Part 7

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I finished up the Cleopatra set and with Jas and Mandy looking on ran it through to select the shot we would print up for the customer.
They were all great thanks to Jas. She looked the part in that black wig and the loincloth and the adornments and her gold sandals worked a treat. She had been wearing bright red nail polish on both fingers and toes and that complemented her mouth's bright red slash of lipstick which I had generously applied.
But aside from how good she looked as an Egyptian queen it was how she looked as a DEAD Egyptian queen that did it for me.
That girl could play dead!
I mean she looked the part in spades.
That droopy posture of hers worked for me. When she played dead she just slumped as limp as a dishrag and her breasts drooped like two perfect tear drops. Big ones too! Not overly big but, you know, soft and meaty and feminine.
The snake and the fang marks and her dreamily, open lipped, drifty eyed look all added to her body pose to make for shots that were perfect.
"You're beautiful Jas," I said.
She smiled and I could see she was pleased with herself.
I selected one black and white and one colour to print up for the customer and when he had picked between them we'd print one up in glossy and frame it. The rest of the shots were so good in my opinion that I called Mandy over and we decided to post them on Playdead dot com as a set.
A thought occured to me.
"Mandy," I said, "what happened to the morgue set you shot of me when I was out cold?"
"Mmmmmm," she said.
"You must remember," I said, "the one that caused something of a ruckus."
"Alex told me to scrub it. The whole thing, every shot."
"And I didn't. It's still in here hidden and I saved it to disc."
"Show me."
She ran the pics as a slide show.
It was the best work I reckoned that Mandy had done. And I was a wonderful "dead" body, the ultimate mortuary customer. My idea had worked a treat.
Senseless I had given the modelling performance of my life. The posing the girls had done with me and the resulting shots deserved to be seen.
"Mandy they're good."
"We thought so."
"I showed them to Judith and Laurise."
"I love them Mandy, you're a genius."
"It was your idea Barb.
"They are just so right."
"They are quite convincing."
I turned and looked straight into Alex's eyes.
"I thought I told you to delete all that Mandy?"
I set my mouth in a determined line and gripped Alex's hand.
"Come on, it's time you and I talked."
I dragged him upstairs.

We stood in the study of Alex's flat.
"Alright Alex," I said, "I'll admit I was stupid with that sleeping pill thing and I apologise and can we let it go?"
"You were very stupid."
"I've admitted it and anyway if you hadn't been so dismissive, if you'd given it some thought, if you'd talked about it with me, then maybe we could have worked out a dose of something less potent that might have worked for only an hour or so."
"It was stupid that's all."
"Alright forget it!!"
"And that's not all."
"Oh more eh?" I was getting angry, "what else have I done wrong?"
"I don't like the way you treat the other girls as just corpses when despite what they may be doing when they model they are still real people and deserve respect."
"Oh for pete's sake! You think I don't respect these girls? What do you think I am? I respect and love each of the other girls here as if they were my sisters. When I get them to pose and open up to me it's all for dramatic effect. I reckon we are making sex fantasies here and I want the one's I do to be sexy and erotic and I think that a death sex fantasy that culminates in the girl lying as though ruined and yes, with her legs apart, is the epitome of submissive surrender and represents powerful eroticism. That's how I feel and how I have posed and if you think I have no self respect you are just bloody wrong."
I was on a roll, cooking now.
"Well that may be how you see it but to me it shows a lack of feeling and you are running the risk of treating the girls like objects."
"Oh bullshit Alex," really going now I was.
"And I think it would be stronger if you got over this dislike of using stage blood."
"Oh jeez! One moment you tell me I use the girls like objects and the next you want me to smear them in gore, drench them in blood, what's that if not misogynistic, oh give me a break!"
"It's nothing to do with misogynism...., ah what's the use."
"I came here to apologise but maybe we can't ever see eye to eye."
Alex was angry I could tell by the redness around his ears. I'd never seen him angry, I was doing great!
"And another thing if we're disussing our professionalism what about that sex scene I saw the other day?"
"What, in your shower?"
"No downstairs. All that nonsense about trying something out when all you were doing was indulging some sick sex perversion."
Ouch that hit home. Bullseye Alex.
"I thought it would help us bond and I was interested in trying a scene out."
"Barbanne, in your own words bullshit."
"Maybe we can't see eye to eye," I said fighting back tears. I'm not much of a fighter and although I erupt at first and defend myself tooth and nail, as any argument goes on I start to see myself in the wrong and emotion gets to me. I felt hot and yet drained and tears prickled in behind my eyelids.
"Perhaps I was wrong to try to apologise."
"Perhaps you were."
"In fact maybe my being here is a mistake."
He said nothing.
"I'll collect my stuff and go then. Will you tell the other girls."
He said nothing, he is good at that.
A flood of tears was being held back by sheer will power. I walked toward the door. I looked down through the window and saw Mandy and Jas looking up shocked and realised they had probably heard everything. I kept walking.
Please Alex say something give me a way out.
I'm stubborn and pig headed and had drawn my line in the sand, but I was aching to yield.
I grabbed the door knob and turned it.
I turned back. He looked grim and completely frustrated.
"Don't go."
I flew across the room into his arms, gripping him around the waist and the dam burst and tears flowed.
"Oh Alex, oh Alex, I'm sorry. I'll try harder. Do it your way whatever I don't want to lose you. I love you so."
"I guess we are always going to want to do things differently. I promise not to dismiss your ideas without discussion in future. We'll work something out."
"I'll do it however you want darling."
"No you won't, you'll go on making your own decisions I woudn't have it any other way."
"Oh Alex I love you so."
I had saturated the poor guy's shirt with my blubbering.
"Say you love me too."
"I'm fond of you that's true."
"Alright very fond."
"Oh darling."
I was all over him smothering him with kisses.
He drew back.
"Professionalism remember. Go and get the other girls we have a new project to discuss."
I pulled a tissue from where I kept it tucked in my sleeve and blew and wiped turning it into an instant sodden mess. Pressing the soggy wad against my nose, makeup smeared, eyes red from weeping I ran downstairs and towed Mandy and Jas into the studio. Alex came down after me, somewhat more sedately.

We do custom sets for people when required and when the money is good.
That's what was wanted here.
A strange scenario, a battle between two groups of girls in a pool culminating in a mass drowning.
Actually the story line was a water polo match that turns feral. I know that in water polo matches it involves seven a side and we could only muster six but with judicious shooting that could be fudged.
While Alex was explaining it Mandy rang Judith, Anne and Laurise to arrange for them to come in on Friday. Alex had organised a pool at a friend's place, a big pool, half olympic size and enclosed. He'd also arranged for six girls from one of our competitor production companies to come over on loan. They were going to be one team and we were going to be the other. All six of us. Mandy, me, Judith, Anne, Laurise and Jas. We got to play the losers and ended up drowned. Alex was going to do the photography and would use a zoom lens, a tripod, a polarising filter and natural light, (the pool had a glass roof) although he'd have a flash for use if necessary. A ring flash, the sort that screws onto the lens of the camera and is used for medical photography. It gives absolutely no shadows and is popular with fashion photographers for a particular whack, in your face type of shot.
An outside shoot, good for me to get away from my comfort zone he said.
One team of girls got to wear red bikinis and the others blue one piece swimsuits. I wanted us to be the reds as I love that colour but Alex explained, and he was right, that red was a winner's colour so the other girls got to wear that.
It sounded like a load of fun and I could hardly wait the two days until Friday.

When Friday came we all arrived at the address of the house with the pool and Alex just "loved" organising twelve chattering females into an orderly photo shoot. The pool was fabulous, real luxury living and we politely said our hellos to our hostess who showed us through to it before vanishing into some other part of her mansion. She obviously wasn't interested in our wierd carrying on.
There was a change room cabana and we crowded into that and littered it with clothes, shoes, bras and panties and wriggled into our cossies with a multitude of bare tits and asses on show. Our swimsuits were light blue, a sort of powder blue you'd call it, elasticised nylon material with high cut sides riding over our hip bones and plunging backs that bared everything. The red bikinis were sveldt and so were those girls from our competitors once they had squeezed themselves into those two scraps of vermillion sexiness.
We trooped outside and got into the pool
We did some shots with a floating ball, what one calls establishing shots to show we were engaged in a fiercely contested battle of water polo.
Then it turned nasty and girls (looking amazingly fierce) started wrestling with each other and dunking and hair pulling and swimsuit tugging and generally making mayhem.I'm a total dud in the water and can't swim and panic when I'm in over my depth and consider myself much more of a poolside decoration than a water baby.
So I opted to become the first victim.
My direct opponent, a brassy bottled blonde, (with superb enhancements) and I, struggled in the water. She had a good grip on my hair and a good hold of my swimsuit top and using both she kept dunking me and holding me under.
I kept spluttering to the surface but it was clearly apparent that I was weakening.
She pushed me under.
I blurped air and struggled up.She forced my head down but I blooped up again.
She straddled me and pushed me down again.
I burped a huge bubble of air and thrashed.
She hauled my head up and then thrust it down under the water.
I thrashed ever more madly but increasingly more feebly.
She pushed me under, malevolence written on her face.
I kicked and shoved my bum up but my head stayed under.
My body twisted and turned weakening with every movement.
A great bloooble of air and I went limp in her grip.
She dragged my head up by my sodden hair and water coursed from my mouth and my eyes were rolled way back and she let me go and I bobbed around in the wash, face down, twin mounds of my ass breaking water, bare back wet and shiny and heels sticking above the surface like two little islands. My hair spread and floated like seaweed and I drifted around in the wash, arms and legs spreadeagled and drowned dead!
Freed from me the blonde went to the assistance of her friends.
Grils were battling each other two by two.
Mandy was doing badly against a brawny brunette (weight training I suspected) and when the blonde joined in Mandy's arm shot up and she went under for the last time and both girls held her down until finally satisfied they released her body and she bobbed to the surface and joined me in floating around drownded.
(Of course I didn't stay floating all the time, I can't hold my breath that long. So I popped up while something else happened and only floated around dead when the shots called for me to be included)
Two of the opposition were now free.
It was six against four.
Jas's droopy breasts had escaped from her top and now she went down for the third time and joined Mandy and me as a floater with her bare breasts poking out sideways and bobbing up and down in the clear blue water.
Laurise was struggling with three of the opposition and didn't stand a chance. They upended her and held her head under, her legs scissoring and waving around, waggling in the air until her lungs filled with water and her legs sprawled apart and they let her go and she seemed to dive downward and then emerged again floating face down and the fourth girl to be dead.
Judith was being repeatedly dunked by her opponent and when the others joined in she didn't last any time at all before becoming yet another drowned doll.
All six now ganged up on Anne and she really put up a terrific fight but of course it was futile and she eventually succumbed and the water fight was over.
When it ended there we were, the six of us, floating face down, shiny wet, elastane covered asses up and bobbing in the gentle swell, arms and legs and fingers and toes spread, doing what I had learnt when I was very small was the dead man's float. I suppose this was actually the dead girl's float.
Our conquerors paddled over and dragged us, one at a time, gripped by our streaming hair to the side of the pool where we were hauled and handled out of the water and our swimsuits were peeled off of us like a discarded skin and then when we were all lying on the tiled pool surround, we were arranged, shoulder to shoulder, on our backs, nude, sodden, tongues lolling and eyelids at half mast and dead like a pod of stranded whales. In a nice touch our saturated swimsuits were hung above us on a line strung across above the tiles like so many cast off hides where they dripped forlornly onto the white and limply silent bodies of their owners.
Alex moved in for close ups, hand held.
I had spread my legs and my hand was sneaking down my tummy to widen my pussy lips. I felt Alex's fingers close over mine and remove my questing hand and then he pushed my knees together and straightened my legs out.
"My photos Barb and we'll do it my way alright."
"No legs apart?" I said quietly through my slackly posed mouth.
I heard Mandy beside me sniggering softly.
"My way eh?" He said.

The photoshoot didn't end until about five pm.
In the change room it was all bare bodies and crowding into the one available shower.
One of the opposition girls, in bikini pants only, asked Alex if he wouldn't maybe like to shower too and her friends all giggled.
Alex politely declined but from behind the shield of my towel I could see he was blushing.
I loved him for that and boring my eyes into the girl who had asked's bare back I thought "No way you're getting into any shower with Alex and me sister!"
A flurry of activity with bras and panties and stuff being sorted out and passed back and forth and we all emerged freshly washed and dressed and ready to go.
The borrowed girls crowded into one car and went off and we got into our two cars and drove back to the Playdead studio.
I had brought my big old clunker and Alex and Mandy came with me while the other four went with Judith in a smart little Toyota.
Back at the studio after Alex had handed out the pay packets, everyone said their goodbyes and they all set off for wherever they were going. I waited behind until only Alex and I were left.
"Bye Barb," he said.
"Yes Barb?"
"Ask me to stay."
"Oh I don't want to hold you up."
"Ooooh.............," I said in exasperation, "what are you having for dinner?"
"I'll find something."
"I'll find something and I'll cook it and we'll eat it together and then for sweets............................."
"I think I know what's coming. Yes for sweets we'll have............................??"
"You'll have ME!"
No work got done that night. Dinner was great and sweets were.............well, allow me to say Alex had three serves.