Part 8

Posted by Barbanne on April 04, 2002 at 23:27:47:



I woke in the early pre-dawn darkness and reached out for Alex.
Once again I had spent an evening in his bed.
But this time I had only been unconscious for the latter part. This time instead of my lying there like a slab of meat I had been able to partake of the pleasure of being a woman in a man's bed!
We had made slow sweet love over and over until we both fell asleep in each other's embrace.
I reached out and felt his strong bare back towards me. I ran my hands down his spine and found his firm buttocks. Scooting myself over I put my arms around him and pulled my breasts crushily against his back and pressed my groin onto his rump. He wriggled and his hand found mine and drowsily he said, "That's nice Barb," and then went back to sleep.
I thought about where it was all going.
Playdead dot com was doing alright but for now and probably for a while it wasn't going to provide a living for more than one person and that of course was Alex. So for now I would be staying on in my job waiting on tables at the Red Rocker Cafe, with my days off, Wednesday and Friday spent in the studio working for Alex either behind or in front of the camera.
I had fallen in love with my big guy, not like slam! love at first sight but over a short period of time. It sort of drifted over me like morning mist so that suddenly I realised I was in love.
I squeezed him and he mumbled.
I thought some more about it and decided that if he didn't love me like I did him, at least he was very fond of me and I just knew he would learn to love me in time. After all I'm very cute and really obliging to those I like. Besides when I played my "dead" game he would get the absolute best sex he could imagine.
I kissed his bare back.
Of course there were quite a few things on which we didn't see eye to eye and I had no intention of changing my way of doing or seeing things where I felt I was right and I knew he wasn't going to change so we'd just have to learn to live with each other and respect what we were unable to change.
That was fine.
I had never really had a surfeit of love, neither from my parents nor from my sexual partners so I was prepared and willing to give a lot to someone who loved me.
I kissed him again and whispered, "You're a lucky guy Alex, did you know that?"
"I sure did," he muttered, turning toward me and grazing my nipples with his knuckles.
I kissed his lips and his arms surrounded me and he pulled me in and kissed me back, on the mouth, hard and long.
"Why am I lucky Barb?"
"Because you have me.........struth isn't that obvious?"
He chuckled and his old feller started growing erect pushing at my groin and tummy.
He sighed and I reached down and stroked it.
"Happy to see me eh?"
"Well bad luck it's Saturday and I have to work."
I slid out of bed and ran bare assed to the bathroom while he mumbled in frustration behind me.

I decided to test Alex.
I went to work at the Red Rocker Cafe and spent my free time at home working at nothing in particular and waiting to see how long it would be before he could no longer resist me and would have to call and demand my body.
He didn't.
Didn't call, didn't come around, didn't anything.
My resolve weakened and then crumbled.
I became prey to a mass of fears and agonies.
He didn't want me, didn't love me, didn't even like me. He was screwing that babe from the opposition. I visualised them wrapped around each other in the shower, her all over him like an octopus and him erect and panting. Her deceitful and dishonest and gorgeous and him being led on by his tossle.
Damn him!
Damn all men!
Damn that blonde bitch to her peroxided roots.
I fantasised sneaking up on them unseen as they writhed in the soapy, steamy shower stall.
I had vengeance gleaming redly in my eyes. I jerked open the glass shower screen and hauled her out by her phony hair and punched her senseless. Then I dragged her naked and dripping and totally comatose and impassive and implanted body out of the shower and tossed her aside and came to him.
In my burning imagination I saw that she had bewitched him!
It was all her fault.
I started having waking nightmare fantasies.
He was held captive by her wicked alien spy.
I leaped through the window and grabbed her slinky leather clad body by the arm and tugging at her hair threw her out of a fiftieth storey window.
Down she went.
Down, down, down.Schplaaattt!!!!

He was tied up in the saloon.She mocked him with overly collagened red lips.
I pushed the batwing doors open and she sneered and went for her gun.
Too late sister!
My six shooter leapt into my hand and blam! drilled her between those unreal tits.
She skittered backward and collapsed, crumpled and bleeding in a heap by the bar.
She had him tied up to a pole, sliding her almost naked fur bikini clad body against him.
I rushed at her whipping out my sword and showing off my own bikini clad assets. (damn she was way more pneumatic) I feinted and parried and knocked her blade aside and skewered her phoney TITS!!!!

Sweating I came back to reality.
The phone was ringing.
I grabbed it.
"Barb, is that you Barbanne?"
"Oh yes Alex, oh yes it's me."
"How are you?"
"Good, I'm good."
"Are you coming in tomorrow?"
"Oh yes, if you want me too, sure."
"That's great Barb. I've got some new ideas to discuss."
"Oh good. I'll be there early."
"Not too early," he said, "let me finish my shower at least but it might be nice to have breakfast with you."
"Oh yes Alex I'd like that."
"And Barb..................."
"Yes darling."
"I've missed you."
He hung up.
My heart was thumping and I was giddy with joy. He still liked me. He loved me. The blonde was dead and I was queen.
Then my brain kicked in and I realised the blonde was probably yonks away screwing her own boyfriend.
I'm such a doormat.
But oh I love him so.