed.
He'd left me a legacy though. I had lost my compactness and was skinny again and couldn't seem to put weight on no matter what I did. When I "died" and fell back, stretched out on Jade, you could have counted my ribs without any trouble at all.
Oh well, maybe time would fix me.
I sat with Jade in our little flat looking out our grimy window at the panoramic view of the wall opposite. She was mucking with my hair and telling me about Girls, Girls, Girls.
"Kikki's great Barb, but shit some of the stuff I have to do.........yuck!"
"Crap eh Jade?"
"Yeah. It's shit Barb." a pause, "I so admire you."
"Hah," I snorted, "get real mate. I'm a fucking disaster zone on legs."
"But you've got Alex and you're happy."
"Yeah I suppose it could be worse, but heck Jade you'll find a guy if that's what you want."
"Nah I'm a slag and nobody'll want me ever."
"Crap!!! You're pretty, foxy even and you've got a neat bod and I know you are a top chick."
"Listen Jade, they say women control sixty percent of the world's wealth, mind you, you and I control about a hundred bucks, but most importantly we women control a hundred percent of the world's pussy and that's what men want. Never underestimate your power girl."
She laughed.
Alex came home and I ran over and kissed him.
"Wish you wouldn't come home so late honey. I've got to start at Red Rocker in twenty minutes."
"Tell them you'll be finishing up in about a fortnight. Oh and Jade you can quit your job that I'm not supposed to know you have at Girls, Girls, Girls, too." (Red faces)
"What's this eh!" I said, "don't like me waitressing, want me to be your full time love slave?"
"Don't be more of a dill than normal Barb, no as it happens I've got a commission to make a documentary film over the next six months and I want you and Jade to come with me. Dave's agreed to come along as cameraman, cinematographer I suppose we'll have to call him now and Loreen's coming with him. Soon as the insurance money comes through we'll buy the equipment and we're off."
"Wow! What are we going to live on?"
"They've given me an advance that should see us through."
"How are we going to get around?"
"I've bought a second hand Mercedes van. An older couple owned it and they had fitted it out for travelling but they have had to sell it so I bought it, it's perfect. Got seats and all."
"Seats wow, luxury eh Jade?"
Jade was hopping up and down excitedly.
"Oh ripper, all around Australia eh?"
"Yeah," I said, getting into the swing of it, "we girls can get work where we can, Loreen and I can cook and clean and stuff and hey with all those great scenery sets we'll be passing we can make a film to relaunch Playdead. Yeah a western, they always loved a western. You and me Jade, and Loreen can be cowgirls or Injuns or stuff like that and we can get naked and dead in the desert and on the rocks and the sand by the seaside and we'll hire other local chicks as we go along to play victims and oh wow what a ripper, bewdy!"
"Calm down Barb."
"Don't you like the idea honey?"
"Its got merit but lets not get ahead of ourselves."
"Yay, Playdead rides again!.....................

..............I eased the van toward the lights of the town at the bottom of the hill.
"Our big adventure starts darling," I squeezed Alex's hand in mine.
"Oi you lot," I shouted into the back, "up and at 'em we're here. Jade you're dribbling."
"Uhgerkkk, aw shit!"