Playdead dot Com - Part 6

Posted by Barbanne on March 28, 2002 at 15:20:59:


......OUT COLD!!

My crazy idea which Alex had really poo pooed, involved one of us models taking a hit of some sort of sleeping pills so that she was really out cold and then having the morgue set shot around her.
I mean no matter how hard we tried we always looked just a little bit stiff and unreal, maybe I should say undead, and it had crossed my mind that a set with a deeply unconscious girl might be an absolute winner.
Alex thought the whole thing was nuts!
He pointed out to me that apart from surrendering all control the girl who did it would also be running the danger of some sort of reaction or side effect from the pills used and of course while lying there in deepest dreamland she could be subject to all sorts of unspeakable abuses by the others involved.
I reckoned that was being a bit unkind to the girls and anyway I also figured that the taking of the risk was up to the girl who volunteered for the job. I knew that that girl was willing to give it a go despite everything he might think of.
Why wouldn't she?
After all the girl who was going to do it for me was ME!

I talked it over surreptitiously with Judith whom I really liked and trusted and Laurise who was up for anything and of course dear Mandy who would do the photography.
They ummed and aahed a bit but I was very convincing and eventually they agreed that it would be interesting and well, it was going to be me did the difficult part and yep they'd go for it.
We waited for a Friday when Alex was going to be away for the whole morning. None of us knew what would prove a good knockout drop and after much uninformed discussion we had settled on a cocktail of rohypnol and valium.
Alex came downstairs from his flat and asked what we had in mind for the day.
"Nothing much," I lied. "Just thought we might try some this and that, maybe shoot a morgue set.
"Who with?"
"Aaaagh..........might be me."
He looked at me very hard and I feared he could read my mind and I blushed and he shook his head and then said, "Well, don't do anything silly."
"Hell no," I chirped.
As soon as we had watched him go, I stripped naked and jumped up on the stainless steel table. I had decided that as it might be hard for the girls to wrestle me out of my clothes when I was out, that like a true mortuary cutomer I would be nude from the start.
Mandy bought the tablets and a glass of water.
I swallowed them one after the other and washed them down.
I didn't know quite what to expect.
I mean I am a girl who conks out for the night after a soluble aspirin.
I began telling Mandy how she should shoot the scenes, the angles to use and the shots that were very important and the ones that were worth trying depending on time. We had talked about this at length before but I wanted to make sure nothing got missed. After all I wasn't going to be able to provide any input at all.
"So make sure you get all the usuals and then if you want to try......................"
A wave of blackness washed over me and then my vision receded to a pin prick and I couldn't hear myself talking anymore and then I heard Mandy way, way, away saying, "Look out she's falling, grab her."
And I felt Judith's hands on me and my arms were all tangled up and pressing my breasts and then................................
Nothing at all.
No dreams.
No moments of consciousness.
No light.

I was out cold in dreamless unconsciousness for twenty hours.
When I finally awoke I found myself in Alex's bed in the flat at Playdead dot com. I was, I realised, still naked and wrapped in a couple of blankets. I cracked an eyelid and saw Alex sitting beside the bed looking as though he hadn't slept very well at all just recently. His face had a mixture of concern and worry and frustration etched across it and I felt sure I had blown our relationship and worse still our friendship.
I snuck my eyes open and said, "hi!" it came out in a very tiny voice.
Relief and anger washed across his tired face and he stood up and turned away from me and then turned back and shouted.
"You stupid, stupid, stupid girl!"
I couldn't deny it and lay there looking contrite and feeling totally miserable.
"Stupid! I can't believe you were that stupid!"
I shrank into the blankets without meaning to.
"I mean what were you thinking of?" Tell me that. Tell me what damned stupidity entered your head to make you try that? We talked about it. Its so so so fucking stupid!"
He never swears like that so he was really pissed. I felt thoroughly miserable to be the cause of this and tears slid into my eyes.
"Barbanne I thought you were smarter. I thought you were a fairly bright girl. Damn it I was letting myself like you, like you a lot. But now. How could you be so stupid?"
"Sorry," I sniffed.
"Sorry! Sorry! No use being sorry you were really damned dumb."
"I was." Tears were coursing steadily now.
"I can't believe it."
He paced up and down and turned back to where I was now lying snivelling and hating myself.
"You've been out of it for almost a day, did you know that? Lying there barely breathing for a day. What do you say to that?"
"Sorry! No use being sorry. You could have died. I've been worried sick. You are such a stupid ungrateful girl."
"Sorry," Tears were flowing freely now.
He turned and walked out. As he reached the door he said, "These other stupid bloody girls are here to see you. I should sack every one of you."
Mandy peeked around the corner, then she and Laurise and Judith came in looking a bit shame faced.
"You OK?" said Mandy.
"Still a bit woozy but yeah I think so."
"We were worried."
"We're in deep shit," This surprisingly from Laurise.
"I'm sorry, it's all my fault," I said.
I lay there and they sat on the bed and we all looked at each other in silence for a while.
"Those pills really clobbered me," I said, "tell me what happened?"
Mandy did the talking.
When they gave me the pills I was OK for a while and then I collapsed, (I remembered that part) going down in a heap.
They got me laid out on the stainless steel table to do the shots and everyone was anxious and worried that Alex might come home and find them doing this. No-one had expected me to pass out so dramatically and that worried them too. They were nervous trying to remember what we had agreed and besides my body kept quivering and shivering and my right leg was kicking spasmodically and unexpectedly.
They were beginning to panic when, after about ten minutes, I went totally and completely limp. Not a muscle twitch, not a movement.
They worked on, doing the morgue shots and with me utterly laxed out and as limp as a week old lettuce leaf.
They redid some of the shots they had done in the first panicky ten minutes and finally got it all down in just over an hour. While Mandy was downloading the photos Laurise tried to wake me up but I was gone a million. Really out like a light.
No matter what they did they couldn't waken me.
Panicky again all three of them half carried, half dragged me over to the couch we sometimes used and got me laid out on that wrapped in the blankets.
I snored away peacefully.
Akex came home mid afternoon and saw me and said, "What's going on here?"
"Barb was tired she lay down."
He looked at them like he couldn't believe this and then bending over me sniffed my breath.
"You stupid buggers, she's taken something hasn't she?"
Well then they broke down and confessed everything and he shouted at them and then he carried me upstairs and put me to bed and when they came sneaking up to see what was happening he chased them out and after that I must have slept forever until now which was like Saturday morning.

I lay there for a while longer, dozing off and on.
The girls had gone having convinced themselves I was not going to die or anything.
Around lunch time I felt well enough recovered to get up and sneak around looking for my clothes. Alex's door to his study was closed and I figured he was in there and he was ANGRY with me. I crept downstairs in the nude and found my clothes where I had discarded them in the change area. I got dressed, hating the grotty feel of putting unclean clothes onto my unclean body. I thought about going up to see Alex but reckoned it might be best if I let things cool off for a while and so quietly let myself out and headed home.
I lurked around there all weekend and agonised over whether I should call Alex or wait for him to call me, or just wait, or go back and try to explain. (after all I felt guilty for not having washed his bedsheets after being a day and a night in his bed) Finally I did nothing. Didn't decide to do nothing rather I didn't make any decision at all just let it lie.
I went to work in the restaurant and spent my off shifts torturing myself in a sort of anguished heartbreak over what to do.
Tuesday night the phone rang.
"Alex here. I've had a request for a special photo and have decided you should do it. It's a request for a photo depicting the dead Cleopatra to be used to decorate a wall. Who do you want to model?"
I sat there, words wanting to come out but stuck.
"Jaslyn. I think Jaslyn."
Wednesday was my day off and that would be alright.
"Yeah sure."
"Nine o'clock?"
He hung up just as the words were coming.

I turned up at nine o'clock on the dot.
Jas was there waiting and together we went up to see Alex.
I knocked on his flat door.
He opened it.
He was polite but cool.
The customer wanted a high quality print showing the dead Cleopatra. He was in the business of astrological predictions combined with selling Egyptian artifacts (false) and wanted the photo as an eye catching sort of mural. It was outside what we normally did but it was well within what we could do. The guy was prepared to pay well and so I got Mandy to give me some petty cash and Jas and I hit the shops to get some props. I had picked Jas because I knew she needed money. I had also found that I quite liked her. She was a very quiet girl but she didn't lack for brains and she could play a good corpse. Also she was, like me, no outdoor girl and so was uniformly tanless all over.
First we bought a long straight black wig. Then we got a novelty snake, but one that was pretty darned realistic. I bought a four metre bolt of gold cloth and we got a heap of gold chains and bangles, just cheap costume jewellery but good for what we wanted. We got lucky here and found a sort of Egyptian rearing snake head band and matching amulet. Ideal for the photo we proposed to do. We bought some open gold sandals and a black and gold brocade curtain tie.
Back at the warehouse studio and together with a little cutting and sewing we turned the curtain tie into a belt and front and rear knee length drop. A terrific looking loincloth.
I covered the couch with the gold cloth. Then Jas stripped to her panties and I helped her put the black wig on.
She was transformed!
She looked amazing. Whiter and yet taller. Incredible.
Mandy helped me make up Jas's face and we went overboard with black eye liner and mascara and dark blue eyeshadow. I painted her lips red! Classic Max Factor red! Jas flicked her panties and Mandy and I helped her put on the home made loin cloth. It looked amazing. Then we all three draped her in bangles and chains and the amulet and Mandy, clucking with delight, fixed the head band in her wig.
Jas put on the gold sandals and she was Cleopatra!
She was gorgeous.
Damn the snake I wanted to bite her myself.
I got her to lie on the gold draped couch and using one of Mandy's felt pens I drew two tiny puncture marks on her left breast just beside the nipple. Me and Mandy had a quick discussion and Mandy (she's better at it than me) used some blusher to tart up Jas's nipples.
I arranged Jas across the golden couch. Left leg down, foot just touching the floor. Right leg crooked at the knee and right foot under left calf. Left arm trailing, fingers grazing the floor, right arm behind her head.
I twitched her loincloth until it just didn't cover her pussy. Just so you could see the lips but not quite make them out. Then I curled the snake under her loincloth and skirting her pussy lips and then rearing up, his beady eyes fixed on her bitten breast. I got Jas to do a mouth just open, teeth showing behind vermillion lips, eyes closed and dead look.
When she was arranged to my satisfaction I whispered in her ear to think sexuality and pleasant thoughts and fantastic fucking and slowly her face assumed a dreamy, out of it, sexy and vastly erotic look and then I shot her.
She kept the pose for fifteen minutes and that is really hard and I shot using colour and black and white film.
When I was finished I knew I had got it to perfection and in a rash of enthusiasm I leaned over my dead Cleopatra and kissed her full on the lips transferring most of that lippy to my own mouth.
I looked up at the blank window and just knew that Alex was watching me and that I had made another awful mistake.